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New Watch Dogs Screens Show Off a Beautiful Chicago Setting Media 10

Media 10 New screens of Ubisoft’s soon-to-arrive open-world action-espionage title, Watch Dogs, have surfaced as we await further coverage of the game tomorrow from recent media events. While nothing particularly new, the beautiful in-game images show off more of Watch Dogs’ digitally recreated Chicago setting that you and 7 others will be able to explore online in […]

Evolve – Six New Screenshots Media 14

Media 14 Becoming one of MP1st’s most anticipated games of this Year, Turtle Rock Studio has released six brand-new screenshots of their upcoming, next-gen, asymmetrical multiplayer shooter for your enjoyment. Evolve pits four players against one in an all out hunt for Survival. But while the Hunters believe they are doing the hunting, things don’t appear as […]

New Destiny Screens Highlight Shrike Bikes and Nvidia’s OptiX Media 15

Media 15 Bungie has released new screenshots for its upcoming title, Destiny. The first two new screens below showcase the Shrike Bikes and a landmark in Destiny. The other two images were used by Nvidia at GDC via DS to demonstrate the company’s OptiX Ambient Occlusion technology. This technology is meant for PC, Linux, MacOS, and it features the […]

These Titanfall Weapons Remade In Lego Look Like The Real Thing Media 11

Media 11 In these impressive Lego sets by Titanfall fan Nick “Brick”, he recreates some of the game’s most iconic weapons like the R101-C Assault Rifle, Smart Pistol MK5, and Eva-8 Shotgun. They’re sure to do anyone on Respawn Entertainment’s design and modelling team proud, as they look just like the real deal. They’re all proper dimensions as […]

Check Out These Impressive Battlefield 4 Naval Strike Fan Made Postcards Media 3

Media 3 Reddit user, Berdu, put together some well made postcards for Battlefield 4 Naval Strike. Enjoy going though the album below:

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike Images Rendered in 4K Media 18

Media 18 Can’t get enough of Battlefield 4 Naval Strike‘s stunning visuals? Without a doubt, the four ocean combat-themed maps offered in Battlefield 4′s latest expansion are among the most beautiful ever seen in the entire franchise. From the stormy weather of Nansha Strike to the setting sun of Operation Mortar, Battlefield has never looked this good. […]

Ubisoft Releases New Concept Art for The Division Media 32

Media 32 Ubisoft Massive has recently shared a new piece of concept art for their highly anticipated MMO shooter, The Division. The latest piece of concept art shows a building that the character is looking towards, perhaps some sort of hub where players will be able to interact with one another in a more neutral play space. […]

H-Hour: World’s Elite – Beta Info, New Videos And Screens Media 18

Media 18 Today, SOF Studios released a brand-new video showcasing the grenade in H-Hour: World’s Elite, along with revealing many new details about the game’s Beta and how you can participate in it. For those who missed the Kickstarter chance to get in the Beta, SOF Studio is giving gamers another chance through their official Donation page. […]

Call of Duty: Ghosts – Hi-Res Images of “The Ripper” Weapon DLC Media 48

Media 48 Coming to Call of Duty: Ghosts Season Pass holders is a brand new weapon that developer Infinity Ward is calling “The Ripper”. As we mentioned in our earlier report this morning, the weapon sports a very futuristic aesthetic with a unique bullpup design. Its hybrid sight allows it to toggle between sub-machine gun and assault […]

Free Killzone: Shadow Fall Maps Now Live, New Screens Media 3

Media 3 Now available to download free of charge, Guerrilla Games’ PS4-exclusive shooter Killzone: Shadow Fall gets two brand new multiplayer maps: The Cruiser and the Hangar. In addition, the game is also now free to play for the remainder of the week for all PS4 users, no PS Plus subscription required. Be on the lookout for […]

The Division Gets New Screens Media 35

Media 35 There still isn’t a whole lot out there for Ubisoft Massive’s open-world tactical, survival third-person shooter The Division, but that doesn’t mean the studio won’t tease small bits every now and then. Earlier today, Massive posted a new in-game screenshot of their work in progress, showing off a soldier mid fire-fight atop two buildings in […]

Rumor – A Look at All 15 Titanfall Maps, Names, Images, and Descriptions Rumors 40

Rumors 40 In a continuing stream of Titanfall leaks, RazorTitan on Reddit has posted images and descriptions of what are allegedly all 15 of the game’s multiplayer maps. 15 maps were reported in earlier leaks as well, including a number of weapons, game modes, and perks. So, while you might have seen the list before, the gallery below […]

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