Metro: Last Light – Multiplayer Confirmed and New Screenshots

Though details at the moment are light, 4A Studio, the masterminds behind Metro: 2033, have confirmed to IGN that Metro: Last Light will contain multiplayer.

For those who remembered the first game, then bugs aren’t something your unfamilair with. Often times, random bugs such as invisible enemies, clipping through walls, and other annoyances would occur. 4A has confirmed that all those bugs in the original game are being worked on and will hopefully not be present in the final product of Last Light. They also confirmed that they will be pushing the PC to it’s limits along with making it the best looking console game when it releases.

Here are some brand new screenshots, though they are from the single-player aspect of the game (click for larger size):

 Metro: Last Light is slated to release some time in 2013 for the PC, Xbox 360, and the PlayStation 3.

  • PKHavoK

    This looks interesting I’ll definitely keep checking for more info

  • Jonathan Stoffregen

    hope its only CO-OP

    • Desi12

      What do you mean only CO-OP? I would love to have CO-OP but I don’t think it’s going to be a requirement to play the game

      • Jonathan Stoffregen

        i hope the only multiplayer in this is CO-OP would want competitive multiplayer

  • RabidTurtle

    First game was impressive. Really need to finish it. Hopefully the multiplayer is co-op; the story of the game doesn’t exactly make sense for a TDM-style multiplayer. Though I guess a conquest-style mode with AI controlled mutants acting as a third faction would be cool.

    • Dakarai Shafer

      It could be like L4D’s multiplayer.

  • blazeup

    “For those who remembered the first game, then bugs aren’t something YOUR unfamilair with.”


    …yea this game looks interesting

  • asgaro

    This will be awesome!

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  • MetroRanger

    Competitive multiplayer would be awesome! Reds vs. Nazis, Hansa vs. Bandits! The list is endless, it doesn’t need to tie in to the storyline! But then again, co-op would be just as great!

  • John Douglas LePage

    you have to be stupid or not have played the first one to know, this game does not need multiplayer, whoever thought of that was fucking stupid

  • What ?

    And this is why I lose interest in gaming . All the COD kids want MP in ever fucking game . It ruins the artistic flow that presents itself in game-play and immersion

    • Meh

      Yeah we DO NOT NEED multiplayer in EVERY title. Little kids can’t make real friends so they make virtual ones, go play out side little turds and stop wrecking the game industry with your crummy “co-op” and “multiplayer”… F***ing little turds. Gaming is about telling a story and playing it, not running around on a map butt f***ing each other!!! PATHETIC

  • Jonathan Collins

    And nothing about coop. Not wasting my time with this title. Guess companies think no one wants to play through campaign with their friends….they should look at halo and gears of war.

    • Meh

      Good riddance, we do not need Co-Op and Multiplayer IN EVERY title, go play your gears and halo douche!

  • Annonomuslololol

    They said they might scrap the multiplayer and focus on the singleplayer so dont give your hopes up.