Prototype Footage of a Tactics-Based Call of Duty

As it turns out, Call of Duty was, at one point, a third person tactics-based shooter under development by game studio Vicarious Visions.

Thanks to supererannuation who was able to dig up some interesting info, we’ve discovered this prototype footage of a very different take on the Call of Duty franchise that was apparently in development by Vicarious Visions.

Sure enough, Vicarious Visions‘ Senior FX artist and animator has listed on his resume “’Call of Duty prototype’ 360, PS3 : FX artist” under “Vicarious Visions Games contributed to.”

According to superannuation, the “game was obviously never released, and briefly a thing around 2009 or so IIRC. Targeted platforms X360/PS3 etc.”

Check out the prototype footage and let us know what you think in the comments below. Do you think a more tactical, third-person Call of Duty would have been a welcome addition to the franchise?

  • Jonathan Stoffregen

    looks funnier then MW3 -__-

    • andy callow

      looks ‘better’ than MW3 lol

      • Cyborg6971

        That wouldn’t take much.

      • Jonathan Stoffregen

         i knew i said it wrong edited

    • Jemapelleethan

      My thought exactly. Anything is better than MW3 tbh

      • Binsaaf

        even duke nukem

  • Dadfsafda

    i don’t get it what is it supposed to be?

    • rofl

      can u fuckin read the article

      • Cyborg6971

        Go hit a punching bag toolbox.

    • Brian

        a third person tactics-based shooter

  • Tim Myers

    just a minor detail, the music after the mission…i loved that effect!  the addition of the music from that time period was pretty cool, have other games set in the past used that touch?

    • Niosus

      I remember that in the CoD2 SP I used to spray my gun whenever I heard music because it meant it was the end of the mission, so yes. I believe they also did this for CoD4. Not sure about the recent CoDs however. So your answer is yes :)

      Seeing that video makes me want to play CoD2 again. That SP was so groundbreaking at the time. It is also amazing when you recognize missions from the game in Band of Brothers. Carentan looked exactly the same!

      We need a historic shooter again imho… I think there is a market for it again after the huge oversaturation 5-10 years ago.

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  • Gameguy21

    Fuck, I want to play that! Nobody is running around like a stupid sack of shit! Do that game next Treyarch.

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  • Michael Freeman

    Fuck that, add some cynicism, and cartoony textures..


    Oh wait, that was an EA property. :X

  • BabyRuth003

    Should release it on PS Vita



  • gypsyFTW

    looks like BF3 but better

  • Realmenofgenis

    Graphics don’t matter! If the gameplay is decent like it looks, then people will buy it!

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