Activision Launches Call of Duty World League Mini-Site

Black Ops 2 League Play gets overviewed in Activision’s newly launched Call of Duty World League mini-site.

League Play, a brand new feature to Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, allows players to compete against similarly skilled opponents as either a league team, or as a solo competitor.

Initially, League Play features two series that sport different rules and game types. Players will need to take part in placement matches at the start of each series in order to be placed in a division. These series are the Moshpit series and the Champions series, both of which are currently in Trial Season.

Moshpit Series

A mix of Team Deathmatch and objective game modes that use standard rules.
Format: 6v6
Ranks: Solo


Champions Series

A mix of objective game modes that use competitive rules.
Format: 4v4
Ranks: Team and Solo
Special Rules: No Care Package. No Tactical Insertions.


Moshpit utilizes standard game rules in a mix of Team Deathmatch and objective-based game modes while the Champions series will utilizes competitive game rules in a mix of objective-based game modes only. Currently, Moshpit supports a 6v6 format while Champions supports a 4v4 format. You can get a more detailed overview of the Moshpit series right here, and the Champions series right here.

Within each series are six different divisions. Your goal is to end up in the best possible division by the time the league season is over. Each season lasts approximately 30 calendar days and each season will be split apart by a Preseason, giving players a chance to familiarize themselves with the new rules of the upcoming season. Check out the divisions below:


Top 2% of the active population


Next 18%


Next 20%


Next 20%


Next 20%


Bottom 20%

For even more details, you can visit the official Call of Duty World League mini-site right here. (Note that you’ll need to be logged into ELITE in order to view it.)

Will you be entering into League Play?

  • Truthbringr

    Anyone remember the days you just bought a game, played the game and there wasn’t an endless assault of marketing bullshit


      I agree (Socom) but times are a changing.

  • alex-BO2-sonic

    i love league play, its more tactical and serious than Public Match. Its not some marketing bullshit, its actually a game mode which forces people to actually play beeter if they don’t want to made fun of. Im not an MLG fagboy either but i just love the atmosphere of League Match. You should try it

  • jocephus

    i love league play but what i do hate is the lack of search, demo and sabotage. they need to throw these modes in as well and utilize more maps. it seems like i am always playing the same 6 maps all the time, and the same game mode. one day i played 9 games of CTF in a row. WTH?!?! i thought it was random? and the skill based matchmaking could use some work as well. how do they find oppenents. is it based on KDR or division placement?

    • Stefan

      Sabo isn’t even in the game (weird right?)

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  • Rogers61989

    Socom 2 best leaderboard setup except rank up rooms was 352 at one point game was awesome wish cod would set up a leaderboard like that # the real scarface… Fox hunt best map ever there