Black Ops 2: Be a Better Teammate – Episode 4 – Finding Teammates

In this week’s episode of “BABT,” I give you some advice for where to find reliable teammates.

As much as I’d like to think of myself as a beast of a player that can carry even the worst of teammates, I know that couldn’t be any farther from the truth.  Despite being pretty good at Call of Duty, I find myself constantly struggling to do well when playing solo because of teammates that are just playing for themselves and not as team players.  Thankfully, we have a lot of great options for finding reliable teammates these days.

Hupit Gaming and MP1st are both great resources for getting in touch with other players and find people to play with when nobody seems to be online.

If you’re in need of some teammates, leave your info in this thread here on the MP1st offical forums.

If you still have trouble finding people to play with, check out Hupit Gaming’s website here as they’re one of the biggest and most popular resources for finding teammates.

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to PTFO!

  • I usually accept friend requests from randoms that I happened to squad up with IF we had a good time and were communicating well. Might be something else to consider 🙂

  • First


  • Santiago Garza

    When you find some good teammates, the most important thing is to stick with them, since you can rely on their help whenever you need it.

  • Nice spawn trapping

    • BOSS jediZOHAN


      • btw what’s you opinion of spawn trapping in BF3?

        • BOSS jediZOHAN

          I have no problem with it. It’s how I win most games when I play with my friends. It’s not our fault that the people we’re playing against can’t keep us from pushing them into their spawn.

  • Nemesis_96

    Multi team be a beast for small squad gameplay, just wish they brought back team tac proper..

    • Astro a50

      Its cause they want you to play in the “worst connection wins league,” not team tac

      • Nemesis_96

        Wot? Your post just gave me cancer…

  • uhopeisarcastic

    broke my mic:(……. im so excited to pay 3/4 of my consoles retial price for another; in order to pub stomp hard

    • Will Russell

      If you need a Stereo headset to pub stomp you’re bad.

      • uhopeisarcastic

        im sopposed to get mad now right?

      • Astro a50

        If you dont have money for one you should get a job. Plus games nerf sound now to cater to little kids so they dont help very much even in comp. not like say mw2 or l4d or somethin

        • Will Russell

          Complaining that the advantage is being taken away means you need it. Needing a paid advantage means you’re bad.

  • Sam

    For a while now i have been trying to sign up to Hupit. However, everytime the e-mail they send so i can confirm my registration never sends. I have even created new e-mail’s on gmail as they recomended but the e-mail still never sent. Anyone else get this problem?

    • Dirtknap

      HUPIT is a cool concept. One of my most memorable moments whilst rocking the HuPT clan tag was during a TDM, playing solo on BLOPS I. I went ham on jungle, and in the lobby afterwards this kid from the opposing team said “Hey HUPIT guy, do you think you could calm down”

      I had a few guys on my friends list for a while, they were cool dudes though I found most folks tended to ignore the important particulars of your profile. I had some specifics around my availability and wanting to game with other dads, guys who don’t mind you abandoning your controller because your kids need you. Though we played well together it just didn’t work out because they couldn’t understand why my priority was a couple of small humans and not a video game. Of course, you likely have some more casual requirements and not have an issue, it’s all relative I guess.

      I just tried logging in and my account is still active, I’ve never had any issues with registration or general use (I signed up on an old hotmail email address). Good luck authenticating your account, I hope HUPIT works out for you 🙂

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  • JustinD

    You can always find reliable teammates on battlefield

    • scheute

      Yea cuz the pple who actually like teamwork go to bf3, but cod players dnt care about teamwork, just about their kd which Dsnt matter om bf3

      • ” just about their kd which Dsnt matter om bf3″ i see you weren’t on the forums when they did 2X XP….. people were bitching about KD SPM etc. you should have seen the hundreds of threads XD

    • Oh yeah, a full squad of recon campers where everyone has SQD AMMO, so reliable…

  • g

    More bullshit that isn’t news, I’m done with this website. All you do is try to advertise your channel.

    • This post doesn’t say anything about a channel and doesn’t link to any?

      If you don’t like the content, stop whining and leave, or at least leave some constructive critisism.

  • I sued to play tons with a full team back in mw2/black ops 1, after that I didn’t really play in a team much. We were really good too, one of my friends used to be on the top 100 leaderboards in tdm in blops 1

  • Dude Please everyone knows teamwork does not exist in Call of Duty.

  • Weird Voice Man

    This guy has the strangest voice I have ever heard.. I think.

  • HBk

    I would prefer COD not be team based and go back to the lone wolf mentality. The majority of people play solo the majority of their time. I hate having to rely on incompetent idiots that don’t know left from right most of the time and just feed the enemy killstreaks, which hurts even more with the terrible team balancing mixed with skill-based matchmaking. I could carry a team of splitscreens in Black Ops 1 to victory, but no longer. Part of it is due to the technical flaws, but this is one thing even the best players can’t overcome. Idiot teammates.