Crysis 3 Multiplayer Beta Gets First Patch, Tweaks Shotgun, Predator Bow, ADS Sensitivity and More

Crytek has been listening to the Crysis community and is deploying the first patch for the currently ongoing Crysis 3 beta.

It takes a look at and tweaks a number of weapons, ADS handling, as well as a couple of the kill streak rewards.

Check out the full Patch 1.0 notes below, via the official website, now available now on the PC and Playstation 3 and soon on the Xbox 360.

  • “Marshall” shotgun’s damage tweaked
  • “OGR” machine gun’s recoil reduced
  • Predator Bow’s  charge time reduced (from 1.3s to 1.0s)
  • ADS sensitivity modified to improve weapon handling and aiming
  • “Pinger” vehicle rotation speed increased
  • AY69 submachine gun damage increased
  • “Swarmer” kill streak reward damage increased
  • “Swarmer” kill streak reward damage tweaked

In addition Crytek also plans to make a few changes to the Crysis 3 multiplayer, “articularly to game balance and technical issues. Many of these improvements are based off of your feedback, so thanks again for enabling us to provide you with continued support.”

Crytek also commented on the matter of cheating, promising to work on identifying exploits and refining detection to protect legitimate Crysis 3 players from being banned by mistake.

Head on over to the MyCrysis forums to report cheaters, as well as to provide general feedback for the Crysis 3 Multiplayer beta.

  • Scav

    So they do listen,hmm…

    • Aria

      before the game launches ….

  • Jonathan Stoffregen

    and no changes to the sniper rifle in hunter mode meh

  • Jon

    If anybody’s played the beta and felt that the gunplay was strange, I’ve figured out that it’s definitely over the difference between normal sensitivity and ADS sensitivity. Hopefully this helps it a bit and makes gunplay feel more fluid.

    • ilias

      Thas why i stopped playing the beta, gunplay feels strange. I’ll try again after the patch

    • Craig Anthony Barlettani

      I tried it again on PC today.. for some reason i can’t hit the broad side of a barn when I am shooting.. i’ve been playing shooters my whole life, and I just can’t explain it.. I actually tried with my xbox controller and felt like I was doing better… now I know that shouldnt be true

  • roachoutro

    where is “stomp” nerf and “shield” nerf? They are ridiculous.

  • blondbassist

    One thing that really bugs me is when you are aiming down sights then come out of your sights.

    The transition period between coming off the sights and to your hip still has the low sensitivity of when you are aiming down sights.

    Really gives the guns a sluggish feel.

    This hurts the bow the most and has been present since Crysis 2.

    • DeviousBoomer

      Wish they’d just give us separate sensitivity sliders and say, “Here you go, adjust it to your comfort level.”.

    • moose

      its another example of games being developed for console and aim assist then ported to PC, they dont think that maybe PC gamers would rather just have 1 muscle memory….

  • born2expire

    No changes to melee, blah

  • airsoftsn1p3r

    I find the shotgun, when gotten used to, is a very good (if not op) weapon. good to see they’re taking notice. Also the game comes out on my Birthday.

  • Oblivion_Lost667

    I have the same problem, I feel like I should be doing so much better than I am, but my aiming feels like I always miss (Especially in comparison to other players) even if I’m aiming directly on them. I found out that part of it seemed to be that shooting while moving at all is terrible, but even standing still the bullets don’t seem to always hit where the sight’s indicating. It may be the animations make the gun jump more/move the sights off target when the bullets are still hitting the same point.

  • DeviousBoomer

    I know that pre-patch the OGR with RDS was problematic because the recoil animation would cause the front sight to misalign with the dot. Not sure how it is now.

  • Craig Anthony Barlettani

    I ran FRAPS last time I played and realized I was only getting 35-40 FPS during firefights.. so I tweaked my settings to get a constant 60 FPS and it’s made a world of difference as far as my accuracy and results… everything is much smoother