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Evolve – Sci-fi Multiplayer Shooter From Left 4 Dead Creators Announced [Updated: New Box Art] News 20

News 20 It was revealed today that the creators behind the Left 4 Dead series, and co-developers of the Counter-Strike series, Turtle Rock Studios, are working on a next-gen shooter called “Evolved”. Featured in next month’s issue of GameInformer, Evolve is a four-player multiplayer shooter that pits players against a single Alien. Rather than going with the traditional […]

Alien: Isolation Announcement Trailer [Updated: No Multiplayer] Media 5

Media 5 UPDATE: Well, it looks like the game won’t feature any Multiplayer which means we won’t be covering it anymore. SEGA released a PR statement stating that the XBL description was an error and has since been corrected. “There was an error in reporting earlier today about a feature of the game stating multiplayer and co-op […]

Aliens: Isolation Appears On Xbox Live Marketplace, Will Feature Multiplayer News 9

News 9 It seems that SEGA isn’t entirely done with the Aliens franchise as they are now in development, along with Creative Assembly, on a new title, Aliens: Isolation. Originally rumored some time last year, along with some leaked images from Kotaku, the game now appears on the Xbox Live Marketplace after today’s update with a placeholder […]

Bungie Explains The Matchmaking Tech Behind Destiny News 6

News 6 Renown video game development studio Bungie has got their work cut out for them when it comes to the massive amount of players they will be connecting together in their shared-world shooter, Destiny, set to launch later this year. Speaking to Bungie technical director Chris Butcher, GameInformer learned exactly how the studio plans to seamlessly […]

Next Halo Title Still Undecided, On Track For 2014 Release News 4

News 4 Halo fans reading the latest news entry on Microsoft’s Xbox Wire may have been startled to learn the next Halo game was no where in sight on the post’s list of upcoming 2014 Xbox One games. Rest assured, development house 343 Industries is on track to release another Halo game on the Xbox One in […]

DayZ Sells ‘Nearly 800,000′ Early Access Digital Copies In Under a Month News 19

News 19 Bohemia Interactive’s standalone version of DayZ, originally based on the popular zombie survival Arma 2 mod, is enjoying some unexpected success. On Reddit, studio head Dean “Rocket” Hall revealed that the game has sold nearly 800,000 early access digital copies in under a month. “We (bohemia and I) had very ambitious plans for 2014 already, […]

Valve Announces New Steam Machine Partners – Alienware, Origin PC, and More [Update: Specs] News 18

News 18 Valve’s army is growing. This year, the company plans to bring the PC gaming experience into the living room with their innovative new products; the Steam Machine, Steam Controller, and SteamOS. Helping to carry out this vision is an expanding list of third-party manufacturers developing their own version of the platform based on Valve’s original […]

Elder Scrolls Online Will Allow Players to Become Emperor News 15

News 15 Players who prefer PvP may find extra incentive in Bethesda’s upcoming MMO, The Elder Scrolls Online. According to an interview with Game Director Paul Sage, players can become Emperor by heading to Cyrodiil, the game’s PvP hub. Healing other players, seizing keeps, and defeating other players will grant Alliance points. If an alliance assumes control […]

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Hits Record 100k Peak Players Online News 15

News 15 Counter-Strike Global Offensive has reached a record number of peak players online at one time, shattering previous records by a long shot. Last friday, January 3, Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment’s reboot of the popular PC shooter, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, reached a record 101,605 peak players online at one time, nearly doubling the game’s previous […]

Titanfall Will Support Tactical, Bumper Jumper, and Other Controller Layouts News 41

News 41 As we inch closer to Titanfall‘s official release this Spring, we’re slowly learning more about the game as developers at Respawn Entertainment hand out small tidbits of information. On the official Respawn Entertainment forums, one member of the studio confirmed that Titanfall will support multiple controller layouts, including known variations like “Tactical” and “Bumper Jumper”, which […]

Latest Killer Instinct Patch Switches Free-To-Play Character To Sabrewulf News 3

News 3 As of today, Double Helix, the developer behind the revival of the Killer Instinct franchise on the Xbox One, is going to be shaking up the free-to-play version alongside releasing a new patch. Once downloaded, those who haven’t purchased any characters, nor any ‘editions’ of the title, will be able to play as Sabrewulf at […]

Titanfall – No Mod Tools at Launch, Respawn Will “Evaluate” After Release News 23

News 23 While Titanfall developers Respawn Entertainment will be looking into mod tools for the PC version of their sci-fi shooter, it won’t be happening at launch. Responding to questions on Twitter, studio head Vince Zampella stated that the studio will only support Titanfall with mod and mapping tools after evaluating the game’s launch. Titanfall launches on […]

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