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Battlefield 4 – No One Gets Left Behind In This New Story Trailer Media 108

Media 108 Along with a few other exciting, next-gen shooters dropping this fall, Battlefield 4 from Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment gets a brand new story-related trailer that’s full of action-packed moments and intense character dialogue. We want to ask you, what did you think of Battlefield 3′s single player campaign? Will you be giving Battlefield 4′s story […]

New Battlefield 4 “Anthem” Trailer Media 39

Media 39 Battlefield 4 Developers DICE and Publisher EA have dropped a brand new trailer for the game today called “Anthem”. Once again, it highlights a few of those “Only in Battlefield 4″ moments that have become the center-piece of the game’s marketing strategy. Make no mistake, however, as it seems to be working. Battlefield 4 sure […]

Catch More Battlefield 4 Running on the Xbox One Media 98

Media 98 Lucky gamers and attendees of this weekend’s Arena One event in Chicago are being treated to some hands-on time with DICE’s upcoming Battlefield 4 on Microsoft’s Xbox One hardware. All teary-eyed that you couldn’t make it? Well, thanks to YouTube personality Benjamin Hall, we’re getting a glimpse of at least some action through some off-screen videos […]

Get Your Battlefield 4 Gear, DICE Re-Opens Online Merch Store News 20

News 20 Battlefield 4 Developers Digital Illusions CE have re-stocked and re-opened the studio’s official merchandise store with a fresh batch of Battlefield 4 goodies. You’ll find some new BF4 t-shirts for men and women, as well as a few accessories, including keychains, bracelets and patches. Pop on over by following this link and give it a […]

Battlefield and Slim Jim Collide For Battlepack and Double XP Promotion News 35

News 35 Interested in gaining a few additional Battlepacks or Double XP on Battlefield 4 come launch day? You’re in luck, because Slim Jim and Battlefield are in partnership to bring you Battlepacks and Double XP time for purchasing specially marked Slim Jim products. Every code entered gives you credits to redeem Battlepacks or a Double XP […]

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One: Questions Unanswered Editorials 239

Editorials 239 The idiom “hurry up and wait” comes to mind when discussing statements made by both Microsoft and Sony. For those unfamiliar with the saying, US military branches have a policy of showing up to meetings at least 15 minutes early (“If you’re 5 minutes early, you’re already 10 minutes late” goes hand-in-hand with this). However, […]

Battlefield 4 – DICE Outlines Reward, Scoring and Unlock System News 69

News 69 Battlefield 4 is filled with stuff – stuff to earn, stuff to unlock, and stuff to show off. To help wrap your head around it all, developers DICE have put together a comprehensive blog post detailing everything you need to know about Battlefield 4′s reward, scoring and unlock system. You can catch a summary below […]

Leaked GameStop Ads Put Call of Duty: Ghosts And Battlefield 4 $50 and $30, Respectively, on Black Friday News 51

News 51 According to leaked Black Friday deals from video game retailer GameStop, some of our most anticipated upcoming games like Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4 will be receiving some very notable discounts during said holiday. If you take a gander at the leaked catalogue below, spotted by Kotaku, you’ll notice Battlefield 4′s price tag reduced […]

DICE Shares Battlefield 4 Improvements Based On Beta Feedback News 144

News 144 Insisting that the Battlefield 4 beta that took place during the first half of this month on the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 was an actual “beta” and not just a glorified “demo”, developers DICE have shared their learnings from the experience and outlined a few of the changes they will be implementing before […]

Battlefield 4 Xbox 360 Installation Details News 74

News 74 EA has recently taken to their help page to release information regarding Battlefield 4′s installation process on the Xbox 360. Battlefield 4 will follow suit with Battlefield 3 and release on two discs along with a mandatory install. The first time you start your game, regardless of which disc you use, you will be asked […]

Battlefield 4 Beta Comes to an End, the Wait Begins Editorials 126

Editorials 126 There’s something about Battlefield that escapes explanation, which is exactly why EA/DICE’s marketing for Battlefield 4 is so brilliant.  Only in Battlefield isn’t just a silly slogan, it’s the very thing that makes Battlefield the epic FPS experience that fans have to come to expect from the franchise. Yes, it has guns (lots of guns), […]

“Only in Battlefield 4″ Official TV Trailer Media 70

Media 70 There are epic gaming moments, then there are epic “only in Battlefield” moments that DICE’s upcoming Battlefield 4 is certain to be filled with. Showing off some of recent history’s more crazy Battlefield 4 moments from Gamescom this past summer and the currently ongoing official beta on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC is […]

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