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Arma 3 Alpha Test Gameplay Overview and Tutorial – Weapon Customization, Movement and Shooting Media 28

Media 28 Arma 3 has recently entered its Alpha testing phase and is expected to move into public Beta testing this summer. Bohemia Interactive released this video to demonstrate what the Alpha is all about and what you can expect to get your hands on. Giving us a better look at some of Arma 3’s brand new […]

Battlefield 3 Crossbow (XBow) Weapon Guide and Stats – Everything You Need to Know Media 24

Media 24 The Crossbow makes its debut in Battlefield 3: Aftermath, a heavily modified assault rifle that can be equipped with up to four different bolt types. But, how does it work? We dug up some interesting statistics regarding the Xbow which you may not have been aware of. Thanks to the help of YouTuber rivaLxfactor, we […]

Black Ops 2: Be A Better Teammate – Episode 3 – PTFO! Media 17

Media 17 Hello MP1st readers and fellow soldiers on the digital battlefield! In the previous two episodes of BABT, I covered understanding/identifying your playstyle and winning gunfights.  This week I take a look at playing the objective in the various game modes of Call of Duty: Black Ops II. I guess being a hardcore objective player makes me dumb to the […]

Black Ops 2: Be A Better Teammate – Episode 2 News 36

News 36 Last week’s episode was devoted to helping you identify and understand your playstyle.  This week, I go in depth regarding winning gunfights. Considering everything about Call of Duty revolves around getting kills, winning gunfights is one of the single most critical components of being a good teammate. If you can’t hold your own, your team will struggle […]

Black Ops 2: Be A Better Teammate News 49

News 49 With the latest entry in the COD franchise just days old, YouTube has been flooded with how-to videos telling people about ranking up fast, getting scorestreaks easily, and having a better K/D.  As a long time gamer and lover of playing the objective, I feel like it is my duty to offer a different perspective. […]

Battlefield 3: Close Quarters – 5 Tips and Tactics To Give You The Edge In Close Quarters Combat News 24

News 24 Battlefield 3: Close Quarters is now live for all PS3 users as of yesterday while all Battlefield 3 Premium members on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC have already had their hands on it for one or two weeks by now. Regular Xbox 360 and PC users can expect to get their hands on it […]

Battlefield 3 Developer Details All Weapon Attachments Post-Patch News 25

News 25 Senior Gameplay Designer at DICE, Alan Kertz, explains in detail the pros and cons of all Battlefield 3 weapon attachments post-patch. If you’re serious about your gun skills, then you’ll definitely want to check this one out. Many Battlefield vets will have noticed a rather significant change in weapon attachment balance since the latest patch. […]

The Complete Ghost Recon Future Soldier Multiplayer Beta Guide News 20

News 20 Ubisoft has released released a complete and comprehensive guide to the upcoming Ghost Recon Future Soldier multiplayer beta. It includes faction, class and weapon details as well as maps, game modes and other features included in the beta. Most importantly, it also features a beta timeline so you can keep track of important dates. The […]

Battlefield 3 Console Server Guide by Leutin09 News 13

News 13 Since the latest Battlefield 3 PS3 patch, many will have noticed that console players now have the ability to rent their very own private servers, much like their PC brethren. Of course, this feature will be available in the upcoming Xbox 360 patch as well. While a very welcome and valuable addition, there still are […]

How to Avoid Getting ‘Deranked’ in Modern Warfare 3, Even After Stats Reset News 38

News 38 As we promised, we’ve put together this guide for those who don’t want to lose their hard earned stats in Modern Warfare 3. You can learn more about the hacks here. Before getting into the nitty-gritty, remember Robert Bowling’s general word of caution on the matter, “Do not accept game invites or join Private Matches from […]

A Guide To The New Battlefield 3 Console Server Browser News 169

News 169 Yesterday morning, DICE updated servers across all platforms in order to prepare for the upcoming big patch. In doing so, they’ve made a few tweaks along the way, especially for console players. Many reports came in yesterday that themed playlists began showing up on the console server browser. This meant that players could choose to […]

Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Class Guide, Statistics and Community Challenge News 5

News 5 How have you been enjoying Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer? Are you the run-and-gun Soldier, the in-your-face Vanguard or the sneaky Infiltrator? Chances are you’ve been playing one of these three classes according to recently released statistics. But before we get the the stats, BioWare’s very own Senior Combat Designer Corey Gaspur and Gameplay Designer Eric […]

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