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5 Best PS4 Update 5.00 Features News 0

News 0

The next PS4 update is a significant one, implementing a host of changes that many gamers will find beneficial. If you’re wanting to see the full list of key improvements, check out this article. Otherwise, click the video above to hear how we’ve ranked the new features. From new family settings to streaming enhancements, there’s […]

New Zisworks Monitors Output 480fps, Show Benefits of Extremely High Frame-Rates News 1

News 1

While some gamers are certainly happy playing console games at 30fps, there are other players out there who appreciate the smoothness of high frame-rates. 60fps is commonly seen on most console first-person shooters, while PC gamers are pushing the demand further, with 120Hz and 144Hz panels being popular choices these days. And, for the true […]

Xbox One X Pre-Order Plans to Be Made Clear During gamescom News 3

News 3

Microsoft has got big, big plans for this year’s gamescom. And you can understand why, what with the pressure mounting ahead of the Xbox One X launch. If gamers are to be persuaded into buying, a bunch of new games and hardware features will need to be shown off. Of course, potential customers will also […]

Absolver Multiplayer Trailer Explains Online Features, Post-Release Content Plan Detailed News 0

News 0

Those of you who wish to be properly prepared for Absolver‘s release on August 29, whether you plan to do combat on PS4 or PC, should take note of the lessons taught in the multiplayer trailer embedded below. Learn how the online player versus player system works, how to work your way up the progression […]

Nidhogg 2 “10-Minute Trial” Video Explores Crazy 1v1 Combat News 0

News 0

In the latest episode of 10-Minute Trial, I take a look at Nidhogg 2. After having good fun with the original game, I was excited to see what improvements had been made in the sequel. Clearly the visuals have been improved, but so has the combat, with new weapons adding variety to engagements. Click above to […]

Get Battlefield Premium for PS4 at 40% Off News 1

News 1

For hardcore Battlefield 1 players, it’s a no-brainer to get Battlefield Premium each and every time a new entry in the first-person shooter franchise is out. If you aren’t a member yet, this Battlefield 1 Premium discount deal might tip you over, though it’s only for the PlayStation 4. This deal is open for those […]

Gran Turismo Sport Unleashes Three New Trailers, Teases Advanced Matchmaking, VR & More News 0

News 0

Gran Turismo Sport is coming exclusively to PlayStation 4 on October 17 in North America, and October 18 in Europe. Ahead of its release, three trailers have been posted to the official PlayStation YouTube channel. These showcase the game’s advanced matchmaking, PlayStation VR compatibility, as well as interviews with professional racers.  Jann Mardenborough, Lucas Ordóñez, Ricardo […]

LawBreakers Update 1.1 Implements Balance Changes & “Crucial Bug Fixes and Improvements” News 0

News 0

The first post-launch patch is coming to LawBreakers on PC. Update 1.1 includes a bunch of gameplay balance changes, while also squashing some nasty bugs. It’s not yet clear when the update will hit PS4, but it shouldn’t be too long of a wait for console players. Here’s the full list of changes that update 1.1 brings: […]

PS4 Update 5.00 Beta Launches Today, Key Features Revealed News 2

News 2

PS4 update 5.00 has been eagerly anticipated by many Sony system owners, as the point-0-0 update promises some big changes and added functionality. Starting today, beta testers will get to play around with all of the new features coming to PS4 and PS4 Pro hardware. If you’re not in the beta, fear not, for you […]

Rainbow Six Siege Theme Park Map Showcased in New Operation Blood Orchid Trailer News 0

News 0

Though we already know which operators the Operation Blood Orchid expansion is adding to Rainbow Six Siege, thanks to the leaks earlier today, details surrounding the new map have been kept fairly secure. We knew it was a theme park, but that’s about it. Happily, Ubisoft has not only given a short description of the map, but also […]

Call of Duty: WWII Multiplayer Pro Gameplay Provides a Good Look at Beta Maps & Modes News 0

News 0

In another exclusive look at Call of Duty: WWII, the folks over at Game Informer have posted some multiplayer footage which shows a pro gamer-turned Activision employee wreaking serious havoc against the opposition.  The eight-minute video, which can be watched here, kicks things off with Hardpoint on the Gibraltar map. Further into the video, you’ll witness […]

PSX 2017 Tickets Are Now Available for Purchase, Hurry As “Supplies Are Limited” News 0

News 0

PlayStation Experience 2017 is returning to Anaheim, California this December, and you can buy tickets right now! Early bird access is available here, and you’d better hurry as supplies are limited! The convention is taking place on December 9 and 10. That’s two days of big gaming reveals, and a chance to get your hands […]

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