Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Q&A – TTK, Quick-Scoping, Titanfall Comparison, and More

Hey guys! Thank you all for sending in your Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare multiplayer questions on Twitter, YouTube, and in the comment sections on MP1st.

I’ve rounded all of them up and done my best to answer with the knowledge I possess based on my hands-on time with the game. I touch on subjects like time-to-kill, quick-scoping, cloaking, enhanced movement, and the ever-so-popular comparison to Respawn’s sci-fi shooter, Titanfall.

Have a look and listen below and keep the Advanced Warfare multiplayer discussion rolling in the comments!

  • MegaMan3k

    A video? 🙁

  • thatoneguy

    Videos won’t load

  • born2expire

    the left right bob when sprinting looks way to fast, almost laughably cartoony.

  • The anonymous employee

    As a cod fan boy well at least I was, I used to be on a pro mlg team. Cod ghost was the begging of the destruction for the series. Ghost was just bad now this this game looks like a joke I don’t even know what to call it besides advance warfare. All they did was copied titan fall halo put some ghost recon stuff in this game. That’s it. Little kids always buy this game. Wait until rainbow 6 comes out I bet u 1000 dollars that little kids won’t understand how to play that game. More adults play that game the call of duty.I guess speaking of advance warfare 2 days later people are going to trade their copies in to GameStop.

    • lukazo

      ghosts wasnt the begging of the destruction, it was mw3.

      • AKIRA2020


      • Skullking920

        at least mw3 was playable unlike ghosts.

      • Skullking920

        I actually think black ops 1 was the downfall the only good things about black ops 1 was the single player and zombies.

        • lukazo

          see black ops 1 was good(to me anyway) was because it was different to any other cod.

          complete different setting.

          new guns never before used.

          new perks/attachments.

          complete new art design/graphics.

          they added in the sliding, dolphin dive thing.

          yet it kept to the cod we all knew and loved.

          every game treyarch have made, they have been innovative and different.

          activision has done bugger all since mw2. apart from new guns.

          mw3 was just mw2 with new maps………

          • Guest

            black ops was mw2 in the 1960’s using a currency system ,

            It went downhill with how mw2 was handled

            • lukazo

              how mw2 was handled?

              mw2 was a big hit! mw2 and black ops2 both sold nearly double mw1 ?

            • Guest

              The lack of patching, many things still broken and unbalanced along with the cheats/hacks.

            • lukazo

              ??? dude why would they still be patching and handling and dealing with hacks for a game that is 5, coming up 6 years old ?

            • Guest

              They werent handled in the spring and summer of 2010

              not to mention they removed dedicated server support and modding from pc.

            • lukazo

              i play on PC and i prefer not to have modding on cod.

    • MrMultiPlatform

      It’s BO2 with a jetpack. You “haters” are hilarious.

      • DiabolusBR

        If they mix in the Ghosts connection, I’m fine with that!

    • Trevor Squires

      That’s funny cause i’m not a kid and i’ll be picking up the MCC, Advanced Warfare, Battlefield Hardline, and Rainbow Six Siege. Mainly cause there all great games and i’m actually a variety gamer.

      • Skullking920

        those are all great looking games but don’t forget about batman Arkham knight.

      • lukazo

        oh please dont support EA and there bullshit!

        hardline is just bf4 in a cops and robbers skin, with new game modes!

        they could of added it as DLC its that basic of a game.

    • Merffy

      Advance Warfare is the only Black Ops 2 I’ll get to play on my Xbox One, and I loved Black Ops 2.

    • JBSleek

      People who say this are the most annoying. How did they copy Titanfall when this game was three years into development? Exosuits aren’t new and isn’t something Titanfall invented or innovated.

      Qualifying your statement by saying you were some MLG player doesn’t add validity to your statement it just makes you look bitter. Don’t like the game fine don’t watch the videos. How do you not like a game you never played.

      • The anonymous employee

        Thats funny because I have I go to all of these events at gamescom and im going to the gamestop expo in California. Plus I get the atlas pro edition for free for being a gamestop manager. Oh aka as a manager we get free games and play the games before u guys do. Lol

        • LonDonE247

          dude people can brag about all sorts of things online! i am the prince of England William see?? without a video or some proof its complete bullshit! if your a manager who gets free games great for you! why then would you even bother complaining about games? and if your a manager why would you even bother watching vids like this since you should know most of it before us? LMAO

          I you are what you say you are great for you but to be honest you come across as a young petulant child having a rant online about pointless things with complete strangers! shouldn’t you be managing your store, or not LOL

          • DanDustEmOff

            Yeah, he does it all the time. When people figure out his bullwhip he changes his name.

        • DanDustEmOff

          No you don’t.

          • The anonymous employee

            How will u know. Do u know me. I think your jealous of me. Lol

            • DanDustEmOff

              Different name same bullshit.

      • DanDustEmOff

        This guy is a cock mate, he was never an mlg player. He has had a ton of user names on here. He is just a low level GameStop employee that thinks he knows everything.

    • Skullking920

      First of all how did Sledghammer games copy titanfall this game has been in development since 2011. Titanfall and Advanced warfare were in development basically at the same time and i am 100 percent certain that nobody at Respawn told anyone at sledghammer on what they were creating. The part about halo could be true but only for Reach and Halo 4 and that is only the jet pack and laser weapons that is it.

  • Cameron Purdie

    Please give us a transcript.

  • xHDx

    Thanks for Answers. I might just get this anyway. It sounds like an improvement from the Previous CoD’s.

  • J4MES

    I’m getting tired of all these Titanfall comparisons. Most comments are generated by hate and bitterness towards COD but some people will never be happy. AW looks great, it’s something different and after Ghosts; I welcome it with open arms. The visuals and Black Ops 2-style user interface look familiar and fresh. Funny that the demo of AW had more guns and unlocks than the whole Titanfall game itself!

    People can whine until the end of time who copied who and what’s a ripoff of what but this game looks polished of the highest order and will render most MP shooters out there including Titanfall, absolutely redundant. Players have been crying out for years about wanting something different and this is it. Buy it or don’t. This game will sell bazillions and the community will thrive once again.

    • C BREEZY

      Agreed that it’s typical to see all this negativity/cynicism, I’ve only ever had great things to say about COD games (still loving Ghosts even though all I hear about it is negative). However, I’m also not keen on all the jumping around and flying around the map on AW. Obviously will still be checking it out, just worried the experience will feel like a completely different game altogether (which I don’t want, as I enjoyed every other COD release)

      • Skullking920

        Well i guess i am glad that you like ghosts but i think it is a piece of shit.

    • Skullking920

      I agree to a point the only thing i don’t agree with is that this game will make most MP shooters redundant, which is not true. Halo is Halo, Battlefield is Battlefield and Cod is Cod they all are completely different games and play nothing like each other; They are all great shooters as well, it just depends on what game you are in the mood for.

    • IceKoldKilla

      You can’t deny that they did copy. This game has been in development for nearly 3 years. As soon as they saw or heard about Titanfall, Activision made sure to take notes. After all Respawn Entertainment is made by the creators of IW and Call of Duty. You should learn the differences between hate and facts. Yes, I know some do hate. Haters gonna hate, right? As a big fan that has been playing since CoD (2003) on PC and later on consoles, I’m sad they weren’t able to come up with an original idea. All ideas of based of others but based of a recent game and that just happens to be made by the creators of CoD, hmmm suspicious. You gotta admit. And the resemblance? Look at the video of Titanfall how they talked about verticality and now they use the same word to describe THEIR exo-skeloton? All we need are titans falling from skies and we got a HUGE rip-off. It’s already a rip-off if you ask me. Anyways, I’m excited to see what Sledgehammer can do on their own with a CoD.

      • J4MES

        Nobody ‘copied’ anybody. Respawn is also nothing to do with Sledgehammer or COD anymore. It’s a coincidence. AW certainly evolves the genre and games of this nature. You may as well say COD copied MoH as that was made by West/Zampella too but you probably weren’t moaning in the first COD’s were you because of this? AW has the typical COD hallmarks and an exciting new style which is a recipe for a great game. Oh and Titanfall must have copied Metal Gear Solid and any other FPS game LOL!

  • MegaMan3k

    Thanks for the videos, a lot of good information compiled here. And thanks for answering my two questions (and saying ‘terribads’ with a straight face is hilarious!)

    • Thanks for the questions, MegaMan3k! Much appreciated 🙂

      • TheCrypted

        I posted a comment just a few minutes ago, please answer it because I would like to know about the game breaking tactical

  • Guest

    This game is gonna be a lot of fun. I like the increase in speed and maneuverability. Should see more strategies out on the maps with the double jumps and dashes. I hope there is a good amount of verticality, and that the maps move away from the standard 3 lanes.

  • M1ke Daddy

    Couldn’t watch the vids so is there Quick Scoping or not

    • TL:DW – Quick scoping is harder with the default scope. ADS is slow and players move fast. Equip the Iron Sights attachment to ADS much quicker, forgoing any sort of magnification.

      • M1ke Daddy

        I guess it makes sense then with the exo suits
        and faster gameplay QS shouldn’t be as frustrating to deal with cause I just hope they dont patch it later on like Treyarch did with Black Ops 2
        so far this looks like a buy to me

  • Leon

    Excellent and very informative videos! Thank you, David! A couple of questions:

    1. I am on PC where controls are much tighter. I wonder how TTK on console will translate to PC? Do you think that it will FEEL much faster than on console (perhaps too quick?), considering that, in your videos, there was almost no exo suit jumping during 1 on 1 gun fights?

    2. Is there no prone diving as it was in BO2? Is there prone at all in CoD:AW?

    • Thanks, Leon! 🙂

      1. It’s hard for me to answer that one as I’ve never really played Call of Duty on PC. I see what you’re saying though, and I suppose it’d be a possibility!

      2. You can go prone in Advanced Warfare, but, no, there is no diving to prone (aka Dolphin Diving).

      • Leon

        By the way, at first your voice didn’t fit your photo (means, my imagination of you). I imagined that you would have much higher voice timbre, and not a deep, serious sounding one! All is good though! 🙂

        • I actually had (and still have) a cold when I recorded these! Could barely breath through my nose. Tried to hide it as best I could, but it definitely had an effect on my voice.

          • Leon

            Oh, I see. I have to wait for some other video of yours when you are healthy. In the meantime, I wish you a speedy recovery, David!

  • IceKoldKilla

    I never understood why people say Ghosts is shit. Please elaborate. I have it on PS4 and it’s a CoD. No master piece of a game nor the best CoD but I can finally take a break from all the tactical insertions, spawn trapping and over powered crap. I thought the kill streaks were well balanced. No helicopters, turrets and trophy systems all up and over powered. Like the exploits people found with turrets and trophy systems to make them super powered. I enjoy it. I got tired of it but it happens every year. After a couple of months, I’m back at it.

    • J4MES

      Ghosts may have eradicated some issues with past games but it created many more which put many people right off. Terrible map designs, boring killstreaks, lame and dated presentation and poor guns. The game wasn’t enjoyable in the slightest. The IED’s were ludicrous and OP and the whole game was a step backwards in many respects. Definitely the worst COD and one of the worst shooters I’ve ever played. The new/fake IW are appalling.

  • TheCrypted

    What is SHG doing about boosting and bot lobbies? I know there will always be some form of boosting but are they taking the tac out or what?

  • Declan Molyneux

    is there tactical insertions

  • theseus36

    I just wanna know if its going to be possible to boost in advanced warfare. im sick of playing matches that are ruined by cheaters. if boosting is allowed, I wont be buying the game.

  • Andrew Cropper Wakeman

    It get worse ever year, mw2 was the best then mw3 was ok better when they added some mw2 maps and ghosts was a waste of money and this with flying soldiers and not so great online maps means i wont pick up a copy. I may try the battlefield series to see if thats any better.

  • Andrew Cropper Wakeman

    can u get tatical insertions on this game

  • guyzzz plzz tell if I don’t buy SEASON PASS and I directly buy the DLC packs ( PS4 ) will it work or not ??? plzzzz help me !