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Gears of War: Judgment – Interview with Epic Games Multiplayer Designer Quinn DelHoyo Interviews 9

Interviews 9 Amongst the hectic shuffle that was PAX 2012, I got a chance to speak to Gears of War: Judgment multiplayer designer Quinn DelHoyo from Epic Games about some of the exciting new changes making their way into the Gears franchise with this latest installment. On the PAX floor, the Gears team had set up the […]

343 Industries Answers Halo 4 Fan Questions News 14

News 14 343 Industries just released a new Halo Bulletin for September 5th. Inside this bulletin contained a very good amount of Q&A from the Halo community regarding multiplayer footage they seen from PAX Prime 2012. We were treated to some CTF gameplay on a brand new map Exile, as well as some fan videos of random items […]

Medal of Honor: Warfighter Hands-On at PAX Prime, Camaraderie and Authenticity Set This Shooter Apart News 21

News 21 Many shooter fans might be asking themselves, why pick up Medal of Honor: Warfighter this October 23rd among the handful of other AAA shooters arriving this fall? Competition is stiff when you’ve got games like Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Halo 4 and the continued support of Battlefield 3 with its numerous expansion packs. After […]

Borderlands 2 Mechromancer Character Class Dated And Priced News 4

News 4 During the PAX Prime event that was held last weekend, Gearbox Software, developers behind the Borderlands 2, have finally announced the release date to it’s fifth playable character, the Mechromancer. Randy Pitchford, the president of Gearbox Software, has stated that Borderlands 2 players will  get to experience The Mechromancer character class when it drops on […]

Playing Ball in Halo 4 War Games – 343 Industries Updates Oddball and Grifball News 4

News 4 343 Industries shows off some brand new features in some old favorite game modes during their panel at this year’s Pax Prime, Halo Reborn. This November 6th, Halo 4 War Games will see the return of the classic Capture-the-Flag game mode, as well as the franchise’s more quirkier but popular modes, Oddball and Griffball. However, […]

Halo 4 – More War Games Footage, Stunning Screenshots Inbound Media 22

Media 22 343 Industries satisfies our crave for more Halo 4 media with these awesome screenshots and game play footage of it’s new and improved War Games, Halo 4’s competitive multiplayer. It offers in-depth character customization, such as armor specializations that gives your Spartan IV warrior a unique combat enhancements to make it fit your play style. Any […]

Gears of War: Judgment Free-For-All Gameplay Footage Media 7

Media 7 The recently announced Free-For-All mode available in the upcoming Gears of War title set to release in 2013 has finally shown it’s face. This mode will be available to play at this year’s PAX Prime for all of those attending. However, for those not attending, we got a little treat from Quinn Delhoyo, multiplayer designer […]