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Ubisoft Responds to Watch Dogs “E3 2012” PC Mod, Old Render Settings Deactivated ‘For a Variety of Reasons’ News 16

News 16 News of the recently discovered visual-enhancing game files in the PC version Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs is sure stirring up mixed emotions towards the studio’s approach to PC gaming. Accusations that the PC version was “dumbed down” from its E3 2012 appearance to appease next-gen console manufacturers run rampant amongst the PC community, or anyone who may […]

New Watch Dogs Patch Recovers Corrupt Saves and Introduces Many Bug Fixes and PC Optimizations News 8

News 8 A major patch for Ubisoft’s open-world action-espionage title Watch Dogs is being deployed across all platforms in the coming days and weeks, fixing a number of bugs and introducing a few optimizations for the PC version of the game. According to the studio, the update will be available for the PlayStation 4 today, the PlayStation […]

Watch Dogs Hidden PC Files Improve Graphics Substantially News 50

News 50 Findings in the game files of the PC version of Watch Dogs have lead to the recent discovery of enhanced graphical options that substantially improve the game’s visuals. The new-found effects include similar graphical options to the ones found in Watch Dog’s E3 2012 presentation, like enhanced explosions, dynamic shadows from headlights, increased rain density, increased […]

Download Watch Dogs’ ctOS Mobile App on These 49 Devices, Challenge Console and PC Players News 33

News 33 Watch Dogs’ adversarial multiplayer doesn’t always have to be about the controller vs. controller or mouse and keyboard vs. mouse and keyboard experience. Sometimes, the best way to take out your opponent is with an iPad Air. Not literally. In Watch Dogs, Ubisoft lets you hop online using the game’s ctOS Mobile app. Players can log […]

Watch These Guys Drive Through Watch Dogs’ Chicago Map From End to End [And 25 Minutes of Multiplayer Gameplay] Media 24

Media 24 As a next-gen open-world title, Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs reimagines the entirety of Chicago in digitalized form, providing a massive playground for hackers, heroes, and troublemakers to do their thing, solo or with friends. It’s a fairly gigantic play space, though it isn’t exactly clear yet how it might compare to Grand They Auto V’s Los Santos. Luckily, Nath […]

Watch Dogs Gets a Cool Launch Trailer With Lots of Action Media 9

Media 9 After a notable delay, Watch Dogs is finally coming to next-gen consoles, previous-gen consoles, and PC on May 27, just a few short days away. Having recently gone gold with Watch Dogs, developer Ubisoft will likely enjoy the sigh of relief that comes with getting their open-world action-espionage title out the door and into the hand […]

Report – Watch Dogs Available For Pre-Download On PS4 In Europe, Will North America Skip Out Again? News 26

News 26 Despite both Sony and Ubisoft stating that Watch Dogs would not be available for pre-download, it seems that with the game is indeed available for pre-download over in Europe. Reports are coming in saying that those who pre-ordered in Europe are able to download the game now. Reddit user ControllerMartin posted images and a video showing […]

Neat Watch Dogs Prank Makes You Feel Like a Badass Hacker News 13

News 13 This extensive Watch Dogs-themed prank turns regular people into powerful hackers that can bend every day electronics to their will. It’s meant to mimic the same capabilities you will have access to in Ubisoft’s upcoming action-espionage title, Watch Dogs, where protagonist Aiden Pierce can control the entire city of Chicago through his smart phone alone. So, […]

Watch Dogs Developers Talk Tech and Multiplayer in New Video Media 4

Media 4 Members of the Watch Dogs development team at Ubisoft talk about some of the thought that goes into balancing creativity and tech in a vast and open-world game like Watch Dogs. The new developer video, courtesy of IGN, also touches on aspects of Watch Dogs’ multiplayer and companion app. Check it out above. We recently […]

Watch Dogs Goes Gold, In Development For Over 5 Years News 48

News 48 With no more delays in Watch Dogs‘ foreseeable future, the landing gear is out as Ubisoft approaches the release one of the studio’s biggest titles to date. In development for five years and a half, according to the studio’s most recent Ubiblog entry, the open-world, action-espionage shooter has officially gone gold is all set to hit PlayStation 4, […]

Creative Director Settles Watch Dogs Resolution and Frame Rate on Next-Gen News 61

News 61 The numbers are in. Ubisoft creative director Jonathan Morin settles the resolution and frame rate capabilities of Watch Dogs on next-gen consoles. Confusion ensued after Sony mistakenly posted and then removed incorrect information about Watch Dogs’ resolution and frame rate on their official website a few days ago. Today, Morin clears things up in a recent post on the […]

Ubisoft Shows You Ins and Outs of Watch Dogs With This New “101” Trailer Media 7

Media 7 Ubisoft tells you everything you need to know about their upcoming, open-world, action-espionage title, Watch Dogs, in this brand new “101” trailer. It’s got all the details on hacking, characters, multiplayer, companion app, driving, and other features. Give it a watch for a complete overview of everything the game has to offer. Watch Dogs is just […]

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