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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Lets Players Police Others With New “Overwatch” Feature News 22

News 22 Valve has introduced a new feature to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive that will allow members of the community to police problematic behavior. The program, called “Overwatch,” will designate “qualified and experienced members of the community” as “investigators” who will be given the option to review reports of disruptive behavior, determine the legitimacy of each report, and […]

Counter Strike: Global Offensive Free to Play this Weekend on Steam News 14

News 14 Those of you new or unfamiliar with the Counter Strike franchise should be excited to hear that CS:GO, the latest entry in the franchise is going to be Free to Play until 1PM PDT  on Sunday, May 19th via Steam. CS:GO is, by far, the most user/noob friendly and broadly appealing entry in the franchise and anyone that’s […]

Counter Strike: Global Offensive PC Patch Now Live, Season Pass and In-Game Store Incoming? News 6

News 6 A new update for Counter Strike: Global Offensive is now live for the PC, which tweaks the Hostage Rescue mode and also includes various miscellaneous fixes for the game. For the full patch notes of this recent update, scroll down below: March 21st Patch Notes Added new Hostage Rescue map cs_militia Update Hostage Rescue Mode […]

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Valve Launches Map Workshop News 9

News 9 Valve has launched the Map Workshop for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, making it easier for players to discover and play new maps and modes that come straight from the hands of the Counter-Strike community. With the new Map Workshop, players can find new maps, vote for favorites and subscribe to maps and game modes as well. […]

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update Nerfs the Deagle and Adds New Spectator Mode News 14

News 14 Last week, Valve and Hidden Path made a number of weapon tweaks in an effort to fine tune the balance between each along with adding a brand new Team Deathmatch mode. This week, weapon tuning continues with a notable “nerf” of the Deagle. Additionally, a new feature has been introduced allowing players to spectate friends’ […]

MP Games You Might Have Missed – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Editorials 18

Editorials 18 I doubt anyone that’s into Counter-Strike has missed CS:GO, and considering it’s the first multi-platform title in the franchise, I’d say a lot more people have probably heard about CS:GO that previous CS games.  However, the CS franchise has a reputation as being the “FPS Nerd/Pro Player” title that noobs dare not touch, which is […]

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update Adds Team Deathmatch and Weapon Recoil Changes News 9

News 9 Yesterday, Valve and Hidden Path made a number of changes to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on the PC, adding a brand new Team Deathmatch mode, as well as adjusting the recoil patterns for a number of weapons in consultation with pro players. “After gathering feedback from pro players around the world, we’ve made significant changes to […]

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive PC Update Adds Commend and Report System, More Bug Fixes News 10

News 10 During the Holiday break, Valve released a brand-new Counter Strike: Global Offensive update for the PC, including a new reporting system, many tweaks and bug fixes and the addition of some “holiday cheer.” Check out the full patch notes below:  Added the ability to commend and report players from the player details view that can be accessed […]

Battlefield, Counter-Strike, And Call of Duty Maps Recreated In Far Cry 3 Media 42

Media 42 When we heard about Far Cry 3 Map editor, we expected many great things to come of it, but not something like this. Youtuber, ShadowZack has taken some of our favorite maps from other multiplayer shooters like Battlefield 3, Call of Duty, and Counter-Strike, and has recreated them by using the Map editor in Far Cry […]

MP1st’s Multiplayer Experience of 2012 – The Nominees News 143

News 143 The new year is upon us and we are excited to pit the very best that the gaming world has had to offer against each other to see who will earn the title as this year’s best multiplayer experience. Here at MP1st, we take multiplayer gaming seriously. It’s what keeps you up til 4am night after […]

Report – Silencer to be Added to Counter-Strike GO After Balance Issues Are Ironed Out Rumors 16

Rumors 16 Valve has promised to add the silencer attachment to Counter-Strike Global Offensive once all remaining balance issues are addressed. At the E-Sports World Cup 2012, Valve spoke to the tournament players in regards to adding the silencer. Cadred was able to speak with one of the attendees, who had the following to say, “[Valve] talked to us […]

Play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for Free This Weekend Media 5

Media 5 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is free to play this weekend on Steam. Starting now until Sunday, 1pm PST, Valve is allowing any and all to take a stab at the latest iteration of Counter-Strike. To access the complete game all weekend long, you can either click here to launch Steam or visit the SC:GO Steam page and […]

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