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The Last of Us: Remastered – Naughty Dog Details What’s in Multiplayer Factions News 7

News 7 Along with a visually retouched story mode, The Last of Us: Remastered Edition is also getting a few upgrades in the multiplayer department with its next-gen release on the PlayStation 4 this July 29. Naughty Dog lead multiplayer designer Erin Daly and game designer Quintin Cobb touched on what’s new in TLOU’s Factions multiplayer mode in […]

The Last of Us – PS3 Owners Will Not Receive Discount for Remastered PS4 Version News 84

News 84 Owners of the PlayStation 3 version of The Last of Us will not receive a cross-gen discount should they decide to upgrade to the Remastered version on PlayStation 4. Fred Dutton, Sony’s Official EU Blog Manager, recently responded to a comment inquiring about any potential PS3 to PS4 upgrade: During the PS4 launch, Sony was […]

The Last of Us Multiplayer – Leaked Customization Items Uncovered, May or May Not Be Released News 4

News 4 When the Grounded DLC bundle launched last Tuesday, Naughty Dog and Sony also ‘accidentally’ published some additional DLC for character customization. A few people were able to nab them before being taken down, however. Below, you can see a video of all the new items, which look rather cool. As a bit of a warning, turn […]

The Last of Us Multiplayer – New Content Being ‘Prototyped, Remastered Targeting 60FPS, And More News 12

News 12 During their Reddit AMA, Lead Multiplayer Designer, Erin Daly, from Naughty Dog studios highlighted the future of The Last of Us multiplayer. First answer up was by us, asking whether we would be receiving anymore DLC for the multiplayer. While it’s not a definite yes, it certainly isn’t a definite no. “We’re prototyping to see […]

The Last of Us Patch 1.07 Details – Fixes Many Bugs News 5

News 5 The Last of Us Reclaimed Territories DLC hits PlayStation 3 today. Developer Naughty Dog has outed a brand new launch trailer yesterday to celebrate, which you can catch here. Weighing at 151MB, The Last of Us patch 1.07 is also set to release later today alongside the new DLC. With this patch, players can expect many of […]

The Last of Us Reclaimed Territories DLC Trophies Detailed, New Gameplay News 5

News 5 Naughty Dog details the new trophies included in the final DLC for The Last of Us. Down below, you can view a complete list of the new trophies. There are 20 trophies, 4 of which are hidden. For the most part, the level trophies require you not to die and get at least three downs on […]

The Last of Us Reclaimed Territories DLC Trailer Revealed, Live Stream Later Today News 5

News 5 The final piece of DLC for The Last of Us is set to release tomorrow, and as promised, Naughty Dog will be showcasing the new maps today. However, if you can’t attend the live stream, they have collaborated a nice montage trailer showing the DLC off, which you can check out above. You’ll be able […]

Is Naughty Dog Teasing Something Related to The Last of Us? [UPDATED] Rumors 21

Rumors 21 Over the weekend, Naughty Dog’s very own Bruce Straley tweeted that he was demoing a prototype that sent ‘goosebumps’ through his body. I got goosebumps playing & talking thru a prototype a designer was sketching in yesterday! That’s how I know… #GonnaBeAwesome — Bruce Straley (@bruce_straley) May 2, 2014 While the tweet itself isn’t very […]

The Last of Us Grounded Bundle DLC Releases Week of May 5th News 4

News 4 Naughty Dog has confirmed via their live stream, that The final piece of DLC for the Last of Us, the Grounded Bundle, will be releasing in just a few weeks. During the stream they showcased all the new skills and weapons featured in the DLC. No new maps were shown, as that will be for another […]

The Last of Us Gets More Single Player and Multiplayer DLC With “Grounded Bundle” News 9

News 9 Rounding off a season of content, developer Naughty Dog is launching the third and final content bundle for their PlayStation-exclusive, third-person survivial-thriller, The Last of Us. The Grounded Bundle offers both single player and multiplayer content. Season Pass holder will get access to the whole shebang, while non-holders can pick-and-choose specific content, if they wish. […]

The Last of Us Remastered – Retailers Suggest a June 20 Release Date on PlayStation 4 Rumors 11

Rumors 11 The Last of Us Remastered is coming to PlayStation 4 “Fall 2014″, developer Naughty Dog revealed earlier this month. But we may have a more specific release date if online retailer listings are to be believed. Target, GameFly, and Best Buy are now all listing The Last of Us Remastered for launch on June 20, 2014. The dates may […]

The Last of Us Remastered HQ Teaser Trailer Released, Runs At 60 Frames News 32

News 32 Naughty Dog revealed yesterday that the Last of Us would be getting a remastered version for the PS4, and released a trailer to go along with it. But because of quality and FPS limits of YouTube, they have released the same trailer again, this time uncompressed and running at a much higher frame rate. You […]

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