Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – First Impressions

We got to check out Sledgehammer Games’ Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare in a private, behind-closed-door event prior to E3 2014’s opening.

Here are my first impressions on what we saw and what co-founders Michael Condrey and Glen Schofield will be delivering to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC this November 4.

What are your first thoughts on Advanced Warfare? I’d love to hear it in the comments below!

  • jordanxbrookes

    I am definitely looking forward to Advanced Warfare, can’t wait for multiplayer reveal.

    • jasonxbrookes

      You’re also one of the biggest CoD fanboys on the planet.

      • CoDforever

        No one can like CoD otherwise they are a “fanboy”, right?

        • jasonxbrookes

          No, but I’ve never heard Jordan give positive feedback on any other games. It always seems to be a constant war between Battlefield and Call of Duty in his eyes. In reality, this doesn’t exist, and most people play both.

          I think Jordan himself would admit that he is a CoD fanboy. It doesn’t mean it’s bad, but it is the truth whether you like it or not.

          • rolypoky .

            Are you two brothers?

  • BOSS jediZOHAN

    I don’t have high hopes, but this actually doesn’t look terrible.

    • George

      That’s one way to look at it haha

    • CoDforever

      doesnt look terrible?

      You know what does look terrible?

      Battlefield Hardline

      High end PS2 graphics yo! Go compare Nick Mandoza’s face in the “into the jungle” to the guys face in advanced warfare where his hand gets stuck in the door of the dropship thingy, go on. Then tell me which one looks terrible

      • imran

        I wouldn’t say they are PS2 graphics but it looks like their Battlefield hardline was rushed or the Dev team just doesn’t know how to use frostbite my guess is they don’t know how to use frostbite we all know what Frostbite 3 is capable of with BF4 it’s a great looking game and going from that to Hardline is very strange

      • KennyKyle

        stfu already god.

  • Katana67

    “Oh good, another hackneyed future setting… /yawn”

    That’s what I would expect to hear from all of the “modern settings are old” crowd.

    But naw, it’s cool.

  • jj16802

    Looks like a linear Crysis. I think the copy and paste jokes might end with this game since the engine and in-game models/animations look brand new. We need to find another way to poke fun at the series now.

    • Mr. Thuggins

      Stick with the jokes about the younger portion of the fan base. That well won’t be drying up anytime soon.

    • Poop

      This game now doesn’t get criticized for being a remake, but now it’s criticized for ‘copying’.

  • MrMultiPlatform

    Not buying this because the same old community will be there. That’s CoDs biggest problem.

    • James Mulhall

      That’s the shittest excuse I’ve ever heard for not buying a game.

      “The community is the problem with the game” is basically what you just said. How does the community effect you when playing?

      • The community, specifically the HEAVY trash-talkers who just constantly throw around the names that pro players use like “booters”, “boosters”, “tryhards”, “hard-scopers”, “campers”, etc. to describe people who are simply playing the game their own way or are playing well, affect me when I’m playing because it’s ridiculous. I’d rather have a decent conversation with someone, whether it be becoming friends with somebody or coordinating together to capture points or plant bombs. Instead, in between each game it’s people throwing around racial slurs or insulting me. I am always playing to win and trying to have a fun game and be a good sport. In every single match up though, there is “that guy” who just ruins the good time others try to make happen.

        • CoDforever

          They didn’t make a ‘mute’ button for nothing ..

          • I’m aware, I’m stating how the community is over the top. Muting teammates works, but if the community wasn’t such trash talkers, we could have better teamwork. If Advanced Warfare dropped the “Call of Duty” name, I totally think all the expectations that come with Cod would be dropped and the game would instantly be more fun for people.

        • Poop

          Dude, there is a mute button for Christ’s sake. You call these kids that scream into their mics idiots but yet you haven’t figured out how to mute them apparently.

          • Not once did I use the word idiots, I call them heavy trash talkers because that’s what they are… I just wish they’d go talk shit somewhere else because they only do it for the sake of talking shit. Thanks though for the heads up about that good old mute button pal!!!!

      • David Houston

        The community isnt very classy when it comes to cod. I dont know how many times ive seen or been called the n word whilst they announced that they had sex with my mother….and its not once in awhile its like every other day. If it wasnt for the mute button i wouldnt really play the mp and just stick with single player.

        • James Mulhall

          So this ruins the multiplayer experience how? If you get upset over something like that, then you shouldn’t be playing video games much at all.

          • Why are you so bothered by the fact some people play a game and try to work with their teammates? If by any chance you are going to tell me cod is the wrong game for me, then that is my point exactly about the community – I shouldn’t have to not play a game because others aren’t there to play, just covering that base yo 🙂

          • David Houston

            Lol everybody says that. Sorry for getting annoyed for being called a word i hear alot outside of gaming in gaming. Usually people who use the “fire too hot? stay out of the kitchen” excuse are the same exact people who act that way. Im not saying you do specifically im just saying it is very common.

          • Or be at the internet at all…

    • SiftBlade

      Which is why the mute button exists.

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  • xHDx

    It looks different n a lot of different way compared to the traditional COD game but I’m gonna try before I buy on this one. I can’t trust developers who are associated with bare face liars.

  • Scavenger of Human Sorrow

    The real test is multiplayer, I couldn’t care less how single player turns out as I won’t be playing that for a year.

  • dpg70

    Single player looks pretty good.

  • Mike

    It has a sci-fi feel to it and I like it. Now is it worth 60 bucks? Thats the question.

    • $69.99 on newest-gen 🙁

      • SiftBlade

        No, it’s $59.99, like always.

        • Every PS4 game since Infamous Second Son I’ve got has been $69.99, I’m in Ontario Canada, maybe it’s different for you, lucky

          • SiftBlade

            Yup, I preordered Far Cry 4 for $60.

  • It seems the sound improved alot, the game looks interesting, looking forward to it

    • David Houston

      Same. The guns and explosives have a chunkier sound to them none of that pop gun shenigans like in bo1 or ghost.

  • Primey_

    I seem to never be able to load this new video player mp1st is using. No matter what browser it gets stuck on a loading circle at the top right

    • Yeah? Thanks for the feedback. I’ll see what we can do. I’m also uploading it to YouTube later tonight, so keep an eye out for that 🙂

      • SiftBlade

        Mine’s not loading either :/

      • TI_21

        Doesn’t work for me either.
        win 8.1 Firefox
        Without Adblock the ad plays but then the video doesn’t start at all showing a blackscreen. With an active Adblocker the loading animation kept on circling indefinitely.

  • Jamie McDonald

    The multiplayer reveal will seal its faith!

    • Agreed! The likely sep. 1st reveal has me excited!!

  • Rob Machado

    tbh i thought the single player trailer was sick!

  • imran

    way I look at it treyarch are always good at making cod games biggest reason why MW3 and Ghosts sucked was because infinity ward made them and from what I can tell so far this game looks somewhat Next gen and it looks like they have a heavy focus on competitive which means their well be gun balance and good maps for fair play so personally I am going to give them the benefit of the doubt on this one I won’t pre order though Until I see the mutliplayer reveal

    • SiftBlade

      But this isn’t Treyarch, it’s a new developer.

  • Guest

    here’s a comparison of BF Hardline face in Single Player vs Advanced Warfare’s face in Single Player

    things to note:

    The BF face was in a cutscene while AW face was running real time in-game

    It was hard to screen capture as the motion blur every time I paused the video and both Pictures are 720p youtube quality

  • CoDforever

    here’s a comparison of BF Hardline face in Single Player vs Advanced Warfare’s face in Single Player

    things to note:

    The BF face was in a cutscene while AW face was running real time in-game

    It was hard to screen capture as the motion blur every time I paused the video and both Pictures are 720p youtube quality.

    • Blaine Reinsma

      You dont need to spam it everywhere. In fact, you can probably just drop the whole thing. BF Hardline overall just looks like a stupid game in addition to underwhelming graphics, but it’s also not made by DICE and really doesnt deserve to use the “Battlefield” name at all. BF4 graphics look far superior to Hardline and still look a little better than AW despite being a year older. AW definitely looks impressive, especially for a game made with SqueakerBox One as the lead platform, but BF4 PC still looks better. In-game shot:

      • Mr. Thuggins

        You’re comparing apples to oranges. Of course a game is going to look better on PC when compared to a game on a console.

        Also, don’t be a douche. Using terrible made up names for consoles is juvenile, which is ironic, since you are attempting to say the Xbox One is for juveniles. Act like a well-adjusted member of society and call them by their real names.

      • Grif

        Isn’t the picture you linked from the pre-rendered trailer?

      • Luis Mitis

        you sir just made battlefield and battlefield fans look stupid.

      • Poop

        That’s from an intro, not in-game.

  • CoDforever


  • Robert Wagner

    Sorry. Not interested in any CODs until there’s a WW1 or 2 theme to it. I’m getting bored of the “Modern/near future Settings”

    Either that, OR follow in Halo’s footsteps. Remaster COD4, WAW, MW2, and BO1 for Next gen. add in all the DLC for the games. Now THAT I would get back into COD again.

  • Derelict

    what is this crysis?

  • Spectre01N7

    I think it looks cool

    • Cod4ever

      Yeah I agree, and the graphics are so much better. It’s awesome!!!

  • As a “new studio” and being set in a future setting they should of released more multiplayer information as a matter of fact it should all been multiplayer, they want preorders and DA MONEY? You have one of the largest communities market that not single player!

    • SiftBlade

      They’re doing what COD has always done. SP in June, MP in August, Co-op in late September/ early October. It’s been like that for years and it works.

  • FakinNOOBZ

    I want to see the multiplayer and then i will decide whether or not this COD will be good. I was HIGHLY disappointed in COD Ghosts entirely and i am hoping that this one will make up for it……