Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Teaser Analysis – Exo-Suit Abilities, Score Streaks, New Mini-Map, Field Orders, and More

It was brief, but the five second teaser at the end of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s recently outed campaign story trailer was more than enough to tell us a few key points about the game’s highly anticipated multiplayer.

Before we get to the details, here are some stills from the trailer:

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 10.45.06 AMScreen Shot 2014-07-29 at 10.45.30 AMScreen Shot 2014-07-29 at 10.45.55 AMScreen Shot 2014-07-29 at 10.47.20 AMScreen Shot 2014-07-29 at 10.48.07 AM


Boost Jump – In the very first sequence of the multiplayer teaser at the end of Advanced Warfare’s story trailer, we catch a third-person perspective of a player out-maneuvering his opponent using his Exo-Suit’s Boost Jump ability.

Boost Dash – The second sequence in the trailer demonstrates the player’s ability to Boost Slide. Both the Boost Jump and Boost Slide are sure to mix things up when it comes to character movement in Call of Duty multiplayer.

Multiplayer Map underneath the Golden Gate Bridge – Clearly, the multiplayer map showcased in the last sequence of the trailer takes place underneath the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, CA.

Medals return – The player earns a “Skeet Shooter” medal that appears rather similar to the medals earned in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

Kill-feed placement – The Kill-feed is now placed on the bottom right-hand quadrant of the player’s HUD, just above the score counter.

Exo-Suit abilities – It appears that the soldier in the last sequence is equipped with two Exo-Suit abilities, each with their own battery indicator. Those abilities likely range from moves like boost jumps or boost dashes to other abilities like cloak, extra strength, or different types of vision. Their use will likely be limited by draining battery power. How one might recharge their abilities is unknown.

Point Streaks return – Two selected streak rewards are displayed on the right-hand side of the player’s HUD. It also indicates he is 600 points away from his first streak and 700 points away from his second. After killing an opponent for 100 points, those scores are reduced to 500 and 600. Therefore, points will count down until a streak reward is achieved, as opposed to tallying up points or kills as in previous titles. Additional points can likely be achieved by completing objectives, as in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Players will be made aware when they are making noise and are appearing on the mini-map – The player’s position on mini-map is highlighted in red when he fires his weapon. It likely acts as a way to indicate to the player that he or she is making noise and is appearing on other players’ mini-maps.

Field Order Rewards might return and may be bigger than ever – Chances are good that the massive tidal wave that towered over and crashed into the map at the end of the last sequence was called in by a player who achieved a specific Field Order Reward, as in Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Weapons – It’s really hard to make out, but the second Kill-feed entry in the last still almost looks like a machete of some sort, though we’re undoubtedly mistaken. Other than that, the player appears to be wielding a relatively standard sub-machine gun. We’re guessing sub-machine gun due to its silhouette in the Kill-feed.

Time to Kill – We noticed it’s pretty fast. The players (8 on each team – 16 players total) are likely playing on a LAN connection in this teaser, so, in practical application, TTK might vary depending on connection.

We’re happy to see Point Streaks returning and are pretty excited about some of the new Exo-Suit abilities. They’re sure to be a game changer. The slight improvement to the mini-map is also a nice touch. New map layouts are likely to offer totally new experiences as designers must now accommodate for vertical gameplay.

Anything else you might have caught that we didn’t? Let us know in the comments! What are you most excited about so far?

Keep your sights on MP1st, as all will be unveiled this August 11 when Sledgehammer Games unveils Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare‘s multiplayer in full.

  • drake mulah

    It will be broken guarantee d!!!!!!!!!!

    • jahladagaming

      Not technically broken, but they will have overlooked some combination of perks/guns/equipment that will be pointed out on youtube by a super excited guy and a mummy’s boy and then ALL the children will exploit and there you go, game is broken.

      • drake mulah

        Everyone wants a this feature that mechanics and sleghammer trying to cater to the esport community…shesh bad idea modern warfare 4 wasn’t for a esport hit, it was a causal gamer hit….esport guy would buy any thing u put the call of duty name on (ANYTHING …case and point GHOST)saying all my mouth diahera and I still bought every call of duty I’m one of the suckers so I’m Speaking on experience

        • Playmaker

          The irony is esports limits all the “new” features and inserts all these rules. It’s like the pros want to play the same limited game every year.

          Who really thinks all these boost jumps will be allowed in esports or the cool mp features will make it to esports?

          Not I.

  • Alex Melendez

    “OMG!! i wonder how multiplayer will turn out this time!!!”
    ………….said no one ever

    • jahladagaming

      “said no one ever” said by everyone last year

      • Alex Melendez

        i know!! its sad
        i edited it

  • I hope there would be map destruction. Blowing up a hole in a building and then jumping through would be pretty darn badass.

    • Playmaker

      IMO this is doubtful for AW. COD Ghosts had planned destructibility unlike Battlefield which is what it sounds you like.

      Yes it would be cool though.

      • jordanxbrookes

        Battlefield’s destruction is scripted like in Ghosts. The only difference, is that it’s done on a massive scale.

        • TheTru Cypher

          No events n bf are scripted everything is caused by the player.

          • Ticmasta1234

            Actually you’re wrong, the guy above is right; BF is exactly the same as Ghosts in terms of destructibility. Pre planned destruction, only on a much larger scale. True unscripted destruction would be destruction completely rendered by in game physics. BF uses set animations, like Ghosts. Sorry to burst your bubble man.

            • That guy you might know

              What about BC2? From what I remember the destruction in that game was like how he described it.

            • Ticmasta1234

              Well, yes and no. BC still had pre planned destruction. Each wall would blow up exactly the same way every single time. However, in BC DICE made sure the entire map was more or less ‘destructible’. It was still all pre planned animations. Yes, you could blow open a wall, but that wall would blow open the exact same scripted way every time. Ghosts and BF’s destruction is more similar than you might think. Size, scope and scale is the only real difference between CoD and BF.

            • Well unless its all procedurally generated, and everonecseesctge exact same thing at thge exact same tine, there’s no way one could write every possible way a building could collapse. And its not like this one way is a bad thing, its software, not real life.

            • Playmaker

              I’ve always thought of BF having “unplanned” destruction (minus levolution) while COD having very few instances of true destruction. But it seems from reading it all is “planned”.

              The franchises are vastly different I agree. Good in diff ways.

            • DS

              Its not really about blowing up the same way or using a physics engine, it’s about the game experience. There’s so much you can do on a cpu/gpu, especially when it comes to consoles.
              By the way, there are huge differences between BF and COD:
              1. map sizes
              2. 64 player games
              3. vehicles
              4. destructibility
              And I could continue. Sorry to burst your bubble, but there’s no comparison between the two. And I played both franchises.

            • TheTru Cypher

              Wtf do you expect it’s a video game

            • Ticmasta1234

              Shit mate calm down, just because you are wrong, it does not mean you have to lash out at me.

            • TheTru Cypher

              In American terms I was just speaking normally but maybe in European terms I was “lashing out”. Anyway welcome to the internet.

            • DS

              Please guys don’t make statements about things you have no idea about. The destruction in Battlefield is totally up to the player. Take down buildings, blow up walls and create new paths, kill campers behind walls, you name it. No script, just C4, RPG, grenade launchers, etc. Battlefield had it since 2008. Another thing is levolution which is at a massive scale and drastically changes the layout of the map – which is scripted but triggered by players.
              I know you are COD fanboys, but at least get your facts straight.

            • Austin Caron

              If I 2 different walls explode and crumble into the same manner, but the inflicted damage upon these walls is different, then the game uses scripted animations. Aka battlefield 4.

  • jordanxbrookes

    Can’t wait for this game, truly revolutionary unlike Ghosts.

    • MrMultiPlatform

      Ghost is more revolutionary than BO2.

      • MegaMan3k

        Hey man, let’s give Ghosts credit where it’s due. It was a lot worse than we all thought possible. They tried REALLY hard to let us down even more than the cynical masses thought possible. That’s an accomplishment.

      • jordanxbrookes

        No it wasn’t. Sure Ghosts had some cool ideas like Field Orders and Dynamic Elements, but overall it was a huge step back to what Black Ops 2 had, and I wasn’t keen on Black Ops 2.

      • TheTru Cypher

        Down vote

  • Sal

    In the third image, what is that circle by the light?

    • It’s odd, hey? Hard to tell if it’s a marker for some sort of Kill Streak, or just part of the map.

      • Sal

        Looks like the Gryphon target marker or its like a lamp/drawing by the lamp.

        In that same screen, look at the team mate arrow behind the player; the tip of the arrow is blinking; so maybe he threw something, shot the guy as well or was talking.

  • Playmaker

    I’m unsure if the two abilities are exo suit or battery indicators. The batteries never went down when he clearly boosted.

    Anyways, I’m genuinely excited for AW. If any of Titanfalls movement can be added to any shooter I’m all for it. It really is a shame TF was a MS exclusive as IMO if it had hit PS4 I def think it would be huge.

    Faster movement, no fall damage (hope), AW is looking good so far.

    • The player in the last sequence (that shows the HUD) never used any abilities at all, actually. All he did was shoot the other player down.

      • Playmaker

        You’re right. Re-watched. Most likely they are abilities. Bumper jumper it is for me then!

  • theplantain

    from what i’ve seen, it looks quite similar to those other CoD games…need to see more footage

    • Patrick Matthew Barahona

      It’s an FPS. They all look the same.

      • theplantain

        not sure if troll or not very bright

        • Patrick Matthew Barahona

          Not very bright? It’s true. All FPS are the same. That’s one reason they all bore me to death.

          • theplantain

            yet you feel compelled to make your voice heard in an FPS article

            • Patrick Matthew Barahona

              Why not? Have a problem with that? Freedom of speech, man.

  • Galaxy

    My main worry judging from that brief clip is that the TTK will be too fast. Something as simple as the ability to dash from side to side could be huge and make the game a lot more skill based, but if you don’t survive long enough to actually dash……it renders the whole thing pointless. But then again, if they made the TTK like, say, even Titanfall, you would get a bunch of kids whining about how they actually need to aim now that people can evade lol

  • MegaMan3k

    “TTK is pretty fast”

    “Field Orders might return.”

    “Exo Suit abilities like cloak”

    • awkenney

      The possibility of a cloak really irritates me. I can’t stand accessibility features being built into a multiplayer mode that is competitive by its very nature.

      • Michael Gutierrez

        I feel exactly the same way, Crysis 2 multiplayer was fun but the cloak hindered its ability match the fair and competitive flow of Call of Duty. It’s like the one-way shields in Killzone Shadow Fall, some changes just mess with the formula a bit too much.

      • sugarjungle

        I don’t hear many complaining about cloaking in titanfall. I’ve never raged once because of clocking in TF. Mainly because its a mild clock you can make a player out fairly easy. TTK makes or breaks a cod for me ghost was too fast blops2 was to long.

    • Esche1onXGaming

      If cloaking is balanced like the cloaking in Blacklight Retribution it should be fine. Make it an item that must be held and give it a slow swap speed.

  • Jay

    Seems like Destiny PVP a bit… Maybe a little faster paced. If it turns out well enough, I’ll pick it up. Stopped playing COD after BO1 since it started to feel like $60 DLC.

  • paulinacio

    Advanced Warfare just might get me back into COD

  • Merffy

    Haven’t played Call of Duty in almost a year, so this is definitely a fresh start for me.

  • Josh

    The machete you were talking about kinda looks like a shotgun. might be wrong though.

  • hector

    so are we not going to notice the fucking tsunami?

    • C BREEZY

      It’s talked about halfway through the post

  • AlecJ

    That suit boost scares me. Will it become the “commando” perk of this CoD. Getting melee killed from 10 yards away was the worst. There are a lot of untested ideas in this game. The balancing for multiplayer is going to be difficult.

    I dont know. “Ghosts” was the worst version since CoD 3 and i wonder if they are overcompensating and trying to do too much. I guess we will see…..

    • Galaxy

      Honestly I would rather have them try something new and fail, rather than release another “we fixed this problem but added 5 more” that we’ve got with every single post-CoD4 entry. There’s some forgiveness to be had for a game that is unique, you can overlook quite a few flaws with fresh experiences (look at CoD4 for the prime example).

  • jean-Alexandre thibault

    Looks rad. A bit HALO4-ish with the abilities.
    Especially on timers etc …

    I bet they drop split-screen online for this one to get the graphics on par with the BF series … question is: will a wall blow-up if I shoot a rocket at it?

    Next gen has bigger demands … we’ll see if COD can keep up.

  • Field orders sucked. Everything else was awesome. Closer it is to Black Ops 2, the better. Ghosts was a letdown.

    • absoulty true ghosts sucks balls killstreaks are terrible and maps are way to big and full of campers i mean it takes a full ten minutes for a tdm and freeforall game cos of the camping

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  • all round i just hope it plays faster than that camp fest cod ghosts