Call of Duty: Ghosts – Learn To Control FFA Spawns With This Handy Fan-Made Guide

If lone wolf game modes like Free for All are you’re jam in Call of Duty: Ghosts, you’ll definitely want to check out this handy FFA guide by Reddit user True_Patrician.

Map control can be difficult to achieve on your own when its every man or women for him or herself. But with the help of this in-depth guide, you’ll get a better idea of key locations to take note of when navigating some of Ghosts’ more popular multiplayer maps. In it, True_Patrician focuses primarily on spawn layouts and the suggested paths used to control them.

Before you get into it, here’s a short legend to take note of:

  • Red Dot = Hot Spawn
  • Yellow Dot = Lesser Spawn
  • Green Dot = Strong Point
  • Green Line = Patrol Area

Prison Break


“Waterfall is a really hot spawn so to get people to spawn there you don’t really have to go much farther than tires or sewer. I go over to the truck by cement to pick people off trying to run up the cliff.

“While on cliff you mainly have to worry about the spawn above bridge, at humvees, and on the road. Sometimes people spawn booth and convoy while up there so be careful about getting picked off from below.”



“The path over by gate note counting Strikezone is probably one of the fastest FFA spots in the game. You should be getting a kill every 2 or 3 seconds if you work the spawns right. Here’s a video showing how you play the area.

“The spot over by Garage is much more relaxed, really the only spawn that’s any danger to you is the one that’s in lot as they can randomly spawn there a lot, although it’s mostly fixed now. You’ll mostly be concerned with the spawns by wood and paper.”



“A really fast map. The spawn over by hot dogs is really hot so if you’re in the path there you’ll get people spawning behind you so you have to be careful. Hotdogs area is the safest area though as you have a nice headglitch on beer spawn which is major and hotdog major spawn isn’t too much of an issue as long as you’re careful. You also get the two park spawns.

“Fastest area is the shop as you get the hot dog spawns, the park spawns, and the statue spawns.”



“This map is a bit harder to force spawns on as the only area you really can is the one around tracks. The most major spawn is the bunker so if I hear someone spawn there I like to drop down from the right side coming out as they always nearly immediately try running to the top of the hill.”



“The are around C-Dom is the safest if you’re a good shot. The biggest spawns are Bar, Barricade, and Store although people like staying in the bar if they spawn there so it’s not quite as hot as it should be. You have to be careful of people with thermal scopes while at tower as they can see under the tarp, otherwise it’s probably the fastest spot.”



“Funnily enough this is the map I’m the second worst at in spawn knowledge, but it’s the map I have the most FFA KEMs on. Basically just stay around Gas and Shop as while I marked a lot of the spawns as non-major they’re still fairly common due to all the clutter breaking lines of sight.”



“Security is really fast and the major spawn by vault is really broken. You can basically assume for that spawn if someone has died and someone isn’t already spawned there they’re going to spawn there. Research is fairly major too so you can run around tanks if you want but it’s kinda slow. My second path over by soda depends on the game.”



“My least knowledge map as I stay away from most of the top side of the map since it’s a huge clusterfuck. If someone more knowledgeable than me knows the spawns for that area I’ll update the map for it. Just staying in top parking is really fast but really dangerous and open too. You get people coming out of passage spawn, garbage, blue and parking. You can also see around ledge and AC spawn and see everyone running across terrace. You can also get kills out of people peeking from carpet and cafe. Safest spot is staying in garbage and getting passage and ledge spawns.”

Thanks for the great work, True_Patricion!

Are you much of a Free for All player? Try out some of the tips presented above and let us know how you fair in the comments below.

  • jordanxbrookes

    It’s actually funny because where the green lines are, I’ve been controlling spawn points for past 3 months, glad to know I have great spawn knowledge for FFA. That’s probably why I’ve had 4 K.E.M.s in this game mode.

  • Bmeowmix

    Great, now FFA is going to be filled by even more tryhardy douchebags

    • Zachary Myers

      There are no tryhards, just natural skill differences.

      • Bmeowmix

        There definitley is. Using the best guns in the game obviously takes less skill than one of the less common ones.

        • Zachary Myers

          you should also know that it’s not the guns that determine the battles. People determine the battles.

          there will always be the few weapons that generally has more popularity, but just because something is popular, doesn’t mean it’s easier to use.

          • Bmeowmix

            Generally it does. That’s why everyone hopped on the MTAR bandwagon; because it is superior. And the MSMC, the MP7, FAMAS, OMA noob tubes, the MP40, and the MP5 (CoD4 style).

            People’s skill doesn’t make the MTAR more accurate/powerful than my assault rifle with faster handling. Bad weapon balance does that.

            • Zachary Myers

              You know what’s bad weapon balance? Not gimping quickscoping. It’s a long ranged sniper, yet it can perform well at close range. Why not make shotguns good at long range while the devs are at it.

            • Bmeowmix

              That is another good example of bad weapon balance

    • Jason Lane

      Waaaaa someone’s better than you at a video game! Sorry your life hasn’t panned out like you thought it would’ve. Condolences!!!!

      • Bmeowmix

        Using an MTAR and manipulating the spawn system isn’t skill

        • Jason Lane

          I was implying you had no skill sir.

          • Bmeowmix

            I know, and I don’t know why you’d do that seeing as though you’ve never seen me play

    • ColonelBoston

      Tryhard is the worst insult in history. It comes from this no child left behind, everybody gets a trophy, pussy generation. Where’s the competitive spirit, kid? Whatever, when people say tryhard I hear “waah, I just lost, waah.”

      • Bmeowmix

        If someone beats me with actual skill, I’m more than happy to accept defeat. When someone borderline spawnkills me, well, thats a different story. Maybe “tryhard” isn’t the right word, but this could be game ruining

  • Jason Lane

    If I’m not mistaken these are also the spawn points for TDM. This list will come in handy. Thanks MP1st!

  • OG SkuNK

    I LOVE To Spawn F**k People So This Article Definitely Came In Handy For Some Of The Maps I Sometimes Have Trouble With, Add Me On Xbox 360 : IMvtrix
    MLG Gamer 🤘