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22 Battlefield 4 Bugs That Are Being Fixed, According to DICE News 62

News 62 Battlefield 4 developers DICE are cracking down on some of the game’s major bugs that are getting you down. The studio certainly has their work cut out for them. Battlefield 4 is, after all, a massive game and having it polished up to pristine condition at launch just wasn’t in the books, as is the […]

Battlefield 4 PC Game Update and Server Upgrade Addresses Desync Issues, Tweaks Camera, and More News 26

News 26 More updates make their way to Battlefield 4. This time, Server Update “R15″, which launched early this morning on the PC version of Battlefield 4, took a little longer than usual to deploy as, at the same time, the game also received a brand new game update filled with fixes and tweaks. Interestingly, the update […]

5 Things That Made Battlefield: Bad Company 2 So Iconic News 129

News 129 Back when Battlefield 4 was first announced as Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment’s next big triple-A FPS follow up to 2011′s Battlefield 3, not everyone met the idea with open arms. While the thought of yet another proper Battlefield title certainly carried a sense of excitement with it, it wasn’t quite able to shake that unmistakable longing […]

Rumor – New Battlefield Spin-Off In Development At Visceral Games Rumors 99

Rumors 99 A new Battlefield spin-off may be in the works, according to Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter, who says a studio other than DICE is looking to continue the stream of Battlefield releases in EA’s 2015 financial year. Originally, reported by EuroGamer and VideoGamer, Pachter wrote in a note to the press that, “Although EA has […]

Xbox 360 Battlefield 4 Manual Update Now Live, Server Update Unlocks M1911 3X Scope For Everyone News 16

News 16 Like the PlayStation 3 version of Battlefield 4 did yesterday, the Battlefield 4 on the Xbox 360 has received its very own patch that consists of similar updates and fixes. Developers DICE have also looked into updating all Battlefield 4 servers across all platforms to make good on couple of promises; one of which was […]

EA Stocks Drop After DICE Project Stall Caused By Battlefield 4 Issues News 120

News 120 EA investors aren’t responding too well to the recent news of EA-owned developers DICE halting progress on upcoming Battlefield 4 expansions and even future video game projects like Star Wars: Battlefront. As, GameInformer reports, via SeekingAlpha, EA stocks have dropped nearly 7.5% since the announcement. The decision comes after what seems like an overwhelming influx of Battlefield […]

Battlefield PS4 and PS3 Patches Deployed, “Insta-Deaths” To Be Addressed In Upcoming Updates News 13

News 13 Both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 versions of Battlefield 4 are receiving their respective game updates today. The PlayStation 4 patch, as you may remember, was intended to originally launch on December 3, but was later delayed for additional testing. As of this writing, it should now be available to download. As a reminder, here are […]

DICE “Not Moving Onto Future Projects or Expansions” Until Battlefield 4 Issues Are Resolved News 63

News 63 It seems Battlefield 4 developers DICE can’t quite figure out which way is up when it comes to digging themselves out of the ditch they currently find themselves in. Despite a number of patching attempts, and even yesterday’s offering of the game’s first Premium-wide DLC, China Rising, many users are still unable to enjoy the […]

Did The Latest Battlefield 4 Patch Fix the “One-Hit Kill Bug”? “Yes and No,” Says DICE Developer News 49

News 49 In the patch notes of the latest Battlefield 4 game update that hit the PC early morning and is on course to hit all other platforms in the coming days, you may have noticed the line, “Fixed the ‘one-hit kill bug’ where occasionally damage from a single bullet was applied multiple times.” First, if you’re […]

Report – DICE Quietly Increases Battlefield 4 Level Cap To 110 With Release of China Rising News 31

News 31 Amidst of the launch of Battlefield 4′s ‘first’ expansion pack, China Rising, and the currently ongoing player appreciation double XP week, it appears that developers DICE have added a special treat for those who’ve already reached the level cap in Battlefield 4. As some of you may have already noticed, it would seem that the level […]

PSA – Battlefield 4 PlayStation 4 Patch Rescheduled For “Additional Testing” News 23

News 23 PlayStation 4 users eagerly awaiting Battlefield 4‘s latest game update may have to hold on a little longer. As a quick public service announcement, the PlayStation 4 Battlefield 4 game update that was originally announced to launch today has been delayed as it undergoes “some additional testing.” “The PS4 game update that was originally meant to go […]

Battlefield 4 China Rising Now Available To All Premium Subscribers, New Footage & Trailer Hits YouTube Media 29

Media 29 Battlefield 4′s first Premium membership-wide multiplayer expansion China Rising is now available on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 (pending store update) and PC. It introduces four entirely new maps along with brand new weapons, gadgets, vehicles, assignments, and achievements/trophies. The expansion also reintroduces the Air Superiority game mode that was first seen in […]

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