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MP Talk – Pre-E3 2015 Discussion Podcast 10

Podcast 10 Join us in our E3 2015 discussion on the eve of the biggest gaming event of this year. In our latest episode of MP Talk, we throw out a few of our own predictions and point out some of the upcoming video game-related announcements that have us most excited. What sort of surprises will this […]

MP Talk – Star Wars Battlefront Rumors, Speculation, & Expectations Podcast 24

Podcast 24 It feels like the next bit of Star Wars Battlefront news is still galaxies away, so we decided to fill the void with some of our own speculation on what DICE might deliver to Star Wars fans this coming Holiday season. Denny, Jimmy, Tom, and I discuss some of the recent rumors while sharing both […]

MP Talk – Do Single Player Campaigns In Multiplayer Shooters Suck? Podcast 69

Podcast 69 We’re putting a single player spin on today’s episode of MP Talk as we discuss the often controversial topic of single player campaigns and their involvement in our favorite multiplayer shooters today. Do they have a place? Do they belong in multiplayer-focused games like Call of Duty and Battlefield, games that are bought almost solely for their […]

MP Talk With LevelCapGaming – Battlefield Hardline Beta: The Verdict Podcast 68

Podcast 68 With the Battlefield Hardline Beta coming to a close, it’s time we took a seat at the round table to agree, and perhaps disagree, on a final verdict; Is Visceral Games’ Battlefield Hardline a day-one buy or a bin bargain? And who better to have this conversation with than the main Battlefield man himself, YouTube personality […]

MP Talk – Halo 5: Guardians Arena Multiplayer Beta Impressions Podcast 5

Podcast 5 Thanks for tuning in to the latest episode of MP Talk, the official MP1st podcast where we talk about the multiplayer games we love to play. In this episode, we discuss our thoughts on the Halo 5: Guardians Arena Multiplayer Beta, now in its last week of testing on the Xbox One. That’s just the […]

MP Talk – The State of Destiny Two Months After Launch and Advanced Warfare First Impressions Podcast 23

Podcast 23 Thanks for tuning in to another episode of MP Talk, the official MP1st podcast. This week, James, Tom, Denny, and I take a retrospective look at Bungie’s Destiny two months after launch and discuss a few of our future hopes for Destiny 2. We also offer up our first impressions of Sledgehammer Games’ Call of […]

MP Talk – E3 2014 Edition: Our Thoughts, Winners, and Losers Podcast 16

Podcast 16 Thanks for tuning in to our special E3 2014 edition of MP Talk. We discuss our thoughts on the entirety of the event and decide upon some of the most stand-out announcements, reveals, trailers, and press conferences. We also dive in to what we’re most anticipating moving in to the remainder of 2014 and into […]

H-Hour: World’s Elite Interview With Creative Director David Sears Interviews 14

Interviews 14 David Sears, former creative director of the beloved SOCOM series and also former creative director at Ubistoft studios, is back and ready to give the hardcore, FPS gaming community what they’ve been waiting for: a true ‘tactical’ and ‘team-based’ shooter that honors the source material as well as the men and women of the world’s militaries. […]

MP Talk – Medal of Honor: Warfighter Discussion Podcast 19

Podcast 19 In the latest episode of MP Talk, we continue the Medal of Honor: Warfighter discussion with our thoughts and impressions of Danger Close’s first and latest attempt at crafting a triple-A online multiplayer shooter experience. We also discuss its controversial reception among the gaming community and other media and explain why we gave it the […]

MP Talk – Battle of the Shooters Podcast 14

Podcast 14 Once again, the moment arrives when gamers around the world prepare for the onslaught of this year’s biggest shooters. From Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 to Medal of Honor: Warfighter and Halo 4, this fall is set to be one of the biggest FPS frenzies yet. With the bulk of details of each title […]

MP Talk – Medal of Honor: Warfighter Edition Podcast 84

Podcast 84 Welcome to MP Talk, Medal of Honor: Warfighter Edition. As per the title, this week’s episode is dedicated entirely to the recently released Medal of Honor: Warfighter Beta on the Xbox 360. We give you our thoughts and impressions and let you know what we hope for the final release. But more importantly, we want […]

MP Talk – The Official MP1st Podcast, Episode 5 Podcast 11

Podcast 11 We are back with episode 5 of MP Talk, the official MP1st podcast! If you’re excited for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombies, you’ll definitely want to tune in to this week’s episode as we reveal some of the new game types that will be making it into our favorite zombie mini-game this November […]

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