Call of Duty: Ghosts Sale at GameStop, $20 Off Regular Price This Weekend

U.S. retailer, GameStop, is shaving $20 off of Call of Duty: Ghosts normal price for all platforms.

This weekend, you will be able to buy the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the title for $39.99, while PS3 and Xbox 360 copies will sell for $29.99. The sale runs from April 4th until the 6th. See the image below for more information.

Call of Duty SaleAlso this weekend, to celebrate today’s launch¬†of the Devastation DLC, Extinction players will be receiving an XP boost.


    Activision is trying so hard to get people to play or comeback to this historical fail of ghost.

    • ColonelBoston

      Hundreds of thousands of people play this game daily across 6 ports, I’d hardly call that a failure. Only difference between this game & past cods is that it’s the only one w/ a generation gap (pre cod4 games not withstanding).

  • I honestly wouldn’t even grab Ghosts if it was $20.00

  • Joel Santana

    This is like the third week in a row that the game is being discounted. They might as well drop the price of the game officially.

  • AKIRA2020

    This is the first year I passed on COD…..but, I would try it for $15-20.

    • Jason Lane

      Don’t. Save your money and wait to see what the next one does.

    • ColonelBoston

      The game is awesome, don’t listen to internet whiners. If you rush, the game is fun as hell. Problem is, this community loves to camp & then bitch the game is boring. I have very little trouble finding frenetic action in my matches.

  • Playmaker

    Blops2 is more fun. Broken still.