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Battlefield 4 R20 Server Update Reportedly Breaks Spawns, R21 Rumored To Be Incoming Tomorrow News 98

News 98 A recent update applied to Battlefield 4 servers on the PC is reportedly causing headaches for a number of players unable to spawn in after death. Earlier this morning, server update R20 was applied to the PC version of Battlefield 4, according to a representative from the DICE team. Though the change notes have yet […]

Battlefield 4 Xbox One and Xbox 360 Game Updates Now Live, Patch Notes News 27

News 27 In an ongoing effort to get Battlefield 4 up and working more-or-less flawlessly, Developers DICE have released a new patch for the Xbox One version of the game, the first since the holidays. The update, similar to what that the PC and PlayStation platforms received earlier this week, will improve the overall stability of the game, as […]

Battlefield 4 – Hainan Resort Exploding Ship Easter Egg Discovered Media 30

Media 30 Though the hunt for Battlefield 4′s elusive Megalodon may have withered to a close, the Battlefield community isn’t left entirely empty-handed. Earlier, additional clues led ambitious easter egg hunters to discover a special T-rex surprise on Rogue Transmission in the form of an audio easter egg that can be heard by anyone on the server […]

Battlefield 4 PS4 and PS3 Game Updates Incoming, Patch Notes News 47

News 47 Brand new Battlefield 4 game updates are incoming for both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 users. The updates, similar to the PC patch that launched yesterday, look to improve stability while fixing a number bugs. On the PlayStation 3, it also re-balance both the attack and stealth jets, tweaking their handling and damage output. Check out the […]

Battlefield 4 PC Patch Rebalances Jets, Fixes Memory Leaks and Other Bugs News 58

News 58 Battlefield 4 gets its first patch of 2014 on the PC. The brand new update once again looks to improve stability and fix a few more bugs, including a memory leak that would cause game crashes after level shutdowns. Interestingly, the patch also pushes a few balancing tweaks to the stealth and attack jets. Stealth […]

Sony Working With EA To Solve Battlefield 4 Network Issues News 42

News 42 Distraught PlayStation users who have reported instances of “lagging” or “rubber-banding” whilst playing Battlefield 4′s Conquest Large game mode can take comfort in knowing issues like these go “higher above Battlefield 4″. According to a recent interview, console manufacturers aren’t afraid to get involved in dilemmas affecting specific video game publishers like EA and games […]

DICE Devs Hint at Upcoming Battlefield 4 Updates – DMRs, Grenades, Spectator Mode, and More News 54

News 54 With the holidays at an end, Battlefield 4 developers are back in office and are are hinting at a few upcoming tweaks that may or may not be making it into future game updates. On Twitter, DICE multiplayer game designers Alan Kertz and Dennis Brännvall threw a few ideas out into the wild, presumably to gather […]

BF4 Premium Double XP Event Coming Jan 3, Still No Second Assault PC/X360/PS4/PS3 Release Date News 78

News 78 Starting tomorrow, Friday, January 3, Battlefield 4 Premium subscribers can look forward to 58 hours of double XP. The Premium-exclusive event that was originally set to begin last Sunday, December 29, but was later rescheduled, is now slated to launch tomorrow, Friday, January 3 at 6am PST / 9am EST. The event will last 58 hours, […]

Battlefield 4 – How To Be a Better Noob Media 45

Media 45 Battlefield 4 is a big game with a lot to offer. It might be one of the easier Battlefield titles to pick up and play with a greater sense of accessibility, but that doesn’t mean there is any lack of tactics and mechanics that take hours upon hours to master. From infantry gameplay to all-out vehicular […]

Latest Battlefield 4 Premium-Only Double XP Event Postponed News 32

News 32 Those who shelled out the extra cash to pick up the Premium membership for Battlefield 4 are in for a bit of a bad news. The Premium Double XP event that was initially set to go live on December 29 has apparently been postponed until a later date, according to a message that appears on […]

Rumor – New Battlefield 4 Game Modes Leaked? Combat Mission, Onslaught, and More [Updated] Rumors 78

Rumors 78 Update A DICE developer who goes by the name “JBRipley” on Reddit has responded to the rumor, clarifying that these are, in fact, not upcoming Battlefield 4 game modes. Here’s what he had to say: “Eh no, the code that was found is just a combined list of all the different game modes that Battlelog […]

Report – Battlefield 4 Now ‘Illegal’ In China News 63

News 63 According to reports, Battlefield 4‘s depiction of the nation has allegedly, “smeared China’s image” which the country is labelling as a form of “cultural invasion.” This is what Chinese state-run newspaper China Military now reads, according to ZDNet. SlashGear reports that the Chinese ministry wants Battlefield 4 removed from physical and digital retailers as well as uninstalled and […]

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