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Destiny Not Included In 2013 Outlook, Confirms Activision News 17

News 17 Bungie’s recently revealed decade-spanning IP Destiny will not ship this year, according to Activision. Confirmed during Destiny’s reveal yesterday, Bungie’s “next-generation game engine” will allow the title to come to life on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 as well as “future console platforms.” Initial details of the contract between Bungie and Activision suggested that Destiny […]

Destiny – Bungie Wants Everyone To Be Able to Play It News 39

News 39 Bungie wants their new IP Destiny to appeal to everyone – people of all ages and all skill levels. Speaking to Shack News, Bungie’s Jason Jones said, “If you have the basic coordination to play a shooter, you can experience all Destiny has to offer.” “All core activities can be able to be enjoyed by a novice […]

Bungie’s Destiny Revealed Media 61

Media 61 Bungie’s Destiny is, at last, revealed. In this vidoc below, Bungie talks about their brand new massive universe, Destiny, and even shows off some of the first gameplay footage ever. Enjoy and make sure to read on to learn more about Destiny. Destiny ViDoc Destiny is a first-person “shared world shooter,” similar to a massive multiplayer […]

[Updated] Destiny Promotional Posters Leaked, Will Include Competitive Multiplayer, Story Details Confirmed News 21

News 21 An official Destiny reveal from Bungie and Activision is mere days away, but already we’re beginning to see some leaked promotional material surface, confirming a few story elements and revealing the inclusion of “competitive multiplayer modes.” This image below, from the Twitter [email protected], reveals two pieces of promotional material whose purpose is to most likely hype up […]

Destiny Confirmed – Bungie Announces Reveal On February 17 News 8

News 8 Having opened an official Twitter account for their up and coming brand new IP, Destiny, Bungie not only confirms the game’s name, but it’s reveal date as well. “You can be the first to see the reveal of #Destiny right here on Feb. 17 (T-Minus 5 days),” writes the new Twitter account. Earlier, Bungie booted up an […]

Bungie Hints at Destiny Reveal This Monday With Alternate Reality Game News 10

News 10 Something Destiny-related is on its way, set to arrive this Monday morning, February 18, according to an alternate reality game found on the official Bungie website. The ARG features a week-long count-down to the 18th, displaying a new mini game or puzzle each day. Today’s puzzle yields two distorted images. Following the link at the […]

Bungie Continues to Tease “Destiny,” Reveal “Within a Matter of Weeks” Media 9

Media 9 Host Deej reads an “actual correspondance” delivered to the Bungie studies in act two of “Bungie Community Theatre.” James, from whom the letter was sent, loves Halo and expresses his excitement for the series, as Deej reads the words aloud. “Your enthusiasm is duly noted,” Deej responds. “It does, however, put a little bit of […]

Bungie Set To Reveal New IP, Destiny, At GDC 2013 News 7

News 7 Having never officially been revealed to the public, Bungie’s upcoming, generation-spanning, decade-long project known only as “Destiny” is soon to make its grand entrance. According to the convention schedule of the upcoming 2013 Game Developers Conference in March, Bungie will be holding an hour-long lecture called, “Brave New World: New Bungie IP.” The speakers, Joe Staten […]

Bungie’s “Destiny” Teased In Halo: ODST News 11

News 11 Those devs at Bungie are a sneaky bunch. Not only were initial plans for their recently announced IP already set in motion as far back as 2008, it has recently been discovered that “Destiny” was even teased within their second to last Halo title, ODST. It only took us until now – late 2012 – […]

Bungie’s New Universe Revealed, “Destiny” Story Details and Concept Art Leaked News 24

News 24 Back in May, it was first revealed that Bungie’s newest universe, dubbed “Destiny,” would span four different titles with the first one appearing exclusively on the current-gen Xbox 360 and the rest eventually making their way to the “Xbox 720,” “PS4” and PC. It was also confirmed to be a “sci-fantasy, action-shooter game” that would […]

Bungie Prepares “New Universe” Published Under Activision For a 2013 Release News 12

News 12 Bungie, original creators of the well-loved Halo franchise, are hard at work on their next (and first) title set to release under publishers Activision. Contract details reveal new information regarding their mysterious project. So, yeah. While we’re not ready to show you what we’ve been working on, we can reconfirm that we are hard at […]

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