Borderlands 2 – Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt DLC Review

Danger! Excitement! Mustaches! Borderlands 2’s newest and latest DLC add-on, ‘Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt,’ is now available for download, but how does it actually fair? Find out in this review.

As per usual, like other Borderlands 2 DLC, you find yourself being greeted by a rather entertaining intro video to Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt. Once you manage to fast travel to Hunter’s Grotto, where the story starts off, you’ll immediately notice how big and open the swamp continent of Aegrus is as well as the rather diverse cast of hostile creatures you can look forward to slaying during your stay in the refreshing swamp-like environments. The scenery is a much needed breathe of fresh air and features a rather bad-ass fan-boat that’s outfitted with a short-range flame thrower or caustic/shock mines that stick to their targets.


Axton taking on a few of the native savages in Aegrus

The story behind Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt starts off by having our favorite vault hunters taking a weekend trip with the most sophisticated gentleman on Pandora himself, Sir Hammerlock, to hunt down some of the ‘biggest’ creatures on the swampy continent. Things goes terribly wrong thanks to a Hyperion scientist by the name of Proffessor Nakayama who can be simply described as the evil hyperion scientist version of Shade, the NPC from Captain Scarlet and Her Pirate’s Booty DLC.

He constantly interrupts you and Hammerlock to get his revenge since you killed his idol, Handsome Jack. It leads to awkwardly funny conversations as he desperately tries to seek your attention to fight him and avenge Handsome Jack’s death. Unfortunately for those who were expecting a rather lengthy main quest line, you’ll be saddened to know that Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt only features three – yes, three – main quests that you can easily breeze through in less then an hour. It leaves much to be desired from this DLC and leaves a big shoe for the side-quests of Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt to fill in. On a more positive note, the side-quests do try their best in making this DLC as entertaining as possible, which some actually do well. For example, Clap-Trap has you clean the urine of a creature who’s been vandalizing Clap-Trap’s secret getaway hide-out.

You will soon start to realize that Sir Hammerlock’s DLC still contains a lot of fetch and go missions and has you travel around the many new locales without much excitement happening around you. It will get boring to most people rather quickly. However, to make up for the lack of fun and original side-quests. Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt does contain various new creatures and savage bandits that do give you an actual challenge when you do encounter them, even if your outfitted with the best possible equipment. You’ll find that taking out the witch doctors, which happen to be bandits with mystical powers that you learn to fear the most out of all of the new baddies added to this DLC, are still quite enjoyable to battle with.

With the addition of the witch doctor comes a new dimension to the Borderlands 2 combat system. They are often supported in combat by fellow bandit savages who’ve been powered up. If these witch doctors are left alone for a long time, you will be in a world of hurt, as there seems to be no limit as to how far they can power up their allies. They can also be very agressive along with having strong defensive capabilities.

Speaking of challenging creatures, Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt features two new “invincible” enemies that are, thankfully, creatures this time around and not humaniods like the past three. First up is Voracidous the Invincible, who happens to be a slightly larger version of your super bad-ass stalker. As fun as this fight was, this boss requires more specific character builds and strategy, which is a plus in my eyes.


Maya and Zero taking on some of the minions protecting Voracidous the Invincible

This brings me to the hidden invincible Drifter boss, Dexiduous the Invincible. For those who loved fighting Crawmerax from the first Borderlands, you will enjoy taking on the behemoth Dexiduous. He only takes damage from shooting at his yellowish critical spores that change location once you have destroyed the others.

But there’s a rather hefty catch into getting this massive Drifter to spawn. It will require you to deposit 96 bars of Eridium into four furnaces that are located throughout Hunter’s Grotto. You’ll then have to flip the switch to spawn him, but not before taking out the mobs of savage’s that spawn around the switch.

Thankfully, if you do manage to take down Dexiduous, you will be heavily rewarded with a shower of purple loot and as well have a chance to get his special drop, ‘The Chopper,’ which is a Bandit assault rifle of blue rarity that’s capable of containing all of your assault rifle ammunition in one massive magazine.

For those who mostly care about the new loot that Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt is set to bring, you will be very happy to know that all of the new weapons that it includes are very powerful and, in fact, contain pretty sweet Seraph items that are actually worth the grind. This inclues rather easy-to-get powerful items which drop from the various creatures that you are sent out to hunt.

3 / 5

Overall, Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt seems to be a step back from Mister Torgue’s Campaign Of Carnage and can be considered a little bit too short with little to no replay value, aside from taking down Dexiduous and trying to acquire the best possible loot and some of the new equipment that’s been added to the game. Sir Hammerlock’ s Big Game Hunt DLC get’s three stars out of five.

  • bob

    very fun campaign add on, but too short

    • yeah i LOL’ed when it was over in like 5 missions XD hope the last one is long.

      • The next one isnt the last one.

        • only if they confirm that there is a second DLC season that’s not a pass for skins and crap like that.

          • Joel Santana

            If people keep on playing Borderlands 2, then yeah there will be a second season pass. How ever though, after the fourth add-on DLC arrives, don’t expect that to be the last DLC for Borderlands 2.

            As Gearbox has stated that they are working on a ‘massive’ expansion for Borderlands 2 that will be released after the fourth DLC.

            • I thought that the ‘massive’ expansion that Pitchford referred to was the fourth expansion? Can’t find anything that says the two are separate…

      • Joel Santana

        Yeah, they REALLY dropped the ball on this DLC. I personally think it could’ve had huge potential to be good, if they would’ve made it as long as the previous DLC’s and added a couple of more quest to the main story.

        • yeah the DLC is actually really cool in this one too :/ but empty after you do all the missions.


    Great article, Beanz.

    • Joel Santana

      Thanks appreciate it! 🙂

  • IcyGuy

    Great review! I agree with almost everything you said, with one big exception: that the Voracidous fight was anything resembling “fun” and that it required strategy. I can understand being forced to shift your focus between V, the Chief, and the midgets at a moment’s notice, and I can understand using the shield transfer as a DPS check. I also understand the Chief’s shield-drain attack.

    What I don’t understand is everything else about the fight.

    V is a stalker. Okay, that’s fine. The thing is, his aggressiveness is only a few steps below that of the the “rabid” enemy variants, and those are some of the most-complained about variants in the game. Why would GBX create a boss fight that showcases something people clearly don’t like? Furthermore, the stalkers’ “signature move” is to go invisible and pop out when you least expect it. Why doesn’t he do that at all?

    After the Chief transfers his shield to V, you have to keep him alive. This was a pretty interesting part of the fight, as the concept of not shooting something that’s attacking you made for a fresh experience. Keeping him alive, however, is a pain, for three reasons: 1) he has about as much health as a basic Goliath, 2) the midgets – which have about as much health as he does – are pretty hard to hit, and 3) V sometimes decides that he wants nothing to do with the midgets and goes after you. And when he does, he goes into rabid stalker mode.

    Once the Chief dies, V goes into enrage mode, and blasts you with arena-wide shockwaves every 15 seconds. These shockwaves do even more damage than Hyperius’ shockwaves. Attacks like this are, in my opinion, stupid and indicative of lazy design. “Have V’s roar strengthen his own shield? Buff the midgets around him? Turn him invisible? Revive the Chief? Nah. Let’s just go with an unavoidable blast and call it a day.” (Also, inb4 “stop using the Bee;” I’ve been mainly using the Evolution for this boss fight. 😉 Looks like it might be time to invest in a Hoplite.)

    The enrage phase limits your options, and it shows: almost every Voracidous kill I’ve seen involves rocketing him into next week with the Norfleet. A Zer0 melee kill – – is the sole exception, but even that relies on the usual setup of Hide of Terra + slag bladed Rubi/Rapier. (Some melee Zer0s use the Love Thumper, but the HoT has recently beaten it in popularity.) In other words, more of the same, which is the exact opposite of what this boss fight was trying to achieve.

    Non-rabid Stalkers are my favorite new creatures in BL2, and this fight feels like nothing but wasted potential and design choices favoring artificial difficulty. 🙁

    • Joel Santana

      True, but also you really don’t have to keep the Chief alive and actually killing him with the trespasser sniper rifle actually makes the fight a lot easier. Since with the trespasser you will be by-passing the Chief’s shield thus not allowing him to transfer it, thus making Voracidious a lot easier.

      Also, can’t watch the video atm. But I’m guessing that Zero player is either Bahroo or Gothalion? If so, their pretty damn beast at this game and always make quick work out of the raid bosses, lol.

      • IcyGuy

        That’s true, too, although I don’t know if I could personally stomach getting hit by Vor’s AOEs that early in the fight, heh. Still, anything’s better than trying to babysit one of the things trying to kill you, right?

        Sadly, even the Trespasser strategy walks down the same path as almost everything else I’ve seen, which is Norfleet + Sham. On a more positive note, the DLC has only been out for three days, and people will undoubtedly come up with more ways to kill the boss, given time. And if they can’t, then Vor joins Gee in the “No hopers” garbage can from Donkey Kong Country 2’s alternate ending.

        Who would’ve thought all those borderline throwaway quest rewards would be so useful for killing raid bosses? 😉 The Hail, Sand Hawk, Rapier, Fibber, Rubi, Creamer, and now the Trespasser…I’m still holding onto the Kitten in case it turns out to be awesome. It must become awesome, it MUST. /SeraphVendor

        And yep, that’s Gothalion at the reigns. His melee spec brings back good memories of going through PT1 and 2 as a melee Zer0…partly because it’s almost identical to the spec I used. Bahroo is an absolute joy to watch, except for that one time when he killed Gee while Nyan Cat played in the background.

        • Joel Santana

          “except for that one time when he killed Gee while Nyan Cat played in the background.” LOL

          Any who, from what I’ve seen and experimented so far with the Kitten, it’s pretty beastly at one thing. Massive Healing.

          Also, I wouldn’t be surprised when all content for Borderlands 2 is released that Voracidous is the worst raid boss in the game. Since he has what a lot of people dislike, as well his drops aren’t good and seems to only have Legendary class mods in his loot pool when it comes to Legendary gear.

          Btw I’m not counting Master Gee as a raid boss, cause I’ve decided to totally block him from my memory cause of bad he is and how many times he’s frozen my console. Even when I beat him legit.

    • i never used the bee and never will but….all the bosses in the new DLC REQUIRE you to use the BEE because if you don’t prepare for a hour long fight ;/ (which i actually did f*ck you pyro pete)

      • Joel Santana


        Even though they may be tougher then other enemies, you can still kill them if you play it smart. Or .. just use a zero melee build and one hit them all.

  • jimmylara

    “Thankfully, if you do manage to take down Dexiduous, you will be heavily rewarded with a shower of purple loot and as well have a chance to get his special drop, ”

    Kepted that in there on purpose trollface.gif

    • Joel Santana


  • HH KiLLaMaNiLLa

    If Anyone here has the chopper ill trade any Orange weapon also have the cobra and sandhawk and other legendary mods and many others if interested hit me up on Xbox Live GT:HH KiLLaMaNiLLA i only ask because ive killed Dexiduous four times and got nothing

  • Notorious

    I would have expected more ‘big game’ to hunt…
    Disappointed about the length, but the content was okay I guess.

    • Joel Santana

      Yeah the only thing that was even big was Dexiduous and the Drifters. It would’ve been pretty damn cool if we got to hunt a creature the size of that fossil in candlerakk.

  • Josh Moore

    If someone could make a guide to which monsters drop the new guns would be nice.