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Killzone: Shadow Fall Gets Clan Support ‘Early February’ News 6

News 6 Today, developer Guerrilla Games announces that their PlayStation 4-exclusive shooter Killzone: Shadow Fall will receive additional support in the form of a dedicated clan system early next. The studio hopes to roll out the new features in multiple phases. “The first phase will arrive with patch 1.09, which is currently slated for an early February […]

Strike Vector Launches January 28, New Screens and Beta Code Giveaway News 1

News 1 Ragequit Corporation has announced Strike Vector‘s approach to its launch on Steam next week. On January 28, the Quake/Unreal Tournament-inspired aerial PC shooter will close its doors on the currently ongoing beta, over 16,000 players strong, and will officially launch on the PC for $24.90. Amendment: Originally, we mistakenly listed the game as a free-to-play title. […]

Microsoft Offers $10 Xbox Gift Card With Titanfall Pre-Orders News 22

News 22 Today, Microsoft reveals a new Titanfall pre-order incentive through the Microsoft store. Those who pre-order Titanfall for either the Xbox One or Xbox 360 will receive a digital Xbox Live Gift Card worth $10 USD once the game is available on March 11. Unfortunately for PC players, the incentive appears exclusive to Xbox. However, pre-ordering the game from […]

These New The Division Screens Look Better Than Real Life Media 34

Media 34 The Division is a good looking game and these three new screens from developer Ubisoft Massive are here to prove it. The studio’s Snowdrop engine tech demo that debuted during last year’s VGX awards was an eye-opener as it demonstrated some of The Division’s advanced graphical techniques. These new stills, however, offer some fantastic snapshots of […]

Latest Xbox Live Marketplace Deal Discounts Call Of Duty: Ghosts And More News 17

News 17 Xbox 360 users still on the lookout for some good Call Of Duty: Ghosts deals may want to consider visiting the Xbox Live Marketplace this week. Digital copies of Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty: Ghosts will be seeing a 33% discount on the XBL Marketplace until January 27, according to Major Nelson. You can pick it up here […]

Call of Duty: Ghosts Live Action Onslaught DLC Trailer – “CODNapped” Media 85

Media 85 It’s time for The Replacers to step aside. Infinity Ward and Activision would like to introduce the “CODNappers”, your new saviors with one goal: to get you all the “Call of Duty time” you need. Clearly inspired by the work of movie director Christopher Nolan, “CODNapped” is a live action Call of Duty: Ghosts trailer […]

Super Street Fighter IV PC Mod Implements Upcoming ‘Ultra’ Changes News 0

News 0 Though the next installment of Street Fighter IV might still be months away, it doesn’t mean you can’t put some time into in practicing for all of the upcoming changes in the Ultra edition due out this Summer. Street Fighter IV PC modder “KingBlackToof” has put some serious time in creating this mod for Super Street […]

Halo 4 Playlist Update Introduces Paintball, Energy Sword King of the Hill, Team DLC, and More News 10

News 10 343 Industries are injecting a bit of fun into Halo 4 with a recent playlist update that introduces some exciting new game modes. Plasma Pistol Paintball and some crazy variations on game modes like Capture the Flag and King of the Hill are all a part of this Monday’s playlist update. On a more straight […]

Killer Instinct – Online Lobbies Delayed, Ultra Edition Owners To Receive Spinal Early News 4

News 4 Some good news surfaces for those who are holding off on purchasing any characters or editions of Double Helix’s fighting game, Killer Instinct. During a Play XBLA stream this past Thursday, the studio said that they plan on increasing the frequency of switching up the free playable character from a monthly basis to a weekly […]

Dark Souls 2 Achievement/Trophy List Revealed News 13

News 13 A recent listing of Dark Souls 2′s achievements/trophies has recently appeared on the web. Ironically enough, it awards Dark Soul 2 players with an achievement or trophy upon dying for the very first time. That probably won’t be too hard. Those who despise spoilers need not worry, as I excluded any achievements that may related […]

Titanfall Open Beta Still Possible, According To Community Manager News 25

News 25 This past weekend, a limited amount of players finally got their hands on Titanfall for the very first time during an exclusive Xbox One technical test. If you missed out, it appears that developer Respawn Entertainment may offer a second serving of their anticipated shooter before it’s available this March via an open beta. Recently, […]

Evolve Hunters – Meet the Medic Class News 13

News 13 Meet Val of the Medic class, the latest Hunter to join Evolve’s cast of characters who’ll be taking on the mighty Goliath and other monsters like it. Over the last week, we were introduced to Markov of the Assault class, Griffin of the Trapper class, and Hank of the Support class. Today, GameInformer introduces one […]

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