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Ghost Recon Wildlands Update Storms Out, Adds Predator Challenges and More News 0

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We reported yesterday that the Predator (yes, the one from the movies!) will be making his way to Ghost Recon Wildlands. Well, he’s out and terrorizing people now! Called “Jungle Storm,” this update adds a ton of new stuff into the third-person shooter, and best of all, they’re all free! At a heft 12GB on […]

Ark: Aberration New Expansion Is Now Live, Here’s Everything You Need to Know News 0

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Ark: Survival Evolved has received its second expansion pack, Aberration, which brings a host of new content to the game. Players will face new combat challenges and environmental hazards, face new enemies with unique items, and more. The expansion is now live on all supported platforms: PS4, Xbox One and PC. Price-wise, Aberration will cost $20 as a standalone […]

Battlefield 1 Premium Pass Currently $15 on PS4 & Xbox One News 0

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With Turning Tides having just launched, this may be the perfect time to grab the Battlefield 1 Premium Pass at a discounted price. PS4 and Xbox One players can forget the usual $49.99 price tag, and instead grab it for $15! Here’s what’s included: Four themed expansion packs with 16 new multiplayer maps, 20 new weapons, new Operations and […]

Stardew Valley Multiplayer Beta Delayed To “Make Room for Polish and QA” News 0

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Posting on the game’s blog, “mollygos” provided an update on the Stardew Valley multiplayer beta. Unfortunately, for those eager to get playing with friends, the beta has been pushed back until Q1 2018 “in order to make room for polish and QA.” Those hungry for any new multiplayer information will be happy to learn that new features like […]

Monster Hunter: World DLC Will Include Free Updates With New Monsters News 0

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Monster Hunter: World is already shaping up to be a fun game, and is sure to kick 2018 with a bang when it releases on January 26. As for what’s planned after the launch, game creator Ryozo Tsujimoto has given us a taste of post-launch support. Speaking with Famitsu, Tsujimoto confirmed that there would post-launch updates that feature new monsters, […]

Star Wars Battlefront II Finn and Phasma Will Cost 0 Credits for Active Players (Update #2) News 0

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Update #2: The official EA Star Wars Twitter has officially announced that Finn and Phasma will cost a whopping 0 credits to unlock. Yay! Finn and Captain Phasma join #StarWarsBattlefrontII on December 13, unlocked for zero Credits if you log in during #TheLastJedi Season. — EAStarWars (@EAStarWars) December 12, 2017 Update: EA France has […]

Battlefield 1 Update Adds Turning Tides Content and Tweaks, Here Are the Patch Notes News 0

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It’s here, Battlefield 1 fans! The big Turning Tides expansion has dropped, and that means a mess of new content for BF1 Premium members, and a lot of in-game tweaks, balances and more. Called the “Gallipoli” Battlefield 1 update, this first part of the Turning Tides expansion adds the Gallipoli Campaign. There’s new maps, new […]

Dying Light Battle Royale Mode Releasing 2018, Testing Registration Now Open News 0

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Yep, you read that headline right: Dying Light battle royale is happening! Featuring “rapid looting, allies and traitors, and evacuation,” the new “Bad Blood” mode will blend PvP and PvE styles of gameplay. It isn’t launching until 2018, but you can sign up for the Global Playtest right now. Here’s the full details of what Bad Blood […]

PUBG Xbox Exclusive Skins Revealed: Limited Edition In-Game Clothing Costing $4.99-$9.99 News 0

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Looking good is an obvious priority when you’re fighting for survival in an apocalyptic world. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds understands this, and is providing those on Xbox with the chance to own some limited edition clothing items. Three “cosmetic packs” have been revealed, with each being made available during a specific time period. PUBG Warrior Pack available December 7-10 […]

Call of Duty: WWII New Weapons Coming This Week: Sten, Gewehr 43, Trench Knife & More News 0

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During the newly-announced Winter Siege event, new weapons will become available to Call of Duty: WWII players. These are: the GPMG LMG, the Sten SMG, the Gewehr 43 Assault Rifle, Trench Knife, and Ice Pick. Once the event kicks off on December 8, new special orders will become available from Major Howard. These orders will offer players a […]

PUBG Desert Map Final Name Revealed, Key Locations Given Official Descriptions News 1

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The upcoming PUBG desert map has been given a final name. The development team announced it in a new blog post. It’s to be called “Miramar.” Here’s a short description of Miramar and what kind of gameplay it hopes to promote: We are excited beyond words that we can finally share the name of our new desert map […]

Rainbow Six Siege Update Brings the White Noise, Full Patch Notes Here News 1

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Ubisoft has rolled out a sizable Rainbow Six Siege update, and it includes the new White Noise expansion! For those with the second Season Pass for Rainbow Six Siege, prepare for three new operators and a new map. According to the official Rainbow Six Siege Twitter account, each platform will experience an hour’s downtime for […]

First Fortnite Cheaters Case Settled, Accused Must Never Cheat Again News 0

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Epic Games isn’t messing around when it comes to punishing Fortnite cheaters. Back in October, Epic began the process of suing two players for repeatedly cheating at the competitive Battle Royale mode. Well, fast forward to today and the first of the two lawsuits has been settled. Minnesota resident Charles “Joreallean” Vraspir has agreed to terms that require […]

Gran Turismo Sport Upcoming New Cars, Offline Play, GT League & More Detailed News 0

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Writing on the official PlayStation Blog, SIEE’s Tim Hodges provided new details of updates coming soon to GT Sport. Players can expect new cars, offline modes, GT League and more. Hodges also said that the game has already seen “over 26 million hours of gameplay around the world,” since launching on November 17. Here’s the need-to-know info […]

Battlefield 1 Turning Tides Release Date Confirmed & Content Detailed News 1

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The Battlefield 1 Turning Tides release date has been officially announced via press release. Premium Pass owners will be able to access the expansion on December 11. Those without the Premium Pass will get to play two weeks later, as usual. This matches the date we reported on three days ago. Turning Tides content will be […]

Titan Quest Ragnarok Expansion Hits Steam, Proves a Pleasant Surprise for Fans News 0

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In a surprise move, Titan Quest Anniversary Edition has received a new expansion, available right now! The 11-year-old game was recently re-launched following its 10-year anniversary, and now its received a surprise expansion called “Ragnarok”. Ragnarok is only available on Steam, and is currently priced at a 25% discount, making it $14.99.   Here’s a list of the expansion’s […]

Rainbow Six Siege White Noise Operators Revealed, Here Are the Three Newcomers News 0

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A new teaser trailer completes the reveal of all three Rainbow Six Siege White Noise Operators. When the latest expansion touches down on November 20 (Test Server), November 27 (Season Pass), and December 4 (everyone else), these will be the three new Operators which players can learn to master: Zofia The well-known, decorated officer Zofia Bosak is joining […]

Report: Battlefield 1 Turning Tides Release Date Seemingly Outed News 3

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While game release dates are a big deal in the video game world, the same can be said for DLCs, expansions and the like — especially for a big, multi-million-selling game. Well, that seems to be the case for Battlefield 1’s upcoming expansion, Turning Tides! We already know that Turning Tides will be released in […]

Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris Info From Livestream All in One Place News 0

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In case you didn’t know, Bungie livestreamed the reveal of Destiny 2’s first expansion. Curse of Osiris. As one can expect, a ton of new details have shot out of the reveal. If you weren’t around to see it, don’t fret! We have a Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris info recap here. Thanks to Reddit […]

Rainbow Six Siege Free Weekend November 16-19, Followed by Technical Test Update News 0

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If you’ve somehow managed to avoid one of the most satisfying first-person shooter experiences out there, you’ll be happy to learn that there’s a Rainbow Six Siege free weekend planned for November 16-19. This is happening across all platforms: PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. In addition to the free trial weekend, the game will also […]

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