5 Things That Made Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare So Iconic

There is a good reason why nearly one hundred percent of MP1st’s staff chose Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare as the most memorable game of the previous console generation when we said goodbye to it last November.

I could write a series of novels bigger than the Harry Potter saga explaining why Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is such an iconic game that has literally set the foundation of almost all first-person shooters to follow. But like I did with Battlefield: Bad Company 2, I’d like to focus on pointing out a few of the things the original Modern Warfare did so well that I believe its successors either lost sight of, or could look to for inspiration. So, let’s get to it. Here are my top five reasons why I think Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is such an iconic game and why I think gamers still talk about it to this day.

1. A Gritty, Modern Setting

While later Modern Warfare and Black Ops titles tried to intrigue gamers with multiplayer maps set in exotic or quirky locations, one thing I’ve always appreciated about the original Modern Warfare was its attention to authenticity and gritty realism. Without a doubt, locales like the favelas of Brazil, the streets of Paris, a skate park in LA, or a nuclear bomb-testing facility disguised as a pretend-suburb in Nevada have made up the setting of some of my favorite Call of Duty maps ever, but I feel no other Call of Duty has ever been able to capture the sombre realization of war like Call of Duty 4 did. Last year’s Call of Duty: Ghosts came very close, but with a lot of the multiplayer map locations featuring bombed-out or war-torn American cities, it didn’t come across as believable as Call of Duty 4’s maps did.

More believable multiplayer maps isn’t necessarily something I think future Call of Duty titles should strive for, but it certainly helped give the original Modern Warfare its unique status as being one of the most realistic and gritty Call of Duty games to date.


2. Limited Customization Options and Killstreaks

These days, it seems that most developers live by the phrase, “the more the better,” but I think a lot of gamers would agree that isn’t entirely the case. Fewer Killstreaks in Call of Duty 4 meant a few things, like more emphasis on gun-on-gun battles, proper gameplay balance between loadouts, and no players were ever over-rewarded with crazy chopper gunners or nuke bombs. It kept things centered around what really makes Call of Duty a stand-out FPS: its fast-paced and ever-so-smooth gunplay where the real reward comes from out-gunning, out-smarting, or out-playing your opponents. Nothing is worse than tearing up the enemy team, only for your momentum to be doused by overwhelming enemy air support rewarded through potentially questionable tactics.

Call of Duty 4’s (and even Call of Duty: World at War’s) simple three-Killstreak set up was just enough to incentivize players to keep up their efforts without encouraging them to “camp” in fear of losing high-level killstreaks rewards.

Toned down weapon and player customization options also meant battles were won on the field and not in the loadout screen. But at the same time, allowing for only one attachment per weapon, for example, gave purpose to that one decision and forced you to more heavily way the pros and cons. I believe it’s better to give players a smaller but more meaningful and more balanced selection of options, rather than flooding players with choices simply for the sake of diversity and at the risk of disrupting the equality between weapons or abilities.

Personally, I think Call of Duty 4 struck a fantastic balance between a purposeful selection of customization options while giving everyone just enough to play with so that players could fill a satisfying number of different roles.


3. Really, Really Small Maps

Remember Shipment? It was kind of ridiculous. Actually, it was really ridiculous. But, man, was it fun. I think every Call of Duty should have one map – just one – that doesn’t take itself seriously in the least bit.

The map design of Shipment in Call of Duty 4 simply didn’t work for the amount of players it supported, but that was the beauty of it. If you can get past the fact that you’re going to die a lot from spawning only centimeters away from an enemy player, you’ll find that the chaos presents an exciting, fun-filled challenge in its own right. It’s always nice to walk away with over 100 kills in after a match, even if you did die over 100 times. Though “proper” map design Shipment is not, it didn’t take away from – but, in fact, contributed to – its insanely high fun factor. It also made for great 4-player split-screen battles.

To borrow an idea from a competing franchise, 343 Industries recently introduced a more unconventional variant of Capture the Flag to Halo 4’s Action Sack playlist called Husky Raid, originally created by user “The Fated Fire”. What made it so ridiculous was that the mode’s map design concentrated all the 4 vs. 4 action into one single, narrow lane, making nearly impossible to bring home the enemy flag, let alone capture it. Players also spawned in with random weapons, giving it that element of chance. It was a hectic, head-on clash of kill after kill that would normally never fly by today’s standards of game design, but sometimes you just have to give the players what they want and do something crazy.

Infinity Ward was on the right track with Call of Duty: Ghosts’ more creative Blitz game mode, but I’d love to see them take things a step further up fun-filled alley.


4. A Strong PC community

While I personally never played a single Call of Duty game on the PC, I still think this last point is an important one and is a department in which a lot of the more recent Call of Duty titles are lacking. I hate to point fingers, but I think this especially rings true for more recent Infinity Ward-made games, despite it being the studio responsible for the original Modern Warfare, which had a vivid PC community.

Despite a few recent improvements, the Call of Duty crowd on official forums and communities like Reddit often continue to note their disappointment with Ghosts’ performance on the PC.

Harkening back to the days of Call of Duty 4, however, its PC community even outlived its console audience and continued to support the shooter with montage videos and competitive eSports matches. As an example, check out this impressive Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare “fragmovie” that was produced only last December.

Also, from our very own in-house talent, check out some of the early work from “Niosus”.

If you liked what you saw, you can read up on how “fragmovies” are produced right here.

5. Innovation

Perhaps the most obvious reason why Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare remains the most iconic Call of Duty ever, if not the most iconic FPS game ever, was the way it completely revolutionized the genre.

Perks, Killstreaks, Prestige, customization, and its super smooth 60 frames per second gameplay all contributed to that magical Call of Duty formula that came to fruition in 2007 with the game’s release on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. It’s fun, it’s addicting, and it’s what shooters today continue to attempt to emulate.

Is there a future Call of Duty title out there that will once again inspire a generation of first-person shooters? That’s not for me to answer, but it’s sure one hell of a reason to put Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare up there as one of the most iconic games in recent history.


These are my thoughts. What are yours? What made Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare the stand-out first-person shooter that gamers around the world still reminisce and talk about today?

David Veselka
Co-Founder / Editor-in-Chief
Musician, Gamer, Geek.
  • Katana67

    This is a great article.

    But in my opinion, the five best things in Call of Duty 4 are as follows.
    1. The Maps
    2. The Maps
    3. The Maps
    4. The Maps
    5. Did I mention that the maps were good?

    • VisceralVenom

      Um, no? The Maps had their issues. It was the balance of Guns, Perks and Kill Streaks with combined Maps. Your 5 listing are either inaccurate or you are attempting to prove some type of point that I can’t understand. Call Of Duty 4 had it’s share of “Bad” maps, although they were playable unlike the majority of every single map that is included with the games these days.

      Honestly, now that I’m thinking about it. I can’t recall what horrible map for Call Of Duty 4. I despise every single Map on Ghosts. There are couple bad maps on 4. Just reflect back. You’ll remember.

      • Katana67

        My point was that the maps were miles better than later installments. I wasn’t saying they were perfect.

      • Joel Santana

        Gun balance? Everyone was using the M16 with stopping power or juggernaut.

        • Katana67

          In my experience, Hardcore in CoD4 was much more balanced than Normal. All weapons dropped folks just as well, nobody really bothered with Stopping Power or Juggernaut. Although the G3 was patently better than the M16 in my opinion due to burst vs. single shot.

          • awkenney

            That was before people started playing tactical crouch. When HC was still fun. But having full control over player health, regeneration and bullet damage on PC was excellence. There were many combinations of configuration flags that the community came up with that made for a really hair raising experience.

            • Katana67

              If there’s one thing I would change in Hardcore, it would be regen (but have it be on a much longer timescale than is usual). Same actually applies for BF, although I think it would undercut the use of the Medkit (which isn’t strictly relevant, as nobody dishes out heals anyhow) but that’s neither here nor there.

              I think Hardcore (I played on 360) was perfectly fine as it was though. Every match was different and varied. I never had quite the same experience more than once, yet I was able to get into a nice groove and had set patterns and tactics.

              I’m not sure of your stance on “camping” as such, but I was able to actually defend an area in CoD4. Whereas in later installments, they just put too many ingress/egress routes for any particular “spot” to be used effectively.

        • awkenney

          So true.

    • MegaMan3k

      Simplicity is to key I think. No bloated systems, no bloated complexity in attachments or killstreaks… It and WAW and slightly BO1 are the best because gunplay comes first.

      • Katana67

        I liked WaW. The maps were great, though I didn’t particularly care for the WWII setting (and I’m sure folks will jump all over you because the MP-40 was and is pretty unbalanced). But yeah, in my opinion BO is really where the maps fell off completely. MW2’s were pretty good, but it was already evident that they were in decline.

    • Joel Santana

      The picture of Overgrown is actually for the previous reason.

      • oofy

        Overgrown is still my favorite CoD map.

    • The real underlying point behind using Shipment as an example was that players clearly gravitated towards something that was whacky and unconventional, but hilariously fun. Future COD maps don’t have to be small to be successful, but it’d be nice to see some more creativity. I think what Halo 4 did with Capture the Flag was a great example.

      • awkenney

        At the same time they gravitated towards Killhouse because of wallbanging and nade rain, which was annoying at best. But Shipment, on PC, with 32 players. Lol.

        • OMG. Haha. Forgot the PC could host even more players.

  • VisceralVenom

    Absolutely brilliant Article, David. I would read this again and recommend it to people. Thank You.

  • Mitch

    I wonder (and kinda hope) they’ll ever completely remake CoD4. I never played it (started with MW2), so if they could re-do it, I think a lot of people would be happy.

    • Personally, I was really hoping that, as a part of COD: Ghosts’ DLC, or maybe some pre-order incentive, IW would have offered an entire package of re-made COD4 maps (and weapons). I mean, that stuff should be free, but I’d gladly pay for it if it was reasonable.

      An exact re-make of COD4 would be nice, but admittedly, it had its fair share of balance problems and probably wouldn’t hold up to today’s standards.

      • oofy

        Have you put modern warfare in your 360 lately? It’s full of Incredible Hulk jumping, It-only-takes-one-kill-to-prestige, grenade launchers that shoot like machine guns and out of bound glitchers. If they could find a way to recreate THAT, I would buy it. 🙂

  • Stef

    Good writing David, I can tell that you feel alitle bit sad that its “over” thats what I felt when reading this. This was at the point where they were still innovating. And not all about marketing (Kinda like the early music industry) Remembering how awsome it was to play these early call of duty games. Hopefully there are something right around the corner to make this happen again.

  • So..
    1. Its realistic
    2. Doesn’t have stuff
    3. Its ridiculous
    4. PC master race
    5. Innovation

    doesn’t quite add up 😛
    i think nostalgia is a nice thing too

  • BigRuss730

    What do you mean ‘now it’s over’?

  • lMattW

    I never really considered the first point but it’s very true. The setting of the mp maps created a unique atmosphere for the game.

    I disagree on point 2 though. When it came out it had more customization than most people were used to. It’s only now after having more complexity added to each title that we look back at the simplicity of CoD4 as one of its strengths.

    • Maybe I didn’t make it clear, but I think COD4 hit that sweet spot looking at it from both then and now.

      Customization was clearly a huge key to the game’s success and, no, it wasn’t something gamers were used to at the time. But I get the feeling that, today, a lot of devs stuff their shooters with as much customization options as possible just so they can say, “hey look, we got all this stuff in our game, so it’s better than the other guys’ shooter! Go buy it!”

      For example, I love Battlefield 4, but why are there so many weapons when the differences between a number of them are negligible? Why not have a smaller selection of weapons, but each with their own specific role, giving them more purpose? Halo only has 2-3 weapons per weapon class and I think it’s working out just fine.

      Customization still has to be there to keep things interesting and I think COD4 got it just right. Again, that’s looking at it from both then and now.

  • WebWeaver40

    The best things about COD MW and WaW is lan play and custom community maps. That all died with MW2.

  • Jason Lane

    Looking back it’s really a shame Infinity Ward didn’t take the smooth COD expirience and apply it elsewhere. I would loved to have seen a sci fi shooter using the same engine. I’m assuming that’s what Titanfall could be.

    • oofy

      One could argue that Titanfall is the game West and Zampella wanted to make after Modern Warfare 2.

  • Jason Lane

    The next COD should be based on WW1. That conflict turns 100 years old in 2014. Hindenburg carpet strike inbound.

    • awkenney

      I personally think it’s time to return to WWII, for no other reason than World at War 2 has a nice ring to it. But that wouldn’t be this year’s game, so WWI it is!

      • Jason Lane

        They had automatic weapons, tanks, planes, the whole smack. The machinery at the time had an almost steampunk aesthetic. Could be interesting.

    • Mike Jones

      trench warfare is the definition of camping…no thanks (plus cod is dead and never coming back)

      • Jason Lane

        Trench warfare primarily existed on the lines between France and Germany. It was a global conflict. Many different locations. Besides an intricate trench system with tunnels overrun by the enemy creates a fine mess.

        • Mike Jones

          there were a few different bolt action rifles,couple shotguns,and a couple pistols….thats a pretty terrible weapon selection given what the fanbase is used to…and in cqb the rifles and pistols are rendered useless….there is a reason there has never been a ww1 game

          • Jason Lane

            They were over a dozen machine guns used in WW1. I don’t make this stuff up as I go sir.

            • Mike Jones

              machine guns yes…as in mounted machine guns…as in things not carried by single soldiers….as in things unusable in call of duty…so yeah you kinda are making it up as you go 🙂

            • Jason Lane

              Dude it is evident you know how to navigate the internet. That is how you are here with us right now. For the love of everything that has ever been deemed holy use that skill and search WW1 weapons. What? You thought I just threw WW1 out there without thinking it through for the sheer amusement? Hellfire and brimstone please stop digging that hole.

            • Mike Jones

              the lewis and the french gun with the u shaped mag are the only 1 man machine guns that im aware of (and im pretty familiar) and even those required the use of a bipod for stability… so fine you can add 2 more guns to that very short list of weapons….and you still end up with a far too limited selection for the cod fanbase….again…..there is a reason there has not been a ww1 game made,do you honestly think devs wouldn’t jump at the chance to be the first to make it and roll in giant piles of cash?…but they don’t,and won’t

            • Jason Lane

              WW1: 13 primary machine guns.
              COD World at War: 11 machine guns, including the BAR that was introduced during WW1. They won’t touch WW1 because it would suck as a game, because it wouldn’t. They won’t touch it because WW1 wasn’t for lack of a better term, sexy. It’s a war America nearly missed altogether, no heros, no villains, no propaganda. It was an ugly conflict. It’s the same reason Vietnam games aren’t flooding the market.

            • Mike Jones

              you freely admit that it wont be made…so what are we talking about? 🙂

            • Jason Lane

              Done with you. Read the entire thread over sir.

            • Mike Jones

              oh no! don’t be done!

            • Jason Lane

              Forget the wisdom I passed onto you. It will no longer have any value in your possession.

            • Mike Jones

              the wisdom of your game idea that will never exist because its terrible? your insistence that the most juvenile ‘give me what im used to’ fanbase ever,would settle for such a limited weapon selection? perhaps making a ww1 game that isn’t all trench warfare?(what the war was overwhelimingly known for which is important for a cod game)… feel free to keep all that wisdom to yourself good sir i won’t miss it much 🙂

            • mmt mmt

              @mike jones well well, if cod can’t do it then battlefield sure as hell did a good job on it 😛

            • Mark Eric Terry

              The BAR was in service in WWI for about 3 months, and saw VERY limited action.

            • Jason Lane


          • Randy

            Ya ever heard if a bayonet???.thats as cqc as it gets…not to mention…a solid buttstock. like the m91/30 mosin nagant…many a skull were crushed with said buttstock…and add its superb accuracy…you have one HELL of a weapon…first designed in the late 1800.’s….shoot….I still hunt with mine!!!

    • oofy

      Nah, let’s go all the way back to the Revolutionary War.

      We both shoot each other and miss and then it’s a tense race to reload the musket.

      • Jason Lane

        I like that. You could call in the Ghost (Mel Gibson) from the Patriot as a tomahawk wielding kill streak.

      • DanDustEmOff

        Screw that Call of Duty Medevil Warfare. Bows, crossbows, sword and sheild. Killstreaks are falcon (UAV) horse and trebuche style artillery strike.

        • Jason Lane

          That’s fine but they’ll have to nerf the Black Plague killstreak. That one was a little overpowered.

          • oofy

            Yeah. Everyone dies.

    • MeisseN

      New dev team (SHGames) with a new setting sounds great. If SHGames release a COD about modern warfare (the general meaning, not the trademark), seriously I’ll be tired easily

      • Jason Lane

        You and me both sir. The weapons are getting tired also. They’re basically identical in feel. That’s why we need a shot in the ass, and to ignore those who complain of change.

    • Nicholas Adams

      I do agree that the franchise needs to rewind time again for a bit. I love the modern and future settings. But they haven’t done one since WAW. And they haven’t been able to recreate the perfection of MW4 yet. Id love to see a COD revolving around the attack on Pearl Harbor. So much happened on that early Sunday morning alone. The attack lead to the release of 2 nuclear bombs on Japan. Got my fingers crossed for that one. If anyone has seen the “Pearl Harbor” film, its easy to see that translating into gameplay. I suppose going back to the Civil War could be interesting (assuming you fight like Mel Gibson in “The Patriot”, and not standing in a line to get killed).

      PS. Make another “Ghillies In The Mist” type level!!!!!!!!

    • Blaidd

      Seen the BF1 video battlefield has done just that gone back 100 years to WW1 😁

  • jahladagaming

    It is a nostalgia trip for sure, but I honestly do think it’s still the best COD even though I am a massive Black Ops fan. I gave up on it for ages when Black Ops came out, partly because of the hacked lobbies, but fairly recently I tries it again for old times sake (all Xbox 360 talk here btw) and there was an update. The I had several days of unhacked lobbies and it was great.

  • a-lex

    this make me climb the highest shelf to take the cd and play for a little bit 🙂 thx

  • Matt

    Totally agree. I have been saying for so long that Call of Duty should go back to a more simple formula instead of trying to throw everything in including the kitchen sink. Removing the skill level and rewarding bad players isn’t effective as you alienate your core base of veteran’s and the casual player wonder off when the next big title hits the stores.

    • SangheiliSpecOp

      But think of of the sales and money bro!

      • Matt

        Think of the core fan base abandoning the game in droves. Look at the bad taste the last few game have left in everybody’s mouth. They have two options continue on the current path and run the series into the ground where nobody will buy it or to turn it around bring back the enjoyment to the game.

        • oofy

          When Infinity Ward pitched the first Modern Warfare, Activision showed them surveys, focus tests and sales data to show why leaving WWII would be a bad idea. Infinity Ward stuck to their guns. After MW2, Infinity Ward wanted to make a sci-fi shooter and Activision showed them surveys, focus tests and sales data on why leaving the modern era would be a bad idea. Infinity Ward lost that battle.

          Activision will run CoD into the ground and move on to Destiny.

          • Nicholas Adams

            Now, a year later, Im reading your post. And guess what? Activision is making horrible choices in Destiny. Like waiting almost 6 months between DLC releases. I used to see 30-40 people listed daily as “currently playing” Destiny. Now less than 5! Bungie had all the content from the 2 expansion packs already in the game. Activision had them block the content, then sold it as DLC!!! Thats why, for anyone who didnt know this, when you download the expansions the file size is so tiny. IT WAS ALREADY ON THE DISC WHEN YOU INSTALLED THE GAME!! What a slap in the mouth. Paying for content twice. Sorry for my rant.

            • oofy

              Hopefully, I won’t have to wait a year for another rant. 🙂 Activision has made some very bizarre decisions indeed.

    • awkenney

      Thank God I’m not the only one who still thinks this.

  • oofy

    Point 5 is why I’m excited for Titanfall and what I hope it does for the genre.

    CoD 4 came and was revolutionary at the time, but the game is almost 7 years old. Just about every fps with a multiplayer component has either copied or tried to put their own spin on the CoD formula. I hope Respawn’s shooter ushers in a new standard for multiplayer.

  • born2expire

    Everyone one of those reasons can be said about Counter Strike, only CS did it first.

    • Oblivion_Lost667

      And, pretty much all renditions of CS are still popular. Only exception is probably Condition Zero.

  • T-51B

    This was clearly the best one.

  • MasterGammer

    I didn’t really like CoD4, the older CoDs had way better story… I played the older ones multiplayer, and it was enjoyable. CoD4 for some reason is your multiplayer mansion… i can remember playing it, but hated the idea of prestige, especially since it did absolutely nothing but gave you a new emblem erasing all gold guns/challenges/ect. Single player wasnt complete shit, but it lacked the feel that left me excited. I honestly stopped buying them after 4 and stayed with Halo as FPS, story, controls, less gimmicks. Hell i liked BF3, but not as much as Halo 2. Halo 4 is my second to last stand, because I enjoyed the ride I will give Halo 5 a chance, but any chance of armour abilities, I’m done. Talk mentions a Halo 2 anniversary… that’s all i need. Titanfall looks great, its a new title, so it has no comparison. As such I want to try beta. CoD4 was just the beginning of the shit storm they fed you fanboys. Better graphics, more stupid unneeded shit, so they can hype media when you need to waste hours for unlocks, rather than playing it for hours because it was fun. WaW zombies is cool, ive played it, but watching my friend play campaign just justified my departure. TBH i bought BO2 for WiiU, just for the dual screen zombies. My friend said no more to this crappy franchise, so he was hesitant on it all… I fell asleep whilst he played, woke up and he still was playing… frustrating look on his face throughout. To begin with it made zero sense to me, I just wanted to beat it on hardest difficulty to see if i would get anything… Finally he says, “Ah! That makes sense.” Something finally connected the game to the previous one… his whole review was it was shit though, even after he explained it, it made no sense to me. The first great introduction to prestige in my eyes? Red Dead Redemption. I have the Zebra Donkey. You wouldn’t lose gold guns, rather the challenge was reset so you could level up faster. Look at CoD Ghosts, the franchise is losing it’s real fans… TBH the gave to much, and if they try to retreat it, new players will be confused, fanboys will be upset, and I will try it. The best the can do is lower the amount of guns/killstreaks, but it will still be an unfair game. Halo, despite its armour abilities still requires power weapons to be picked up, they can go back to overshield/active camo pickups, and ultimately requires skill. Quickscope in CoD is a joke when your auto-aim hands you the fucking kill… Tapping the aim allows for followed reticules. Titanfall from what ive seen so far is zero assisted aim. Time for the real learning curves to begin, and casuals can stick to this piece of shit franchise for as long as they want… Halo players gave you the name long ago, because the game requires no skill, but we called ourselves skilled rather than hardcore because we had some respect. Hardcore was invented by some fuckwits that believe preorders and using racism/sexism/excessive profanity/’trolling’ make you better. All-in-all your just made you couldn’t 4 Shot, Super Jump, No Scope and BXR. Most ‘Giants’ in games are dying, they don’t know how to re-invent themselves, when really, we just want a new story, upgraded graphics, tweaks that ruined the previous version, and new maps. You say well thats just the same game, please explain wtf CoD has done that’s ‘new’ with exceptions to ‘more’ cause im not seeing it. Nazi Zombies originally awesome, yet it is new, cards give to exploration, using items to upgrade your bus cool… but god forbid they add killstreaks, try fixing it so I can get more money when my teammate kills every fucking zombie. I love my WiiU, Nintendo has the oldest mascots, but they don’t rape the consumers on its sales with shitty games. Every title they make is new, yet they stick to the basics. They know you loved it for some reason, so they won’t ruin it because of that, yet they do go out of their way to try complete overhauls, to see what you hate… If its admired, they may make a sequel, but they tend to do what they know best, Quality. CoD never changes the scheme, More Weapons, Bigger Maps, Bigger Killstreak Explosions, more Selective Perks (promising diversity, ultimately select few are overpowered, with no antiperk to help against it, leading to everyone using the same shit). Give yourself a pat on the back if you got this far, and anyone who still loves CoD I applaud you, because without you, we never would have seen a company ship so many shitty titles, year after year. Now I get to wait for Project Spark and TitanFall betas on XBO. Sorry about the Giant post but CoD doesnt deserve praise with how much shit its fed us, over the industry as a whole. CoD4 was an alright game, but it began the destruction, I’m sorry you we’re to blind… Fun Fact: Medal of Honour, used to be more fun than CoD. Till it copied this shitty format you love so much.

  • Iscreamforicecream

    Point number 2 is the real reason what made cod4 so great. Gun battles slower games is what made it perfect. To many perks and Kill streaks has ruined cod.

  • Reason

    Ideas for an updated COD4 remake:

    – Above all, keep the core gameplay intact, with emphasis on player skill and gun-on-gun encounters
    – Graphical improvements while maintaining 60 fps
    – Inclusion of every COD4 map and COD4 DLC map pack
    – No inclusion of deathstreaks.
    – Killstreaks at 3, 5, and 7 only. However, the player has 3 options which they can choose for 3, 5, and 7 tiers:
    Killstreak options at 3 – UAV, Counter-UAV, Recon-drone (similar to UAV but can be manually flown. Has a shorter duration than the UAV and is easily shot down, for balancing purposes)
    Killstreak options at 5 – Directional/Precision Airstrike, Predator Missile, Artillery Strike? (3rd option would be similar to the standard airstrike, but would instead have a circular bombing radius) [only one “5 killstreak award” can take place at any given time, similar to COD4]
    Killstreak options at 7 – Attack chopper (standard from COD4), AH-6 Overwatch (only kills players directly in view of player or within certain range from the player that calls it, follows player), Chopper Gunner (extremely limited ammo, very short duration, for balancing purposes) [as in the original COD4, only one helicopter can occupy the airspace at any given time]
    – No last stand, martyrdom, stopping power, or juggernaut
    – Expanded selection of weapons while maintaining balance. No one weapon should be dominant in every category
    – EOTech Holographic sight inclusion
    – Minor destruction (more than just explosive barrels, exploding cars, broken windows)
    – Sell COD4 remake for under $30

    And I’d be pretty pleased.

    • idi

      Lol no.

    • T-51B

      Not to be a dick… but… Never gonna happen.

    • MeisseN

      The last one isn’t likely to happen, but anyways I would so welcome a new COD that returns to it’s simplest form. The most recent release with its nonsense Squad Points system and 35 perks is totally a failure. It might seem cool before release (“Hey man look 35 perks this game is gonna be awesome such diversity”) but after actually playing it I found out that you would still use perks like Sleight of Hand, Agility and Quickdraw. I think if they use Black Ops II’s Pick 10 it will be much better.

      Anyways we’ll have to wait and see

      • Nicholas Adams

        Hahaha. Ya, that last one will NEVER happen. Gaming companies charge the maximum they can, always. Im quite shocked that they offer free games each month nowadays on xbox. But it blows my mind what they charge for arcade games. What a rip off. Dont even get me started on DLC. Its still like 14.99 for all the Black Ops DLC…EACH!! I dont understand why they dont permanently lower older game prices. Like im gona pay 29.99 for something from 2007.

        • MeisseN

          Damn.. Black Ops 1 DLCs lmao… the game is on half discount on Steam yet all DLCs receive only -25% like what the crap… Paying almost full price for something no one ever plays again is just nonsense. At least let them have the same discount rate as the base game lol

  • SamRock

    Wow! Just last night I was asking my brother where the DVD of COD:MW4 is. It was really a fun game to play.

    BTW how did Ghosts fair compared to BF4 and the older COD games? Activision hasnt shared any record breaking news yet.

    • oofy

      Sold well, but nothing worth bragging about, hence the silence.

    • MeisseN

      My guessing is that it outsold BF4 but the sales are pale compared to older COD games. Not to mention they just lost their record to Rockstar’s GTA V 😉

  • joezafein

    great points. great article. I think the series peaked at MW2. the perfect amount of customizations, killstreeks, perks and gameplay. mw1 def revolutionized the shooter but I had the most fun ever playin ps3 with mw2.

  • Klaas-Jan Huntelaar

    I started with Black Ops and since the first time I saw a bunch of dogs destroying and making the enemy step back I felt in love with high killstreaks and the fast-paced action that Cod offers. Some killstreaks are really annoying and childish like the hunter killer, rc-cd or guardian but the high streaks are meant to have control of the map for a couple of seconds. I’ve being on numerous times where the game is almost done and we losing for 10-15 points and a team mate calls a Vsat, lodestar, dogs or swarm that give the change to cap all the flags and make that heroic, win-by-one point comeback. Also what would make Cod more fun is to add at least 40 player lobbies in maps like Black Ops or Ghosts in terms of size.

  • James Mulhall

    Was still playing it on the PS3 only until Christmas recently, when I decided I’ll pick it up on Steam since it was pretty cheap. Put in 54 hours so far.. along with the hundreds I already have on PS3. :p

  • CoDforever

    Haha, all of a sudden spawn trapping and gun on gun in cod4 is ok ..

    Ghosts streaks suck, the entire game is fucking gun on gun and WE ALL FUCKING HATE IT

    • MeisseN

      Although spawn trapping sucks, at least you know where the enemies come from, so it’s way better than Ghosts’ random nonsense spawns and being shot at on the back all the time.

      Gun on gun in CoD4 is okay since the TTK (time to kill) is relatively longer even with Stopping Power, not to mention that Juggernaut perk makes SP totally useless. Yet since MW3 the series became completely “shoot first and win” and gun on gun became annoying. By the way there’s no longer any defense since you can find pathways to nearly all parts of the map and so those maps literally became Arenas.

      • CoDforever

        Not defending ghosts, i hate it, the only reason CoD4 is like everyones fav cod game is because their nostalgia with the game won them over.

        • MeisseN

          And COD4 has least bullshit… It’s pure fun of shooting

          • CoDforever

            Well fragx3 and many others would not agree ..

            • MeisseN


            • CoDforever

              I’d say ghosts has the least amount .. (only IEDs as far as im aware of) nothing else really but that doesnt matter cuz ghost is boring

            • CoDforever

              Id say ghosts, only thing annoying in that game is IED’s

  • MeisseN

    It was when COD doesn’t make people mad… Good old days.. 🙁

  • Myke Fletcher

    Great article! What do you think the odds are of a remake for next gen consoles? Perhaps a 10th anniversary or something!

  • CoD4 is & was my favorite FPS ever made. I really hope such a good balanced FPS should come again on the PC (Win, Linux & mac).

  • Jocsan D.

    I complete all challenges yestarday if you dont beleive me add me toy our friends i will show you my ID is : irina006

  • Oren

    Call of Duty: Vietnam that war has so much to go on. They could make such a beastly game out of that war. imagine the maps with rat tunnels and the cqc villages and cities. A great choice of weapons. I’d say take the cod4 style of balance ,3 kill streaks only, and believable maps and settings, and that bad boy is a winner. The last game to do Vietnam was battlefield and that was just a DLC. That was deserves its own game be it BF or cod.

  • Hilt

    Ill never purchase another CoD title till they return it to MW1 standards, it’s that simple.

  • Tommy Chappell

    I couldnt agree more, again reinstating what you said, the balance of the gameplay was great, the anticipation and build up of the franchise made it incredible exciting, the story was meaningful, the fast paced environments were quick and fun, did not go on for too long or get boring, the simple interface, story, campaign and challenges, the limited killstreaks, how it focused on the people and not the setting (like infinite warfare), above all it was the most fun ive had in years! the fact that you could play a quick game and have time for tea was also great too, it did not go on for too long… the pure challenge of the game was enticing too. a great game!

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