Augmented Reality: The Future of Multiplayer Gaming?

There’s been a lot of buzz lately about Ingress, Google’s latest foray into online social networking.  Instead of focusing on creating another facebook, Ingress is Google’s attempt at using that massive pile of data they’ve been collecting about us to use in a way that hasn’t really been done before, in an augmented reality game.  Foursquare, it seems, was just the beginning.

Now, because I haven’t gotten a precious invite to play Ingress yet, I can’t objectively review it.  If you’re interested in an in depth review, check this article out.  What I can say, however, is that people like Ingress, a lot.  Everyone I know that has played it, gamer and non-gamer, has gotten sucked into it in no time.  Given Ingress’s growing popularity, it can be assumed that Google is going to step it up in the future and combine Ingress with Google Glasses

If this BF3-inspired fan film is proof of anything it’s that people are on the augmented reality bandwagon.  The possibilities are endless when the entire world becomes the virtual battlefield.  To me, I’d much rather be out shooting terrorists in the streets of my city than be stuck in some nondescript desert..  That’s a big part of what has made today’s shooters so fun.  It used to be that shooting games were chiefly played on maps in outer space or some dungeon under a fictional castle.  Now we have games like COD bringing the fight to our front door and BF3 turning urban environments into war zones.  Given our desire to live dangerously in the safety of our own homes and cities, I think it’s a given that gaming is going to evolve to envelope the very world we live in.   Assuming technology can keep up with our dreams of taking down bad guys in our own backyard, it’s just a matter of time before augmented reality games are the big ticket item selling out in minutes on the night of release.

Obviously, people running around pointing air guns at thin air and scaring the crap out of everyone around them is probably going to be a roadblock for something like BF5 on Google Glasses, but given the level of immersion and possibilities for game-play and advertising, to me at least, it can’t not happen.  We’re starting to hit the limits of current gaming hardware (PCs, consoles, etc) and while there’s obviously a lot of progress to be made with what we have now, the stuff of the future looks way cooler than anything we have now.

Rumor has it, Microsoft will also be dabbling in Augmented Reality with the next Xbox and Kinect 2.0.

What do you think?  Does augmented reality seem like the next “big thing” in gaming?  Are you excited to see what it can bring to the table?  Or do you think real-world limitations are going to force things like BF5 on Google Glasses into obscurity?  Let us know in the comments!

Thank you for reading.

  • You thought lag comp was shitty in the virtual world. Just imagine how frustrating that shit would be in augmented reality. Not to mention I could see local governments banning that shit from the streets straight away on safety and disturbance concerns. It’ll be like the early days of skate boarding all over again.

  • tludt888

    I sure hope so. Will be nice to need some level of physical proficiency in addition to the usual game prowess. Plus the old immersion factor.

  • Yeh but think about it. We already have paintball and lazer tag. Imagine playing paintball or lazer tag, over-layed with an augmented reality version of CoD/Battlefield. Instead of having servers with standard maps, you get buildings / fields made up across the world to be nearly identical to each other. Do I see people being able to just run around in the street doing it? No, way to many potential problems, safety concerns alone of having people step out into traffic or something else as equally hazardous. But standardised ‘battlefields’, certainly a possibility.

  • uwantSAMOA

    Good luck “dropshotting” IRL

    • Haha. People won’t be so tough with their 360 no-scopes any longer.

      • PuddingAuxRais1ns

        I can’t wait to see kids out in the street trying to do 360 tempurr shots lol

  • asgaro

    I wanna T-bag people IRL.

    • You can do it now but wear a cup just to be safe.

  • Xplicit_360

    They already have something like Battlefield in real life it’s called an Airsoft League.

    • xplicit_360

      And I mean closest you’re going to get without being in the military

  • Coolest article in a long time. If this ever happens while im alive I think it would be really fun to play at school! LOL. Also It would be funny to hear a guy in the street randomly yell “****ing LAG COMP! WTH!”

  • I see it going the way of virtual reality and concept cars. Looks good on paper, and the “public” thinks of it as the the future, but I don’t ever see it being more than a gimmick on your cell phone.