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DICE “Investigating” a “Beta” or “Test” Version of Battlefield 4 To Fix Bugs Rumors 72

Rumors 72 Developers Digital Illusions CE might have had a busy week updating the PC version of Battlefield 4, but the patching is far from over. Not only have the console versions of Battlefield 4 yet to receive any sort of update similar to the one the PC version received just last Thursday, but there are a […]

Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Open To All Xbox Live Members This Weekend, No Gold Membership Required News 32

News 32 Today, Xbox Live is opening up Battlefield 4‘s robust multiplayer experience to any and all Xbox 360 users with an internet connection. No Xbox Live Gold subscription is required to enjoy some epic “only in Battlefield 4″ moments starting today, Friday, November 15, and lasting through to this Monday, November 18 at 11:55am PST. The […]

Official Battlefield 4 Tablet Commander App Now Live on iOS, Later on Android [Updated: Now on Android] News 41

News 41 Command the battlefield from the comfort of your own couch or the busy hustle of your morning bus ride to work. The official Battlefield 4 Tablet Commander has launched and is now available to download for tablet devices. Launching along side the PlayStation 4 version of Battlefield 4 today, the app will let you command squads […]

Battlefield 4 Second Assault DLC Reintroduces Capture the Flag, Launch Trailer Next Week News 64

News 64 Via a live stream next week on Wednesday, November 20 at 12pm PST, Battlefield 4 Second Assault developers DICE LA will be showing off three of new maps included in the expansion, as well as debuting the DLC’s launch trailer. In a recent Battlefield Blog update, the studio announced that the team will be answering questions throughout […]

Battlefield 4 PC Update Patch Notes – Addresses Many Crashing, Freezing and Network Concerns News 19

News 19 A hefty update for the PC version of Battlefield 4 went live last night, looking at a number of important issues like freezing, crashing, network performance, as well as a few gameplay and balance tweaks. Developers DICE write in a Battlelog update that “the main focus in this update is on crash fixes,” and that […]

Battlefield 4 – Footage Of China Rising DLC Weapons And Gadgets Arises, New Server Update Incoming Media 59

Media 59 With the release of Battlefield 4‘s latest update on the PC, some users have seemingly managed to get their hands on some of the content to be included in the upcoming China Rising expansion. Two videos below capturing gameplay footage from private servers showcase the new weapons and gadgets that are originally intended to launch […]

Battlefield 4 – New Battlelog Update Improves Loadout Screen Functionality News 12

News 12 As part of today’s Battlefield 4 PC update, the Battlelog loadout screen is going to be getting a bit of an overhaul, and definitely for the better. On Reddit, a DICE developer who goes by the username “DarkLord7854″ showcased a few of the improvements the Battlelog team is making to the loadout menus. The new update, […]

Battlefield 4 PC Update Lands Tomorrow, Aims To Improve Network Smoothing and Reduce Crashing News 17

News 17 After some downtime for maintenance during the early hours of this morning, developers DICE are ready to announce an incoming Battlefield 4 game update that will address some of the major issues currently affecting the game. The update will be making its way to PC users first starting tomorrow, November 14 at around 10AM UTC/2AM PST and aims […]

Rumor – Leaked Battlefield 4: China Rising DLC Map List Spotted, Includes 5 New Weapons Rumors 95

Rumors 95 Launching in only a few short weeks, Battlefield 4 Premium members can look forward to four massive new maps, all-new vehicles, and high-tech military equipment in the game’s first proper multiplayer expansion, China Rising. An allegedly leaked image of the Spanish Battlefield 4 Premium website sent to us by MP1st reader Mechcell appears to list the […]

Incoming Battlefield 4 Patch ‘Fixes a Number of Different Issues You Have Helped Identify’ News 67

News 67 Lots of new updates for Battlefield 4 fans concerned with a few of the game’s launch issues. According to a recent Battlelog forum update, developers DICE are hard at work on client patches for the all three versions of the game. “We are testing and finalizing upcoming client patches for PS3 and X360. We will […]

PlayStation 4 Remote-Play Feature Demonstrated With Battlefield 4 News 40

News 40 One of the best features about the PlayStation 4 is that it allows nearly any game in it’s arsenal to be streamed seamlessly to its companion handheld, the PS Vita. By using it’s application known as “Remote-Play” PS4 owners who happen to own a PS Vita will be able to play major titles, such as […]

Battlefield 4 PlayStation 4 Developer Diary Media 18

Media 18 This November 15, Battlefield 4 will be making its debut on the next-generation of console gaming with Sony’s PlayStation 4. In a video overview of what’s to come, DICE’s Lars Gustavsson explains how next-gen gamers will be getting the true Battlefield 4 experience with 60 frames per second and up 64 players on the battlefield. If […]

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