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New “Doubles Skirmish” Game Mode Enters Destiny’s PvP Arena News 2

News 2 Earlier this week, Destiny‘s PvP mode, also known as the Crucible, was updated with a new game mode centered around teams of only two Guardians. Doubles Skirmish, as it’s called, takes the 3v3 Skirmish game mode and sheds off a player on each side, scaling it down to 2v2. Heavy ammo appears only once per match […]

New Destiny Hot Fix Prepares Guardians For Crota’s End Hard Mode Raid News 3

News 3 Users logging in to Destiny today will be prompted to download a small hot fix that will prepare the game for the launch of the Hard Mode version of Crota’s End six-player Raid. It also includes a few minor fixes for the current raid which you can read up on in the patch notes below. […]

Destiny – Crota’s End Raid Hard Mode Arrives Next Week With New Loot News 16

News 16 A harder version of Crota’s End six-player Raid is coming to Destiny next week, on January 21, developer Bungie has officially announced. According to the studio’s latest Weekly Update, Hard Mode will be available at around 10AM Pacific and will feature Level 33 enemies. Without spoiling anything, Bungie Community Manager “DeeJ” hints that new challenges […]

New Destiny Hot Fix Now Live With Crucible, Iron Banner, and Raid Improvements News 9

News 9 Destiny‘s first update of 2015 is upon us and developer Bungie dropped by the game’s official forums to reveal its contents. Now live on all platforms, the hot fix addresses both Raid and PvP experiences in Destiny, as promised earlier last week, along with a handful of other general activity improvements. The full set of fixes […]

Bungie Reveals Destiny’s Most Popular PvE and PvP Weapons News 67

News 67 Compiling data over the last 14 days, developer Bungie has revealed the most popular list of primary, special, and heavy weapons put to use by players level 20 or higher. According to Bungie’s chief resident researcher, Dr. Bunson Honeydew, in the studio’s latest weekly update, “Weapon use in Destiny is pretty diverse and follows a very […]

Destiny’s Iron Banner Makes Its Return Mid-January, Crucible Improvements Inbound News 13

News 13 Just as new updates are in store for Destiny’s PvE Raid experiences over the next week, Bungie is also hard at work making improvements to the game’s PvP experience with new updates coming to the Crucible in the near future. More specifics are to come, said the studio in a recent post, but among the […]

Incoming Destiny Update Removes Crota’s End Raid Exploits, Improves Vault of Glass Loot Drops News 8

News 8 Developer Bungie is preparing to deploy a new update for Destiny following the holiday break that will address bugs, including exploits, in the recently released Crota’s End six-player Raid. If you’ve yet to complete the new Hive-themed Raid legitimately, without the use of exploits, you may want to take the next week to learn how to […]

Destiny – Legendary Holiday Gifts Lie In Wait At The Postmaster News 18

News 18 Legendary gifts lie in wait for Guardians who’ve played Destiny on or before the Holidays. Upon visiting the Postmaster in The Tower, you’ll find Special Delivery waiting for you. The package contains a randomized Legendary Vendor Weapon with a potential attack rating of 331. At least, that seems to be the case thus far for […]

Rumor – Major Destiny Expansion Planned For September, Includes 3 New Subclasses, 2 New Weapons, 1 New Location, and More Rumors 23

Rumors 23 When Destiny launched last September, it was criticized for its lack of content in the story department and for only featuring a limited amount of fresh tasks to complete with your Fire Team. But now, it seems that after 3 months on the market, developer Bungie is on track to produce much more expansion content than we […]

New Destiny Hot Fix Makes Tweaks To Raid Gear, Pocket Infinity, And Expansion Content News 24

News 24 Developer Bungie is rolling out a few new fixes to Destiny following the release of the game’s first expansion last week, The Dark Below. The quick update addresses some of the feedback gathered from fans after a week of hands-on time with the new content. Some tweaks have been made to raid gear, while a […]

Destiny’s Iron Banner Returns With Upgraded Armor and New Weapons For Purchase News 2

News 2 Destiny‘s Iron Banner competitive multiplayer event for the month of December is now live on all platforms until the 22nd. As before, Guardians level 20 or higher can lead a party into the special Crucible playlist where level advantages are turned on, meaning attack and defense ratings will play a large role in your effectiveness […]

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare And Destiny Lead The Pack As Top-Selling Console Titles Of The Year News 51

News 51 In the U.S., Sledgehammer Games’ Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Bungie’s Destiny rose to the top of the charts as this year’s best-selling video games on consoles, publisher Activision announced today. On Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is the number one selling video game for […]

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