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Official Destiny Website Gets Updated, New Videos Highlight Guardian Classes News 19

News 19 Destiny’s official website is all shiny and new, if you haven’t visited since its recent makeover. The Overview, Story, Destinations, and Enemies sections have all been heavily updated to include new assets and info. The new Guardians page, in particular, will do a great job of getting you up to speed on the background and […]

Destiny On ‘Final Approach’ to Beta, News and ‘Shiny New Assets’ Incoming News 8

News 8 Destiny developer Bungie is on its “final approach” to get its expansive shared-world shooter through Alpha, into Beta, and into the hands of anxious gamers later this Summer. “We are hurtling towards September 9th. We are on final approach,” writes community manager Eric “Urk” Osborne in this week’s Bungie update. “For you, that means the floodgates are […]

Destiny Musical Score Remains Unaffected By Composer’s Leave, Says Bungie News 11

News 11 Destiny developer Bungie insists the game remains largely unaffected by the unexpected leave of veteran composer Martin O’Donnell. Long-time fans of his work were saddened to learn yesterday that the composer was terminated by Bungie’s board of directors “without cause“. Soon after, Bungie community manager David Dague wrote in a statement titled “There are those who […]

Bungie CM Highlights The Importance of Teamwork in Destiny, New Exo Screen News 5

News 5 In Destiny, your Fireteam is your greatest weapon. The key to success and victory lies within your ability to work with others, writes Destiny community manager “DeeJ” in the most recent Bungie Weekly Update. In it, he describes four gameplay principles to keep at the forefront of your mind while exploring Bungie’s brave new world […]

Each Location in Destiny About “the Size of Halo: Reach,” Over 500 People Working on the Title News 15

News 15 Bungie software engineer Christian Diefenbach sheds some light on how big of a world Destiny will offer. In an interview with Brazilian website Jogos via OXM, Diefenbach explains that each location the game is set in is “more or less the size of Halo: Reach”. Diefenbach also points out that Destiny offers two perspectives. You will have a first […]

New Destiny Screens Highlight Shrike Bikes and Nvidia’s OptiX Media 15

Media 15 Bungie has released new screenshots for its upcoming title, Destiny. The first two new screens below showcase the Shrike Bikes and a landmark in Destiny. The other two images were used by Nvidia at GDC via DS to demonstrate the company’s OptiX Ambient Occlusion technology. This technology is meant for PC, Linux, MacOS, and it features the […]

Bungie on Creating Fully Customizable Characters in Destiny Media 17

Media 17 From GDC 2014, Bungie technical Art Lead Scott Shepherd talks about building fully customizable characters in the studio’s upcoming shared-world shooter, Destiny. In the presentation, Shepherd explains Bungie’s goal to create powerful and flexible character building tools that allows the studio to offer players a vast selection of customization options over the span of Destiny’s […]

Destiny – Your Guardian’s Inventory is a ‘Free-For-All of Firepower and Mayhem’ News 15

News 15 Today, Bungie is sharing a few more details that shine light on Destiny‘s inventory system. In the latest Bungie Weekly Update, community manager DeeJ answered questions relating to player gear – how many weapons combinations a player can carry in the shared-world shooter and what sort of gear is accessible throughout the world’s different game […]

April Fools Day 2014 Wrap-Up: FPS Edition News 18

News 18 We take a look at some of this year’s best April Fools pranks related to some of our favorite FPS games. Oh. And as a bit of a site-wide update, it looks like that whole thing won’t really work out as expected. Reader feedback wasn’t as positive as we had initially anticipated. I guess we […]

Bungie Teases Destiny Collector’s Edition Reveal Next Week Rumors 45

Rumors 45 It’s quite possible that developer Bungie is gearing up for a collector’s edition reveal for their upcoming shared-world shooter, Destiny, next week. In yet another weekly blog update where Bungie community manager “DeeJ” answered questions straight from the anxious Bungie community, he teased something to look forward to “next week”. “Are you planning on releasing […]

Bungie Has “Special Rewards” Set Aside for Destiny Beta Testers News 16

News 16 Destiny fans who participate in the beta this Summer can expect some “special rewards”, says Bungie community manager “DeeJ”. When asked in a recent Q&A session if early testers can expect any sort of special treatment in the final release of the game, DeeJ explained that the world will know who were “among the first […]

Destiny – Bungie Has Ambitious Plans For Character Creation News 8

News 8 MMO fans will have a high number of customization options to look forward to when creating and tweaking their avatar in Bungie’s upcoming shared-world shooter, Destiny. The studio hope to offer an “ambitious number of skins, armor, weapons and other items for players to work with,” writes Polygon in their GDC report. Bungie technical art […]

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