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Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel – Meet Wolf And Saint, Wilhelm’s Action Skill News 13

News 13 Ever wanted to know what it would feel like if you could have Roland’s turret and Gaige’s Deathtrap abilities at the same time? If so, meet Wolf and Saint who happen to be Wilhelm The Enforcer’s new action skill in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! When activated, Wilhelm sends both Surveyor bots out into the fray. However, […]

Call of Duty: Ghosts Invasion DLC “Pharaoh” Map Preview Media 10

Media 10 After yesterday’s first look at Call of Duty: Ghosts’ upcoming Invasion DLC, developer Infinity Ward is launching a set of daily preview videos for each of the four new multiplayer maps and Extinction Episode 3: Awakening leading up to its release on June 3. Today’s preview is all about Pharaoh, an abandoned archeological site of an […]

‘Xbox, Screenshot’ Function ‘On The List For Monthly Updates,’ Says Head of Xbox, Reassures Focus on Games at E3 News 43

News 43 ‘Xbox, record that,’ a phrase uttered daily in the living rooms of millions of Xbox One gamers, is easily what highlights the console’s video recording functionality as one of its most standout features. But what about the non-existent ability to take in-game screenshots with the press of a couple buttons or through the simple use of voice […]

Incoming Battlefield 4 CTE Improvements May Tweak In-Game Damage Model and Reduce Suppression News 58

News 58 Things are looking good for Battlefield 4 as progress is being made in the game’s Community Test Environment (CTE) on PC that opened earlier this month. Last we heard, participants were noticing a significant improvement in the game’s “netcode” due to an increase in server tick rate. Participants also praised developer DICE’s decision tweak aim-down-sight […]

Arma 3 Karts DLC Is No Joke, Download it Today Media 7

Media 7 What began as a harmless April Fools joke is now taking the form of a fully realized piece of downloadable content for Bohemia Interactive’s PC military shooter, Arma 3. Arma 3 Karts – yes, Karts - is now available to download on Steam for $1.99. But, hold on. Why would you want to pay two whole dollars […]

F2P Multiplayer Historical Combat Game WarThunder Takes Off For PlayStation 4 June 3 News 15

News 15 PlayStation 4 users will join PC combatants in Gaijin Entertainment’s cross-platform, free-to-play, massively multiplayer historical combat game, War Thunder, early next month. The studio has announced today that it is bringing the latest version of their game to Sony’s Platform on June 3, including the Ground Forces expansion and all features present in the latest 1.41 update. That means 350 […]

PS Plus Members Now Get 2 Free Titles For PS4, PS3, and PS Vita Per Month, says Sony News 19

News 19 Sony is making some slight changes to your PlayStation Plus subscription, now offering two PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita games per month at no additional cost. The balance adjustment is much to the benefit of PlayStation 4 owners, which there are quite a few of, who will now get two games per month […]

PS4 Rumored Exclusive ‘Project Beast’ Gameplay Footage Leaks Media 22

Media 22 Expected as an E3 reveal, the very first footage for the rumored PlayStation 4 exclusive, Project Beast, has been leaked. The footage below was created with the leaked Webm that twitter user shinobi602 tweeted. Do note that the music playing (Demon Souls Theme) was placed in by the uploader. The title is currently being developed […]

EA Sports UFC Demo Arrives June 3 News 16

News 16 Can’t wait to get your hands on EA Sports UFC on June 17 and absolutely need your UFC fix sooner rather than later? If so, EA is throwing you a bone this upcoming Tuesday. A demo, or free trial, for EA Sports UFC will be available for both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms come June […]

Unreal Tournament – First Look at Work-In-Progress Deathmatch Gameplay Media 16

Media 16 Developers at Epic Games are lifting the lid off some of the really early work the studio is accomplishing with their upcoming community-driven arena shooter, Unreal Tornament. The video above shows off the first, very rough version of Unreal Tournament’s Deathmatch game mode with “questionably operational” kill scoring, a “very basic movement prototype,” and a weapon […]

Call of Duty: Ghosts Invasion DLC First Look, Arrives June 3 on Xbox Live Media 25

Media 25 Continuing along with Call of Duty: Ghosts‘ season of downloadable content, Invasion is arriving Xbox Live on June 3, developer Infinity Ward has announced today. Three totally new maps are introduced; Pharaoh, Departed, and Mutiny. Meanwhile, it appears that the fan-favorite Modern Warfare 2 map, Favela, will be returning in its original state but with some […]

New Titanfall Game Mode and Features Playable at E3, Sign Up to Play and Win Prizes News 28

News 28 Respawn Entertainment and Titanfall are going to E3 and are bringing “a new game mode and upcoming features” along for the ride. While an E3 Badge is standard to participate in the events going on over at the EA booth on the show floor, Respawn is giving non-badge holders the chance to play some of […]

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