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Battlefield 4 – New Battlelog Update Improves Loadout Screen Functionality News 12

News 12 As part of today’s Battlefield 4 PC update, the Battlelog loadout screen is going to be getting a bit of an overhaul, and definitely for the better. On Reddit, a DICE developer who goes by the username “DarkLord7854″ showcased a few of the improvements the Battlelog team is making to the loadout menus. The new update, […]

Battlefield 4 PC Update Lands Tomorrow, Aims To Improve Network Smoothing and Reduce Crashing News 17

News 17 After some downtime for maintenance during the early hours of this morning, developers DICE are ready to announce an incoming Battlefield 4 game update that will address some of the major issues currently affecting the game. The update will be making its way to PC users first starting tomorrow, November 14 at around 10AM UTC/2AM PST and aims […]

Rumor – Leaked Battlefield 4: China Rising DLC Map List Spotted, Includes 5 New Weapons Rumors 95

Rumors 95 Launching in only a few short weeks, Battlefield 4 Premium members can look forward to four massive new maps, all-new vehicles, and high-tech military equipment in the game’s first proper multiplayer expansion, China Rising. An allegedly leaked image of the Spanish Battlefield 4 Premium website sent to us by MP1st reader Mechcell appears to list the […]

Incoming Battlefield 4 Patch ‘Fixes a Number of Different Issues You Have Helped Identify’ News 67

News 67 Lots of new updates for Battlefield 4 fans concerned with a few of the game’s launch issues. According to a recent Battlelog forum update, developers DICE are hard at work on client patches for the all three versions of the game. “We are testing and finalizing upcoming client patches for PS3 and X360. We will […]

PlayStation 4 Remote-Play Feature Demonstrated With Battlefield 4 News 40

News 40 One of the best features about the PlayStation 4 is that it allows nearly any game in it’s arsenal to be streamed seamlessly to its companion handheld, the PS Vita. By using it’s application known as “Remote-Play” PS4 owners who happen to own a PS Vita will be able to play major titles, such as […]

Battlefield 4 PlayStation 4 Developer Diary Media 18

Media 18 This November 15, Battlefield 4 will be making its debut on the next-generation of console gaming with Sony’s PlayStation 4. In a video overview of what’s to come, DICE’s Lars Gustavsson explains how next-gen gamers will be getting the true Battlefield 4 experience with 60 frames per second and up 64 players on the battlefield. If […]

Battlefield 4 China Rising Trophies Reveal Air Superiority, Dirt Bikes, SUAVs and Bombers News 68

News 68 If the recently outed Battlefield 4 China Rising DLC Trophy/Achievement list is anything to go buy, the game’s first multiplayer expansion is set to reintroduce some fan-favorite game modes and vehicles as well as add a few new gadgets to the mix. According to a PlayStation Trophy list discovered on PSNProfiles, China Rising will bring […]

Battlefield 4 – DICE Knows “Things Have Been Rocky So Far”, Will Reward Battlepacks To Constructive Fans News 32

News 32 According to Studio Creative Director Lars Gustavsson, DICE knows “that things have been rocky so far” with regards to Battlefield 4′s launch and wants to make an effort to smooth things over sooner, rather than later. In a lengthy Battlelog forum post, Gustavsson addressed all Battlefield fans, explaining that while the team behind Battlefield 4 […]

Only In Battlefield 4 – Behind The Scenes Media 10

Media 10 Remember those “Only In battlefield 4″ promos, the ones with the guys (and sometimes gals) sitting in chairs talking about the amazing moments they remember from playing Battlefield 4? Well, here’s how they did it: The same lucky group of gamers that were selected to try out the game early were also used in the […]

Battlefield 4 – New Update Hits Battlelog Today, Here Are The Notes News 25

News 25 Battlefield 4 developers DICE have pushed out a brand new update earlier today for Battlefield 4′s social stat-tracking service. The Battlelog will have seen zero-down time, so you might not have noticed any updates right off the bat, but below are some patch notes you can look over to see if there’s anything you fancy. […]

Battlefield 4 on Xbox One Will Use Head-Tracking and Voice Command Features News 55

News 55 Battlefield 4 on the Xbox One will make use of the console’s integrated Kinect motion-tracking device to utilize features like head-tracking and voice command. At a recent Xbox One demonstration event, EA showcased Battlefield 4 on the next-generation console using the Kinect to allow soldiers in-game to peek-and-lean around corners by simply moving your head […]

Battlefield 4 Server Update Aims To Fix Crashes on All Platforms News 40

News 40 Battlefield 4 developers DICE have rolled out a brand new server update earlier today that aims to keep the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game from crashing, an issue that many have expressed concern over since the game’s launch. DICE writes in a recent Battlelog update, “We just rolled out a […]

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