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February is Battlefield 4 Player Appreciation Month, “Netcode” Improvements and Platoons Incoming News 56

News 56 Alongside a brand new patch expected within the coming days, Battlefield 4 developers DICE have some surprises in store for the Battlefield community this month. “I’d like to announce the Battlefield 4 Player Appreciation Month,” writes DICE general manager Karl Magnus Troedsson in a recent Battlefield Blog post. “Starting on Saturday, February 1, DICE is saying THANK YOU […]

Battlefield 4 YouTube Personality Speaks Out, Responds to EA Advertising “Scandal” News 27

News 27 Last week, news of EA paying influential YouTube personalities to advertise their games, including Battlefield 4, broke out, causing quite a stir in the relationship between video producers and their followers, not to mention the ties between EA and its fans. In an example posted on NeoGAF, via IGN, a leaked contract outlined guidelines that producers […]

Battlefield 4 – DICE Details Incoming Vehicle Tweaks, Future Improvements Incoming News 62

News 62 Previously hinted at earlier in the week, developers DICE will soon be making a number of significant balance tweaks to Battlefield 4’s vehicle gameplay based on player feedback. “As millions of players dive in to the game, new gameplay styles emerge, and with them the need to keep fine-tuning the core gameplay elements,” writes developer […]

Battlefield 4 – Loadout Presets Could Come To Battlelog, Says Developer News 30

News 30 Ever wanted to use a custom loadout on the field of battle, but too tired of always switching everything? Well it looks like that could become a reality. Taking to the Battlefield 4 subreddit, Battlelog developer Darklord has teased the possibility of loadout presets coming to Battlelog. Unfortunately, presets will not become an in-game feature Darklord […]

Battlefield 4 – Premium Double XP Event On For This Weekend, Stress Test PS4 Servers News 15

News 15 Battlefield 4 Premium Subscribers can look forward to 48 hours of double XP this weekend. The event, exclusive to Premium subscribers, begins tomorrow, Saturday, January 25 at 2AM PDT / 10AM UTC. Meanwhile, users on the PlayStation 4 will have a unique chance this Sunday, January 26, to participate in some server stress testing with DICE […]

Amazing Fan-Made Battlefield 4 Trailer – Better Than The Real Thing? Media 31

Media 31 It looks like DICE’s video production team might have a potential recruit on their hands. YouTuber TheFloppyRagdoll has clearly got some talent when it comes to video editing and simply making an amazing, cinema-quality trailer for a game he loves to play – Battlefield 4, in this case. “This took A LOT of work because […]

Battlefield 4 Balance Tweaks Incoming – DICE Wants Your Feedback News 52

News 52 Battlefield 4 developers DICE are looking for your feedback on some important balancing tweaks the studio plans on pushing out to the game in the near future. The majority of tweaks in question are related to vehicle balance, including attack boats, anti-air, jets, and tanks. “We have a wide range of tweaks planned to further […]

New Battlefield 4 Battlelog Update Adds New Features and Fixes Bugs News 30

News 30 Battlefield 4 developer DICE has updated the Battlelog yesterday, addressing a few known issues and introducing some new features. In addition, the studio has reassured that the loading issues with the in-game Battlelog that PlayStation 4 users are experiencing are being looked into. Check out the official notes below. Announcements: We are currently investigating an issue […]

Battlefield 4 Maps In Real Life Media 46

Media 46 Ever wonder how strictly Battlefield 4‘s multiplayer maps are based off of real world locations? You’d be surprised with a few of these real life comparisons that we stumbled upon. Major Kudos to Redditor SuperJoeBros who has compiled an entire Imgur album of real world images that correlate almost exactly with the majority of Battlefield 4’s multiplayer maps. […]

Battlefield 4 Second Assault Allegedly Coming To Other Platforms ‘Late February’ Rumors 77

Rumors 77 Battlefield 4‘s Second Assault DLC may soon see the light of day on platforms other than the Xbox One. According to a chat that Origin user “Dhruv” had with an EA Customer Experience representative, the multiplayer add-on that launched on Microsoft’s next-gen platform last October through a timed-exclusivity deal may arrive on the Xbox 360, […]

Battlefield 4 R20 Server Update Reportedly Breaks Spawns, R21 Rumored To Be Incoming Tomorrow News 98

News 98 A recent update applied to Battlefield 4 servers on the PC is reportedly causing headaches for a number of players unable to spawn in after death. Earlier this morning, server update R20 was applied to the PC version of Battlefield 4, according to a representative from the DICE team. Though the change notes have yet […]

Battlefield 4 Xbox One and Xbox 360 Game Updates Now Live, Patch Notes News 27

News 27 In an ongoing effort to get Battlefield 4 up and working more-or-less flawlessly, Developers DICE have released a new patch for the Xbox One version of the game, the first since the holidays. The update, similar to what that the PC and PlayStation platforms received earlier this week, will improve the overall stability of the game, as […]

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