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New Battlefield 4 Merchandise Incoming This Holiday Season News 34

News 34 A handful of brand new Battlefield 4 merchandise will be making it’s way to the market and into gamers’ hands this holiday season, according to the latest news from publisher, Electronic Arts. The line up includes a “novel written by esteemed author Peter Grimsdale that provides backstory about the game’s heroic squad, a high-end art book […]

DICE Wants You To Create a Battlefield 4 Dog Tag News 63

News 63 Battlefield developers DICE want you to create a dog tag design that, if “exceptional” enough, could be featured in Battlefield 4. To have your chance to show your work in BF4, DICE requests that you comment on Battlefield 4′s Facebook page with your design. Here is the template, along with a few examples, from which […]

Battlefield 4 – DICE On Xbox One Vs. PlayStation 4: ‘More Power Is Better For The Game We Build’ News 99

News 99 With reports of Sony’s PlayStation 4 out-playing Microsoft’s Xbox One in terms of power, gamers ask the question: ‘will muilti-platform games play better on PS4 than the X1?’ According to DICE general manager and vice president Karl-Magnus Troedsson, who is currently heading up Battlefield 4, “more is always better.” Game Informer recently asked Troedsson in […]

DICE Says There Are Ways Motion Control Will Make Sense in Battlefield 4 News 95

News 95 While DICE general manager and vice president Karl-Magnus Troedsson admits that motion controls don’t make sense for a shooter like Battlefield 4, saying earlier that “it doesn’t make the game better,” that’s not to say DICE’s next big shooter won’t have some sort of Kinect or motion control functionality. “We have a pretty pragmatic view [on […]

Battlefield 4 – DICE Could Possibly Consider Mouse And Keyboard Support on PlayStation 4, Says Dev News 104

News 104 With Battlefield 4 making its introduction on to next-generation platforms and bringing with it much-desired features like 64-player matches and commander mode, fans may also be able to look forward to another addition, if developers DICE consider it. Speaking with Ausgamers on the topic of whether or not DICE considered adding mouse and keyboard functionality to […]

New Battlefield 4 Screens are Filled With Fire and Falling Skyscrapers Media 69

Media 69 Two brand new Battlefield 4 screens have surfaced today, one showing off another scene from the single player campaign, and the other giving you a better view of what happens in Battlefield 4 multiplayer when you put too many tank rounds into the base of a giant skyscraper. Check them out below. Courtesy of GameStop. […]

Battlefield 3 – Semi-Secret Pathway Discovered on Noshahr Canals, Did You Know? Media 75

Media 75 User “Tallkido” recently posted a very interesting video on the r/Battlefield3 sub-reddit by YouTuber “Claudio Sad” which holds a “secret” many of you, even some of the more veteran among us, may not have known. As documented by these fine gentlemen in the video below, what if I told you there is a secret pathway […]

Battlefield 3 Free For PlayStation Plus Members This Month News 42

News 42 PlayStation Plus users are in for a bit of a treat this month. On top of receiving additional discounts in Sony’s Summer Blast: Hot Discount Sale, starting tomorrow, PlayStation Plus users will also be able to download one of 2011′s most highly acclaimed first-person shooters by Digital Illusions CE, Battlefield 3, for absolutely free. When the […]

Battlefield 4 – Operation Metro and Caspian Border Most Likely to Be Remade in Second Assault DLC Rumors 147

Rumors 147 Fan-favorite Battlefield 3 maps like Operation Metro and Caspian Border might be sneaking their way into Battlefield 4 via the game’s recently announced expansion, Second Assault. As the expansion’s description reads on the official website, “This Premium expansion pack will feature four of the most fan-favorite maps from Battlefield 3, redesigned to take advantage of […]

Battlefield 4 – Frostbite 3 Feature Trailer Media 78

Media 78 The developers behind the Battlefield series, Digital Illusions CE, have released a brand new trailer for Frostbite 3, detailing the engine that’s set to power their upcoming shooter, Battlefield 4. Creative director Frank Vitz says, “I like to think of Frostbite as an evolutionary process, and Frostbite 3 is the next step in that evolution.” […]

Battlefield 4 Spectator Mode Detailed, More Complimentary Features To Come at Launch News 47

News 47 Spectator mode is coming to Battlefield 4, a heavily requested feature throughout the lifetime of 2011′s Battlefield 3 that is finally making its appearance in this year’s iteration of the fan-favorite series. While being demonstrated on this year’s E3 2013 show floor, Battlefield producer Daniel “zh1nt0″ Matros walked fans through a number of features available […]

Battlefield 3 PC Download And Premium Heavily Discounted Until June 19 News 31

News 31 Those who always wanted to get their hands on the PC version of Battlefield 3 but have been waiting for a sweet deal to arise, then you’ll want to hear this. As of today, Origin is offering the PC download version of Battlefield 3 at 75% off. Making the discounted price of the game to come […]

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