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PUBG Creator Says Games Need “Better Protection” From Copycats, Not Happy With Clones News 2

News 2

At this time of the year, it’s hard to deny that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (more commonly known as PUBG) is the year’s hottest gaming property. While that resulted in the game getting a TON of sales and players, that also meant that other developers would pump out PUBG copycats to capitalize on the genre’s popularity. In […]

New Far Cry 5 Trailer Introduces Us to “The Resistance” News 0

News 0

Ubisoft has released a new Far Cry 5 trailer, and this one is a call to action to join The Resistance! There’s a ton of shooting, explosions, arrows, and even a puma (not sure about feline type). Check it out below, and yep, it’s as awesome as it sounds. KEY FEATURES: SPARK THE FIRES OF […]

Company of Heroes 2 Free for a Limited Time on Humble Bundle News 0

News 0

Do you remember Company of Heroes 2? The real-time strategy game made by Relic Entertainment that had a World War II setting? Regardless if you do or don’t, here’s your chance to play it again — and for free! The Humble Bundle site is offering Company of Heroes 2 free — no strings attached! It’s […]

PUBG Xbox One Player Count Already at 1 Million in Just 48 Hours, Game Bundled With Xbox One News 0

News 0

In case you didn’t know, this year’s hottest game — PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds — is now out on the Xbox One. It’s been out less than a week but we can already call it a success. Why? Well, according to Microsoft, there’s already over one million PUBG players on Xbox One in just the first 48 […]

Battlefield 1 Holiday Mission #3 and Double XP Now Live News 0

News 0

A few weeks ago, we reported that DICE will be holding a few Battlefield 1 events all throughout December to celebrate the holidays, and the studio has delivered on its word with Battlefield 1 new missions and even a double XP event! There’s a Battlefield 1 double XP event happening now until December 17 (this […]

Destiny 2 Xur Items and Locations for 12/15/17 List News 0

News 0

It’s Friday, and that means another Destiny 2 Xur items and location post from MP1st! As Bungie promised, Xur isn’t on Mercury! For this week, the hooded vendor can be located in the Tower, behind the Dead Orbit on steel steps. As for his wares, Xur is selling the the Celestial Nighthawk, and a few […]

Monster Hunter World Beta on PS4 Relaunching Next Week, Will Be Open to Everyone News 0

News 0

If you weren’t able to catch the Monster Hunter World beta last week, don’t fret! Capcom has announced that the Monster Hunter World beta on PlayStation 4 is getting rolled out again — and this time, it’s open to everyone (No PS Plus membership required). This was announced by Capcom over on Twitter where it […]

Warframe Baro Ki’Teer PC Items Listed News 0

News 0

It’s Friday, and if you’re a Warframe player, that means it’s time to go shopping! The Void Trader, Baro Ki’Teer is now selling his wares on PC! Check out his items below, as well as suggestions on what to buy from Reddit user Lord_Dust_Bunny. Making another “Suggested Buys” list, though remember this is subjective. Items […]

Quake Champions Patch Listed, Free Winter Holiday Rewards Announced News 0

News 0

Quake Champions players, there’s a bunch of stuff you’ll want to know about the game ASAP! Not only is there a new Quake Champions patch out now, but Bethesda has also announced the studio’s plans for the game this holidays. First off, the Quake Champions patch should already be out, and according to id Software, […]

Destiny 2 The Dawning Date Announced, Brings Snowball Fights, Gifts and More News 0

News 0

With Christmas around the corner, Bungie is making sure Destiny 2’s Guardians will be taking part in the festivities by announcing the Destiny 2 The Dawning date! There’s going to be snowball fights, special Crucible events and gifts! Starting this December 19, and ending on January 9, 2018, the full list of activities people can […]

Team Ninja Possibly Teasing Dead or Alive 6 News 0

News 0

If you’re a fan of the Dead or Alive fighting franchise and have already bought all the costume packs for Dead or Alive 5 (we’re not judging you if you did), then there’s possibly some very exciting news coming your way soon, and it could be Dead or Alive 6! Over on Twitter, Team Ninja, […]

Report: DICE Sweden Battlefield 2018 Title Will Be in WW2 Setting, DICE LA Working on Bad Company 3 News 5

News 5

In case you haven’t been keeping tabs on the recent Battlefield news and developments, a fairly reliable leaker by the name of AlmightyDaq revealed that DICE is working on Battlefield: Bad Company 3. However, prominent Battlefield YouTuber LevelCap has refuted that and said his “sources inside” said it’s incorrect. Well, AlmightyDaq has made another info […]

Crytek Suing Star Citizen Developer Cloud Imperium Due to Breach of Contract & Copyright Infringement News 1

News 1

Crytek, the Russian studio responsible for Crysis, and owners of the CryEngine game engine, is suing Star Citizen studio Cloud Imperium Games! The lawsuit centers on the use of Crytek’s CryEngine technology in Star Citizen, and how Crytek has lowered its licensing fees for the engine in exchange for prominent display of Crytek’s trademark in […]

Ghost Recon Wildlands Update Storms Out, Adds Predator Challenges and More News 0

News 0

We reported yesterday that the Predator (yes, the one from the movies!) will be making his way to Ghost Recon Wildlands. Well, he’s out and terrorizing people now! Called “Jungle Storm,” this update adds a ton of new stuff into the third-person shooter, and best of all, they’re all free! At a heft 12GB on […]

Sledgehammer Games Opens New Twitter Account to Handle Call of Duty: WWII PC Cheaters News 0

News 0

While PCs are great for gaming given the open platform, tons of sales, and top of the line visuals, there’s also the downside of cheaters. Unarguably, it’s easier to cheat on PC than it is on consoles when it comes to multiplayer games. And one game experiencing a massive cheater infestation is Sledgehammer’s Call of […]

For Honor Open Test for Dedicated Servers Happening Today, Even Non-Game Owners Can Join News 0

News 0

Ubisoft is going to test its online infrastructure that’s set to launch in 2018 by holding a For Honor free download for its open test, and even people who don’t own the game can join! The For Honor dedicated servers test will take place today, December 14, at 5 a.m. PST, and will last until December […]

Destiny 2 Webcomic Being Launch Next Week Titled “Fall of Osiris” News 0

News 0

Can’t get enough Destiny 2 story and lore? If so, Bungie has just the thing! The studio announced that it’s launching a Destiny 2 webcomic next week called “Fall of Osiris.” The webcomic will kick off with an origin story for Ikora and Osiris. Here’s what Margaret Stohl, Destiny 2 Narrative Director (who also writes […]

Square Enix CEO Thinks Microtransactions Better Suited for Mobile Games Than Console Games News 4

News 4

With how things have escalated between the gaming community and EA regarding Star Wars Battlefront II, the term “microtransactions” is a hot button topic right now — and with good reason. Most video game publishers want to implement microtransactions in their games to further bolster the title’s earning potential and revenue stream. While this tactic […]

Rumor: Burnout Paradise Remastered Listed at Brazilian Supplier News 1

News 1

Remember Burnout Paradise? The open world racing game made by Criterion Games and released way back in 2008? Well, it might just be coming back a decade later. A recent listing on a Brazilian retailer’s website hints at a possible Burnout Paradise Remastered edition. It’s set for release on March 1, 2018 (most likely a […]

Battlefield 2142 Revived by Modders, Here’s How to Play It News 1

News 1

Remember when we reported that EA sent a (rather nice) cease and desist letter to the Revive modders who were keeping old series titles like Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142 playable? Well, it seems there’s now a way to play Battlefield 2142 again! Players can go here for the full, step-by-step instructions, but basically it […]

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