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BioWare Executive Producer Talks Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer and Post-Lauch Support News 4

News 4

BioWare Executive Producer, Casey Hudson has high hopes for Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer co-op mode, Galaxy at War, and hints at future DLC to support it post-launch. In an interview with CVG, Hudson revealed some of the plans that BioWare has for Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer after launch. “We are going to be supporting Mass […]

Call of Duty Coming to PlayStation Vita in 2012 News 22

News 22

Along with the official reveal of PS Vita, which was known as NGP at the time, several games were announced for the device including Call of Duty. However, it was unclear as to when the PS Vita version of Call of Duty will come out. In an interview with Game Trailers, Sony’s Senior Vice President of PlayStation […]

Twisted Metal Skin Customizer Now Live News 10

News 10

Although there isn’t any planned DLC for Twisted Metal, Eat,Sleep, Play and Sony have collaborated to design a skin tool that you may use to make your own personalized vehicle skins. As of today, the tool is now available to be used. Down below you’ll be able to see the tool in action. When creating […]

[Update #2] List of Tentative Weapon Tweaks in the Next Battlefield 3 Patch News 57

News 57

Update #2: (Feb 20th) More on G18 damage drop-off as well as slug and .44 upper chest damage multiplier. Update #1: (Feb 19th) More findings have been published on Shotgun and PDW damage changes. While updating the list with new findings on shotgun and PDW damage tweaks, which you can find below, we lost the original […]

Call of Duty Developer Seeks Balance Between “Quickscopers” and “Hardscopers” News 58

News 58

David Vonderhaar, Gameplay Designer at Treyarch, sits down with Call of Duty fans in an attempt to find peace in the war between “quickscopers” and “hardscopers”. First, a quick definition of terms: A “quickscoper” can be considered someone who fires a high-powered rifle (usually a bolt-action sniper rifle in this case) immediately after acquiring a […]

Fix for Twisted Metal Matchmaking Issues to be “Deployed in a Few Hours” News 8

News 8

PS3 exclusive, Twisted Metal, has had its fair share of problems with matchmaking since release. However, David Jaffe has just announced that a fix is on the way. Jaffe stated on his Twitter account: “It looks like they’ve solved all (or at least a very big portion) of the matchmaking issues with Twisted Metal. I’ll explain best […]

Call of Duty 9 to be Called Black Ops 2? News 18

News 18

Last month, Activision got a hold of the domain name,, fueling sepculation that this year’s Call of Duty will be a direct sequel to Treyarch’s Black Ops. Since then, Activision did announce that there will be a new Call of Duty in 2012, promising that it will be bring “meaningful innovation” to the franchise. Yesterday, […]

Next Battlefield 3 Patch to be “a Big One” But May Not Arrive In February News 66

News 66

Though it was originally mentioned by a member of the DICE team that the next Battlefield 3 patch will land sometime in February, something we reported on a couple months back, Community Manager, Daniel Matros, recently clarified that this may not be the case When asked if the “February patch” was still on track for […]

Twisted Metal Skin Generator Demonstrated News 1

News 1

Although Twisted Metal currently has no plans for DLC, the guys over at Eat, Sleep, Play have allowed players to create their own Twisted Metal vehicle skins, which can be shared with anyone. In this video Jaffe will demonstrate how it works.

Twisted Metal Status Update; Server Maintenance, Stats, And Other Updates News 3

News 3

David Jaffe gives an update on Twisted Metal Matchmaking, PS3 crashes, and other issues with the online multiplayer. Many of you have been experiencing issues with the lobbies. David Jaffe suggest that you try the quickmatch option found in the main menu of the game as it supposably only has a 10% fail rate. The server […]

[Updated] DICE Suggests Fix For Battlefield 3 PS3 Input Lag News 132

News 132

For those experiencing input lag on the PS3 version of Battlefield 3, Senior Gameplay Designer, Alan Kertz, might have a suggestion or two. Kertz recently stated that “if you are experiencing PS3 input lag, please check that your TV is in game mode. We have just fixed a laggy PS3 by enabling game mode.” Furthermore, […]

Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Demo Opens To Public a Day Early News 4

News 4

It looks like Mass Effect 3 fans who’ve yet been able to access the multiplayer co-op demo, Galaxy at War, are in for a treat today. So far, the multiplayer aspect of the ME3 demo, released on the 14th, has only been open to those who’ve been rewarded with a redeemable code through various contests […]

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