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Watch Half an Hour of New Call of Duty Online Beta Gameplay Media 15

Media 15 Here’s an interesting one for any avid Call of Duty fan that may have heard of but never seen the Chinese free-to-play Call of Duty Online from Activision, Tencent, and Raven Software in action. The shooter, which is a micro-transaction-based melting pot of Call of Duty titles ranging from the original Modern Warfare to Black […]

Call of Duty Online Public Beta Opens In China News 18

News 18 Call of Duty Online, a free-to-play version of the most popular shooter series of all time, has landed in China as the game’s beta opens to the public. Lead by developers at Raven Software and published by Activision and Tencent, Call of Duty Online mixes elements from both the Modern Warfare and Black Ops universes […]

COD: Ghosts No. 1 Best Selling Title On Next-Gen, Destiny To Be Activision’s “Next Billion Dollar Franchise” News 42

News 42 For the publishing company’s fourth quarter, Activision announces Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty: Ghosts as the No. 1 best selling title in aggregate across all platforms in the U.S. and Europe combined and No. 1 best selling title on both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. In Activision’s fourth quarter and calendar year 2013 financial report, it […]

New Call of Duty Online Cyborg Zombies Gameplay and Details Surface Media 9

Media 9 Check out Call of Duty Online‘s brand new Cyborg Zombie mode in action. Late last month, it was discovered that Call of Duty Online, a free-to-play, PC-only Call of Duty title marketed toward Chinese audiences, would boast a mini game similar to the already well-established Call of Duty Zombies game mode made famous by Call of […]

Robot Zombies Coming to Call of Duty: Online, New Trailer Media 39

Media 39 Check out the latest gameplay trailer Call of Duty: Online that says “scr*w you” to Zombies and Aliens and introduces you to something way more sinister; Robot Zombies. According to the trailer, which you can check out below, the free-to-play, online-only Call of Duty title aimed at Chinese markets that mixes and matches elements from […]

Next Call of Duty Announced for 2013, Activision Expects Sales To Be Down From Black Ops 2 News 101

News 101 Activision announces yet another Call of Duty release for Q4 2013, but what might surprise you about this rather unsurprising reveal is that the company expects that it will not perform as well as the previously released Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. During a recent investor call, Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg stated, “For Call […]

Call of Duty Online Enters Open Beta, Big Changes For China’s PC Gaming Market Ahead News 51

News 51 Last July, Activision and Chinese Developer Tencent announced an online-only, free-to-play iteration of the popular Call of Duty series aimed at the Chinese audience. According to the announcement trailer, which you can view right here, it would be based on the Modern Warfare setting and would include maps from the original Modern Warfare and Modern […]

Activision Comments on Bringing An Online Free-To-Play Call of Duty To The Western Audience News 30

News 30 Eric Hirshberg, Chief Executive Officer of Publishing Unit, comments on the thought of bringing a micro-transaction-based Call of Duty title to Western audiences. You may remember the recent announcement of Call of Duty Online, a Call of Duty title aimed at the Chinese audience which features a micro-transaction model. Hirshberg was asked during a recent Activision earnings call […]

Free-To-Play Call of Duty: Online Announced For China, Features CoD4 and MW2 Maps News 36

News 36 Today, Activision announced Call of Duty: Online, which will be releasing in China. COD: Online is a “free to play micro transaction” title that is being developed by Activision Shanghai and Raven. Tencent, the online driving force of China, will be publishing, marketing, distribution and running all other COD: Online related content on its platform on PC. Here’s […]