[UPDATED] BF3 Close Quarters has Rush and Conquest, New Weapons to be Playable in Vanilla, No 64 Players, and More

Update: Close Quarters will feature a new game mode called Conquest Domination; however, Rush might not be a part of the expansion pack. Learn more here.

Original Story: Battlefield 3’s Executive Producer, Patrick Bach, talks Close Quarters, and touches on the perceived rivalry between FPS juggernauts, Call of Duty and Battlefield.

Since the announcement of Close Quarters, some fans feared that the expansion pack will not include the two game modes that Battlefield has become renowned for, Rush and Conquest. Of course, a leaked image of one of the new maps didn’t ease the concerns. Fear no more, as Patrick Bach has confirmed to Digital Trends that “classic game modes [Rush and Conquest] will be a part of this expansion pack.” Also, in terms of new weapons, seven of which were spotted, Bach said, “we’ll release that [the full list of weapons] as we get closer to it, but there will be the SPAS 12–the Italian shotgun–which is a classic shotgun that people have seen many times before, and there will be a lot of other guns. The important thing is that we’re doing these guns and spreading them over all the classes, and of course you can then bring them back into your original game. So it actually extends the other maps of Battlefield 3.”

However, the new expansion pack will not support 64 players on PC. Bach explained, “No [64 players on PC], we are restricting players. I can’t tell you exactly what the restriction is right now, but we are restricting players so we can focus on the fun factor. How many players do we want before it turns into carnage?” It is stated on the official page for Close Quarters that the player range is 2-16, but DICE hasn’t officially announced if both the console and PC versions of Battlefield 3 will share the same player count.

On the topic of private servers for consoles, Bach assured that it will be similar to the PC implantation. He noted, “we’re going through a lot of practical processes to get it out, but it is a full rent-a-server program. You as a player can rent your own server. You can do all the setting yourself, you can invite whoever you want, or you can keep it open to everyone. You control it. This is the first time we’ve seen this on a console. We were quite surprised that no one has done this before. It’s a special feeling owning your own server; having control over it and making sure that you have all the settings–and you have all the information that you think the players you want to invite–are there.” He added, “I think the biggest difference [between PC and consoles] when it releases is that it will be easier for console players to rent a server than it is for PC gamers today because we don’t have an in-game interface. But for the console you get everything in front of you at the main menu.

“Well we do pay attention because people bring it up all the time,” Bach said in reference to how the press and fans pit Battlefield and Call of Duty against one another. However, he went on to distance Battlefield by saying, “We don’t see ourselves as the direct competition to the other shooters on the market, because there aren’t many shooters that are trying to do what we are trying to do. If we try to limit ourselves by trying to build something that is in my book lesser, a lesser experience, even if people say that they like it, and say that they like this particular part of the experience, that is not what Battlefield is all about. Then we shouldn’t call it Battlefield, we should call it something else.” He concluded, “If you don’t have the vehicles, if you don’t have the structure, if you don’t have the team play, if you don’t have the classes, then you’re breaking it. I hope that people that are playing Battlefield 3 and are playing other shooters can see that it’s not the same. If you are into shooters, and you play shooters, you will definitely spot the difference.”

In case you missed it, be sure to read Alan Kertz comments on Lack of DLC and Why DICE Avoids Platform Favoritism.

  • Cmdrstewy

    Still waiting on the inputlag fix for ps3……

    • Bob

      there will be no fix. they would have fixed it by now as they did with VOIP. stop obsessing over it…i got used to it…

      • Jasper

        no , i am not going to get used to it, you might not notice it as much as i do, but beleave me, its the worse shit EVER. it completely destroys the game. i cant enjoy the game on full HD because when i do, i cant fucking aim for shit. and i take gameplay above graphics any time. its just totally retarded that i cant enjoy this game is HD like its made for. stop being a little shit just because you dont have a problem, you are not alone in this world mate

        • andy b

          Killzone 2 had the same issue, and it never got resolved in that game. That doesn’t bode well for the odds of them ever figuring this out in BF3.

          • Anonymous

            That’s because Killzone 2 had nothing to fix. BF3 isn’t supposed to play that way.

          • Cyborg6971

            Killzone had nothing wrong with its controls. It was cod kiddies that bitched and moaned about having to actually practice and not rely on the heavy aim assist.

          •  um it didnt have the issue with it at all the developers put it in there ON PURPOSE

          • mke67

            And just like KZ2 this game has that same “weight” feature.  There will be no “fix”;  this “lag” is here to stay…Just to note, I also have the XBOX version, and experience the same thing.  I have resigned myself to a vastly decreased sensitivity in order to aim well.  I just can’t turn as quickly so I play a bit more cautiously as not to get back raped.

        • Wout Dekoster

          Well, I think you just said two times the opposite… You “take gameplay above graphics any time”, but still ”
          its just totally retarded that i cant enjoy this game is HD like its made for.”…

          I just think that if it is fixable they would have already fixed it long ago.

        • Anonymous

          should have got it for 360 or PC. 

          Sucks to suck.

    • Jasper

      indeed, when in hell are they fixing that ?

    • Maca_ld

      I have not any input lag I do not understand what you’re talking about

      • an0n0mus

        I also have absolutely no input lag on my PS3 version.  I watched the video that demonstrated input lag and read about it because I did not know what it was at first.  After researching it and testing it out for myself I have realized that I have what seems to be 0 input lag.  I also use a brand new 2011 model Panasonic 1080p television and the DualShock 3 controller, and I put my TV in “Game Mode” when playing games.  Maybe these are the reasons I do not have input lag.

        • Anonymous

          I have the same set-up except I use a Sony TV (you’d think it wouldn’t occur on a Sony TV with a Sony PS3), yet I have input lag. Just because you don’t experience, doesn’t mean others don’t or that it isn’t an major issue. 

          Lol, you don’t have 0 input lag… EVERY game gives out input lag, it’s just BF3 gives a bit too much than normal.

          • Victimofelvis

            Do you have game-mode enabled on your Sony? Makes a difference with input lag on my Bravia. Also turn off effects such as active color, contrast enhancements, etc. 90% of the input-lag issues are just stupid people who can’t work electronics.

    • rattle_head

      upgrade your TV firmware. I did that and problem solved. In the last patch they put an option that disable anti aliasing, that should do the trick too.  

  • Guest

    Man, think about how much sooner they could’ve had this group of DLC out if they would’ve focused on multiplayer from the beginning.  The single player campaign is so laughable and was the biggest waste of resources I have ever seen.

    • Jasper

      indeed, i was hoping for a multiplayer only game like Battlefield 2, wich in my opinion, is still the best Battlefield out there. imagine having a shitload of maps and co op missions. this game could have been the best game ever made. they wouldnt have had so many bugs and glitches if they had focused on multiplayer only, and no singleplayer.

      • Meat Popsicle

         I wholeheartedly agree with you, they should have stuck with a MP only experience, and not spend time/resources creating a single-player game.  Not surprised they went this route as they want to compete with COD… Personally, I want a BF with as many maps as possible, not really that interested in more weapons (further danger of more OP weapon issues like FAMAS) but not that against them, more vehicles would be great…but focus on maps, maps, maps (AND PATCHES, don’t take so fucking long on the patches!).

    • Cyborg6971

      Laughable. So they tried to give you more of a game and tools like you bitch about it. Fuck this gen of gaming. With all of you monday morning developers out there trying to tell the real devs how its done in a thread about a multimillon selling game your the ones that are laughable.

      Go back to bf2 if its soooooo much better. You will not be missed. I had no problem with the single player. It was shirt and sweet. Coop was fun. But i always knew mp was where it was at. I think the only thing for me that dissapoints is the step back in destruction. Other than that I am loving the game, with almost eight days logged in that would be proof enough.

      • Meat Popsicle

         Think about it BF3 – SP could = more MP maps, more time working on bugs, more destruction.   Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE BF3, but I think it could be even better if they had focused on MP.

    • Michael Kelley

      I would have been perfectly content with a singleplayer mode that was nothing more than bots on the MP maps

  • killing it with the coverage lately.. keep up the great work!

  • Anonymous


  • Danlscarlos

    “How many players do we want before it turns into carnage?”

    It depends on the size of the map. Looks like CQ will feature small maps
    only, wich happen to be my least favourite kind of map. Guess i’ll skip
    this DLC.

    • Anonymous

      Its really corny that they went this route. I want the new guns, but I’m not gonna cough up 15 bucks Just for that.

  • Anonymous

    I thought Section 8 let you run your own dedicated server off any Windows machine for PS3 and 360. I know the game wasn’t popular (I never played it) but I remember it being one of the selling points for the game…

  • I don’t mind that they restrict Close Quarters maps from having 64 players on them. Operation Metro is proof enough that tight close quarters maps with 64 players DOESNT WORK!

    I would on the other hand, hope that DICE -removes- the ability to play 64 players on Metro, and any other of the current “close quarters” type maps.

    TL;DR: Won’t be buying the Close Quarters DLC anyways. I -might- buy the Armored Kill DLC, but only if DICE has sorted out the past issues of the game before then. Time will tell.

  • Anonymous

    LMFAO @ the people taking this game PERSONAL. Really crying over a video game

  • Senn

    He concluded, “If you don’t have the vehicles, if you don’t have the
    structure, if you don’t have the team play, if you don’t have the
    classes, then you’re breaking it. I hope that people that are
    playing Battlefield 3 and are playing other shooters can see that it’s
    not the same.

    No vehicles, inside a single structure.  Still have classes I guess.

    So yes then on the breaking it part?

  • make it wEt

    More maps, more guns, more vehicles, more destruction. THanks DICE! …..Take ur time perfecting it


    FUCK YEA!! 

    I especially love the last section.. BF3 IS BF3, NOT ANY OTHER SHOOTER!

  • Tludt888

    Really looking forward to the rentable servers. Hardcore can actually be Hardcore again on consoles…

    • RP

      seriously, no hud, put health to start at 50. cant wait!

      • Michael Kelley

        *Bart Scott voice* CAN’T WAIT!

  • Can’t express how much I miss the days before consoles…BF2…free maps, patches that didn’t have to wait for consoles to catch up, and game play that didn’t cup the balls and stroke the shaft of all the CoD fanboys with the tight maps. BF games have been about bigger maps, vehicles, and team play. Why not build bigger maps but make infantry only layouts like you see in the diff between Conquest Large and Conquest..

  • Wasn’t excited about this DLC, but with seeing the trailer, the inclusion of RUSH & CONQUEST, and being able to play with as few as 2 players…I’m getting really interested.  If I can logon and get all my friends that play (only 6 of us) online to play some TDM or other modes in a private match without renting a server…that’d be great.  Renting a server sounds interesting too and I’m curious if the price is reasonable, but I’m not dropping a couple hundred dollars to play some private matches.  We’ll just play MW3 private matches.  Nowhere near as fun, but it’s free.

    • PHATL2028

      NOPE IT”S RENT so it’s gonna be expensive. $99- $306. $306 being max server with taxes included fragnet is running some specials for all us BATTLEFIELDO.COM members.

      •  Can I rent for a few hours?  One day?  Otherwise…nah.  Not interested.  Now, if they include a Battlerecorder plus private servers available for consoles, we could get a whole lot more great BF3 videos.  That’d be nice.

  • Artdafoo

    No Input Lag will never ever get fixed, i just hope the FB2 engine is optimized and bug free for MOH 2 and BC3 cuz they realky screwed the pooch on BF3. Smooth responsive gameplay can make or break a game no matter how many guns, vehicles and gadgets you put in a game DICE !

    • rocky123

      I agree with you, if MOH2 has input lag on the PS3 only and not on other platforms, ill be pissed.

  • crack

    hahahah . these new maps wont even have vehicles.
    What fking dream is this asshole living in?

    BF3 CQC = CoD MAPS


  • soo will i still be able to be in a squad in the CQC or will it split me up?

  • Ptp18

    even though this isnt my cup of tea per say, i still will be buying this just to support the future DLC – Armor Kill – , pick jaw off floor… if anything this will be fun for a week or two, but i like the larger scale warfare ( 64 pc ).

  • Enflu3nza

    not to thrilled with these maps. getting a bit more COD like. atleast Metro was more dynamic by the fact that there are different stages, but it often ended up in a 64 player USAS Frag/M320/RPG/SMAW/FRAG fest clusterf**k.
    atleast there will only be 2-16 players max. i hope these maps aren’t ridiculously small tho. i HATE small maps.
    i think im mainly buying this for the guns (L86A1 goes great with my L85A2, and MTAR/AUG/ACR are some of my favorite guns). i LOVE bullpups so im buying this either way :p.

  • Outlawz

    If the players is limited to 16 players on consoles then that means the maps are REALLY small. 16 players playing Rush or CQ = boring. 

  • Outlawz

    They also mentioned that the rent a server will have a in-game interface. I wish that they would do the same for our stats like in BC2.

  • Bellafreak20002000

    Killzone 2 allowed you to rent and control settings on a server I believe.

  • Anonymous

    Awww man this is awesome. 
    I hope getting out of lobbies/ matches faster is still a possibility…

  • Killzone 2 you can have private servers, just saying…

  • and killzone 2’s servers are free -_-

  • just give us 64, why not? we just want to have some mindless fun with 32vs32 on a way to small map!

  • Evan

    so pumped! anyone who is bitchin about close quarters just isnt that good at the game or has a complex causing them to think that small == COD. The small maps are always the best. Tight, close combat. Having to actually use strategy to raid a building. Its definitely a more realistic modern battleground. Once the balance gets tuned out here next patch everything will be peachy. I think its mostly the PC guys bitching about the small maps. I would love to have BF3 for PC, but I know it would take over my life lol. I dream of 64 player metro. /drool

  • Anonymous

    16 player limit? I wouldn’t call BF3 an ideal CQB experience as is (maybe after the next patch?) , but a 16 player limit would be a real yawn fest for Conquest. 

  • Richbambam

    No 64 players for PC 🙁
    why not implement it so you can have at least a choice,I mean if you dont want to play 64 player match just filter your search so you play 32 or 16.its that simple

    • Talos Stormcrown

      The no 64 player thing is so you dont have ten people getting stuck in a doorway which seems to happen alot in the in game close quarters maps(metro, seine, bazaar) its to keep the match from becoming total chaos.

  • They realize that this isn’t the first time private/custom servers were available for console games right? Warhawk (possibly Starhawk as well), Killzone 2, and one other game I can’t remember at the moment.

  • Spamboy12345

    Anyone got an idea of the price for this pack?

  • Connor schrank

    Well, i do know that the ACW-R (ACR from Call of Duty) and will be unlocked in the engineering class, and of course the SPAS-12