5 Things That Made Battlefield: Bad Company 2 So Iconic

Back when Battlefield 4 was first announced as Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment’s next big triple-A FPS follow up to 2011’s Battlefield 3, not everyone met the idea with open arms.

While the thought of yet another proper Battlefield title certainly carried a sense of excitement with it, it wasn’t quite able to shake that unmistakable longing that lingered within the hearts of a handful of “true” Battlefield followers, a longing for more of what was, for many, an entry point into the long-running Battlefield series, a longing for more Bad Company.

I remember, shortly after Battlefield 4’s announcement, when Battlefield community manager Ian Tornay took to Reddit to address some of the more vocal fans who expressed their disappointed in learning Battlefield: Bad Company 3 would not be seeing the light of day any time soon. He asked something along the lines of, ‘what made Bad Company 2 so magical that you guys would rather see a Bad Company 3 than a Battlefield 4?’

I might be a little late, but with the previous generation of console hardware not so far out of sight of our rear-view mirror, and enjoying night after night of Battlefield 4’s more-or-less “next-gen” FPS experience, I find myself asking the same question. What did make Bad Company 2 so magical?

I could write a thesis on what made Bad Company 2 such a fantastic game, but it’s the aspects I feel are missing in today’s Battlefield that I would like to specifically address. Though there is much to be said about Bad Company’s fantastic single player campaign, we’re going to stick points pertaining to multiplayer for the sake of integrity.

So, in no particular order, let’s get into the top five reasons that I think made Battlefield: Bad Company 2 such an iconic game, and its stand-out features that I think would nicely benefit future Battlefield titles.

1. More Things Blew Up

Visiting only a handful of Bad Company 2’s interiors would reveal a severe scarcity in the number of building assets used in-game, but that didn’t stop DICE from littering the battlefield with houses, cabins, or bunkers that not only offered satisfying close-quarters gameplay, but could be completely levelled through enough C4, tank shell, or other explosive bombardment.

Battlefield 4 touts “Levolution” as a brand new concept to the Battlefield series, but like the hipster that burned his tongue because he drank his coffee before it was cool, Bad Company was doing it before levelling stuff became a ‘thing’. No, the act of toppling a small house isn’t nearly as grandiose as demolishing an entire skyscraper, but the quantity and frequency of Bad Company 2’s smaller Levolution events made it more of a viable and meaningful gameplay tactic.


So Explosion.

2. Things Were Simple, Back Then

Battlefield 4 can get overwhelming in the number of gadget options at the disposal of any kit. What happened to the good ol’ days where there was only one tool for any given job. Needed to recon an area? You’d throw a motion ball down the hall. Walls got in your way? Good thing every assault rifle came equipped with an under-barrel attachment. Ran out of ammo? You’d throw down an ammo pack. Enemy infantry in hard-to-reach places? That’s what *ahem* Carl Gustav was for. Right? While a larger variety in options can lead to a higher degree of versatility in ways you can play the game, the basic arsenal of Bad Company 2’s inventory system kept you on the battlefield and out of the loadout screen.

Less toys meant Bad Company 2 avoided overcomplicating the rock-paper-scissors gameplay the Battlefield series is known for. It also meant that the chances of discovering annoying new exploits was kept to a minimal. That’s not to say Bad Company 2 was without its balance issues, but it meant a greater ease in conjuring up strategies to counter specific tactics.

Sometimes, less is more.


We miss you, Carl.

3. Memorable Conquest-Only And Rush-Only Maps

The thing about Battlefield 4’s multiplayer maps is that they work well for all game types; from Conquest to Rush, or TDM to Obliteration, but none of them work great for any specific mode. While I find myself leaving most Rush or Conquest matches with a sense of satisfaction, it’s only just, and it simply doesn’t compare to the number of epic Bad Company 2 battles I’ve survived that have left me completely wow-ed in the same sense a UFC fighter would feel after winning a title match.

Bad Company 2’s most memorable maps, in my eyes, were locations like Panama Canal, Valparaíso, Isla Inocentes, Cold War, or Heavy Metal, all of which were either Conquest- or Rush-only maps. Mind you, even some maps that played well on both Rush or Conquest clearly favored one game mode over the other. Conquest on Atacama Desert and Rush on Arica Harbor come to mind. I think Battlefield 4, or any future Battlefield title, would do well with at least one or two stand-out maps specific to either only Conquest or only Rush.


Valparaíso: one of Bad Company 2’s more iconic Rush maps.

4. Goofy Character Design and Over-the-Top Sound Effects

Bad Company 2’s multiplayer classes, or “kits”, on both the American and Russian side were so clearly defined and unique with such goofy characteristics that they stood out in almost the very same way Team Fortress 2’s iconic classes like the Spy, Engineer or Heavy do today. Be it the Assault with his helmet and visor, the Medic with his bright red beret or green army cap, the Engineer with his black balclava or blast mask, or the Sniper with his full-body “Bush Wookie” (ghillie) suit, each kit was almost a cartoon character in and of itself and was extremely recognizable on the battlefield.

Battlefield 4 does a good job of mixing things up between the US, Russian, and Chinese forces, giving each nation and kit their own unique silhouette, but should Bad Company 3 ever come around the mountain, I’d love to see some of these more light-hearted characters return.

Just look at the Russian Medic’s face on the far right. You know that guy has a fantastic sense of humor.


Say “hello” to Bad Company.

This same sense of playfulness also extended to some of Bad Company 2’s over-the-top, in-your-face sound effects. DICE has done a more than commendable job at crafting a pristine audio experience with Battlefield 4 that is much more attuned to providing a clean and functional aural atmosphere, but firing off a couple of .45 caliber M1911 hand gun rounds in Bad Company 2’s “War Tapes” audio setting was so childishly satisfying. Sometimes, it’s just plain fun to pretend you are in a Michael Bay movie overflowing with deafening explosions and booming assault rifles.

In essence, I firmly believe that these two properties are what gave Bad Company 2 its unique character, and while they might not have a place in Battlefield 4 or Battlefield 5, I sure hope to see same sort of flare return to Bad Company 3.

5. Best Battlefield DLC Ever

Bad Company 2’s last multiplayer expansion may have paved the way for all Battlefield DLCs to come, but no add-on since has ever quite captured the same sort of charm that only the Flight of the Valkyries-blasting, Huey-flying, Flame thrower-wielding Vietnam DLC based on the gruesome jungle combat of the Vietnam war did. Bad Company 2: Vietnam was so bad ass, it even had its own multiplayer menu.

What made Vietnam one of the best Battlefield DLC offerings to-date was not only its selection of vastly different multiplayer maps, but it threw you into an entirely new era all together. With that came brand new character skins, new weapons and vehicles that actually reflected the time period, and best of all, iconic music that really brought that era to life in video game form. I feel a lot of these little touches were left behind in Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4’s add-ons. Battlefield 3’s Aftermath expansion came pretty darn close, which at least offered weapons and character skins specific to that particular scenario, but wasn’t quite as drastic. While it may be based in Mainland China, Battlefield 4’s China Rising DLC definitely carries some Vietnam vibes, but other than the maps, I was a tad disappointed in some of its offerings. The add-on was advertised to introduce players to brand new, “high-tech” gadgets, so why not throw in some “high-tech”, or perhaps even prototype, weaponry – something we haven’t played with before?

Until then, I’m waiting for the next “Vietnam”.


“Some folks are born, made to wave the flag / Ooh, they’re red, white, ‘n blue.”

If you’re like me, then you, too, found an alluring draw to the fun-filled nature of the Bad Company series. It’s true that not everything that made Bad Company 2 so iconic would benefit the more serious tone that the core Battlefield series offers, but we need to remember that gaming is all about fun, and if aspects of what made Bad Company 2 so undeniably fun can improve future Battlefield experiences, then why not?

What about Battlefield: Bad Company 2 was iconic to you? Do you share the same thoughts, or have some of your own reasons? Maybe you felt Bad Company 2 wasn’t as iconic as I just made it up to be and are more than happy with the direction the Battlefield franchise is currently headed in? Let me know in the comments!

This series analyzes what made some of our favorite multiplayer games so iconic and what inspiration future iterations of these games might learn from past successes. In my next entry, I look at five things that made Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 so iconic.

David Veselka
Co-Founder / Editor-in-Chief
Musician, Gamer, Geek.
  • Sam Brown

    Awesome new layout. New you guys were worth supporting from the start. Some attention to the green like button would be great though.

    • J4K5

      Nice look but Logo is way too big….. looks like it was crammed in!

      • Alex Melendez

        mp1st logo looks amazing!

        • J4K5

          like the logo….just too big : /

  • Chuckz28

    Am I the only one that didn’t enjoy Bad company 2? I got started with 2004’s Battlefield Vietnam. Liked it a lot, loved battlefield 3 and battlefield 4 is just ok but I couldnt get into bad company 2 at all, it just felt boring to me.

    • Get out! No, just kidding 🙂 Totally a legit point of view. Personally, I wouldn’t call BFBC2 the “best” Battlefield, or “better” than BF3 or BF4, but it definitely had some character to it that the other games are missing. Some like it, some don’t.

      • Opt1kon

        whats crazy is i just was playing Some BFBC2 about 4 hours ago and it still has populated servers and its so much fun great article by the way

      • DeLucaFTW

        Excellent point.

    • I liked it. I didn’t love it, the game had no prone position ffs. I wouldn’t ever call it the best in the series though, to me that goes to Battlefield 2142 but it was greatly enjoyable . It was a console game, the maps were made for 24 players(but could support 32 just as easily on PC) Rush was awesome and the destruction was cool. (even though every map has the same buildings as every other map plastered all over.) The DLC was fun but the maps were poorly designed. You had clear lines of sight into the starting base, and on Rush every map had a choke point right at the beginning. And after a while people just quit playing altogether, you’d have a full server, get stuck at a choke point and the majority would quit right afterward back to the vanilla maps. Still a gun game. Way better than the first Bad Company.

    • awkenney

      You are not the only one. There are many people who are into the things that make up a traditional BF game and much of that was thrown out the window for Bad Company 2. Mostly the keys being vehicles and wide open maps with sandbox gameplay, which Bad Company intentionally does not do well.

    • Alex Melendez

      the only reason i found it boring was because i played it after bf3 and the servers were dead.

  • Alexuppermost

    I really don’t know what it was with Bad Company 2 that made it just so great. I could stay up all night playing it and just not get bored, even playing solo. There was just something to it that made every map and every game just an amazing experience. Half of it just must the the nostalgic feeling but there definitely was something there that just gave it an edge over all it’s predecessors, and if I still had it and there were plenty of people still playing it, I would be on it.
    War Tapes on BC2 was always fun to play with. I play with war tapes on BF4 and everything feels overly exaggerated on it. But it hit a perfect point with BC2.
    I can’t really explain much more, since you did it all perfectly. The simpleness of the kits and weapons. The maps and explosive buildings. Hardcore actually felt like a proper hardcore mode. Unlike with all the follow ups. I really hope they again hit that sweet spot that BC2 did when they finally come around to make BC3.

    • KiLLaMaNiLLa

      Everything about BC2 was so smooth and balanced and just flat out a blast to play. Had the Best maps DLC basically everything was sick.


      You could play the same map 5 x’s in a row and it would be different everytime.

  • uwantSAM0A

    Honestly, I think you covered just about everything I felt that made BC2 So memorable. Balance, simplicity, and some quirkiness is what I can recall the most. In my opinion, the limited amount of guns/attachments/gadgets made the learning curve much more steep which made leaving “noob” status that much more satisfying. I’ll admit I entered BC2 a little late in its life cycle, one thing I regret, but playing Bc2 was probably one of the better decisions I’ve made pertaining to video games.

    • Ramp Lion

      Or you could stay a noob and still have fun, when I first got the game I spent my first 2-3 weeks that I had it just getting in the little buggies on Port Valdez and driving them back and forth while tanks shot at me, and I didn’t care if I went 5-20

      • uwantSAM0A

        LOL I so did that! I’m sure I pissed off quite a lot of teammates.

      • hulio

        I even remember the single player being fun, lots of sniping and ramping quad bikes, etc etc.

    • dpg70

      I liked that there were real tradeoffs with how you configured your loadout. Granted, running without mag ammo put you at an immediate disadvantage (nobody ever said the game was perfect), but even things like using a scope versus iron sights allowed you to equip a different perk like faster sprint.. That alone got me more accustomed to using iron sights in most shooters.

      They needed to do some work on your base spawns and a few balance tweaks to loadouts, but overall BC2 was and still is a fantastic shooter.

    • Alkanida

      One thing he forgot, people really played as a team. No matter how man randoms there were..People healing, repairing giving ammo everywhere! I played 450hrs of my 500hrs all alone and never had the feeling of teaming up with particular friends. Miss that feeling a lot in BF3 & BF4. No friends in your session = no teamwork as it is today.
      So sad that the most essential feature in a BF game gets turned back and back.

      • squat251

        This is so annoying, I hate killing an enemy and then 2+ of his teammates storm in resurrect him and kill me, while my team just runs into their gunfire. I can count the number of times I’ve been ressed on my hands and feet, it’s pathetic. But it goes back to the amount of gadgets and attachments we get now, I’d bet most of the assault’s on my team don’t even have paddles, they swapped them out for the grenade launcher.

      • Danny Hin

        The one thing I find the most memorable is the beginning of a match of conquest on Atacama desert. Two tanks, driving behind each other to the first objective and needing each other when faced with the enemy while the chopper supports them. Meanwhile, I was able to get a full Humvee and drove with my teammates to the second objective while somebody on a squad was already picking off targets with a sniper rifle. the enemy is temporarily overwhelmed and so am I, because I’m witnessing true silent teamwork.

        The battle for flag B has begun, and I don’t care if we’re loosing because I felt THE adrenaline flowing through my veins. I knew that I had a team, when a medic and an engineer cooperated to destroy a tank and revive me. Wonderful.

        Nowadays, I get headaches from the graphics and I really don’t feel like a team anymore. Sometimes, but most of the time it’s just the professional youtubers and the n00b mid-game leavers.

        • Nik Armitt

          Really? I have never felt that. I did on PSN. On Xbox One though I always buddy up. Even on Hardline we have. I sit in the distance and relay info. I am usually leader and so designate objectives. It helps for field upgrades. I agree that when on my own it can be lonely and a lot harder. Is it becaise I come from the CS/natural selection stable and remember Quake 3 and Unreal? :S I think people need to start taking ownership. You want a team then make one. Post on forums. Meet people. Connect. Then do it. I have had a team in an attack boat and a venom flying round paracel and we own it. Well until the other team worked out to all be engineer. Ahaha.

          Seriously though. Stay away from Hardline… you guys wont like it. It’s different. It might scare you.

      • Marian Fellinger

        YES!!!! THANK YOU!
        What got me off Battlefield is that there is no more moving and pushing as a team, everybody is wildly running around somewhere shooting everything in its way and whining about campers, whereas in BC2 it always felt like you were moving with your team, there were fights from between cover to cover, and you rather slowly pushed to take new positions over the enemy. That just rarely happens in the new titles, since you have both teams pretty much randomly shattered around the map.


    You know Dice did a bad job with BF4 when we’re already on gaming sites waxing poetic about a game they made 4-5 years ago…

    • DeLucaFTW

      I respectfully disagree. Battlefield 4 is in my opinion the best Battlefield title to date. Yes, the launch has been rocky but so was BC2’s launch back in the day. Even though it wasn’t as bad as BF 4’s issues. People are always praising older games, it happens all the time. Back when BF3 came out everyone was talking about how it sucked compared to previous titles. Now a lot of people look back at BF3 and miss the game. Exact same thing happened with BC when it launched. People didn’t consider it a “proper battlefield experience”, because it was a spin off. English is not my native language, but i hope you get my point regardless. Cheers.

      • dieger

        BF4 is better then BF3 but not much else in my opinion

        • KiLLaMaNiLLa

          I completely disagree with you BF3 was a lot better then BF4. And you could actually feel the work they put into BF3 and didn’t feel rushed like BF4.

          • dieger

            …………..>_> may i ask when did you pick up BF3?

          • softgrip

            I agree. We got seine crossing, firestorm, kharg, strike at kark, Oman, grand bazaar straight out the gate. Metro was a bit of fun too for a while.

            In bf4 Shanghai, flood zone and locker are the only maps worth playing and one of them was crashing most players every game.

            • softgrip

              I forgot damavand peak!

      • Dave Lamisch

        For me, on PS3, BF3 was not a bad game, but not a good either. So many issues with hit box detections, a game engine oversised for consoles runing 15 fps when to many explosions (BFBC2 was made for consoles ) and not a real hardcore mode !! I tried BF4 on current gen : a shame !

        • PUTEMnKASKETS .

          It would have been better if aiming and shooting were improved. BF3 had a serious learning curve I played the hell out of it, but I don’t remember having much FUN.

      • SangheiliSpecOp

        Your English is perfect 😮

      • MrThirsty247 .

        I am one of the hardcore fans of BC2 (&BC) and I actually think BF4 plays LIKE BC2, you can notice small links like the building site style containers which look like exact object imports from BC2 maps, the shooting mechanics also feel more controllable (unlike BF3 wild aiming when firing) and just smoother. Although only a few examples, I actually think they tried to pull the BC2 into BF4!!

        • PUTEMnKASKETS .

          The map design in BF4 is horrible your opinion is your opinion but they need to refer back to BC2’s . BF3’S map design was bad until the Strike at Karkand expansion came other than that BF3 shipped with like 2 rush maps.

          • Dutchguy

            I don’t think it’s horrible… But it could definitely have been better… If only they would create a map pack with BC2 maps, but I have a feeling the new engine can’t support that kind of destruction…

          • Nik Armitt

            Back to Karkland.

            and Operation Metro and Seine Crossing are very maps. Also it was way more. The two above were. Davand Peak and Caspian Border were as well.

            and 4 is not horrible. Paracel Storm is my least fav but seige, operation, lancang, hainan, dawnbreaker, rogue, etc are all good maps… wtf is wrong with people. Maybe you just prefer open maps… I dunno… yeah karkland was good but… seriously.. :/ maybe it is just me. I think I am just not cool or a trendy asshole so I do and think what I like. So I will say it. I don’t like scrilex (or whatever his name is) it think 8-bit games have their place but along with 16-bit are terrible. Anyone who has ever ventured back to their youth should know how bad most of the nes and snes games were. And Genesis had some even worse ones. I dont get twitch… why watch other people play? Frappacinos taste disgusting. And the last and biggest admission to show how uncool and unhip I am. I. Despise. Breaking. Bad. There. I have done it.

            And on that bombshell goodnight!

      • LadyBrecky

        I know this comment is 4 months old, but oh god you’re really funny bro. Best BF to date? It’s arguably the worst, and the metascores show it. It’s a buggy, DLC whored, gimmicky BF3.5. I’m sure none of this matters to you since you seem like a BF4 fanboy considering you have a BF4 profile icon.

        It has nothing to do with praising old games, 99% of the buildings in BC2 could be destroyed, BF3/4 you can destroy a few walls here and there and then watch an oh so cool scripted LEVOLUTION, that word alone makes me want to vomit. BF4 is the most overhyped FPS DICE has ever done. BF4 scored very badly compared to past battlefields, it’s actually rated the worst not including “Battlefield Play4Free” since that’s just a F2P FPS abomination. Literally the only thing that was improved over BC2 with BF3/4 is the movement system is a lot nicer and smoother, the hit detection is a tiny bit better but it still has a ton of work and DICE need to make that priority, the knifing system is extremely nice now, oh and the attachment system is much more deep.

        That’s it, everything else has stayed the same or has been downgraded.

        • DeLucaFTW

          First of all i’d like to say that i feel a little hurt by your statement, calling me a “BF4 fanboy”. I’m not. I love Battlefield, yes. I’ve played the series since TRTR launched back in 2003, and to say that i ain’t a fan of the series would be lying. But a fanboy? Not at all. DICE has done plenty wrong. And i’ll always be among the first to point it out when they do. Again, because i love the franchise. I feel hurt when i see them do something they, in my opinion, shouldn’t be doing. But when i say that Battlefield 4 in my opinion is the best game in the series i stand by my words. Anyway, let me adress your arguments:

          DISCLAIMER: I loved BC2. it was a really good spin-off. But i just don’t see it as the heart and core of the franchise. Let’s get on with it:

          “99% of the buildings in BC2 could be destroyed”. Sure. But first of all, more destruction doesn’t necessarily make a better game. Look at BF2; next to no destruction, still an excellent game. The thing is that in BC2 most cover would be gone after 15-20 minutes. This is not good for gameplay, in my opinion. It changes the map in a negative way, and kills the flow of the battle. Just for the sake of having destruction. Same problem persists with the skyscraper levolution on SOS in BF4.

          “BF4 is the most overhyped FPS DICE has ever done.” The series has expanded a lot since the early days. The Battlefield brand is now amongst the top players in the modern FPS scene. It is owned by Electronic Arts and they pour a lot of money into these games. A very big portion of this cash goes to marketing. Advertisement, advertisement, advertisement. Promoting sales is top priority for a company and series of this scale. It should come as no surprise.

          “BF4 scored very badly compared to past battlefields.” False. Battlefield 4 scored very positive reviews across the board, most of them being 4/5’s despite the mess of technical problems the game has had. And again, i’ll be the first to agree with you that BF4 was a, pardon my french, fucking shitshow at launch, and even a good few months into it’s lifecycle. The launch was handled extremely poorly, communication with consumers and general damage control was abysmal. The few statements they actually manned up to give on Battlelog, were terrible PR spins, treating the fan base like shit. But technical problems aside, Battlefield 4 is a damn good game, one of the best. And comparing it to the disgusting excuse of a Battlefield game that is Battlefield Play4Free is just fucking insulting.

          TL;DR: Read it.

          Cheers mate.

          • Dutchguy

            BF4 is a good game. I still think some things were better in BFBC2. I play a lot of BF4, but I’m hoping that the next BF will reintroduce some of the things that made BFBC2 so amazing.

        • PUTEMnKASKETS .

          I got rid of BF4 and need to buy a PS3 and BC2.

          • Dutchguy

            you can get it on Steam too.

        • Nik Armitt

          Wow. Horse and high much?

          Your pucture makes me wanna vom. Wow an anime hipster ^.^ basically sexism and moral depravity in a cute cartoon. Seriously check out Japanese culture for real. Maybe check out domestic violence and how hard it is for women to be taken seriously there. They are not what you japanophiles think.

          love how idiots throw terms round like fanboy. I am a huge fan of Halo does that make me a ms fanboy? I love MK so would that make me aclaim, midway or classic fanboy? I loved shadow of the beast on the amiga… does that make me a commodore fanboy? Oh and then the metacritic scoring… wow…

          It was rushed, yes. So it had bugs, yes.

          Learn how to use a comma, BRO.
          Don’t attack others for their opinions unless you want to be attacked, BRO.
          Maybe also consider getting a life and stop being so cool and retro. Just because it is old doesnt make it better. Take of the rose tinted specs and evaluate your life. You got worked up over a game. I know I am as bad… getting worked up of ignorant and obnoxious behaviour.

          As for whoring… you should love that since you love anime… odious cretin.

          • LadyBrecky

            This post made me cringe so hard I had to remind myself you’re either so stupid you don’t know understand what you’re saying or just an 8/8 gr8 b8 m8.

            First off, you’re actually telling me that I’m sexist for liking anime, even though I’m a woman… and even though I’ve been learning 日本語 for over a year now and studying their culture.

            Seriously you think liking anime makes someone sexist? How mental are you? That’s like saying “Oh you like Law and Order:SVU you must enjoy rape and intense violence against women!”. Seriously drop the cringe, I fucking identify myself as a feminist, you sound like a fat white knight.

            You actually want to say you’re not a fanboy but you’ve commented twice in 5 mins on my 10 month old comments with really hastily butthurt written statements? Also you’re actually defending the game being rushed so it could compete with COD:Ghosts and it being a buggy POS on launch. Yeah keep sucking that company cock that you love so much.

            Also what the fuck… “cool and retro” holy shit are you fucking 14? You think BFBC2 is cool and retro? It’s fucking 4 years old for fucks sake. I don’t give a fuck about that, I’ve played BFBC2 for 100s of hours and it’s by no means perfect, it has a shit hit detections especially for a triple A FPS. It has way too many rubberband issues and while it doesn’t bother me lots of people hated how smokey the entire game was.

            Also, I wasn’t worked up over a game, I was pointing out how it is by no means the best BF to date, also I like how you just went “and then the metacritic scoring…wow…” Wow what? Wow you know I’m right because it’s a fact that is scored lower because of it being subpar to the rest?

            Oh by the way, might want to drop the pseudo IM VURY SMURT trying to use words like “odious” and “cretin” it comes off cringey as fuck and no one wants to be around that guy.

            I’m not going to bother reading any replies you make after this, because whether you want to admit it or not, you’re a butthurt salty fanboy you’ve replied to several comments from almost a year ago in just a few minutes, most people would be smart enough to not take the bait but not you. ;3

            • Nik Armitt

              Blah blah blah. And yes. Japan is sexist. Anyone who actually learns about other cultures knows this.

              and wow… I replied… dun dun duuuun. Who cares?!?! Ahahaha

              you are just a stupid little girl. Managed to get a guy to like you yet? Has the “gamer” image managed to cover-up the pretentious and idiotic persona?

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              Oooh and twice in five minutes. Ahaha. Yeah. It is called being quick. I am sure it takes you while to compose a sentence. For most, sweets, it is not hard. We do it on the fly. Once I commented three times in 12 mins :O fucking mental, eh?!?!

              Ahaha. Feminist. ^.^ I am actually crying. Emily pankhurst, eat your heart out. We have a true suffragette here! Ahahaha. Best. Joke. Ever. Seriously though. No I am not a white knight I am someone that reads. I said people say that they like BBC2 to seem cool and retro. I am fucking older than you, you pathetic little emo cunt. I remember doom, quake, unreal and many more. I olayed Space Hulk when it was new. So sit the fuck back down and shut the fuck up. You were the disgusting little shiteating whore that was attacking others. Get a fucking grip of something other than a knife… or grip it more and do the world a favour. Do it upwards though then lie in a bath 🙂

              god I hate hipster emos. Bring back nu metal mini moshers… Korn and Limp Dick were shit but better than these fucking ott nutcase fakers. Try so hard to be in-duuuh-viduals together.

              Good luck anyways. Hope the japanese whore-gamer girl zombie thing works and nobody realises you are an empty, dumb, void shell of a person.

              PS. Words exist. Deal with it. Other words you will need to learn. Do. You. Want. Fries. With and of course.. that.

              Oh but I care so much I commented as soon as I could and you… checked the times and everything… slightly weird.

            • Michael Menendez

              Um… Sounds like little Timmy needs a time out. Seriously man, to say some crazy shit like that to someone… How small is your inverted penis? Come on man, if you’re older then act like it. Do you hear your childish self getting heated over a game?

            • Nik Armitt

              Oh and as for fat … ahahahahahahahahahahaha. So funny. Care to actually find shit out?!?! Yeah I am fat. Obviously.

              Ahahaha. Oh a whole year. So you know everything. And no someone that watches child porn is a paedo. Someone that watches Anime for the most part is a perv, psyhotic or trying to seem cool. Sailor moon being the worst example. You are right though. Japan is very equal. Women are treated equal. There. Two comments in under 10 minutes. I should have split them up into 10 and blown your little retarded walnut for a brain.

        • Nik Armitt

          Oh and telling Dice what to do… ahahahahahahaha. OMG. Forget that helos handle more like their realife counterparts.

          im guessing this person doesn’t like playing games where they cant exploit simple programming like with BFBC2. The game where everyone used a tank. Wow. Somebody sniped me and I think they are a camper and a noob because I am me and I will go get a tank and kill them. Wow. The more in depth gadgets help with different situations. If you can’t get YOUR head around it then that is YOUR problem. Not the games. Should they change how hadrons, leptons and quarks work so you can get a better grasp on particle physics? Ahaha. BF3 and 4 are for everyone. BFBC2 is for people who rage and like to n00b it up. Go play COD… can always use a grenade launcher and fire at spawn points.

          I wonder if you would have been a ludite back in the day…

  • jakalakn

    Would be nice if the Bad Company could become a “black ops” to the Battlefield series.
    Wouldn’t suggest there turded out at the same rate as COD…. But I think it would mix things up a bit for BF and BC fans alike.

  • Mr. Thuggins

    The days of simplicity in triple A shooters are over. We’re now in the era of redundant accessories and guns. I love having choices, but it’s gotten to the point where it waters down the experience.

    I feel like BF4 was the lazy route (possibly coerced by EA) for DICE to take. I really hope they make more than a lateral move with their next installment in the Battlefield series.

    • choi18

      What made BC2 very memorable is when you got to rank up to 50, with Bf3, Bf4 you just need some premium to unlock some guns, etc..not like in BC2 you have to play more till you get 50. Wish DICE could do a DLCs of BC2 maps(Arica Harbor, Val Paraiso, Laguna Presa, etc.) for BF4, for veteran’s sake. Really missed the times when you squad is all rank 50, and your hunting for a rank 50 dogtog. Being knifed on BC2 is very shameful when the one who got your dogtag is actually a low rank dude. Remeber the times when i learned how to knock down an apache with no tracer dart. Too epic!

      • Robert

        BC2 hit the sweet spot in terms of being as simple and fun as possible. Even though there were only a few guns each one had a very distinct feel. Also, the game engine in bad company 2 just felt more heavy handed than bf3 or bf4. The newer battlefield games don’t have the same heavy, cumbersome feeling you get in bad company 2 as if your movements and actions really impact the game. Furthermore, the guns in bc2 looked, sounded, and handled really well also. I would be happy if Bad Company 3 took a step back and made it’s engine more like the frostbite engine in BC2 and made stellar maps to go with it.

        BC2 rush mode was amazing. I still play rush on bc2 for pc. None of the other rush modes in bf3 or bf4 have been able to compete with the level design for rush in bc2. The linear maps in bc2 rush make for much more intimate and controlled medium ranged gunplay. Maps in bf3 like Caspian border rush mode always felt unfair because I could never defend enough open space at a time; eventually you just get surrounded and overrun. Even more frustrating in BF3 is when they will very often place the M-COM inside a small cramped area even on a vast open map; I can’t stress enough how awful this is.

        The jets in bf3 were really great (they were all I played with for a year), but in bf4 the flight mechanics and guns just don’t feel as weighty. I’m not sure how to explain it but the jets in bf4 just feel weak/inaccurate and even the 20-30mm canons sound weak. The attack vs stealth jet complimentary role in bf4 is a nice idea but not fun, it sounds like a good idea but is simply not fun. And the jet balance is awful in bf4. I don’t mean to complain about every little thing; I just understand the fact that DICE could make some really amazing games if they really wanted to.

  • SamRock

    Nice Article.. Has Everything we love about BC2. This is the only game that wants me to go back and play even after 3 to 4 years of playing!

    I absolutely hate how every Character model looks the same in BF4. Its especially difficult on Hardcore mode (where the team icon takes a while to appear over the head) . On BC2 you could identify a Russian Medic from a 10 miles away. His Red cap was a bullet magnet. On BF4 we often find two teams fighting together from the same room not knowing the other guy is an enemy. I have done that many times already. 🙁

    And David, you should add point 6. Free Maps!! DICE was generous enough to shower us with loads of Free mas on BC2. This just added to the life span of the game. Some of my favorite maps came part of the Free VIP map packs!

    • Thats two points I would have liked to added now; free maps, and better loading screens.

      • jaskdavis


      • oofy

        “Better loading screens.”


  • ThatSpeakerOfTruth

    Dear god, yes. I am missing the simplicity of Bad Company 2. Even though Battlefield 4 is still enjoyable to play, the entire experience feels diluted in the white noise they seem to have deliberately created out of the bevy of unlocks, game modes, DLC and Premium, and in-game weaponry and gadgets. BC2 was a particularly fantastic–magical–entry in the Battlefield series that I still enjoy today.

    Although I wasn’t interested in its comical style, the outright design that spited reality was so great that we weren’t tied down to authenticity–we got wire-guided AT-4 rockets, stunningly vivid maps, notably straightforward and cohesive gunplay. But moreover, an obvious commitment to what makes games fun, both in the multiplayer and singleplayer.

    The mention of Conquest-only and Rush-only maps in this article also brings me to the point that I honestly just feel there are too many game modes in Battlefield 4 and, by proxy, Battlefield 3 including its DLC. That sounds stupid to many, but that’s just how it goes for many who are so engrossed with. I dropped from Battlefield 3 when the DLCs and Premium model presented a very weird direction for the game and the series. Bad Company 2 maps seemed very consciously designed around a game mode: maps weren’t made artificially larger and flags spread apart so it could be repurposed for another game mode. Although it’s not hard to fit maps into all game modes, I appreciate that they didn’t. Some maps just don’t play nice with Conquest or Rush or Squad Rush or Squad Deathmatch. And now there’s many more modes, with more sure to come in the coming map packs.

    It makes me a little down that this type of response isn’t more clearly understood by the creators; that they needed to ask when the design, production, and distribution vary so much between the games. That they couldn’t get past the skin of why people enjoyed Bad Company 2 so much but, if they did, why it wasn’t more important to them even if it wasn’t manifested into a literal Bad Company 3 game.

  • Nikhil

    Its a legendary game…but now i feel shame to use the word “Legend” for BF4….!

  • MrSunshine

    What made the Battlefield: Bad Company series so iconic?

    Console players and the fact that it was a Battlefield game specifically designed for consoles.

    I’m pretty sure a lot of people who have played BF:BC 2 have never played Battlefield 2142 (Titan Mode, look it up kids.) and probably think Battlefield 2 is Battlefield 2: Modern Combat from the Xbox, or even sometimes mistake it for another way to say Bad Company 2. I enjoyed Bad Company but it isn’t the pinnacle of the Battlefield series by a long shot. But that’s my opinion.

    And the destruction in Bad Company 2 offered two things. Close Quarters urban combat, and after every single building was leveled an empty barren landscape that had small amounts of cover and very little way of tactics. Anyone who says a long game of Heavy Metal Conquest, or any long game of Conquest, when all the buildings are gone and there’s an almost un-killable Apache in the sky cause smoke is a hard counter to the Tracer Dart and using the AT4 was near suicidal cause the lack of cover and Bush Wookies, oh and all the tanks, in the distance was ‘Fun’, you need to take of the Rose-covered glasses cause it was not fun. Granted things were slightly different on PC when it came to the helicopters.

    Also… “goofy character design”?

    How is the Russian medic a goofy design? Cause he wears a red beret… what?


    It’s definitely because I’ve played Battlefield on PC since its official start with Battlefield:1942 and all it’s expansions (Secret Weapons of WW2, THROWING KNIVES AND JET PACKS) and all the other games in the series, that I can’t see the Bad Company series in as high regard as people who started with it, to me it felt like a console game. It’s a good game and it’s done a lot for Battlefield at least when it comes to the Frostbite engine.

    • Niosus

      I think the fact that it was released under the name “Battlefield” messed a lot of things up for a lot of people. I have a friend with basically the same opinion as you who also really dislikes BC2. I never played BF2, but as a PC gamer I loved BC2 even after the very crappy launch.

      I think a lot of people still expect BC2 to be a “real” Battlefield, but that was not the goal of the game. Without the preconception of what BF should be like I had very little issues with the game. Yes there were problems, but the question is whether the good stuff outweighs the bad. I think it definitely does. It was a unique game, a very interesting mix between more arcade-y style combat and vehicular combat. It was special and it did a good job at what it set out to do, but it is not the BF game you want it to be. I don’t think it has much to do with being a console focused game. Arcade gameplay does not mean that’s it’s a console game. Granted, you couldn’t lean or go to prone but you can’t do that in Team Fortress 2 either so that is also not specific to consoles.

      • awkenney

        That being said, Bad Company 3 should ditch the Battlefield name in much the same way that Modern Warfare 2 should have ditched the Call of Duty name. It’s a bad marketing decision, but in the long run it sets two games that are different enough apart from each other.

    • oofy

      I agree with your negatives about Bad Company 2. For the PC, I have only played 1942 and the Desert Combat mod. Bf2 and 2142, while also not perfect games, are held in such high regards by PC gamers that I can not say much. Only that I wish I was there during it’s heyday.

    • Look at that Medic’s face and tell me it isn’t goofy! Haha.

    • noobkiller

      This guy is a pc Elite. Douche

  • Kyle Jackson


    A lot won’t agree, but to me, great times spent on this fantastic release, and it was a console port.

    • Niosus

      I do agree man. BC2 is the most fun I have ever had in a BF game, hands down. The controls were a bit clunky, but once you mastered them it played really smooth… I wish it wasn’t such a pain to find servers.

      • Kyle Jackson

        I wish they would release the mod tools, new maps would bring life into this awesome game.

        • Niosus

          Yes! And server binaries… let us run our own servers instead of having to rent them… It’s not like they care about the game anymore. Give it to the community so it can become a classic!

          • Kyle Jackson

            Maybe they could do that to make up for the mess of Battlefield 4 😀

            Let’s get a petition going to DICE to release the tools for Bad Company 2.

            • Niosus

              Then I’d play Battlefield again 😉 It’s been a really long time. Haven’t even bothered picking up BF4 since I was busy and I knew it would be a mess anyway.

            • Kyle Jackson

              I’m still waiting for a few more patches then i’ll buy it, i’m thinking in March. Hopefully AMD’s new Mantle program will deliver on what they said it can do this month, fingers-crossed.

    • awkenney

      I actually think having a new studio on the Bad Company series would be best. DICE is VERY passionate about Battlefield having certain characteristics that frankly, should not be in Bad Company because it will detract from the more aggro nature of the gameplay in BC. That being said, I’ll give you a thumbs up for not being afraid to give your opinion. Without these varying opinions being stated here, we’d never know what the state of online FPS gaming is going to be.

  • theplantain

    great article…..and the nostalgia kicks in…then the BF “vets” run in an ruin in by shitting on the game because it was built for consoles…*leaves comment section*

  • Karmmaguitar

    It’s true, it was an epic game, but for me it doesn’t make good an upcoming Bad Company title. EA is so shit right now and DICE is taking the same road. Re-installing BC2 right now.

  • SangheiliSpecOp

    I have 800 hours played on Bad Company 2. I don’t know if that’s consider high or not lol. Anyways, Bad Company 2 stands out as a quality game through and through. BC2 even today, in my opinion, is still probably one of the best, if not THE best sounding game out today. Graphically it was solid and more detail was put into animations of character models and vehicle parts. DICE apparently had to work their asses off to get those animations working right and decided to take the “easy” way out with the A.N.T. animation system in BF3 and BF4. The balance of the game is EXCELLENT!!!! There were not attachments and gadgets and weapons vomited all over the place and everything was definitely rock-paper-scissors. You could pick any kit and any weapon and could still stack up well against the opposition in your own unique way. The ranks were not over the top and you didn’t start to get rainbow colors added at a certain rank, it was just rank 0 to 50 and you were done, and I’m sure that any rank 50 will agree that it was super satisfying to get to rank 50 and see that awesome gold Bad Company badge by your name 😀

    Maybe I’m just rambling but you can tell that the Bad Company series was DICE’s baby and not only did it have immense quality but also a certain charm to it, something that BF3 and BF4 lacks. The game has soul. Like David mentioned above, the crazy character models, sounds, bold and iconic level designs, the epic and sometimes hilarious voice overs, and over-all that feeling of a game that didn’t try to take itself too seriously (although it was more serious than BC1) is what made Bad Company 2 so special.

    And look, it didn’t even come out before November to try and beat the juggernaut that was MW2. It came out in March of next year, when it was ready. I miss that….

    • talonkard044

      Agreed and yeah, hitting rank 50 was pretty awesome. More than a few times in match lobbies it was funny hearing “aww fuck” when people saw your rank at the time lol

      • SangheiliSpecOp

        There’s still nothing like a full team of rank 50s. I was once in a game where more or less everyone was a rank 50….weapons and vehicles and tactics were utilized in a way that no noob or DICE developer could have contemplated. Lol.

        • Ramp Lion

          How to describe a team of rank 50s: 5 teams of BF3 Col. 100s would not beat just 1 team of BC2 Level 50. 500 hours in that game and I’m only rank 30 something D:

          • SangheiliSpecOp

            Hell yeah! That’s why getting to rank 50 was so satisfying. So very satisfying. I was so happy when I got to 50 and joined the club XD I remember exactly what weapon I used to get it (gratch pistol) and what part of what map I was on (Laguna Alta). XDD I just love killing someone is a rridiculous way (I mainly sniped in BC2) amd then know that they had to look at my golden rank. Lol what’s wrong with me XD

            • Ramp Lion

              The MP443! They ruined it in BF3 and BF4! Back then it was a monster!

            • SangheiliSpecOp

              Agreed. The pistols in bc2 were just as usful as primary weapons in skilled hands. Not that the pistols in bf3 and 4 are that horrible but they don’t have that something about them. Sigh…

    • oofy

      “The game has soul”

      Agreed. I have been trying to pinpoint why I fell in love with Bad Company 2, and this was it. It’s not a perfect game (chopper whores being my bane) but it was and still is so much fun.

      • SangheiliSpecOp

        Agreed! I am always baffled at how few players are on it now… only a few know true taste :p

        Maybe it wasn’t a large scale BF game but it was definitely a quality game! Chopper whores…. Good times… I remember the group I used to play with. They were on top of the leader boards. A couple of us would join a game where we were being chopper whored and in ten minutes we would turn the game around and do the chopper whoring ourselves XD

        The choppers in bad company handle like boats lol.

  • jj16802

    Any Battlefield game is good in my books… well actually BF4 needs more patches to be considered good in my books.

    I seriously hope Haggard gets his Truckasaurus Rex!

    • Ramp Lion

      I hope he got to meet the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders he helped save!

  • 2o1 GaminG

    I think BC2 showed us the real “Levolution” in FPS games in that time, really just knowing you can blow almost everything in a game is a must play! Placing some C4 on your bikes and blowing a tank with it was just amazing! That’s for me the things that made BC2 a huge hit in FPS games.

  • talonkard044

    AGREED!!! Before I start, I should say that Bad Company 2 is EASILY the MOST FUN I HAVE EVER HAD in a multiplayer shooter and I have a TON of fond memories I hold dearly playing with friends for hours on end night after night. It was the best. Bar none. The Bad Company games were FUN. No overly-dramatic emo bs. DICE didn’t take themselves seriously with Bad Company 1 and 2.

    With most shooters these days, people hop right into the multiplayer because the single player is often done as an after thought, with easily forgotten characters and a weak, thrown together storyline. The single player wasn’t incredible in BC 1 or 2, but the characters were MEMORABLE. Preston, Hags, Sweets, Sarge… Half the fun of the game came from playing with these guys. In Bad Company 2, you simply set the controller down – or keyboard if you are one of those PC people lol – and they would just randomly start talking about hilarious stuff. The whole UFC conversation with Sarge always comes to mind lol The multiplayer maps were incredible, very dynamic.

    I haven’t touched the game in a few years, but I can remember all of them and where to go the moment I ever go back to them. Panama Canal. Atacama Desert… incredible. The multiplayer character models were cool, and unique. I enjoyed the weapons more; more diverse and each had a good “feel” to it. NO GODDAMN SNIPER FLASHLIGHT LENS FLARE. Snipers were deadly and didn’t have to pull bitch tactics to stay ahead of other teams. Most of the matches I was in when Snipers were in the fray, they usually tried to hunt each other down, and for the most part stayed a bit out of the main action.

    THE DLC! The part about the Vietnam expansion was perfect. That was so fun. I could keep going but I would mainly say that I appreciate all of the advances DICE has made with the series, but to a large degree the franchise has lost the magic that made it so good in the first place. Don’t get me wrong Battlefield is still head of the pack I think in overall quality of what they offer, but to me, the Bad Company games were THE pinnacle of the franchise, at least on console.

    DICE want’s to outsell COD? They should release Bad Company 3 with all of the advancements they have made, but tone down the drama, the over complicated nature they series has become, and for the love of christ, get rid of sniper / scope lens flare and GIVE ME BACK MY WOOKIE SUIT! :p

    Anybody curious about how much I played these can check my handle here on BF Stats or over PSN. Yeah…. played me a lot of some Bad Company lol

  • awkenney

    You’ve covered all of the “features” that makes BC2 better than BF3/BF4 (in my opinion) save one: The action on both sides was more directed to the objectives. It just was. Through a magic of more confined spaces, class design, and map design, players were almost always doing what was supposed to be done to earn a win. And to me, that’s putting heart into the game – not being afraid to make the game competitive in some small way, getting away from the “we’re all winners” mentality that seems to be a mainstay in most video games of the 21st century.

    I remember when BC2 first came out we had a subset of Battlefield fanatics in the group I played with at the time whose opinion was clear – “this is NOT Battlefield.” And they proceeded right back to Battlefield 2. Nothing could have ever made me happier, because those that were only interested in the sandbox gameplay had their place, and we who wanted to play the objectives every time had ours… by design… the way it should be.

  • KiLLaMaNiLLa

    Bad Company 2 will always be my MW2 of the Battlefield series.

  • Tom Miller

    I’ve enjoyed every single Battlefield title. You know, Battlefield 4 is having a lot of issues now, but I’d rather deal with freezing and whatnot than be one of those guys who pay $60 every single year for a copy/paste Call of Duty game. At least DICE tries new things, makes everything bigger and better. When Battlefield 4 has all the kinks worked out, there won’t be a game to touch it. Just as with Battlefield 3, then all the squeakers can remain on COD.

  • jaskdavis

    I remember playing the BETA for BC:2, it was Rush on Port Valdez if I remember correctly and was the first time I put COD down for another shooter and is what kept me Playing the Battlefield series to this day! Great Game, I might get hated on for saying this, But it could possibly be the best BF game ever!

  • zacflame

    Top 5s/10s are back vith ze bang, yah!

  • Ramp Lion

    The stupid thing is that if they made BC3 like BC2 all the Battlefield “fans” that came in from CoD in BF3 and BF4 would say “wow, this game is crap” and all the people that joined in in BC2 (Me) would have parties for 2 months straight because BC3 was coming out.

    All I can say is, if they do make a BC3, I will cry if they make it like BF3/4. Those games are for hardcore gamers, and BC2 was more light-hearted. BC2 is my favorite FPS, I still remember why I got it. I watched a video by MuzzaFuzza where he was playing it and I thought “that game looks good” and I played it and I never played call of duty again

    • Ramp Lion

      If you couldn’t tell I wouldn’t really cry….some people don’t understand sarcasm.


    Very nice article, Kudos.

    I wish I played it when it was king, I got into BC2 late.

    I used to be a TPS fan since Socom 1, 2, and even Confrontation, until they ripped my heart out when they released Socom 4 (let’s not get into it, I’ll lose my shit) as it’s “Successor”. Pffft.

    BF:BC2 pulled me into FPS gaming, never really played an BF titles prior. I aways felt dizzy when playing games like Killzone, Halo, etc, but Bad Company 2 was different, and tons of fun. You could be a tryhard, or a laughing, jeep riding lunatic, and still have a blast.

    I missed that feeling from the true Socom days, BC2 definitely filled the void…..to a certain extent. 😉 I’m hoping H:Hour pulls me back to the TPS genre. I have faith.


  • talonkard044

    Should also be noted that these games made Milt Buckners ‘The Beast’ a memorable tune lol I still play it form time when playing BF4 and it’s HILARIOUS! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B4uWbhTXTHg

  • Blonde

    Goodbye stellar RUSH mode. You will be missed.

  • Ben August

    Great article; I might add that the linear movement of the gunplay is far more satisfying than the exponential and/or Increasing Returns to Input style of BF3.


    -Ability to “toss” C4 over distances was nice/fun;

    -Recon having C4 made sense;

    -AT4 was pretty awesome;

    -The Carl Gustav’s high speed puts ALL of BF3’s RPG’s to shame. It is a ROCKET after all. The RPG7 in BF3 is painfully slow…

    -Sounds: I’m no “Pro” at BF3, and as a result, it’s hard for me to tell what kind of gun is being shot at me (with the exception of a few). In BC2, you can tell what your enemy is using, purely by sound. Maybe it’s just me, but in BF3, all near-misses sound the same.

    -Gun Handling: again, I’m no pro at BF3, so maybe I’m wrong…but there was a severe difference between how each weapon handled in BC2. You had to learn each weapon individually. In BF3, it all seemed the same, given what “type/class” of gun it is.

    And you hit it on the head- the sheer amount of options and bundles in BF3 seemed pointless, and or overwhelming. I could care less about 90% of it, because I find what works for me, and use it. Rarely is it worth my time, to sit down, sift through the crap, and find a new setup. I’m sure some people like that, but I don’t think it’s a required necessity, in order to have fun.

    Also, yes, BF3 has never had the same Rush experience. Seems like BF3 was better for conquest or TDM (capture the flag is fun, except no one seems to understand you need offense AND defense, so it can be quite frustrating at times).

    There’s something about the BF3/4 engine that seems rusty, choppy, or clumsy. I don’t know what it is, but it lacks the silky smooth controls of other shooters. I don’t think I could handle another BF game, on that specific engine-gameplay style.

    • Ben August

      Also the BC1 menu was pretty cool. It updated wjth regard to Campaign progress. Kind of a small, but cool factor!

      Also miss the Laser Designator/Guided missile. Used to lock on to unmanned objects, in order to bypass laser detection systems on tanks! So much fun.

      The artillery was fun too!

      Those were fun days!

  • Guest

    Ah. The game that converted me permanently from CoD.

  • Dylan Sturgeon

    BC 2 was so fun. The maps were absolutely fun and it was a little bit simpler as you stated. I would love so fucking much if they made a Battlefield Vietnam game as its own. That DLC was badass and so was the other DLC which if I remember was FREE. Also, at least the BC 2 campaign was memorable. The ones that followed are not so great IMO. BC 2 was my first Battlefield game and I wish I still had it. It’d be nice if EA would stop rushing DICE to put out their games now just to try and out do COD. I like BF 4 but I still miss the BC 2 maps. Even the little cutscenes at the end of the game were a nice little addition. DLC is just a joke now I’m pretty sure all of us know that DLC maps were already made before the game came out but what do we know.

  • DigitalDaniel

    BC2 probably had the best maps. But the game was broken in RUSH mode. You could fire directly at the bomb site with RPG, tanks etc and take it out from a insane distance (also a big problem in BC1). Or just roll up with some C4 and take it out in 1-2-3. So the game was far from perfect. I would love to see BC1&BC2 maps for BF4. Make it happen DICE as a free pack to make up for releasing a broken game too early so you could compete with CoD (which is dying out slowly anyways)

    • Yeah there were a few things that needed re-working in BFBC2’s Rush mode. Being able to blow up buildings with MCOMs inside and being able to attack them from a distance didn’t quite work out.

    • Lord Byakurai

      I find it funny that people keep saying that CoD is dying, yet it grows stronger each year. You don’t do us any good by trying to . console us like that. Face it, CoD beat us

      • DigitalDaniel

        Just to be clear. I’m no CoD hater. I play both BF and CoD and I bought CoD Ghosts (PC) and basically every CoD game that ever came out. I think the games deliver a totally different experiences from each other and should/could co-exist with each other. With that said, reason I say it’s dying is because everybody I know that used to be a die hard CoD fan are now sick and tired of that formula. I had a hard time convincing people to give Ghosts a try. So far I only have ONE friend who plays it while everybody was playing MW1/MW2/MW3/BO1/BO2.

        I never said that CoD are not being sold anymore, I just see that people are fed up and I believe when Titanfall comes out then you’ll really see a major drop in CoD sales.

    • Ben August

      There were usually ways of preventing people from winning this way (park a tank in front of the crate, go engineer, get v-armour, and have your team repair the tank each time it gets shot at)- the perfect shield.

      Then again, why shouldn’t you be able to destroy the objective? Isn’t that the whole point of “setting the charge” ? To destroy the objective? Makes a lot more sense than not being able to destroy the destructible objective…lol…

      On that note, why are we even arming crates in the first place? Why isn’t the objective simply a house, radar dome, plane, air strip, etc…a REAL objective..

  • jrstryker

    Based on how most BF4 maps are really disappointing in Rush,I would support the idea of a DLC of Rush only maps.

  • Jeff Kazimer

    This game is what started to get a lot of people to play Battlefield. The destruction 2.0 sold me, any building would be leveled, and you would die if you were inside one! Destruction 2.0 killed a lot of enemies! It is saddening to see them dumb down the explosions, and debris, and I’ve played BF3 and BF4 (on XboxOne). In audio records for gun sounds, and explosioins, BC:2 took the cake in realism. Its hard to understand why they took away the destructiveness, and other things that have changed, probably because of COD. Hearing how EA wants another developer to make BF games worsens DICE’s situation, because I will put money down that EA pushed them to release BF4 even with the server side/client side issues, hit detection, server freezing and crashing just to compete with COD: Ghosts. Maybe im alone on this…but who know…that’s why I like talking about stuff on your site! BTW I like your remodeling of the site! Good Work!!

  • Revektion

    I think i’m going back to bad company 2 until i buy a new PC for battlefield 4. It’s a pain playing BF4 on the Playstation 3, low framerate + vsync on = not fun

  • Ryan Schulze

    I didn’t play BC 2. I found BC 1 so boring in the demo that I didn’t give BC2 a chance until the Vietnam DLC was released. That was the best DLC I’d ever seen, I didn’t even own the game, but wanted it just for the DLC. Then I saw the Top Ten video comparing COD & BC2 and felt I had to buy it, but with BF3 so close, I sadly decided to wait it out.

    I loved BF3 though. After so many years of the rigid definition of what a military FPS could be in COD, BF3 was a great change of pace. Played that more than any game ever. Now, with BF4, it’s been a frustrating experience on the PS4 and I don’t play near as much, but I still think it’s a better game than BF3. Broken in parts and in need of repair, but slowly getting better. I like the maps. The variety. The vegetation. The atmosphere on Paracel Storm. Overall, it’s a more ambitious game and I appreciate it more, even if it has missteps. I may not get Premium this time around, but I’m sure I’ll still be playing until Destiny shows up next fall. Especially if they give us a DLC on par with BC2 Vietnam.

    • Ben August

      You can still play it. I do on a regular basis- plenty of full maps. Although Nam can be pretty empty…

  • dpg70

    I think you pretty much covered it, but I think you can sum it up in one word…personality. The Bad Company series has personality, whereas BF3 and BF4 (as great as they are) come off as sterile and bland by comparison. If you haven’t done so lately, go play a few rounds of BC2. It’s still fantastic. Weapon sounds, call outs, and just the overall atmosphere is so much better. Destruction wasn’t just there to be there, as we see so much with “levolution”. Destruction was a huge part of the gameplay.

    If you needed a route, you blow a hole in the building. Sure you can do that in current BF games, but not just about every wall in every building. Seems that stairwells are fortified with titanium in BF3. If you need a shot at a squad in the attic of a house, you take out the roof and boom they’re exposed.

    And one more thing that made it better…”let the bodies hit the floor” and “guess you didn’t know who you were f’ing with”

    The call outs were the freaking best.

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  • B_Boss

    Of course, leave it to DaVeselka to write one of the greatest articles concerning the beauty of BC2. Simply amazing and captures literally every main point that I share and I’m sure, many BF fans.

    This is why most buddies of mind constantly find me referring back (over and over lol) to BC2 and I’m starting to wonder if DICE is getting pleasantly ‘annoyed’ at the constant outcry about making future BF releases like BC2 or BF2 lol.

    A dream of mine is to see a masterful DLC such BC2: Vietnam in a future BF title. BC2 is simply an incredible title on so many levels and I’d like to imagine that BC3 would cause heads to roll on nextgen……thanks for the amazing article Dave.

    • “DaVeselka”… I like that. Haha. Thanks for the kind words, sir 🙂

      • B_Boss

        No problem man, thanks for the great reporting ;). Yeah if I had your name, that would be a perfect Gamertag and PSN ID for me. It literally came outta nowhere as I began typing lol…

  • Godhandx11

    There were so many things that made BC2 incredible. The 1st thing that I absolutely miss from BC2 was the uniqueness of every weapon and map, every gun behaved differently, sounded different, looked different and most importantly felt different. I loved sniping in BC2 and all the Sniper Rifles had a different feel to them, I loved how everything felt onto itself different.

    In BF3 some of the guns just felt like carbon copies as others and a lot of the Maps were not memorable. Loved the game but its like comparing a hot girl to a smoking hot chick, there both hot but one is just better than the other.

    For my money BF4 is much more like BC2 than it is BF3, and BF4 when alls said and done will be the best BF ever made, You can’t duplicate the incredible feelings BC2 gave its fans, Right place right time and it was an experience that many of us had never had before; the 1st time is always the most memorable.

  • I know the frost bite 14 engine offers more but BFBC2 running on frost bite “whatever” 1.5 seemed like it gave me more I don’t need particles I justo want to blow shit up!

  • seb nz

    BC2 is more fun than BF3 (and for that matter, so was BC1 – who can forget ‘Say hello to my lil’ friend!’?). I’m deadly sick of serious modern FPS. Bring back games that take themselves less seriously. Another game in this vein is Monday Night Combat.

  • Walker Masuda

    Guys, there are custom run servers with people who still play! It’s called Project Rome at Emulator Nexus and is a completely legal non EA master server! Look it up, come play with us!

  • Deston Barger

    I had forgotten how important the audio was. But it wasn’t just the weapons and explosions which ‘felt’ deafening. The soundtrack was also among the best of the generation- hearing the booming orchestras before the maps certainly made you feel ready to kick some ass and the “Bum… bum. Bum…bum” before Port Valdez was always great.

    The way it didn’t feel the need to take itself seriously like BF3/4 was also important- I remember the satisfaction of getting a tracer dart on a helicopter was always great, but obviously not realistic. Whenever they make BC3, I hope they return to the simplicity and wackiness, just with more destruction (taking down the lighthouse on Valparaiso, anyone?)

  • Jesse Bernal

    Hands down it’s the greatest FPS ever. What’s really sad is that Ian Tornay had to ask the fans what made it so special. That is a huge red flag for the future of the series. BF3 and BF4 are just not the same experience. I find myself getting angry and just rant about how much I miss BFBC2.

  • hulio

    I also feel that the character personalities played big part in multiplayer, even with un mic’d players – the characters would yell stuff and swear, and have attitude. Which made for a more fun, and aggressive gameplay. for instance if you were knifed from the front by an engineer, he would rip your dogags off and then kinda throw them in the air casually and catch them as he dropped you and walked off.

    I miss that, the whole, battlefield being more alive with conversation.

    That and the maps were more dirty and dusty, and the noise based distortion was epic.

  • Ash Tambent

    Bad Company 2 had the best Multiplayer I’ve ever played. The weapons in Hardcore felt powerful, it was perfectly balanced and Sniper Rifles in particular were exactly what you wanted them to be unlike the later games. I was so disappointed by BF3, I was expecting the same formula from BC2 but it ended up being terrible.

  • Tei

    Bad Company was optimized to make rush memorable and fun. BF4 completelly ignored this aspect withouth having anything memorable. Is not that BC2 has something magical, has much the lack of magic in BF4. BF4 is a supergame, but is pretty flat.

  • Joel-Peter

    While the game was console focused, it’s STILL very much alive and kicking over on PC!

    Plus with Steam sales, you can get it dirt cheap!

  • Eddy DeLValle

    I loved BC2…..i was pretty down because Dice ignored everybody and did not make tons of new maps and added weapons…the game was FUN!!!…We had a server and it was packed every night guaranteed….the top maps mentioned in this article were the only ones we used in rotation and it worked great. I played BF2 for many many years and then i waited for BC2.

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  • no body

    dice needs to make battlefield badcompany 4… instead of making that shitty battlefield hardline crap..(i cant judge cuz it was the beta) but its sucks…..if they make a game similar or matter a fact redesign badcompany 2 with better graphics and leave the same old physics (driving, flying etc) , and it will all be great game…and the only reason why bfbc2 didnt hit the market as much as callofbooty is because of the video trail when it came out was shit and didnt attract peoples attention….and thats what all my friend use to say when i would talk about bfbc2 game… but any ways if some how the game developers are reading this… well take notes and make something similar to bfbc2 with of cores improved graphics but the same old controls and i would buy it if its even $100


    Sometimes, less is more.

    That is for me the biggest problem in BF4.

  • I think that Bad Company was less colorful. I have a feeling that the BF4 is like Las Vegas at night. Bad Company I like more in this aspect.

  • Chookalana

    I LOVED BFBC series. With BFBC2 though it went backwards with Vietnam DLC. You couldn’t even blowup a grass hut.

  • RawWilson1

    DYNAMIC DESTRUCTION(not scripted moments like a object falling down in the middle of the map). Nuff said.

  • Brion Shaunson

    In BC2 their was always action happening and in bf3 n 4 I feel nothing going on except camping and it feels slower paced.


    Quite simply Bad Company 2 is the best MP experience to date.

  • Kağan Özgül

    Agreed all. It will take possibly years to come close to that.

  • Greg

    Still can’t compete with Desert Combat.

  • Jasper

    Great David to have read your BFBC2 article, it totally sums up my experience with this game! I spent 2.000 hours in 2 years on Bad Company2 and I still miss it, although my girlfriend is happy now ;-). I really miss the playfulness, teamplay and the feeling of being immersed on those maps which BF3 and BF4 unfortunaltely cannot deliver….

  • monkeyx208

    I loved the sniping. There was all kinds of snipers. Some of dropping people 4 and 5 spawns away! You pull the trigger and hope they didn’t make a turn. Pop head shot! 560 points lol. I also liked all the other guns.. Geez give me an m1 or a Tommy and I’ll take you pumpkin off your shoulders lol. People swear snipers camp.. What else are they to do. A full wookie suit on and run around in the open? Really? You always had to have counter snipers. ALWAYS! if you didn’t your whole team paid for it. I ran sniper class if I was by myself and would get to laughing so hard I would almost piss my pants. Not to mention listening to these guys or characters talk.. Hey you got any ammo.. Hey ammo over here! Medic! Medic help me I’m dying Lmbo.. Of course they guys I played with called them band aid boxes are tampons Lmbo! We played that game for hours on end. I liked alot of the maps that was on there. Big huge maps that you better pack a bottle of water and a pb&j for the long haul if you were on foot. I found a lot of skill full players on that game. Awesome medics, snipers that would really piss me off and make me break out my gol and ho to work on them. I loved that gun BC it had a terrible drop and made it harder. I played all the other classes. I think one of my funniest games on there and I still laugh at it.. Was hitting a enemy with a red tracer round and letting your buddy shoot him with a Carl! Ha ha ha.. The poor guy ran back to his buddies and it blew them all up!! Lmbo.. I’m almost in tears thinking about it again. The game was just so much fun.. The newer ones.. Bf3 I hated with a passion. A full clip in a person before they die? 3 or 4 rounds with a sniper rifle to kill someone? Same with bf4.. I can stand that.. But I did however learn to sniper with the 240, 249, Lsat and a couple others.. I had to turn on the hate mail blocker. Same with bad co 2.. Anyways.. I wish they would read what you wrote. It covered a lot of great things.. They just need to come back to this game and start over. They shot themselves in the foot with the other games.. Bring back the sniping. I hated it just as much as everyone else that got hit by one but.. I Learned how to snipe and do it right.. I made many many people mad but I also kept my team alive..

  • Nik Armitt

    Want some cheese with that? Come on ffs. Things change. Im sorry but BFBC2 wasn’t that great. What makes BF3 and 4 so great is the attention to the little things. 4 less so I will admit. I still think that operation metro and seine crossing are the best maps in an FPS ever. On 4 Hainan Resort and Lancang Damn are amazing. As for purpose built… ever played Dav Peak? It was made for Rush… that is why other game types were horrible on it. You guys dont have a problem with battlefield. You have a problem with serious games. You want cartoonish and silly characters with simple guns and loadouts … wow.

    as for teamwork… actually I only found that on PSN. When I play on Live there is. Especially on paracel storm.

    Maybe get some friends. Co-ordinate what time you will be on. Use your headsets and actually talk. I find it is the older crowd that are ignorant and dont reply.

    Anyways. Hope y’all enjoy the Hardline Beta

  • nightsurf

    age 44. Have played many games for years. Hands down BFBC2 is the best FPS multiplayer game. Good article. First Battlefield was actually amazing for its time. Hooked since but still can’t beat BFBC2. Love RUSH – fast games, down to the last second mcon just going off or just disarmed – so many close games. Brilliant team work – single players could not beat a team. Great weapons options – not too many or too few. Great 4 classes – perfect mix. No boring long walks, you could get into action fast most of the time on full player maps. brilliant maps for visual, mixed terrain. They should just make BFBC3 the same with features like snow, rain, more maps, better graphics but everything else very simular, include audio for both team so teamspeak not needed.

  • Raphael Kibar

    The characters were also smaller making each engagement feel like less CoD and more BF(More ranged and less claustrophobic) I also liked the ballistics in the game, the shooting felt nice and the hits felt more impactful.

  • Jim Watters

    nice job on this posting…..items 2,3, and 5 are particularly dead on. been trying to put into words what made this game great….you’ve done an excellent job. I see the comments are 2 yrs old, but for us old time BF players, this game is the classic!! I like Bf3, bf4 not so much. Hardline….no thank you. I feel sorry for my old BC2 friends that never got the Vietnam DLC. never been a better map pack.
    Long live BC2….at least until BC3 comes along. See you soon Haggs……………

  • Everything in BF4 is exaggerated, over the top, overkill. Thousands of gadgets which do not FEEL any different, each weapon having the same gadgets making them bland, millions of flashy things and icons and symbols all around. Guns feel so weak, the vehicles are a joke, they are too light and jump up and down over small obstacles – just compare a Main Battle Tank in BC2 with it’s HEAVY feel, its FELT WEIGHT, its power, to the stupid joke they call a tank in BF4 which feels as if it was made of rubber. Then all the maps in BF4, just as you said are somehow BORING … they are made somehow for ALL modes but they suck on all. There is no map for example which has the awesomeness of Arica Harbor or Valparaiso in Rush … there is no feeling of ACHIEVEMENT in BF4 … it’s boring.

  • VoiD

    The person who made this game is smoking weed, the reason too much smoke was put in the game.

  • RobertP

    I think the overall graphics in BFBC2 is superior to any BF game since. The vehicles feel like they have mass whereas tanks in BF1/3/4 sort of cartoonishly bounce around. Avatars run more convincingly. Surfaces look shiny in BF1/3/4 but I don’t see where actual detail is any better, nor are effects, water, light etc. I have BF3/4 and just tried the Beta for BF1 but I find myself going to BC2 as my game of preference.

  • techienumber1

    in the steam version bad company 2 is being relived again they just did a deal on it by the way this game still rocks and ea could still do another bad company it would not be so hard to do