Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Beta Impressions

Tomorrow, the official Battlefield 4 multiplayer beta opens up to the public, giving everyone on the PC, Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 a chance to try their hand at DICE’s upcoming FPS epic, officially launching on October 29.

Along with other early-access members, we’ve already had a few days to sink our teeth into the beta, so we’re here to give you some of our first impressions, as well as ask for yours.

Watch the video, vote below, and leave your thoughts in the comment section so we can get some discussion going. Those joining us on October 4, feel free to add your initial impressions as well throughout the week. We want to hear from you!

See you on the Battlefield!

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  • JohnD

    Ok been playing the beta for a while now and I have learned all the mechanics for what they got in the beta. Dare I say this is better than BF3 in every way. I know they still have tons of stuff to tweak and add but I have having so much fun with the new play mechanics and gadgets.

    And my god that 50 Cal sniper rifle is fucking epic when I can get it LOL. When this releases it is going to be truly amazing. I am just loving the beta. It just feels like everything has more power too it. The tank shells I think are glitched still but DICE will sort it out. I love the new damage system for the tanks armor and the reload system in the tanks. And this is coming from someone who loves tanks. Plus the RPG finally has some kick to it instead of feeling like it shoots marsh mellows like in BF3.

    Bottom line from what I have tried so far DICE has yet again made it feel fresh without changing it to much. When this comes out we are all gonna be in for a treat regardless what platform we play on.

    • Joseph

      Well put! Can’t wait til tomorrow now. 😀

    • Ryan Schulze

      That’s my exact impression after limited play. WOW…so empty on Current Gen (360). Actually kind of put me off on the game a bit. If I don’t go with PS4 day one, then I might not get BF4 (at least not on console). I love the game, but I just don’t think I could handle the 24 players on a map like that.

      Then again, I found ways to have fun on the Armored Kill maps on 360, so I’ll probably still get it, but that map seems giant for just 12 players on your team.

      • JohnD

        Yeah I am getting the PS4 version for sure. I am ready for a full on war not a one man army.

    • SangheiliSpecOp

      Even for a pickup weapon, the M82a3 is hardcore… I took out 1 helocopter and 3 jeeps with it. That’s the way the .50cal should be and something I was wishing for since BC2, but I expect it to be nerfed once everyone starts crying.

      • I did too it was so freakin awesome!

        I feel IMO this is probably one of the most balanced implementations of a .50 cal

        • SangheiliSpecOp

          I agree, it is interesting. I always figured that if DICE was going to do something like this, then they would let anyone select the Barret but it would have slow reload/slow deploy rate etc etc. but DICE just said “eff it” and made it crazy powerful (as it should be), but for only one person.

          • Those last 3 words. “Only one person”

            I never understood why most of everyone that plays recon felt they all needed access to the a superpowered rifle like that. That was what I really hated in Medal of Honor Warfighter

            • oofy

              Really? I hated the sniper rifles in Warfighter.

      • uwantSAM0A

        It’s sad that it may see a nerf for release since majority of my toons and I think it fits perfectly.

      • JohnD

        I doubt they nerf it because.
        1. It has limited ammo.
        2. It takes forever to respawn.
        3. it is a 50 Cal. When it shoots someone it should actually split them in half. If they nerf it and it takes 2 shots to kill someone what would be the point of it being a pick up weapon.

        • SangheiliSpecOp

          I agree with you completely; I’ve always wanted the .50cal to be like this. But I still think that DICE will have to succumb to the massive whining inbound from the M82a3, Usas12, and MGL. MGL isn’t too bad though. And the Barrett IS only effective if you know how to use it. So maybe i’ m wrong about everything.

    • dpg70

      .50 cal still shoots spitwads, but other than that and the damn Battlelog button taking my spot function I’m loving it.

    • Kyle Jackson

      Check out what customisable camos people are using, can’t wait to make my own.

      I didn’t know you could even do this, imagine the squads then with all of the same uniforms!

      • JohnD

        Pretty sure DICE will be removing that.

        • Kyle Jackson

          They already have, and some dick ones too, boring bastards, here’s mine from yesterday:

        • Yevgenij Pekurovskyy

          when millions of people make it? i’m not sure

  • Young Money Fresh

    The PS3 beta is nothing but disappointment worst than bf3

    • zacflame

      Actually, the PS3 beta is the most stable of the three.

      • Oh man. I couldn’t stand the positioning of spotting on the Dual Shock 3. I figured that was why DICE changed it for BF4!

        • paulinacio

          I actually found spotting to be easy on DS3 on BF3 but I enjoy it more now with R2 tho

        • zacflame

          I like it better on select, but I’m fine with R2/B spotting IN INFANTRY.
          The main reason why they changed the whole control scheme around is to emphasize battlelog, by assigning it it’s own button.

          • Just saying

            yeah, I don’t know why the messed up the control scheme to add battlelog in the new control scheme! I see it more useful to give option to classic BF3 control scheme and add Battlelog to the pause menu.

      • WarHero

        I agree and I am hoping DICE will do their absolute best to make it stable on release, right now on PC I’m having stutters and FPS drops sporadically.

        • paulinacio

          Been playing like crazy on PS3 and have had no frame drops even when the B building comes down.. David Veselka stated the same for Xbox. I’m sure the final product will be greatly optimised and run smooth on all platforms

          • JohnD

            Trust me on Xbox every time the building comes down it goes in super slow mo. I think the people you says it does not is sitting in one spot watching. move around when it happens and the frame rate drops to a crawl.

    • paulinacio

      I find the game to be better in many ways compared to BF3 on current gen but its lack player count and really hurts it

  • Jerry Kehr

    I’m really enjoying the beta for xbox, but I will definitely be waiting to buy it on next gen.

  • Katana67

    Reposted. More relevant here. Some are more an indicator of my distaste for “Normal” versus “Hardcore”, so take that with a grain of salt. I think we can all agree that current-gen is showing its age, hence why I’ve tried to add a bit of specificity to my critiques of BF4 in Beta.

    – You start off with far too little ammunition. I get that you want to
    make Ammo dumping Support classes a thing DICE, but some people just
    want to be viable on the battlefield. Locking us into a string of
    squad-based specializations just to get ammunition is an ass-backwards
    way of looking at it.

    – The reloads cause rounds left in the magazine to disappear
    entirely. This is just as unrealistic as drawing from a big pool of
    “ammo”. If you reload a 25/30 mag with a 30/30 mag, you don’t just toss
    the 25/30 aside… you’d put it back in the pouch/sleeve/whatever you
    found it in to be used later, or a dump bag. It’s not gone forever, GR
    did a good job of this back in the day by attaching ammo to magazines so
    that you’d eventually cycle back to that 25/30 mag. This is one of
    those cases where “realism”/”authenticity” actually presents a more
    balanced solution than artificial game mechanics.

    – Bolt-action sniper rifles, appear at least, to be useless at range
    sans OHK headshot (mostly because of health-regen). This is fine, as it
    is sort of indicative of my disdain for Normal. But, nonetheless, a
    grievance. I don’t think the CRS or whatever it is, is meant to be a
    power hitter any more so than the M40A5, so that could have a lot to do
    with it. Hopefully the .338 and .408 rifles are a bit more powerful.

    – Why were the controls switched? I was so baffled as to why I
    couldn’t bail out of a vehicle until I realized they changed the
    enter/exit button to X for some reason. I suspect I’ll get used to them, I’m just more wondering what prompted the changes.

    – I keep pressing the “Back” button to spot. Which I’ll eventually
    get over, but why can’t I just press “B” like everything else to get out
    of the Battlelog screen? Sort of counter-intuitive.

    – The lack of a map-less Hardcore preset in the initial server
    browser filter is disheartening. This should be (and was in BC2, not to
    mention other franchises which use “Hardcore”-type presets) a day-one
    feature, not a “whenever we get to it” feature like it was with BF3.

    – The elevators are dumb and highly campable. They’re teleporters on
    a delayed timer, not elevators. Not the most important distinction in a
    video game, but whatever. I am glad though that they spread them out to
    give certain non-essential buildings accessible rooftops, a feature
    that was lacking (with the removal of MAV lifting in BF3). I don’t see
    why elevators, AND ladders, AND stairways are out of the question. Why
    is it reasonable to have -one- method of getting somewhere that doesn’t
    involve sacrificing a vehicle like an idiot?

    – They still haven’t got the “moving over rubble or asymmetric
    cover” running down. People slide all over and are impossible to hit
    when vaulting as well. If they’re going to continue to have this
    feature, it needs not to be an invincibility card. Likewise with

    – I have no idea how Battlepacks work. Is it just something that
    allows you to choose which attachments/weapons to unlock to a degree? I
    don’t think it’s very well explained in the UI.

    – Definitely digging the CommoRose though! Glad it finally made it to console, now if we can just get people to listen to it…

    – This is an EXTREME nit-pick, but I was under the impression that
    the support beams which were destructible (and thus would cause the
    collapse of the Levolution building) would be placed inside the
    building. Now, it seems far too easy to just blast away with a tank to
    take the building down. I had thought it would be more of a concerted
    effort type of action, with someone entering the building to go about
    taking the building down with C4 and the like.

  • CoDforever

    Biggest console dissapointment of they year – the pc version is good, but my friend told me it was nothing different than bf3 gameplaywise. Well before all you fanboys downvote the fuck out of this comment, it will be interesting to see how this plays on next gen consoles tho. But for now, COD>BF consoles (75% of player base), BF>COD Pc (less than 25% player base)

    • You are practically ASKING for down votes with comments like these. Calling everyone “Fanboys”? “COD>BF”?

      “Biggest console dissapointment of they year – the pc version is good, but my friend told me it was nothing different than bf3 gameplaywise.” So, you haven’t actually played it yourself?

      • CoDforever

        I didnt mean fanboys i meant fans, yea i havent played pc but i praised it still not critiscized it

        • oofy

          But, still, it makes no sense to judge something without trying it.

          • CoDforever

            Yea im gonna go try it out tomarrow on Pc at my friend’s

            • oofy

              Good for you. Call it, “diversifying your portfolio”. You already know what you’re getting with CoD and that you like that style of FPS. Nothing wrong with liking another FPS with a different twist.

            • JohnD

              You have friends. Are they as dumb as you?

        • Let me give you some advice, because I don’t want to pick on you, though you’re making it really hard for me 😉

          “But for now, COD>BF consoles (75% of player base), BF>COD Pc (less than 25% player base)” – This adds nothing to your point and needlessly creates animosity.

          As much as EA’s marketing team wants you to think Battlefield’s ultimate goal is to take down COD and usurp its throne, the developers at DICE couldn’t care less and are only in it to make the best game they can, something they would want to play and hope others would too.

          I’m NOT saying you’re wrong with that statement. In terms of raw numbers and popularity, you’re absolutely right, but it’s just a lazy way to describe how you feel about a game.

          • CoDforever

            Ok ill agree with everything you said except EA’s goal. Thats all EA really wants, their CEO even said it themselves “we wont stop till we beat CoD”. Thats why BF3 and BF4 come out 2 weeks before cod, they want to ruin as much cod sales as they can. Remember BC2 came out in March, And then EA forcibly made DICE release BF3 in october to go head on with MW3. BF3 Tagline “Above and beyond the CALL”

            • Then, you’re agreeing with me, no? That’s what I’m saying. So, we shouldn’t fall into that trap and let publishers’ marketing campaigns create this disdain between us gamers.

          • Gannon

            I appreciate your correct use of the term “couldn’t care less”. Pet peeve of mine when people say “could care less”

      • Raymond Featherston

        There really isn’t a point in trying to reason with him about this. That being said I have enjoyed this beta so far and of course it has its issues, but it is a beta after all.

    • Just saying

      We all know by now, you love CoD so much and it’s fine but what’s the point in this anti BF comments. I remember you saying the comment section needs more like me in being unbiased but you always sound like you hate BF. I’m only saying that you try to make your point in a less hated way.

      • CoDforever

        Im not hating on it – trust it dude, I went playing BF4 beta completely unbiased and im just espressing my concerns of this game so far. Again this is only current gen, Next gen must be better.

        • JohnD

          People does not like stuff they suck at. It is a sad fact.

          • Just saying


    • Ryan Merrifield

      Please know I’m not trying to be condescending or insulting when I say this, but maybe BF just isn’t your cup of tea. There’s no shame in saying it, even on the BF articles and in the video David said it’s cool if you bash it, just in a respectful and critical way.

      Trust me, I know your pain when it comes to playing BF on consoles because that’s what I own BF3 on unfortunately and I agree it’s terrible compared to its PC counterpart. And like you I am more than ready to give BF another chance on my soon to be PS4. The only reason you got bashed is because you said you didn’t play it, and it doesn’t help your name is CoDforever haha. Like David said, you’re only asking for downvotes.

      In my honest opinion, BF4 should have been a next-gen and PC exclusive, and same with Ghosts. But thats just a fantasy and me really wanting to know just what these new consoles can do. In all, excited for BF4, and Ghosts (Deep down I am a CoD fanboy).

    • Craig

      did you really expect it to be that great on current gen?

    • Ricardo

      I’m not surprised you find it “disappointing” from your gamertag. And again why are you treating this like it’s the full game? Dice even made a video saying this is no where near the final product the full game is out and you’re treating it like it was form your comment “Biggest console dissapointment of they year”

      • CoDforever

        How much can they change in 1 week and a half ?

    • Aria68

      Don’t wanna be rude in here, but you can suck my d*** …

  • Kyle Jackson

    I’m not showing off or anything, but playing the beta on 160″ projector screen, as full on 64 player war kicks off around me with 7.1, is pure joy, good work DICE.

    • JohnD

      Yeah there really is no other studio that can handle sound like DICE. It is jaw dropping how amazing it is in this game. Shooting a sniper rifle next to the buildings and it echoing is pure awesome sauce.

      • Kyle Jackson

        Love the sound inside the vehicles when you’re shooting now.

  • Timothy David Medric

    Anyone else having issues where the game crashes when a new game starts?

    • mechcell

      Only once time for me on PC.

    • Just saying

      On PS3, it crashed 3 times for me.

      • Timothy David Medric

        I can’t even loaf a new match. always freezes.

        • Just saying

          I didn’t get that kind of problem :/

        • pot51e

          Only when trying to select a server. Quick match has been 100% for me.

        • I used to have an issue where I could not so much as select a storage device.

    • zacflame

      A couple times with no correlation.

      This isn’t really the place to talk about the common bugs.

      • Timothy David Medric

        Thank you, just trying to zero in in if it is a bug or if my Xbox is on its way out.

        • zacflame

          It’s 99% of the time the game rather than the hardware.

  • Just saying

    I’m really enjoying the beta but I have some problems with the control scheme on DS3, I would like them to add a classic control scheme for BF3 controls as it’s hard for me to adapt for this after playing BF3 for nearly 2 years. For the little bird, it feels a lot faster which I don’t know if it’s good or not. I still get kills and everything but I don’t have the window for killing that I get in BF3 before I have to turn it around and hit again. For the RPG lock on on laser designated targets, I don’t know why they added this? Does it exist in real? I don’t see anyone going with guided missiles as a gadget now. For the aim assist, it feels like it 90% of the time aim for the head giving no fun in gun fights, I think DICE will fix that tho.

    • Shorty5782

      Yep aim assist is to strong

      • JohnD

        Guarantee the aim assist will be tweaked like crazy in the final product. It is way to easy to do now.

        • Shorty5782

          Well i hope so! I would rather have them remove it completely, never liked aim assist.

  • softgrip

    I’m playing on pc….

    The gunplay is good! The thing that bugs me is the dust. Shanghai turns into a bland white cloud every match within a couple of minutes due to levolution. IMO, every bf3 map looked better.

    That being said, the rubble is quite impressive, very detailed.

    The sound is amazing!

    • JohnD

      Agree on the sound. cannot believe they actually improved the sound over BF3. When that tornado siren goes off it sounds so freaking real. This is a game you need to have some quality headphones for. I love the dust it makes it more immersive.

  • prodgy92

    is there anyone who cares about the engi class having the PDWS? Its so stupid!

    • Leon

      In Domination PDW are a very good choice. They are very accurate and with high RoF. To be honest Domination feels like CoD. It is better than Close Quarters BF3 DLC.

      • prodgy92

        I “always” play as engi…and it Always had some balance, but now, with the cabines beeing all kits its Just not right. Yeah you say that because its domination….i ask when do you use hipfire in maps like caspian, gulf of oman, 7/10 your dead.

        • Leon

          That’s true. There is a major disadvantage in Conquest mode over Domination. But I can’t even play Conquest with 20 fps. 🙁

  • Swisher Sweets

    i love it! only thing that bothers me is the amount of people on battlelog that are making up BS to complain about. Its like the games not even out and groups of people on that forum are hell bent on having everything nerfed or want the game to go back to how bf3 was.. so im kinda worried dice will listen to these groups and pander to the whine-forumers

    • theplantain

      it’s ridiculous over there

  • Ricardo

    Alright my thoughts are… I love it I’m playing it on the 360 and yes there is bugs sometimes when I use the scar-h the sights have this weird ass square around the sights of the weapon but then goes away. I think people need to know this is a beta and not the final product plus it’s free guys come on don’t like it don’t play it or buy it you didn’t waste any money at all. The only thing that kinda annoys me is the people abusing the c4,rpgs,and noobtubes they need to patch. If you walk into this hoping for the game to run like it’s running on a gaming PC you’re gonna have a bad time.

  • Leon

    I have chuckled when I heard “PC version is running a couple of small lag issues”. I have GTX580, i5-2500, 16GB RAM and Conquest is unplayable for me on low settings with 20 fps and Domination stutters, crashes and otherwise gives me around 40 fps. I am not going to pre-order and buy Premium as I previously intended, but going to wait and see reviews for retail PC version. In one word, BF4 beta has been a disaster for me.

    • JohnD

      This is why I am buying a PS4. I put the game in and it works. If there is a problem it is on DICE not my crazy computer set up.

      • Leon

        I have never played a console game in my life. Never will. 🙂

        • Eric Lemaire

          no super mario… no childhood

          • Leon

            Actually, I had a very happy childhood with no console, no PC and no cell phone. 🙂

    • lukazo

      i too, have had a horrific experience! i have 8gbRAM i5 3570 cpu, and a hd 7870 gfx card and i find it unplayable i get no more than 7 fps! on any settings, i hope they fix it and i am able to play the beta soon!

      • Leon

        DICE said that “most likely” there will be a patch for beta PC. There is a hope for us! 🙂 BTW, did you try to set CPU priority to low in Task Manager? It has helped me to the point that I was able to play Conquest. Of course, stuttering and fps drops are still there.

        • lukazo

          yes i did the task manager thing and it didnt change anything, its kind of a joke that for recommended reqs is a hd 7870 yet i cant even play haha hopefully it isnt launched like this !

  • Trigger Happy

    I hope they take out the major bugs before release otherwise it will ruin the entire game.

    BF4 is ten times better than BF3. 😉

  • Leon

    Exlusive beta on PC should be called “Exluded beta” as many people can’t even pass through loading screen.


    I’ve been playing since BC1 and I’m digging the new feel. I love the new scout copper controls but I hate the mini gun on it and hopefully the 25mm does a better job with infantry. R2 for spotting works great when flying, infantry not so much. You can disable the select button under one of the option tabs so you don’t get the giant battlelog screen whenever you spot an enemy. I have a feeling BF4 on the next gen consoles will be one of the games we compare other future shooters to for the next decade.

  • Aria68

    %99 of the complain regarding to the console version of the game will be solved naturally and automatically when BF4 played on the nextgen consoles.

  • Jacky Liang

    Out of curiosity – how can I get on the beta for the PC?

  • S4vant04

    Having a lot of fun in the beta on PC. Was surprised that my rig is running so smoothly at the moment too. GPU is a GTX560Ti and the CPU is a mildly overclocked i5 2500k. Rarely seeing stutters, played both Conquest and Domination. You just have to get past the fact that its not a friggin demo, its a beta.
    I haven’t checked what my framerate, can i use the old “render.drawfps 1” console command?
    If it stays this stable for me, I might hold off on the GTX770 until the prices come down another $50.
    To all the little ones trying to start a COD:G is better than BF4 and vice versa war…..whatever….the games play and cater to different groups of people and play entirely differently. Why do you need to argue?

  • BIGG D

    If BF3 and BC2 had a baby they would name it BF4 .

  • roland0811

    Too bad the mortar still uses the ‘point-and-click’ mini-map to aim. DICE fail at indirect fire weapons again.

    • Warlon

      They need to come up with a 42/bf3 hybrid.

      • roland0811

        Far Cry 2’s single player mortar would be perfect for BF. A quadrant/range meter on the left of the tube and a friend with “eyes on” to talk you into the target. This “eye in the sky” crap needs to go.
        And BF3’s mortar was the worst I’ve ever seen in a game. Such lazy game design and no teamwork needed at all. Not to mention the PDWs had longer range than it……The PDWs had a LONGER RANGE THAN A MORTAR. That is pure fail in game/weapon design.


    feels to much like cod to me.

  • Gigers

    I am disappointed because there is no boats or attack chopper in the 360 beta and now have no interest at all in the 360 version just next gen.

  • Bradley Parsons

    The biggest problem with the Battlefield series (Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3, and Battlefield 4 beta) is the Net-code. Problems from the Net-code result in Shots / Hits not being registered against the enemy, Horrible gameplay, and crashes.

    The net-code was the worst in Bad Company 2. It still was NOT fixed in Battlefield 3. Hopefully it will be fixed with the release of Battlefield 4.

    I played the Alphas / Beta’s / Official Releases of Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3. I am upset I spent full price on both of them. I am weary about spending full price for Battlefield 4.

    I wouldn’t doubt that their problems with Battlelog. Like it even needed to be updated to make it much more complicated for players.

    I don’t care if the game is “BETTER”. I care if the problems plaguing the game series for the last 4-5 years get fixed.

    Google “hits not being registered for Bad company 2” or “battlefield 3”. Many websites of people had talked about them in the past.

  • Styntac

    bummer i cant find the beta in my psn 🙁

  • iSpiRiiT

    You wanna know my opinion on BF4 is so far?.


  • Yevgenij Pekurovskyy

    LAG LAG LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BillyHoWCR

    Need to fix the ‘rose commands’ and place it on the back button like the spotting was for BF3. And allow Melee to once again be RB on Xbox 360. There should be no reason that controls make you take your finger off the trigger to spot.

  • bluejay1020

    Still cant join the beta on pc, with the white screen loading bug