Black Ops 2: The Ghost Perk Done Right

Before reading or watching, you may like to know the latest on the Black Ops 2 version of the Ghost Perk which you can learn all about right here.

There’s no debating that the Ghost perk in Black Ops 1 was a huge point of controversy for the title.  Some people argued that because of things like the Blackbird and how easy it was to do well in BO1, that Ghost wasn’t that big of a deal.  Other people argued that Ghost made the game play incredibly slow and enabled campers like no Call of Duty has ever enabled them before.

I felt that reality was somewhere in between the two.  The Blackbird made BO1 a fast-paced, gun-on-gun killfest, but until you called one in, every match was a drawn-out campfest.

The solution most people supplied for the imbalances presented by Ghost were typically either include Stopping Power in the same tier as Ghost or make it so Ghost users appeared every 3rd sweep of a UAV.

In my opinion, however, the upcoming Black Ops II has hit the stealth perk dead center.

No perk should reward a player 100% of the time, especially if that perk affects the enemy team.  BOII’s Ghost perk only protects players from enemy UAVs when the player is on the move, planting/defusing a bomb, or controlling scorestreaks.  To me, that is perfectly balanced.  Now Ghost only rewards players that stay on the move (which you can’t do 100% of the time) or play the objective.  Side note: Ghost working while standing on a Domination flag is pointless because if you’re close enough to capture a flag, 9 out of 10 times the enemy can see you, in addition to getting a warning that the flag is being captured.

Playing the objective in COD has always been risky behavior.  BOII’s Ghost is going to make it easier for players to minimize the risk that comes with playing the objective.  This, in combination with it not working when stationary and objective points being worth more than kills, is going to get players moving and playing the objective.  Of course there are always going to be campers, but at least now they won’t have the luxury of being invisible.

Why Stopping Power isn’t a balanced counter to Ghost

Stopping Power, like Ghost, rewarded players 100% of the time by making every bullet they fired a little more deadly.  Not running it put you at an immediate disadvantage to anyone that was.  That’s the baseline definition of imbalanced.   Stopping Power was just as imbalanced as Ghost.  Perks shouldn’t require other perks that act as counters to create balance.  All the perks should be balanced within themselves in addition to remaining balanced when combined with other perks.

What are your thoughts?  Are you worried that the seemingly endless possibilites of the Pick 10 Create-A-Class system are going to be too easily manipulated to combine perks in ways that will cause imbalances?  Do you think Treyarch is taking the balance of the perks in the right direction?  Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Thank you for reading.

  • Dan

    Stopping power can be balanced. BRING BACK JUGGERNAUT!!!!

    • If those 2 perks return no one would use any other perks of the same tier. Stop looking back and look ahead. Treyarch is doing that and we finally have a good release coming Nov.

      • Dan

        somewhat true. but its funny how cod4 is still the best cod out by far.

        • Sorry but Black Ops 2 is going to way better and fun.

          • Really? You know this already from what exactly? Some Youtube videos?

        • genki.sudo

          best in which way ? maps ?

        • Truth.

        • Stephen

          true that cod 4(at least on pc) was the best. but it had its own things that made it annoying perk wise which were martydom and juggernaut. cod4 was one of the last cods that supported mod tools for map making and mods which later entries (starting from mw2) didnt give. No stopping power and juggernaut would just be as annoying since you dont have martydom and last stand which black ops 2 doesnt have apparently.

  • licensedbeast

    Black Ops 2 = Most balanced CoD yet.

    • potato

      COD4 promod.

      • I think he means, “the best CoD without having to take out a lot of stuff in the game to make it balanced.”

      • fgdf

        Promod?! You might as well remove everything except the pistol if you want to play promod. Promod is boring after 5 matches.

        Fun will always, ALWAYS take precedence over balance.
        People should just not worry about K/D and have fun.

    • they said that about MW3 when looking at it on paper pre-release. They also said it about BO1. Neither of those games were anywhere close to balanced. You have no idea how balanced a game is until several months after release. Hell people were calling MW2 the most balanced COD for the first couple months. Yes, BO2 does look promising on paper. But I promise you, it will be just as imbalanced as any other COD upon release. The real question is whether Treyarch will do a proper job of balancing post-launch with patches. No studio has ever gotten balance 100% perfect upon release.

    • asgaro

      LOL, the Pick 10 system will make it the most unbalanced one to date 🙂

    • thebeast

      You obviously have never played COD1, COD2, or COD3. Now those are the most balanced CODS to date.

  • I don’t think you can make an unbalanced team with the pick 10 system, it’s pretty much made so you can’t do that. I was always a fan of perks countering other perks and was disappointed they didn’t think the same way. Tweakable perks are a great step in the right direction, I’m only worried about what they can change and what they can’t, really.

  • jahladagaming

    I’m massively looking forward to a game that rewards the objective player as that is how I play. I often go hugely negative with regards to k/d ratio but I’ll have more captures and defends than anyone else (MW3 decided not to even show those stats!). Everything sounds balanced BUT there are millions of people getting ready to play BLOPS II and that means there are hundreds, possibly thousands that are going to exploit the hell out of the game and discover the imbalance that the developers missed. The counter-balance to those expoliters? Treyarch’s promise to constantly tweak perks and points post release.

    This game is going to mean I won’t be seeing the outside of my room for a long time.

    • haha. agree

    • Yes…with the pick 10 system there are going to be A LOT of combinations. Which means somewhere in all those combos is a very beast class. I already mine worked out.

    • Dekapon

      Um, not to say that you’re wrong or that I’m defending MW3, but the capture and defend stats are shown in the leaderboard section.

    • Dekapon

      Um, not to say that you’re wrong or that I’m defending MW3, but the capture and defend stats are shown in the leaderboard section.

  • Jake

    Idk if this is really going to stop people from camping. I can just as easily move the left joystick in circles as just sit there.

  • Nemesis_96

    Just another sign that 3arc is doing it right!

  • Didn’t Treyarch also remove the Time Limit on TDM? Or that might be Multi TDM

  • Billy3748463)

    Why not make it so that ghost only hides you from air support not uav or radar

    • Because Blind Eye already cover that.

  • good move and so balance, but still so many will come from behind and kill you

  • What your really going to see is kids wiggling in corners so that they dont show up and still can sit in a corner

    • Could be that. We gotta find out how fast do you need to move in order to be undetected by UAVs.

    • they will stop, trust me. Is annoying to keep moving.

    • not true

      This won’t happen, because they have to sprint to be able to not be seen on the radar with ghost.

      • nice. I didn’t know that !! Besides that if they try to sprint many times, they would fuck up their left stick.

    • but then they make footsetp sounds

      • Treyarch isn’t as sound whore friendly as IW. It’s funny because everyone is duckwalking in Blops. Silly MW3 players lol

    • They may do this but atleast the movement will make it easier to see them. It’s the no movement that makes you run right by a corner camper. Plus the scope that let’s you see through walls.

      • The scope to see through walls is only in campaign. The sight that “scans” the proximity of the area (and outlines people with their silhouettes) only shows immobile enemies. If enemies are moving constantly, back and forth, they are virtually invincible to the UAV. Hopefully, Treyarch didn’t make it that easy.

        • That guy that knows.

          Uhhm, the millimeter scanner is in multiplayer.

        • Wrong

        • The Wallhack SCOPE is only on a campaign sniper rifle, but the MMS (millimeter scanner) is in MP, but it is slightly different and not as OP.

    • yeah but that makes em easier to see 😀

  • name

    I think many of today’s players don’t understand how powerful the UAV killstreak is. It shows you WHERE your enemy is.
    All ghost does is remove you from the radar. Use your eyes and ears to find players like old-school games.

    • name

      I mean, COD has a killcam system (apart from hardcore) so if somebody camps, its not going to take long to find them.
      In MW2 people took stopping power in place of cold-blooded but there was still more camping in MW2 than there ever was in BO.
      You lost good perks if you chose ghost, namely, hardline and scavenger.
      After awhile people would already know where players camp, I think many players have become dependent on radar.

      I wonder how long these people complaining about ghost would last on doom, quake and ut without radar.

    • Spectre017

      I don’t agree the uav does show your enemy true but having the element of constant surprise which the ghost perk provides is a good indicator on how OP it can be…

      • name

        Not really.
        Your statement shows how dependent people are on radar nowadays, being off radar doesn’t mean they’re invisible you can still hear and see them, and they’re usually in the same places.

        • Spectre017

          but the purpose of playing with a radar is crucial to good game play that’s the purpose for the black bird and the advanced uav, it sounds like you play with some type of audio enhancement which is fine but the point is Cod of duty maps are really small these days and the footsteps are not as loud and not everyone has access to a decent pair of headsets theres alot going on you may hear everything on the map but being able to locate your enemy before he locates you is a huge factor in winning gun fights. Ghost type perks when they are immune to so much such as air support,uav,emp/counter uav only adds to the games unbalancedness it fundamentally makes it one sided from an enemies flank which people love to do…rush and flip the spawn.

          • Spectre017

            mind you i am a huge assassin and ghost player without these perks you die so quickly so i am def grateful to it but it needs rebalancing treyarch is doing it right and i agree with this article

            • Those two perks are not essential to survival in either game. You should not depend on perks to stay alive. I only used Ghost because I sucked at killing people and I figured the only way I could help my team was to keep UAVs and Air Support out of the air. Perks are not meant to be cheats, they are meant to augment your playing style.

            • Spectre017

              Exactly but if it’s augmented so much that it becomes an exploit doesn’t that mean perk is broken? the fact that no one uses counter uav says something about how the ghost and assassin perks work..the fact is you don’t need to use them when you are running these particular perks imo ghost and assassin kind of hurt the game but i can see their usefulness.

            • Dirtknap

              Hence the new version of ghost. Whenever I used the ghost perk in BLOPS 1 it was typically in my fall back class in really competitive games, it allowed me to continue to play aggressively while remaining safe from enemy kill streaks, sadly (as we all know) it was largely used for dastardly tricks. Treyarch are flipping the script in regards to the type of player that this perk will appeal to, I will defiantly rock ghost with the greed wild card on one of my BLOPS II classes.

            • I actually use Counter UAV more than I use UAV. This is a tad off subject, but when you use Assassin Pro, why the hell can’t you shoot a damn Javelin if you’re supposed to be “immune” from the EMP? That’s been bothering the hell out of me since this game came out.

            • Spectre017

              I have no clue i know the javelin and stingers are a little buggy by not shooting when they are suppose to but most people don’t even utilize the Cuav kill streak

            • It’s almost useless now because everybody runs with Assassin or silencers on their guns, but I still keep mine in the back pocket for when the Advanced UAVs pop up.

            • Spectre017

              What do you play on xbox or 360?

            • 360

            • lolwut

              Because _you_ are resistant to the EMP. As in it doesn’t screw _your_ vision.

              You still cannot use electrical equipment, or kill streaks, it just means you still have clear vision and a radar to see people without suppressors shooting.

              As for Ghost comments above, you hit the nail on the head.

              Pick 10 will mean even more people using Ghost as you can now take Ghost AND another great perk and forgo one from the weak tier.

    • Guest

      While it is true to some validation to radar dependency it’s still the inescapable fact that even though you may play with a head set and can sound whore alot of people do not the sounds on mw3 are terrible and footsteps are hard to hear, even then if you are running assassin in mw3 and their radar gets jammed they can see you when you shoot at them with an unsuppressed weapon imo a perk like ghost and assassin should never over power a hard earned kill streak.

      • srdf

        ‘Hard earn killstreak’, give me a break. I like killstreaks but they are at their core unfair especially IW’s where they chain into other killstreaks.
        A killstreak is basically a free kick after scoring a goal.

        MW2 was bollocks for having cold-blooded at a high level meaning you were getting bombarded with airbourne killstreaks until you got the perk or had a stinger which was also unlocked at high level.

        BO1 killsteaks were just at about fair in that all of them could be countered easily bar the dogs and maybe the Blackbird though you could use decoys.

    • lolwut

      Exactly this.

      The UAV is so over-powered, it is unreal.

      In fact Ghost isn’t that powerful as it is only useful if there is a UAV active.

      • John

        I wouldn’t call it OP but say it’s a very useful tool to keep the game flowing, I would have been happy if the UAV only gave you a hint as to the general vicinity where the enemy is, kind of like a carrot on a stick mechanic. But who’s gonna use UAV? The score streak I only care about is the Orbital VSAT (Blackbird equivalent).

  • Mr BOBB

    This is sounding very good and the anticipation is killing me! One thing on ghost though that a friend pointed out is that what if you wiggle the thumbstick while camping? Would that count as a movement and allow you to remain hidden?

  • I’m honestly prettyhopeful that BO2 will fix a lot of the issues of the first one, and I am very happy to hear that ghost has been dealt with in a damn good way, but in reality I haven’t heard a single thing about the most serious problem that affected 99% of BO1 players: Lag.

    Even with Ghost, and all the camping that came with it, I still maintain that BO1 overall was the most balanced CoD. But the one thing that bothered me about that game above all else was the terrible connections I would get when playing. Especially on PS3, on Xbox the game was a bit better if only marginally, but even still the game created terrible gamestates to play in.

    Now for this go around I made the smart choice and pre-ordered BO2 for 360 so I am still hopeful that this game will be smoother, but if this game is not better substantially in terms of connections then I seriously just don’t know how long I’ll play it.

    • pot51e

      I’m not pre-ordering for that exact reason. The first couple of weeks of BlOps was terribad, Got better before Xmas, then became worse (a la BF3). It wasn’t until the threat of a lawsuit that anything more than marginal was done. I truly hope this is better.

      • Dirtknap

        This is true, though I’m hoping lessons have been learned and Treyarch have a plan along with contingencies in place to deal with such issues sooner. I can’t help it, I pre-order every year (except for MW3) I have a tonne of faith in Treyarch so don’t feel this is a bad call, unlikely I will touch another IW game considering they are essentially now staffed by the lunch lady and janitor while being supported by Sledgehammer.

  • The ghost perk will make players actually play the objective without camping on a corner killing passing by players.

  • I just really hope that they have tested the pick 10 system to absolute death. Once the game is out any holes or OP combinations in the pick 10 system will be found very quickly so hopefully Treyarch can keep on top of this and ensure a fun and balanced game for all.

  • I like everything about this version of Ghost EXCEPT for that it doesn’t hide you while capping flags or headquarters/hardpoints. Ghost players likely wont jump on flags in Dom or HQ/Hardpoint because they will obviously want to keep moving. Treyarch had the right idea making Ghost work when planting/defusing but it needs to work with all objectives if they truly want players to PTFO.

    • BOSS jediZOHAN

      “Ghost working while standing on a Domination flag is pointless because if you’re close enough to capture a flag, 9 out of 10 times the enemy can see you, in addition to getting a warning that the flag is being captured.”

      There’s no way for the enemy team to know you’re planting or defusing unless they see or hear you doing it.

      • Commom sense

      • Spectre017

        yea i agree if you want protection on a flag you are better off rocking one of the decrease to explosive damage perks

    • I do not know why people hated Ghost so much it is only useful when a UAV is up and UAVs are easy to shoot down. and a Counter UAV is as almost as easy to get as a UAV so you get a UAV my team shoots it down or puts up a counter so the ghost users had a advantage of not showing on radar for what a 30 sec to a min before the UAV is gone anyway. Maybe you should stop looking at the UAV so much and watch your screen check corners and clear rooms before entering I have no problem knowing with Ghost users are as I do not rely on the UAV And hay In BO1 ghost was in tier 1 so if you used any of the other perks they where useful ALL the TIME not just when a UAV was up so a Ghost user was easier to kill with explosives then a Flack-jacket Pro user, was slower then a Lightweight user and could not carry as many frags or replenish ammo like a Scavenger user

      So hay they could camp on you when you got a UAV but a Lightweight users moved so fast anyway that the dot the UAV never showed where they actually where anyway. I know you guys just hate campers well guess what the average player that struggles to get a 1.2 KD hate players that are running around lagging and glitching all over the place and Killing people 10ms after they show up on your screen. So you get shot by a guy hiding in a corner well maybe you should check that corner next time it is not like those guys really win many games most of the time most campers get 12 kills max unless your stupid enough to keep going back again and again and if they keep getting you then they deserve to get those kills If they are really camping and NOT moving there are plenty of ways to counter a ghost user camping. Frags Flashbangs or simply moving faster and shooting better then them

      Now Ghost is Useless unless there is at least some delay before you show up on radar because even if you are flanking you have to stop at some point to avoid being seen (not on radar but really seen) and if you show up on radar at all might as well use another perk that is useful all the time not just when a UAV is up. Really it may not be ghost but there will be some other thing then you guys will complain about this time there always is. If you don’t win every game and get all your kill streaks you cry it was because of campers or the other guy was using a try hard class or some over powered gun hay not everyone has lightning fast reflexes and maybe they need to adapt a game style that suits them how is it unfair for them to have a chance to do well also. Oh I know unless you can run around and get 1-2kiills/sec your not having fun but how much fun do you think it is to the rest of the players when everyone else including your own team get maybe 12 kills max and your 40-3 bit that is OK nothing one sided about that

  • cheeseburger eddy

    is anybody else’s web page messed up?


    I wish all the the doorway campers would stop worrying about how they are gonnna stay off the mini map just they can some easy kills. Go play the fucking objective!

  • adam

    I feel like assassin on MW3 is far worse than ghost. Assassin is so OP and I hardly ever see anybody running ghost on black ops.

    • No because with Ghost Pro, it was a combination of Blind Eye and Assassin. That’s two perks in one. Also, I thought it was impossible to join a lobby without Ghost. Every time I play or I see a commentator play, there’s always like 1 or 2 dots when UAV is up.

      • asd

        You really need radar to find people?

        • No, I was just saying that a majourity of the games on BO have players with ghost on. I don’t really need the radar since I’m so used to BF (and play it more). And sometimes I play in the hardcore playlist.

  • sdfsdf

    Are you guys going to fix the pages?
    They still look messed up.

  • nate

    I’m still not buying it for full price. just me, though.

  • Campfest? Black Ops 1, Just not true. Slap on Ghost Slight of Hand and Marathon Pro, I use the silenced AK and you have the best rushing class in any COD to date.
    Id say the Modern Wafare games are more camper friendly because IW games don’t have the recoil the Treyarch does.

    If any one thing made Blops 1 more campy it was the Motion Sensor. This allowed true campers the abilty to sit in one spot.

  • I Think Treyarch has the right idea with depowering perks and getting rid of pro perks. the simpler the better


    Although the point about Stopping Power is technically correct (the logic is dead bang) I think there are greater considerations… Although overpowered by definition, Stopping Power had a baseline effect that leveled the playing field. It was the powerhouse perk for Tier 2 and therefore lessened the other super strong perks. In MW2 and COD 4 there were considerably less Cold Blooded or Danger Close players. Two devastating perks in terms of pace and style of gameplay. We all saw how un-fun lobbies full of Danger Close could be…

    Ghost or stealth perks are necessary evils, especially in a world full of Hardline UAV’s. We all want access to these perks. But Stealth perks slow the game down, etc. So, we need these perks but want to discourage their abuse…

    Stopping Power, although overpowered for it’s perk tier, served as an anchor of the gameplay. It was a stabilizing force. A shred of consistency in an otherwise unpredictable world. It made it so the game was gun on gun by default. Camping, sneaking, explosives, etc. were play styles that have their own advantages. To employ those meant you took a slight downgrade in the damage department.
    No one likes to be killed by a camper or blown up. It’s the annoyance of not having a fair fight. Stopping Power ensured those deaths happened less often.

    Stopping Power was great because it was overpowered. It kept the game fun for most players most of the time and limited annoying behavior by encouraging gun play.

    It’s a world of difference playing a COD with Stopping Power and one without. I don’t think the series has played as well since it was removed…

    • Jack Daniels

      I have to say that is a really good assessment.

  • Spectre017

    Well if you keep moving back and forth and side to side people are gonna hear your footsteps and it’s impossible to be ready to aim when you have to be fast

  • thinkaboutit

    If you want balance then you need to remove all perks simple.

    • Cycovision

      Then all the 12 year olds would stop playing. I can’t tell you how much fun I had playing Barebones in Black Ops

    • I’m pretty sure removing perks won’t do anything to overpowered and underpowered weapons/kill streaks.

    • KH91

      really though, that just takes away from the reason i personally play.. progression and choice. Its basically like playing an rpg, i can customize my loadouts to my liking, and i can level/unlock new things. Without that, cant say i would play it for as long as i do now.

  • Bennie_Hair

    haha Ghost is bad says the guy running Assassin Pro

  • Alex JT

    I dont mind what they have done with ghost but when i flank an enemy team i shouldn’t be on their radar because i have stopped for 1 second to regen or something.
    My view is Ghost is not the problem and never has been, the problem is the UAV spam in call of duty is outta control and the players that play the game like bitches hiding in a corner waiting for someone to come to them rather than playing the objectives or actually actively looking for a kill, address them two problems and you will find that ghost will not even be a problem the way it was.
    Why they decided to buff the UAV in this game is beyond me there is no point of running blackbird in this game at 1200 points when you could call in 3 sets of RC-XDs, UAVs & Hunter Killers by 1200 points while the the streaks are constantly helping you get there as well and the UAV will do at least 75% of the blackbirds job in this game because all it takes is for someone to stop in any sort of way which even the best rushers have to do and bam there on a mini map from a poxy UAV.

  • stopping power promoted gun action nikkah! p.s. stop crying in your videos!

  • They need the UAV Jammer, Stopping Power and Jugg combo to balance out. I have a bad feeling campers are just gonna duck walk everywhere.

    • Stephen

      uav jammer i agree stopping power and jugg no. stopping power would make their standard gun balance useless, and juggernaut would make guns that dont do lots of damage feel underpowered.

  • genki.sudo

    I don’t get this Ghost hate at all.. U know what ? I play blackops a lot ( I had > 1300 hours up to this day ) and I have no problem with ghost users at all.. If someone chooses Ghost instead of Lightweith, it is only his problem.. For me, lightweigth >>> ghost all the time..

    • genki.sudo


    • Lightweight with Marathon Pro without it you’re wasting perk 1.

  • lolwut

    It has it right, but you’re wrong on one point.

    Ghost is not ‘active’ if you like 100% of the time.

    It is only a benefit when a UAV is up. So if you’re against a team who isn’t running them or are not letting them build streaks, then you’re essentially wasting a perk.

    I can’t see why it is compared to Stopping Power.

    Also a perk is a perk. You cannot balance it with itself. It is designed to give an advantage. That is why it is a perk.

    People that moan at Ghost are often those running around like a headless chicken, just running until they see someone, or see a red dot on the mini-map.

    Sure, the Ghost git in the corner is a pain, but even if they didn’t have Ghost in the corner they’re still be a pain.

  • They should have left Stopping Power and Juggernaut in the game. See Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare for reference.

    • Stephen

      no stopping power and juggernaut were not a issue in cod4 because you had last stand and martydom. once they got rid off or at least made martydom less effective than last stand became annoying and now getting rid of martydom and last stand/final stand means if they keep stopping power and juggernaut it would ruin basic gun balance and would make guns that were balance in the first place end up being over powered due to stopping power or underpowered due to players having more health from juggernaut. So NO i do not want either stopping power or juggernaut.

      • I can’t even read that mess. Did you not pay attention in English class? Last Stand and martyrdom have nothing to do with SP and Jug. You had to choose between A) extra bullet damage to counter extra health B)extra health to counter extra damage C) staying off the radar. I don’t see the problem.

  • Travis

    Tip of the day. Unless your mom is buying the game for you or you absolutely have to get the game at 12:01 AM, buy the game at Costco for $10 less than at Gamestop.

    However, if you or family doesn’t have a membership, well, this doesn’t apply to you. But..if you pay a friend or a family member $10 to get you a $10 Costco gift card, you don’t need a membesrhip. You just need to use the $10 gift card for the $52.00 for BO2.

    But hey, who needs to save $$ in this economy? Especially if it’s your parents money.

    Yours truly,

    31 year old gamer that has a 2.1 K/D and a family.

    • efs

      I see that your K/D (and videogames) takes precedece over your family.

      • efs


  • Cycovision

    I noticed something, almost everyone complains about Ghost, but not really the pro variation. So it’s not the hiding from killstreaks part that people hate, it’s not the no red name part that people hate, it’s the ability to stay off the minimap when someone calls in a UAV.
    So tell me, why do so few people complain about the suppressor attachment? Ghost keeps you off the minimap for 30 seconds when someone calls in a UAV, the suppressor keeps you off the minimap the entire game.

    • Bradley Griffiths

      The silencer also has the built in weakness of reducing your range when equipped. Ghost stops you from having other perks but no real weakness other than blackbirds.

  • Phil

    Ghost is a life saver. Without it, I end up playing silly games with the opposing team. Duck, Duck, Goose around vehicles is not as fun as it sounds. Now, hilarious, yes. Fun, no.

  • naruto123456789

    this article is just stupid, having a perk for 100% of the game makes it unbalanced……that’s just stupid. what about sit rep, scavenger, steady aim or even sleight of hand. i mean sit rep just doesn’t stop showing enemy equipment halfway through the game, with scavenger and depending on how you play you can pretty much have unlimited ammo, steady aim doesn’t just increase your cross hairs whenever the game feels like it and sleight of hand, i mean does your character ever have some sort of spaz attack whilst playing and makes you reload at 0.1x the speed? (lags does not count) i mean how can you talk about unbalanced perks now when you address this. with black ops 2 treyarch have tried to “fix” the perks but just ending up pissing all over it. i mean wtf? why have they separated ALL the features of being a silent killer into its own separate perk? like bloody hell, it was hard enough as it is being a what they call “a lone wolf” now your pretty much f’ed. to be a silent gunner now, you’ll be lucky enough to have enough points for a gun. treyarch if you read this, read it again and think about the mistake you have done.

    • BoyHitsTroll

      Yeah I agree. They try to listen to the “community” to much(even though most of the community are kids. Seems legit) and end up making things worse. Reminds me of the presidential elections haha. Oh well bioshock infinite comes out soon(wait I smell comment dislikes approaching cause I didn’t bash campers and ghost).

  • myssternassty

    what i think we’re gonna see a lot is people picking 5 perks, a wildcard a pistol/knife and litterbugging for their primary, then they r a walking jug lol hopefully its harder to do than i think but idk, still looks like the best cod game yet so i cant wait to find out

  • dandan101

    Thing is a lot of people camped to get kill streaks….
    .but now they will need to geyva higher score streak rather than kill streaks so that alone SHOULD reduce it.

  • Gino

    I once saw a mindblowing comment on youtube about this game. He was talking about riot shields and how you can put em in the ground as a mobile form of cover. Now, imagine a game of s&d and there is a particular room with 3 entrances and the A bom is in it. All these 2, 3 or 4 (whatever) entrances are doors or something. You are in the team that needs to plant the bomb. What you could do with your team is all take a riot shield and put em infront of the entrances. Then you plant the bomb and nobody can get in. If the riot shields are indestructable again than this might me a major problem. People could cut off choke points with riot shields so that nobody could get in on any game mode in their advantage, think of doors and tight corridors.

    Remember when you are using this technique you’ll know you have it from me.
    Real name: Gino
    Psn name: thebaddestbadass

  • Faraz

    ELPRESEDAR must be happy 😀

  • Grond Strong

    I still am sad that unlimited sprint isn’t back. Almost ruined mw3 for me… but it certainly ruined my left thumbstick… and I’m about halfway through the life of my second controller. Because if I can’t sprint all I want then I’m certainly going
    to try. What’s up.with being able to reload with superhuman speeds, jump superfast and fall from massive distances and not being able to run further than fifty feet or so without taking an asthma break… blegh… I just want to run around with my knife and pistol again… but enough of my personal rants.

    I think that its a good idea for a ghost perk. It certainly puts a different spin on things. But i do kinda feel like a perk is supposed to give a player an “advantage”. Because that’s what perks are! Advantages. 🙂 And if one chooses a different “advantage” than another, then thats what separates them as a player.

    For example, I’d love to sprint around with reckless abandon with a knife and a rope with total disregard to my k/d. And campers annoy the crap out of me. But you have to respect the way they choose to play the game. Same way with noob tubers, campers, sprinters, whatever. 🙂 Sure you may hate the way they play, but instead of crying to change the game, why not just adapt and better yourself? 🙂

  • “Perks shouldn’t require other perks that act as counters to create balance.” Since the invention of the perk system in COD 4, perks have been balanced by other perks. I’m not sure how a “perk” can be balanced with the base setup and still be called a “perk”.

    Pre-release, it seems every new COD game is going to be balanced better than its predecessors. Post release there are unforeseen balance issues. COD4, WaW and MW2 had “ghost-like” perks, but only when the reasonable alternative perks in that same slot were removed did it become “overpowered”. In truth, ghost was just “overused” because it was best choice 90% of the time in that slot.

    Personally, I don’t see how perks can be balanced unless there are equally useful perks in the same slot that ghost is in. All Treyarch has done for Black Ops 2 is make ghost less useful.

  • In order for ghost being eliminated to be balanced, it needs UAVs to not
    be so easy
    because now they are incredibly overpowered. Now instead of knowing
    where a few people are, you know with 100% certainty that no one is
    behind you, it’s just too much.


    I personally don’t get the controversy on camping. I myself an a camper. I think that people should stop crying that someone is camping and shoot them. there is always a blind spot. Sure there are those idiots who can’t get a clue and there are others who just piss u off cause u can’t get anywhere near them. But lay a killstreak on there head. now removing the name was just hilarious. And I agree with another person in here, use your eyes and ears and common sense. The camper is mostly around the same area. Chew on that


      And ps. In actual war. Snipers are trained not to move for any reason.

  • bored with whining

    Who died and said camping isn’t how you play the game. I say…running around like a chicken with your head cut off is boring. Positioning yourself and moving to new locations is how I play. Oh and stop whining like camping is somehow cheating you and your lack of skills.

    • marine camper

      Keep making the boggy eaters take dirt naps I do and there is nothing they or treyark can do about it. Make all your customs around it.
      Marine camper

  • “Camping” is part of the game, but they made BO2 so anti “camping” it’s not even funny. I personally love to clear a house set up my motion sensor and hold it down. I don’t have that option now. There have always been maps that I had different playing styles for, sometimes I would run and gun sometimes I would “camp”. That’s part of the game, being adaptable. If something isn’t working change your tactics instead of blaming it on the guy who just owned you. I have had to completely revamp my style of play because of this game and it shows in my KDR, but it’s a process and I will be back to normal soon because I am a true gamer. I adapt to situations if my strategies aren’t working unlike the rest of you so called gamers who piss and moan about “camping” or noob tubes or whatever else you want to bitch about. Again “camping” is part of the game either deal with it and adapt or go play something a little more your speed, maybe barbie’s Funtime adventure land. I hear that’s a good game for girls

    • marine camper

      I agree with you 100% the problem is that most people that play the game have no experience in combat training or any idea as to what kind of strategy there going to use. That goes back to what I said before. So all they know is to run and gun . Iook at most of there kill to death ratios. There ridiculous. Thats because treyark caters to them. There is nothing that treyark can do about my gaming style. When I play the game my objective is not to die. Saddly it is not most peoples strategy . Thats why people that play with no strategy and are in my game take dirt naps the constantly. What I love the most is they run right back to the trouble only to find more. We call them boggy eaters. My kill to death is 1.90 or higher. Take it to a hole nother level I do
      marine camper

      eyark caters to the run and gunner. But the newblack opps is great
      r camping. I had people watch me play and say that I

  • weetime

    sounds like this guy only liked the change because it wasn’t his play style to be a sniper….all they have done now is make it so you have to rush, being a sniper is out…all about quick scoping now

  • Pretty much. Took any kind of thinking or tactic completely out of TDM

  • Jim

    Theirs a pro and con to every action,the wy i look at it already playin Bop2 n i see as many if not more flaws then the older CoD games this is for all games not just COD the reality of the game is set by the limits the creator sets thus genre yet in one game like shooters is their genre or just one thing to do n thats all folks let alone BO2 hackers ruin all games let alone the advanteages u have or dont have due to the reality of the game from what ive seen on web sites n m own game exp wit world at war Mw2 Mw3 n a lil of Bop1 Hakers call up UAV and care packages all game without killing anyone plus they know wea u r without a UAV or see u threw the wall or have warning signal tell the enemy ur behind them HACKERS ARE OVER POWERED againts someone who isnt hacking I played in a match and so many eople are using UAV I cant get scorestreaks witout some one after me so I made a take down class n started to shoot down UAV an noticed that the game will tell me the enemy UAV is up tho when i look for it I see more than one at times n theirs been times Ill see a UAV when they didnt call it in or get kills or points to earn em now every one is gonna take advantage of UAV and nothing strng to stop it besides shooting n killing every enemy u see(keyword) not inclding thoughs who hack which are Unfair I believe hackers can see u on radar without a UAV SO playing the game is a drag not knowing whos hackin ya over or reall skills from the game itself.So far i think the games unbalanced due to the fact UAV tracksme right out of my spawn hich has no cover from gunfire or is on the otherside of the map flipping u from one enemy to another Tell TReyarc n everyone In order to have a fair fight it hasto go both ways which means to accept fate n not cry good as another person to the piont wea umake it so the other person has their hands tied while the opposite can throw a rock,this game will prove game creators gotta step their game up n serversneed to divid hackers fom the normal like with Diablo2 o yeah a game with debatable scenarios on which clas of chaacterisnt fair or unadvatage to another thus y its a co-op n no just vs tho shooter designers dont take into account co-op in vs like battlefield3 tho wit growth pgrssion lvling up n making ur hero as powerfull as possible o yeah NOT IN CALL OF DUTY every manis equall untill the rules change or someoneis more powerfull JUST GET RID OF THE HACKRS N ILL LIKE COD EVEN MORE SO FAR 6 out 10

  • Jim

    UAV IS EQUIVLENT TO STEALTH the only way to counter a UAV Is A counter UAV which u dont get at the same time the enemy calls one in plus the alert system is toned down plus the idea of what is stealth and what creates stealth or makes a player stealthed n how to counter or stealth one self to even the battlefield how do u find omeoe who knows wea u r but u know nothing of the enemys n UAV isnt accurate for me all the time n if want to use a higher streak i gotta string streaks sometimes hold position to keep allive not only cuz of UAV Killcam etc,if any thing having someone rankd 50 with gear a rank 25 doesnt have is unbalanced,a rocket vs a shotgun its not just the weapon or skill of style but how they use it technique each COD title is a story of its own yet some decisions or actions are not wise creating the end result

  • Marv Graham

    Now they need to make flak jacket ineffective if you sit still, it is the evil camping cousin of ghost. Or how about get rid of both??

  • This game is the worst COD yet(black ops II).Reaction time does not matter anymore. There are more campers due to the kill streaks being so hard to build. The shot guns over powered and the hand guns could be primary weapons. I mean you took away everything we loved. When is Modern Welfare 4 coming out.

  • TNT

    They need to leave ghost like it was in the original blackops

  • marine camper

    PeI think most people that play the game have no consept of what to do but run around. No matter what treyark does its not going to help with run and gunners and there game . Until they grasp the consept of the game is not to die. Anybody can run around and try getting kills but nothing is going to help them get any better until the they play the game for what it is. Its a combat game and should be played as such. I don t have any problems going 19-3 14-0 17-1 what ever. I do it all the time. No matter how treyark does with perks. I and many others bring our experience as combat trained veterans to this game. Theres nothing that treyark or anybody can do about it. Thats really what your talking about here. Running and gunning is not working. Get use to it when it comes to a combat game. Your never going to be able to get a good kill to death ratio running around like your in a daycare center. No matter what treyark does with the perks or the game. So keep running. You ll always be face down.

  • doug struble

    I think ghost should have been left a lone. I didn’t use it but I think there are 3 ways to play with snipers. 1 is the more realistic sniper or camper. 2 I call the hunter which is constantly moving from spot to spot. 3 quickscoper. If they want to get rid off the camper get rider of the whole sniper rifle option. I don’t know why campers don’t piss me off but those quickscope ppl I hate.

  • Rafael

    So let me get this straight you have to be sprinting so you wont appear on the radar? You cant just be walking?

  • Tbizzle

    Basically they turned a combat shooter into an arcade kiddy game like halo. Why have snipers if they always have to be on the move? How many snipers shoot one guy get up run, they have to post find target… ” oops your on the radar” if camping was such a issue, then there should have been a heartbeat sensor, that over rides it. Why make a perk with limitations bcus these smg guys complain about people camping. It makes no sense to have a perk override itself. it makes no sense to let the need to nerfed smg user come blazing knowing your position. BO2 has basically made this game for run run run, pray n spray. No real strategy exist bcus smgs come blazing hip fire and having full knowledge of your positions. Wack, what dummy thought that up. Think about it. The map is a sky view form a uav. What would you see first. a person running, or a sniper in cover? I have probably more fps play time then ages of most of the players your getting your feedback from. COD sales will fall off even more if the so called realism of the COD series has tried to keep. turns more and more like unreal tournament, or doom, or some other corny kid game. I thought this games was at least 17+

  • COD is going downhill

    The ghost perk in Black Ops 2 is just another way that Call of Duty is slowly degrading. If someone wants to camp and stay off the radar that should be their choice. Just like the people who are constantly running around and causing spawn flips.

  • stan

    The entire purpose of a perk is to give u an advantage. Not make it even for someone without it. It defeats the purpose of the perk. Does anyone know the actual definition of “perk”?
    The game is gay handsdown. Think about it, why have ghost even equipped if the game itself is made against it? Its useless the same as the lightweight perk. It does nothing. I like two perks. The only perks that gives an advantage like its supposed to. Thats flakjak and engineer. The rest is pointless to have. I just equip myself with grenades and emp grenades to destroy anything the enemy uses. From the sight they use to the map they keep looking up at. Zombies are much better in this one. I love grief and turned although I wish there were more people playing them.