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DICE Introduces Option To Pay For Battlefield 4 Battlepacks News 59

News 59 Battlefield 4 developers DICE are giving players the option today to make in-game purchases for items like weapon attachments, camoflage patterns, and XP boosts, as well as Battlelog emblems and portraits. The items are offered in what the studio calls “Battlepacks” which have been an integral part of Battlefield 4′s unlock progression system since launch. Basic […]

Get Killzone: Shadow Fall for $40 on PSN News 5

News 5 If you’re just joining the world of next-gen gaming on the PlayStation 4 and are looking for a high-action, sci-fi shooter brimming with gorgeous visuals to fulfill your FPS needs, you’ll want to take advantage of a sale currently running for Guerrilla Games’ Killzone: Shadow Fall. On the PlayStation Network, you’ll now find the PS4-exclusive […]

Download Watch Dogs’ ctOS Mobile App on These 49 Devices, Challenge Console and PC Players News 33

News 33 Watch Dogs’ adversarial multiplayer doesn’t always have to be about the controller vs. controller or mouse and keyboard vs. mouse and keyboard experience. Sometimes, the best way to take out your opponent is with an iPad Air. Not literally. In Watch Dogs, Ubisoft lets you hop online using the game’s ctOS Mobile app. Players can log […]

PlayStation Plus Members Can Play Battlefield 4 Free For 20 Hours Tomorrow, PlayStation 3 Only News 15

News 15 A free downloadable trial version of DICE’s military shooter, Battlefield 4, is coming to PlayStation Plus members on the PlayStation 3 tomorrow. It contains the entire base game, including all multiplayer maps and as many weapons and gadgets as you can unlock, and will be available for “20 playable hours” after first booting it up. Be […]

Project Reality: BF2 and Halo: CE PC Updates Now Live, Introduce GameSpy Shutdown Workaround News 14

News 14 Project Reality creators are breathing new life into the popular Battlefield 2 mod with update 1.2, now live and available for download. It introduces new forces, maps, gadgets, tweaks, bug fixes, and more, while – most importantly – keeping the project alive post GameSpy’s May 31 online hosting services shutdown. You can visit the official […]

Xbox One June Update Preview Now Live, Patch Notes and External Storage FAQ News 54

News 54 Xbox One’s recently detailed June update is hitting users involved in the console’s update preview program. You can manually install the update in your Xbox One’s Settings menu where you’ll also find a new controller update in addition. Find the full patch notes below: External Storage for your Games and Apps This has been a much […]

Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer is Free This Long Weekend on Xbox Live News 15

News 15 Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer is free to play this long weekend on Xbox Live. Both Xbox One and Xbox 360 users will be able to take Infinity Ward’s shooter for a test drive starting Friday, May 23 and going though to Tuesday, May 27. The offer is only extended to Xbox Live members with […]

A Warlock Wields a Badass “Thorn” Handgun In This Latest Destiny Screen, More E3 Details News 9

News 9 Searching for something new to satisfy the cravings of anxious Destiny fans, Bungie community manager David “DeeJ” Dague digs up a new image of a sinister looking Warlock wielding what the studio calls the “Thorn,” a powerful handgun of sorts. There’s also more to learn from Bungie’s latest weekly update, so check out the new screen […]

New Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Screens Reveal 3D-Printer Assault Rifle and Plasma Weapons Media 47

Media 47 In 2054, military tech has advanced in ways we might not be able to imagine right now, but are rooted in today’s designs. Sledgehammer Games’ depicts their vision of this future in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare with some pretty crazy gadgets like 3D-printing assault rifles and plasma weapons. Check out the ‘advanced’ new military tech […]

Xbox One Controller Drivers For Windows PC Coming “Soon, Very Soon,” Says Microsoft News 18

News 18 PC users more comfortable with the dual-analog controller for their gaming needs can look forward to some interesting news from Microsoft ‘very soon.’ Windows PC drivers for the Xbox One’s controller are coming “Soon. Very Soon.” said Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb in a response to this NeoGAF post. Xbox One controller compatibility for PC was initially […]

Injustice: Gods Among Us Dev Releases Hotfix To Thwart Recently Found Bat Girl Infinite Combo News 6

News 6 With Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament 2014 now underway, the Injustice: Gods Among Us community has become weary about a recent discovery from RG|Sonic Fox that could destroy the current metagame for the DC fighter. Sonic Fox’s recent discovery reveals an infinite combo for Batgirl, which clearly spells bad news for the competitive community. You can see it […]

Titanfall Developer Describes the Pitfalls of Matchmaking, Major Improvements Incoming, CTF Returns on PC News 14

News 14 Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment admits it has some work to do when it comes to successful matchmaking in their debut shooter on the PC and Xbox One. In a very lengthy blog post on their official website, the studio went into precise details on the differences between Titanfall’s matchmaking system, dubbed “Stryder,” and other avenues […]

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