Battlefield Producer Daniel Matros Live Streams For Charity

Though not affiliated with Battlefield developers Digital Illusion CE (DICE), Producer Daniel Matros is hard at work (or play?) raising funds for charity and needs your help.

Matros will be hanging out and live streaming various video game titles and documentary movies from his Twitch TV channel in hopes to earn a meaningful contribution to the Lord of Christ’s Children Home in Johannesburg, South Africa.

All funds earned through either advertising or by donation will go directly to the home, a location Matros visits often where he can directly hand in the result of the charity. He is currently working towards assisting with school fees for children of the home.

We thought it’d be cool to let MP1st readers know, many of whom are also huge fans of the Battlefield series as well, so that those interested can help spread the word and contribute to a good cause by simply checking out the stream and/or donating.

You can visit his channel and help out right here. Don’t forget to follow Matros on Twitter as well.

  • T-51B

    BF4 better be good

    • More hiding in vehicles for 20 mins a game .>.>

      • Zwabber046

        just bigger maps

      • Noobs will be noobs

        Like I told other noobs I will tell you the same. There is about 10 or more ways to take out vehicles. If you do not use them ways then you deserve to get butt hurt by vehicles. Your a COD troll so I will forgive you since your little COD mind cannot understand tactics and teamwork. And besides this is for a charity so have some respect.

        • Thomas

          Pretty sure he downs CoD as well. Nice assumption though.

        • Nick Loner

          A good point expressed in absolutely sickening “BF Fanboy” style.

          • ?

            How is that fanboy explaining game mechanics. Oh do explain

            • Nick Loner

              If you have to resort to calling someone a “stupid COD troll”, and doing that every time you see someone say “vehicles suck” – this is not “explaining game mechanics”. This is being overprotective of your favorite game and bashing the other game and its players; aka being a fanboy.

            • QwietStorm

              He may not be a COD troll, But he is trolling.

      • T-51B

        Look me up on the battlelog…. I have 10 times with pistols than i do vehicles

    • not sounding to hot to be honest with EA talking about microtransaction,games starting at $70,and the lack of communication with BF3….still time will tell….im kinda wishing dice went to some other publisher atm though..

      • dany

        Not complaining, but EA funded the first BF, without them, probably there would be no BF series, and many other great games (DICE helps out a LOT of other EA studios) and if you complain about that $70 bucks, maybe you should look up something called Inflation.

        • the EA of 2002 is not the EA of 2013

          • Indeed they are not. Tho I would recommend someone’s opinion on EA, who has a lot of “street cred”:

            • “why dont people jump from the EA ship” MONEY. “create a new company, and go for other publisher?” and also they need a lot of money to fund their own games since they will have no publisher. AAA games would probably not exist without big publishers like EA and activision sad but true of course there are lucky ones like valve personally i wouldn’t mind DICe going to 2k games but that’s just me.

            • Then essentially it pays better to stay at EA? Im guessing thats the whole point having a job.

              Cliff Bleszinski sad it a few days ago that the difference between Valve and EA is that Valve has a good image management. People complain about DLCs that cost, I dont know, two trips to McDonalds?
              People who clocked in 500+ HOURS (and im being modest here with the number) in BF want their money back?
              Why are people so occupied with the Publisher anyway? Would you like the Twilight books if they would be released by Bloomsbury publishing PLC (the Harry Potter books) instead of Atom?

              EA pays the developers if they reach certain Milestone (in case of books, these are the chapters) there are certain services that EA provides like marketing, manufacturing the discs, etc.
              Everyone thinks that at EA, there are old fat balding suits who are playing pre-release games every day, and then call up DICE totally buthurt to demand that they Buff the stingers.

  • god if he streamed BF4 gameplay….

    • mechcell

      no 🙁

  • Pgjensen

    This guy is a tool. A lot of big talk about about being the “Community Manager” and the conduit between DICE and the fans to promote a new era of “open and honest dialog and transparency”, then this clown proceeds to spend the year tweeting inane $hit like mp3’s he’s listening to and what he just had for lunch.

    Excuse me if not a fvck is given about whatever tax evasion I mean ‘charity’ nonsense he’s got going on.

    • Jealous much

      He is making money producing and making games while your working at Jack in the box. He has the last laugh.

      • Retro

        That’s not jealousy, it’s the truth. The guy is a tool.

      • Thomas

        Have you seen the people that work at Jack in the Box? He spelled way too many words right to be an employee at Jack in the Box.

      • QwietStorm

        And you’re sucking his dick.

  • Katana67

    I still dislike the BF3 developers. Kertz is an absolutely rude person on Twitter, and is praised for his un-professionalism by the community (because being edgy is awesome, right?). The rest of them just come off as dolled-up “bro’s”. Not that I expect my developers to be either business-types or nerds, but they really do not come off as being in touch with their community. Sort of like Bowling did, with MW2-era COD. They appear, at least, to be willing customers to whatever horseshit money-making philosophy EA wants to throw their way. DICE, I feel, used to have a better sense of themselves before they got uber successful and acquired by EA.

    • Gotta have the cash flow

      Lets be honest though without the funding and support of EA DICE would not be making new engines and offering rent a servers and shit. Say what you will about EA but they throw a lot of money at the developers to make there games better. Think of EA as a bank and if you are a really good studio you can pretty much withdraw what you want. As much as I love DICE they would not survive without EA money. The same can be said for COD and Activision.

      • Katana67

        Financing something is all well and good, but when it bleeds into creative control… now we’ve got problems. EA is a massive company, and yes… they can provide funding to developers. But when they then turn around (like Activision) and dictate creative decisions for the purposes of profit, we (gamers) are the ones who suffer. As others have stated, early EA (in the 21st century) differs vastly from the EA of today.

        BF2-era EA DICE was solid, as it was before EA really changed into their current business model. DICE gradually devolved through the BC franchise (which I love, but demonstrates a decline in quality) and up to the BF3 franchise which was great, but potential was massively squandered in so many areas.

        Where I have an issue with the BF3 developers in this regard, is that (unlike the MW2 crew that departed after Activision got too strict) they are seemingly willing participants in EA’s profit-oriented game development process. I realize the pragmatic concerns of making profit, but it can be done so without interfering with the quality of a game’s development. The BF3 devs appear to have bitten into the proverbial apple that EA has fed them.

  • Thanks for posting this David. Gamers have a heart too.

  • bf4 is gonna be so realistic and hard so 10-11 year old kids won’t make me rage like in CoD -_-