Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered – December Update Adds More Maps And Game Modes

With an ever growing list of games dropping new content this upcoming Tuesday just in time before the big holiday rush, you can now add another title to that list thanks to the latest trailer that went live for Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered.

That details the new content that will be available for free such as Hardpoint and Gun Game being added as new game modes and six more maps from the original title.  Which is none other than Bloc, Countdown, Pipeline, Showdown, Strike and Wet Works.

You can watch the trailer above to see the maps being showcased for the first time on the current gen systems.

Additionally, it also seems that the winter Crash map that was previously exclusive to the PC port of the original title is indeed coming to all three platforms if the last second tease is anything to go by.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered is only available for those who purchased the Legacy, Digital Deluxe, or Legacy Pro editions of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.


    6 more maps for Remastered and nothing for Infinite? Come on man

    • Patrick Matthew Barahona

      Usually every main game COD has DLC out by January or February. It has almost always been this way. Raven promised this maps since before launch of both games that these maps would come this month and they actually delivered.

    • The anonymous employee

      No one gives. A shit about Infiniti warfare old-school is where it’s at more people play this then the futuristic crap they got atleast 20q7 it’s the year cod goes back to the way it was mentioned boots on the ground and ww1 or ww2 area

      • itwastyped

        I prefer the old school vibe too but you’re wrong that more people are playing Remastered than IW

  • Tommot3

    Holy shit COD giving maps for free???! These gonna be so much fun honestly

    • calcu007

      Raven promised this maps since before launch to be free too.

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  • Guest

    You guys should review IW and MWR