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Get Warframe’s Massive New Archwing Update Now On All Platforms News 4

News 4 A massive new updates for Digital Extremes’ free-to-play third-person combat game, Warframe, is now live on all platforms. Archwing most notable additions include a brand new game mode that allows you and your Tenno to take on battles on only on foot, but in space. There are also a couple of new weapons, new enemies, and […]

Latest Warframe Update, Operation Cryotic Front, Now Live On All Platforms News 0

News 0 Warframe‘s latest update is now live across all platforms. Dubbed “Operation Cryonic Front”, Update 14.5 landed on PC last month, but has now arrived on both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as well. It introduces a new game mode called Excavations, which replaces the Survival mission types for planet surfaces. In it, players will […]

The Free-to-Play ‘Sci-Fi Space Ninja Game’ Warframe is Now on Xbox One Media 38

Media 38 Out on PC and PS4 for quite some time now, Digital Extreme’s free-to-play ‘sci-fi space ninja game’ (as Creative Director Steve Sinclair puts it) Warframe is at last coming to Xbox One. Through Microsoft’s [email protected], Sinclair says it’s been an “awesome” help in letting the studio publish Warframe themselves. “We could never have done that before,” he […]

Free-to-Play Combat Game Warframe is Coming to Xbox One, First Trailer Media 34

Media 34 Developer Digital Extremes has, at last, announced the launch of their free-to-play multiplayer shooter on Microsoft’s Xbox One later this year. Warframe is a third-person combat and shooter game that has already been well received on the PC and PlayStation 4. Digital Extremes will now be bringing it to the Xbox One via Microsofts’s [email protected] […]

Get The Details On Warframe’s Dark Sectors PlayStation 4 Update Media 13

Media 13 Developer Digital Extremes outlines the newest update to hit their third-person combat game, Warframe, on the PlayStation 4. Update 13, aka Dark Sectors, which hit the PC version of the title last month, introduces a brand new Warframe called the Hydroid with its own set of abilities. It also offers new playable areas, weapons, attachments, skins, enemies, […]

Free DLC Comes to Warframe on PlayStation 4, Get it Before April 21 News 12

News 12 Developer Digital Extremes is offering up new content for PS4 users in celebration of Warframe‘s one-year anniversary. A First Anniversary Edition of the The Dex Furis, a dual weapon featuring a Lotus-themed skin, low recoil, and high rate of fire and accuracy, is now available to all PS4 users who log in before 2pm EDT […]

Warframe Update 13 Adds New Playable Warframe And More Media 4

Media 4 A new update for the PC version of the free-to-play third-person shooter, Warframe, is now available to download as of this writing. It brings with it multiple changes to the game such as the new melee 2.0 system that buffs melee damage and more. You’ll also see the addition of Dark Sectors. Catch the tutorial […]

Special In-Game Items Coming to Warframe For One Year Anniversary News 16

News 16 Digital Extremes, developer of the free-to-play, PC and PS4 third-person shooter, Warframe, has a pleasant surprise for its player base, as the studio celebrates the title’s one year anniversary. From now until April 2, Warframe players on the PC who log into the game will receive two special in-game items. The first item up for grabs is […]

Warframe PS4 Update Introduces New Warframe, Weapons, and Mode Media 4

Media 4 A recent Warframe update on the PlayStation 4 introduces new content like the Zephyr Warframe, new weapons, a new in-game HUD, and the new game mode, Interception. “For Update 12, we really wanted to introduce a Warframe like no other, and we believe we accomplished that with Zephyr, the air-based Warframe,” writes Digital Extremes associate […]

Latest Warframe Update Adds New Warframe, Weapons, and More Media 3

Media 3 A new update has rolled out for the PC version of the free-to-play title, Warframe. Upon downloading update 12 for Warframe, you should see the following changes live after relaunching, including the addition of a new Warframe, Zephyr, and a few new weapons. Warfame Update 12 Patch Notes NEW WARFRAME ZEPHYR – Specializing in air […]

Warframe PlayStation 4 Trophies Revealed News 2

News 2 Those who might need some extra incentive in Digital Extreme’s free-to-play third-person shooter Warframe can now look forward to unlocking some Trophies on the PlayStation 4. Completing all challenges will net you 1 gold, 2 silver, and 17 bronze trophies in your collection. The folks over at Playstation Trophies have taken the liberty of posting them, […]

Warframe 11.5 Update ‘The Cicero Crisis’ Available Now News 8

News 8 ‘The Cicero Crisis’ is now available for PS4 users to download. 11.5 includes all the hotfixes incorporated in the 11.5.8 PC Update. You’ll find the usual suspects here, such as new Warframes, weapons, and levels. Also included are some more PS4 specific fixes including performance degradation caused by ammo drops,  bandwidth optimizations for both clients […]

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