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Battlefield 4 – DICE “Always Considering” Night Maps, Level Artist On Lack Of Rush-Focused Maps News 68

News 68 In the latest Battlefield Blog update, DICE Level Artist Linnea Harrison answers your questions about multiplayer level design in Battlefield 4. You might find a number of her answers rather intriguing, including what she had to say about night maps and rush-only maps in Battlefield 4. She also touched upon why randomly generated weather and […]

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike DLC Detailed, Titan Mode Returns, Second Assault Drops Feb. 18 News 95

News 95 New details for Battlefield 4’s Naval Strike multiplayer expansion emerge as we learn the official launch date for Second Assault on the PC, Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4. First, in a recent blog update, developer DICE has confirmed that Second Assault will be coming to the PC, Xbox 360, PS3, and PS4 on February 18 […]

Battlefield 4 PC Patch Now Live, Sneak Peek at Battlelog Loadout Presets News 52

News 52 Battlefield 4 on the PC is getting updated today with a new patch that is beginning to show up for a number of users as of this writing. It fixes a number of issues and includes a few improvements for DICE’s recently released Mantle renderer. According to the Battlelog, the update will rollout throughout the […]

New Battlefield 4 Community Challenge Wants You To Destroy 50 Million Vehicles News 14

News 14 Battlefield 4 Player Appreciation Month continues with more community missions. In the first community challenge earlier this month, Battlefield 4 developers DICE tasked players across all platforms with snagging 10 million dog tags. Overshooting by 1,462,858, the community passed with flying colors and, according to DICE, Battlepacks are incoming February 20. Starting tomorrow, it’s time to lay […]

Rumor – Origin Germany Puts Second Assault at a February 18 Release Date For BF4 Premium Members Rumors 32

Rumors 32 A screen grab from Origin Germany indicates that the PC version of Battlefield 4‘s Second Assault DLC will be available to download for Battlefield 4 Premium members on February 18. Subsequently, the same would likely apply to the Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game which have also yet to see […]

Battlefield 4 – DICE Developer Answers Your Questions on Gameplay Balance News 42

News 42 Answers questions submitted by Battlefield fans earlier in the week, Battlefield 4 lead core gameplay designer Alan Kertz discusses DICE’s ultimate vision for gameplay balance in a massive next-gen shooter like Battlefield 4. He also dives into some of the reasoning behind a number of the design decisions you may never have considered and talks about […]

Battlefield 4 Gets Double XP This Weekend, Player Appreciation Month Continues News 10

News 10 Marching on with Player Appreciation Month, DICE is offering a bout of double XP to Battlefield 4 players across all platforms this weekend. You can start earning the extra points on February 8 at 3am PST / 6am EST until February 10 at 3am PST / 6am EST, according to the event’s page on Facebook. […]

First Battlefield 4 Community Mission Wants You To Grab 10 Million Dog Tags News 23

News 23 February is Player Appreciation Month for thousands of gamers enjoying Battlefield 4 on the Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. For the entirety of February, developers DICE are handing out a Battlepack a day while throwing in a couple double XP events and community missions, the first of which begins tomorrow, February 5. Between February 5 at […]

Report – Laid Off EA Contractors Out Unannounced Police-Themed Battlefield Game Rumors 80

Rumors 80 According to reports, recently laid off contractors stationed at EA’s Ghost Games studio were offered positions at Visceral Games to aid with production on a new police-themed Battlefield game, code-named Havana. Ghost Games, formerly known as EA Gothenburg, were responsible for last year’s Need for Speed: Rivals and are said to be working on another […]

Battlefield 4 – These Popular Balancing Requests Are Being “Monitered”, But Not Changed News 60

News 60 Battlefield 4 developers want you to know that they are listening when it comes to your feedback. But while you may have your ideas about what weapons should be “nerfed” or what vehicles should be “buffed”, the studio wants you to consider that some things are the way they are for a reason. In a […]

Battlefield 4 – Second Assault DLC Announcement Incoming, PC Premium Members Get Weapons Early News 17

News 17 Rumors of Battlefield 4’s Second Assault expansion pack launching on other platforms late February may ring true after all. Recently, a DICE developer on Battlelog stated that Battlefield players can expect Second Assault to launch on the PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 3 soon, once the latest batch of patches hit their respective […]

Battlefield 4 Second Assault Trophies for PS3 and PS4 Listed, Release Imminent? News 15

News 15 As we have previously reported, all signs point to an imminent release of Battlefield 4’s Second Assault DLD launching soon on PC, Xbox 360, and Sony’s consoles. PlayStation Trophies, via VG247, have added the trophy list of Battlefield 4: Second Assault’s for both the PS3 and PS4, adding more credence that Second Assault is indeed just […]

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