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Mass Effect 3 Rewards Exclusive Multiplayer Items For Battlefield 3 Owners News 7

News 7

Mass Effect 3 officially launches today in North America. If you’re planning on checking out the multiplayer and also happen to own a copy of Battlefield 3, then your in for a little treat. According to the official Battlefield 3 Facebook page, those who own a copy of Battlefield 3 and have registered their online […]

Counter-Strike: GO “Big Content Update” Friday, More On Yesterday’s Changes News 3

News 3

Those enjoying the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta will be treated to an update this Friday according to developers. “Big content update and changes Friday. We wanted people to play train after the change so they can compare,” stated developers recently.” The “change” they’re referring to in this case was the update made yesterday to the […]

DICE Working on “Permanent Solution” For Battlefield 3 Australia Servers News 15

News 15

DICE Community Managers have updated Australian Battlefield 3 players on the situation regarding recent servers issues. For those who may not know, Battlefield 3 servers in Australia have been scarce at best, an issue that seemingly began ever since the latest server maintenance. Many players complain that if they are even able to get into […]

Halo 4 Multiplayer Introduces Perks, 343i Assures “Halo’s not Call of Duty” News 40

News 40

Earlier today, 343 Industries gave Halo fans and inside look at the upcoming sequel, Halo 4. If you missed it, you can check it out right here. Not only did we get to see how the campaign is shaping up, but we also got our first glimpse at Halo 4’s multiplayer. With the exception of […]

Starhawk Beta Patch 1.3 Drops Later This Week, New Map and Other Features Added News 0

News 0

Lightbox president, Dylan Jobe discusses the Starhawk Beta’s next big patch. Lightbox Interactive have finished their final weekend of play tests on patch 1.3 and will be deploying it in the coming days. However, if you were lucky enough to log in earlier, then you might have already gotten the chance to download patch 1.3 […]

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive No Longer Supports Cross-Platform Play, Releases This Summer News 24

News 24

Valve has opted to cancel plans for cross platform online multiplayer for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in order to update the game more frequently. Speaking to Joystiq, Valve’s Chet Faliszek explained that cross-platform play was removed due to what Valve has learned from the beta . Faliszek stated, “the beta has proved we want to update […]

Halo 4: A First Look Including Multiplayer Footage News 8

News 8

343 Industries brings Halo fans all over the world a first look into Master Chief’s brand new adventure in a behind-the-scenes video showing off both the single-player and multiplayer of Halo 4. 343i states that all multiplayer maps would be created from scratch, meaning nothing will be recycled from the single-player campaign. They will be […]

DUST 514 Will Be Free-To-Play on PSN News 10

News 10

In a recent interview with Eurogamer, executive producer of Dust 514, Brandon Laurino, confirmed that Dust 514, an MMOFPS, will be available for free. Like the Killzone 3 multiplayer that recently went free-to-play, PlayStation 3 owners who have access to the PlayStation Network will be able to download the game for free once it launches later […]

PlayStation Network Down for Maintenance Today News 8

News 8

In a few hours, the PSN will undergo a long scheduled maintenance, which was postponed from March 1, for about 14 hours. As detailed on the last post, these are the services that you won’t be able to access: PlayStation Store PlayStation Home Account Management Play online Sony explained, “unlike typical maintenance events, consumers who are already […]

Twisted Metal Update No. 3 Delayed, Nuke Mode XP Changes Are Live News 9

News 9

David Jaffe gives an update on patch number 3 along with Nuke Mode changes. For those who have been waiting for the next Twisted Metal update, there are some issues with it according to David Jaffe Twitter feed. The team has been testing out the third patch, and found a bug where the games crashes 100% […]

MW3 Dev Considers Non-Lethal Deathstreaks For Next CoD News 41

News 41

Recently, the Call of Duty community has been rather vocal about their view of the inclusion of Deathstreaks in the Modern Warfare series, originally introduced in Modern Warfare 2. If you missed it, Creative Strategist, Robert Bowling, recently shared his views about deathstreaks like Final Stand, which got some dialogue (hopefully constructive) happening between fans […]

List of Tentative Weapon Attachment Accuracy Plots Planned For Next Battlefield 3 Patch News 71

News 71

The recent list of tentative weapon tweaks has been updated with info regarding accuracy plots that will be affected by the various weapon attachments in the upcoming Battlefield 3 patch. Legend: Left = Weapon without attachment. Middle = Weapon with attachment. Right = Weapon with attachment and forgrip. Attachments: Click on the attachment name for a list […]

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