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Battlefield 4 PC Security Exploit Kicks Targeted Players From Servers, Crashes Game News 29

News 29 Reports are coming in that a recently surfaced security exploit is griefing Battlefield 4 PC users on Commander-enabled servers. Any PC-side server with Commander slots enabled is susceptible, Battlefield 4 YouTube personality Xfactor Gaming tells us. At the will of any exploiter with the know how, he or she may target any player, causing this […]

DICE Details All Four Battlefield 4 Naval Strike Maps, New Images News 34

News 34 With the Naval Strike ocean combat-themed expansion, developer DICE aims “to expand on what players loved with the naval warfare from Battlefield 4.” The studio recently took a moment to formally introduce all four of the new maps launching with Naval Strike; Lost Islands, Nansha Strike, Wave Breaker, and Operation Mortar. “It’s our hope you’ll […]

There Are More Battlefield 4 Easter Eggs to Find, Says DICE, Naval Strike Balance Tweaks Detailed News 59

News 59 The keen Battlefield 4 community may have found the T-Rex on Rogue Transmission, the exploding ship on Hainan Resort, and solved the mysteries of the Phantom Prospect, but there’s still more to find, according to DICE. Co-hosting a portion of today’s Battlefield 4 Naval Strike live stream with Alex “GoldenBoy” Mendez, DICE associate producer David Sirland talked about some […]

Official Battlefield 4 Naval Strike Trailer, Launches March 25 Media 44

Media 44 Following up after the video teaser earlier this week, Battlefield 4 developer DICE is showing off the game’s upcoming ocean combat-themed DLC, Naval Strike, in a brand new gameplay trailer. Naval Strike, Battlefield 4’s third DLC drop after China Rising and Second Assault, will be the last multiplayer expansion developed by DICE Stockholm as production moves to DICE […]

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike Gameplay Round-Up Media 19

Media 19 Naval Strike is coming to Battlefield 4 late March. A number of Battlefield community members who’ve gotten some hands-on time with the ocean combat-themed expansion have posted their thoughts and gameplay of the new maps, mode, weapons and vehicles. For more, be sure to tune in to today’s Naval Strike live stream right here at 12pm […]

DICE Rolls Out New Battlefield 4 Server Update, Addressing AA Mines and Javelin – Updated News 24

News 24 Update: DICE released the complete list of patch notes for the update. This morning, the team behind Battlefield 4 released a server side update for the game, looking into fixes for AA mines and the Javelin. The server patch R30 packed in the following: Players will no longer be able to pick up deployed AA […]

Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth DLC To Introduce Two-Handed Ballistic Shield News 91

News 91 New gameplay elements are coming to Battlefield 4‘s Dragon’s Teeth expansion in the form of a two-handed ballistic shield that stops bullets, according to DICE senior animator Ryan Duffin. During a talk at this year’s GDC, Duffin explained that the studio had hoped to introduce the ability for players to equip a ballistic shield that they […]

DICE Teases Battlefield 4 Naval Strike In This Short Video, Full Trailer On Wednesday Media 33

Media 33 Battlefield 4 developers DICE are giving us our first glimpse of the shooter’s third multiplayer expansion, the ocean combat-themed DLC, Naval Strike. Naval Strike will launch for Premium Members on all platforms later this month, two weeks afterwards for non-Premium subscribers, and will familiarize Battlefield fans with a whole new theater of war with game […]

Battlefield – The Evolution of Gulf of Oman Media 12

Media 12 Gulf of Oman may not have the same lengthy history that the age-old classic Battlefield map Wake Island boasts, but it’s a fun one to look back on and compare its Battlefield 2, Battlefield 3, and Battlefield 4 iterations. Doing just that, YouTuber ZappITGames-100 has put together a nifty video showcasing the variation between all three versions […]

Battlefield 4: Naval Strike Map Layouts Leaked News 43

News 43 We’re counting down the days until the third expansion for Battlefield 4, Naval Strike, is released sometime this month for Premium Members. Meanwhile, bits and pieces of information regarding the ocean-themed add-on have been slowly released/leaked over the past few weeks, such as weapon assignments, achievements and the first images of Naval Strike’s 4 maps, as well as the […]

BF4 Naval Strike Levolution Is About Interactivity, Weather Effects, and Shifting Time of Day News 30

News 30 In Battlefield 4: Naval Strike, dropping later this month for Battlefield 4 Premium members, DICE wants to do Levolution a tad differently. Rather than wowing audiences with spectacle or destructive events, the studio has “been focusing on how the player can interact within the levels to create and block paths for vehicles, or make other […]

“When You Push Innovation, You Miss Other Things” – EA on Battlefield 4 Issues News 66

News 66 A few days ago, the CEO of Electronic Arts, Andrew Wilson, took the stage at the SXSW event in Austin to show off Titanfall and reflect on previous titles published under the company. “Building games is very hard… when you push innovation, you miss other things. We’ve changed our process,” Wilson stated in response to […]

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