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This Unsolved Battlefield 4 Easter Egg Goes Deep, Battlefield Yeti Discovered News 42

News 42 The Battlefield 4 community is getting deep into a seemingly unsolvable easter egg related to the recently launched Naval Strike DLC, and possibly the mysterious Phantom Trainee assignment. Battlefield 4 YouTube personality JackFrags has a nice summary of what secrets Naval Strike holds, though it doesn’t seem like the hints and clues are leading to […]

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike Delayed on Xbox One, In Addition to PC, ETA “Early April” News 51

News 51 In an update to yesterday’s announcement of Naval Strike’s delay on the PC, Battlefield 4 developer DICE is now hoping to get both the PC and Xbox One versions out by early April. According to the new statement, the studio has also decided to push back Naval Strike’s launch on the Xbox One in order […]

Xbox Live Interruptions Affecting Titanfall, Forza 5 Servers [Updated] News 8

News 8 Xbox Live services are currently “limited” on the Xbox One and Xbox 360, causing issues for those trying to connect to Titanfall and Forza 5 servers. According to Xbox Live’s status page, affected services include: Accessing all game features Accessing or retrieving data stored using cloud storage Capturing game videos Joining other Xbox Live members in […]

All Battlefield 4 Weapons Ranked From Most Popular to Least News 37

News 37 Of the nearly 100 weapons offered in Battlefield 4, what would you guess is the most popular or most used? Reddit user Fez93 has graphed the popularity of all Battlefield 4 weapons, in accordance with BF4Stats‘ records, with the exception of any DLC weapons from the China Rising, Second Assault, and Naval Strike add-ons. “So i made a […]

New Battlefield 4 Console Updates Roll Out, More “Netcode” Fixes and Balance Tweaks News 37

News 37 Along with today’s launch of Battlefield 4 Naval Strike for Premium subscribers, developer DICE is rolling out a significant new game update for the console versions of the game. The PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 are all receiving the update today, with the exception of the Xbox One patch that DICE has stated […]

Battlefield 4 Premium Members Get Naval Strike Today, New Battlelog Update News 11

News 11 With the exception of the PC version that we recently is being delayed with no ETA as of yet, Battlefield 4’s third multiplayer expansion centered around intense naval combat is arriving today for Battlefield 4 Premium members. Users on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 3 can expect the new content, a […]

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike DLC Delayed on PC, No ETA [Updated] News 62

News 62 Battlefield 4 Naval Strike won’t be coming to PC tomorrow. On the Battlelog, developer DICE announced that the studio has decided to delay the launch of Battlefield 4’s ocean combat-themed Naval Strike multiplayer expansion on the PC after discovering an issue. They also intend to hold off on release until work on a “larger update” […]

Rumor – Battlefield 4 Rent-a-Server Coming to Consoles April 1 [Updated] Rumors 22

Rumors 22 According to recent reports, Battlefield 4 developer DICE will be offering console owners the opportunity to rent private servers come April 1. This image captured by Reddit user 90ONE displays three different server rental options; 7 days for £8.99, 30 days for £28.99, and 90 days £63.99, all available April 1, 2014. The last we heard, […]

Battlefield 4 – Incoming Battlelog Improvements With The Launch of Naval Strike News 2

News 2 The Battlelog, Battlefield 4‘s social, stat-tracking browser and mobile service, is getting a shiny new update March 25, bringing improvements to portraits, emblems, and other mobile app upgrades. You’ll also notice a brand new Battlelog background video image that ties in with the launch of Battlefield 4 Naval Strike for Premium members on the same […]

Battlefield 4 PC Security Exploit Kicks Targeted Players From Servers, Crashes Game News 29

News 29 Reports are coming in that a recently surfaced security exploit is griefing Battlefield 4 PC users on Commander-enabled servers. Any PC-side server with Commander slots enabled is susceptible, Battlefield 4 YouTube personality Xfactor Gaming tells us. At the will of any exploiter with the know how, he or she may target any player, causing this […]

DICE Details All Four Battlefield 4 Naval Strike Maps, New Images News 34

News 34 With the Naval Strike ocean combat-themed expansion, developer DICE aims “to expand on what players loved with the naval warfare from Battlefield 4.” The studio recently took a moment to formally introduce all four of the new maps launching with Naval Strike; Lost Islands, Nansha Strike, Wave Breaker, and Operation Mortar. “It’s our hope you’ll […]

There Are More Battlefield 4 Easter Eggs to Find, Says DICE, Naval Strike Balance Tweaks Detailed News 59

News 59 The keen Battlefield 4 community may have found the T-Rex on Rogue Transmission, the exploding ship on Hainan Resort, and solved the mysteries of the Phantom Prospect, but there’s still more to find, according to DICE. Co-hosting a portion of today’s Battlefield 4 Naval Strike live stream with Alex “GoldenBoy” Mendez, DICE associate producer David Sirland talked about some […]

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