Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Review – Treyarch Has Been Listening

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Legendary actor and martial artist Bruce Lee once said, “Absorb what is useful, discard what is not, and add what is uniquely your own.”

It would seem that Treyarch has been watching some Kung Fu movies as of late.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is the culmination of years of reiteration and fine tuning. For the first time in a long while, it feels like we are dealing with a Call of Duty title that has truly learned from past experiences and has improved upon almost every aspect while doing away with or completely re-building others, for the better. Similarly, this is the first time in a long while that it feels like developers have actually listened to their community and have delivered.

Personally, when not dealing with those “WTF” moments caused by some bothersome network issues, this is the most fun and highest level of satisfaction I’ve had with a Call of Duty title since the original Modern Warfare.

Wecome back to Black Ops

Pick-10, Scorestreaks, Gameplay and Balance

Now, Black Ops 2 is still nothing revolutionary, in terms of gameplay. It’s still Call of Duty, the fast-paced, high-action, 60 FPS twitch shooter we’ve all come to know and love. Treyarch has simply trimmed the fat and put on some more muscle, making this one of the most content-filled yet polished experiences yet.

Like Modern Warfare 3, Black Ops 2 is fast. Much faster than it’s true predecessor, Black Ops. However, unlike Modern Warfare 3, it plays much closer to previous titles in terms of map design and flow, which we’ll get into further on. But what really makes Call of Duty Call of Duty, so to speak, are two things; Class creation and Scorestreaks. Keeping this in mind, let’s take a look at what Treyarch brought to the table this time around. “Out with the old and in with the new,” as they say.

Many would argue that the battle is won in the loadout screen when playing a highly customizable shooter like Call of Duty. That’s why it’s important for developers to get it right, inject a high level of fun-factor and ensure that balance is top priority. So far, I believe Treyarch has done a commendable job in this regard and has conspired the most creative, yet balanced Create-a-Class system yet. Originally conceived as a board game, Treyarch welcomes you to Pick-10. You’ll be spending a lot of time here.

The idea is simple. You have 10 points and you can do whatever you want with them – put them anywhere you want. Don’t want to use a primary weapon? No problem. Take it off and spend that point on a second piece of equipment or Wildcard. Wildcards are rule breakers. They allow you to acquire additional perks or attachments, to name a few benefits. The end result is a highly-addicting Create-a-Class experience that allows you to actually tailor your play style very specifically. (I know what you’re thinking. They’ve said this before, but this time, it’s real.) The best part about Pick-10 is that it’s balanced, at least at this point in the game, despite the amount of creativity given to you. Wildcards mean that two points need to be spent, in total, in order to slap on an additional attachment or perk, for example. Thinking of stocking up on six perks? In that case, you’ll be stuck item left, be it a weapon or a piece of equipment (you’ll always have your knife). Of course, weapons can be picked up on the battlefield, which needs to be considered as well. So far, I’ve had a lot of fun trying to find the perfect class set-up.

Speaking of unlocks, Black Ops 2 follows a much more traditional pattern than the Original Black Ops’ CoD Points system did, though tokens are required to actually use an unlocked weapon. Additionally, in order to unlock every single thing at one time, you’ll need to have Prestiged all the way to Prestige Master (max rank) in order to acquire enough unlock tokens for every item. Additional incentives to Prestige include the ability to carry items over into your next prestige, the ability to keep weapon attachments you’ve already earned and the ability to throw on some extra camoflauge patterns and emblems on your weapon, which can also be Prestiged now.

My favorite point that Treyarch has made here, and probably one of the most important points with the new Pick-10 system, is that Perks now only affect you as a player and do not affect your weapon in any way. That’s what attachments are for. Due to this, choosing the right attachments becomes a much trickier job. That, and trying to balance it out with Perk usage. You’ll also find that a much greater number of weapon attachments are now available, including my favorites, the laser sight (the new Steady Aim), the fast mag (the new Slight-of-Hand) and the Ballistics CPU (reduces scope sway). Another nice touch is the ability unlock and add camoflauge patters to both your secondary weapons and your knife.

Side note: Flak Jacket is your friend. More than in previous titles, I’m finding a high-percentage of my deaths come from explosives. I’m not sure if its an increase in splash range or damage, or if I’m just that unlucky. Plus, a Flack Jacket is the only thing that will save you from the commonly used Hunter Killer Scorestreak.

Weapon balance is a hard to judge at this stage of the game. Even in a months time, it wouldn’t be fair to say what is what. As of right now, I don’t believe anyone has found the “Famas” of Black Ops 2 or the “MP-40” of World at War. However, I’ve found (and heard from others) that assault rifles lack the kind of power it feels like they should have. If I were to take some guesses, I would say that some of the SMGs, the R870 MCS shotgun and the dual B23R hand guns are ones to watch out for. On a more personal note, my favorite class set-up so far involves the TAC-45 hand gun as its only weapon, which should go to show that handguns can really hold their own in Black Ops 2. I also love the DSR-50 bolt-action sniper rifle. It just looks and sounds bad ass.

As with previous titles, Call of Duty has a large meta-game and will play differently three months down the road and then yet again six months later.

A soldier with a Type-25 assault rifle backed by a powerful sentry turret 

If you manage to make it out of Pick-10 as a sane person, it’s time to put your classes to use. Again, the gameplay is what you expect. What’s different this time is the way Scorestreaks are built. As the name implies, you earn rewards through score, which includes both kills and completing objectives. What’s great is that they are purposely designed to build up slowly if you are only concerning yourself with kills. However, concern yourself with kills while defending the Hardpoint or Domination Flag and, oh man, now we’re talkin’. You might be asking, “well, if Scorestreaks can build up so quickly, how am I supposed to enjoy a game of Black Ops 2 with attack dogs and drone swarms constantly dominating the battlefield. What you need to remember is that, yes, Scorestreaks build up very quickly when playing the objective, but playing the objective is very dangerous and gets you killed often. As a result, high-level Scorestreaks are rarely seen, at least at in my experience so far. One issue I have, however, is that mid-level Scorestreaks can be extremely powerful and could use some toning down. Nevertheless, in the end, Black Ops 2 offers true gun-on-gun gameplay without an over-reliance on Scorestreaks.

Now, all of this is fine and dandy, but what’s the point when none of these perks, attachments or Scorestreaks reduce shoddy network connections. As of now, the singular source of frustration I am having with Black Ops 2 comes from network lag and hit notification. Now, I’m no expert in the field of network code and whatnot, but I know when I’m being robbed of a kill after clearly smoking a guy in the head with a DSR-50. What’s worse? Think you’re safe after quickly taking cover from a gunfight you know you can’t win? Think again. You might clearly be in cover, according to what you see, but not to the enemy. Upon viewing the Killcam after your desk-flip-inducing death, you’ll notice that you were in plain sight the entire time. Now, considering Black Ops 2 even runs with the amount of people playing it at one time, I can forgive and forget. But, I found this to be a major issue in the original Black Ops and was hoping I would no longer have to deal with it in Black Ops 2. It’s not deal breaking, but with a game this fast, it’s certainly noticeable and can undo the tightness of the gun-on-gun gameplay.

I also feel like the game isn’t always doing a good job of telling me when I’m being hit. A lot of the times, I feel as if I’m just dropping dead without explanation. I also don’t necessarily mean in terms of connection either, but more in terms of actual notification. I feel like it could be more pronounced. I could be nit-picking, however, and I could also just be used to games like Medal of Honor: Warfighter that really make you feel like a bullet has entered your body with unstoppable force when hit.

At least, connection issues are currently the only troubles I am having with Black Ops 2 which can vary in severity depending on location and/or time of day. Also, the ability to customize search options is a nice addition, though I’ve yet to be able to determine whether it’s actually effective or not.

Despite this, matchmaking itself is very fast and fluid. So far, I haven’t run into any serious trouble joining games while in a party. However, I haven’t played in any parties bigger than three, as of yet. Still, finding matches seems to be a smooth experience.

Side note: Unfortunately, the PlayStation 3 version of Black Ops 2 has, so far, run into some serious matchmaking issues with many reporting errors when searching for sessions. More than likely, this is a launch problem that will be resolved quickly.

Maps and Modes

As I stated earlier, maps in Black Ops 2 feel much more traditional, some which even remind me of maps found in the orignal Modern Warfare or World at War. This also marks the first time a large map has become one of my all-time favorites. Otherwise, many tend to favor Call of Duty’s smaller to mid-sized maps.

Hijacked will quickly become a favorite thanks to it’s small, symmetrical design and it’s similarity to Call of Duty 4’s Wet Work. Carrier is another instant classic that will immediately remind Call of Duty 4 vets of Countdown. Standoff has a very World at War feel to it while Turbine, my aforementioned favorite big map, and Express both look and feel like Modern Warfare 2’s Afghan and Terminal. There is something about Turbine that strikes me as almost perfect. Not only is it the best looking map, but it’s layout rewards all styles of gameplay and makes for some extremely intense games of Capture-the-Flag, thanks to its large size and the many intricate pathways. It can be a nail-biting experience. Then, of course, there’s Nuketown 2025, a futurized version of the original, for those who received first-print copies of Black Ops 2. (Hint: Pre-‘slode vehicles and wear Flak Jacket, for the love of god.) What impresses me the most is that this is the first time an a while that more than 50% of a Call of Duty’s selection of launch maps have become my favorites. Rarely do I find myself leaving a lobby due to a map I dislike.

Spawning on smaller maps can be rather shaky at times. When it comes to Nuketown 2025, it’s almost impossible to get something like that right, but that’s expected and it’s almost become part of the gameplay. Sadly, the game mode that seems to suffer the most from spawning issues is Hardpoint, my personal favorite.

Many of your favorite game modes return in Black Ops 2 with only a few additions. Fans of Kill Confirmed, introduced in last year’s Modern Warfare 3, will be happy to see it’s return. A concept that hasn’t been seen in a Call of Duty title yet is the idea of multi-teams, now available for three different game modes. Both Team Deathmatch and Kill Confirmed are available as multi-team games, as is Hardpoint, Treyarch’s spin on the traditional King-of-the-Hill mode. Hand’s down, Hardpoint has become my favorite new mode. Despite having to put up with an abnormal amount of explosives, it really focuses the action and gives you the chance to build up your Scorestreaks quickly.

Combat Training and Wager Matches, now Called Party Games, return from the original Black Ops but now allow you to rank up, unlike before. Combat Training won’t give you full experience for obvious reasons, but Party Games allow you to play your favorite modes like Gun Game, Sticks and Stones, One in the Chamber and Sharpshooter all while gaining experience and ranking up.

League Play is Treyarch’s answer to the demands of the competitive Call of Duty crowd. Here, players are matched with those who are equally skilled. As you improve your game (measured by your win/loss ratio) you’ll enter into higher league tiers, ensuring that you’ll always have a fun yet challenging experience. The main differences in these playlists, in terms of gameplay, are the settings used. Moshpit features a mix of TDM and objective game modes with standard rules, solo rank, no split-screen and is 6v6. The Champions Series features only mixed objective modes with competitive rules, similar to Moshpit but with team and solo rank, no care packages, no tactical insertions and is a much more intimate 4v4. In both modes, all weapons, attachments, Perks, equipment and Scorstreaks are unlocked for use right away.

It should be noted that game modes like Domination are now treated like Demolition in that they are now round-based. This is to ensure fairness and is something the competitive crowd has been asking about for a while.

An aerial view of “Turbine,” on of Black Ops 2’s larger maps

Immersion (Sound and Visuals)

Black Ops 2 seems to have taking a turn towards the immersive, this time around. Thanks to the noticeably improved visuals and sound design, battles feel all the more real. The overhauled sound design, in particular, is probably my favorite improvement the Call of Duty series has seen in recent years. More so than anything, the improvements to sound just make Black Ops 2 all the more mature. Explosions now have that “boom,” knifing just sounds brutal, some Scorestreaks sound real scary (oh my, dat Warthog) while weapons now sound like they’ve got some real kick. Additionally, shooting in different areas will have different effects, depending on the size of the room and whether you are indoors or outdoors. Also, soldier call-outs are not only informative, but very convincing. Nothing is more satisfying than hearing the “crack” of a headshot to then hear your soldier yell, “dropped him!”

What some might see as a step backwards, however, is that due to softer footsteps sounds and a louder battlefield in general, it can be much more difficult to hear enemy footsteps than it was in previous titles. They’re still there, of course, but you’ll need to pay attention. The music of Black Ops 2 is also superb, thanks to composer Jack Wall, who you may remember from the Mass Effect series. I highly recommend giving the soundtrack a listen, if you haven’t already.

Black Ops 2 has also seen some serious improvements in terms of visuals. Comparing it to the original Black Ops, one of the biggest improvements you’ll notice right away is the colourful art style. Maps like Yemen, Turbine and the re-imagined Nuketown 2025 are especially vibrant. The brand new lighting creates some very realistic atmospheres and is sure to impress. Character models look great, as do the highly detail weapon models. As they say, your weapon is the star of the show and they shine brightly in Black Ops 2 thanks to the improved lighting.

Under the Hood

There is a lot of stuff to do in Black Ops 2, and I’m just talking about the multiplayer. There is a ton of additional content and revamped features like the emblem editor, theater mode, custom games and the newly introduced CoD TV.

Custom games are back with a boat-load of options like bot set-up, health values, health regeneration, 3rd-person spectating, dynamic map elements and extremely detailed custom class options, like selection allowances and detailed restrictions.

Career Overview is quick and easy to access. You can easily view the career of a friend or player in your lobby by tapping right twice on the selected player. Additionally, calling cards are neatly organized and presented clearly. Your Combat Record is as detailed as ever and checking challenges is a breeze.

The revamped emblem editor allows much more control and flexibility than before. You can now save more than one emblem which is a huge plus, especially if you often play between different clans or groups of people that sport symbols. Brand new social features have also been added that allow players to ‘like’ and ‘dislike’ emblems. You can also note how many times your emblem has been viewed.

Theater Mode has seen some major improvements, especially in terms of organization. You can now view recent victories, bookmarked films, edited films, etc. Also, it is now super easy to create a quick highlight reel with the simple press of a button which can be edited afterwards. You can also choose to CoDCast any game, a quick and easy way to set up a commentary for your gameplay.

That brings us to CoDCasting and Live Streaming, two brand new features seamlessly integrated into Black Ops 2 that Treyarch has added as a way to boost Call of Duty’s eSports presence. While there are only a few requirements for Live Streaming, anyone with a YouTube channel and a valid Call of Duty ELITE registration (to view) can broadcast their gameplay to the world directly from their console. Personally, I haven’t had much experience with either, but both features should be on the radar of anyone interested in sharing their gameplay and commentary with others in a simple fashion.

Another new addition, CoD TV allows you to view official Black Ops 2 trailers, community videos including staff picks, most popular, trending and recently shared, as well as friend’s feeds and your own channel. As with emblems, you can ‘like’ and ‘dislike’ videos, making it easy to view the most popular videos in an instant. Oddly enough, barely any videos on CoD TV seem to have any views whatsoever. I would think that this is most likely due to the fact that, in order to view the video, you need to load up Theater Mode, at which point many lose interest and probably don’t even bother. Perhaps we’ll see the feature pick up in the future.

“Yemen” offers some fast-paced gameplay on a vibrant and colourful close-quarters map


In the end, It’s hard to find many faults with Black Ops 2, other than some frustrating network issues and perhaps some over-effective Scorestreaks or under-effective assault rifles. If there are faults to be had, chances are these are faults inherit in the foundation of Call of Duty’s gameplay. As far as Call of Duty goes, Black Ops 2 is one of the best. There is just so much stuff here and to think the’ve got 90% of it right is pretty darn good. After all, they’ve had a couple years (since World at War) to get it straight.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is a package (a gift, even) given to fans, letting them know that Treyarch has been listening. The proof? How about no Last/Final Stand, no Deathstreaks, a revamped Ghost perk that unlocks at rank 55, no complicated perk or Scorestreak systems, round-based game modes like Domination, a fully customizable Create-a-Class, an absurdly customizable Custom Games and, lastly, League Play for the competitive folk? Though we’ll most likely see another effort in 2013, Black Ops 2 would be a proper close to this console generation of Call of Duty games.

Heck, if none of that floats your boat, there’s also the robust-as-ever Zombies mode and the action-packed single player campaign. As a full package, this is definitely a $60 you won’t soon regret parting ways with.

4 / 5

I give Black Ops 2 a very solid four out of five stars. What stops it from getting full marks? Though the gameplay has been polished to a shine, network issues can easily undo the hard work put into it. Additionally, though this may be the best Call of Duty multiplayer experience in a long while, it’s still, fundamentally, the same Call of duty we’ve been playing since 2007. But, again, I commend Treyarch for listening to their fans and taking the time to trim some fat and add some muscle in the form of some really great features.

Black Ops 2 is like Bruce Lee’s forearm: Fat-free.

So, that’s just what I think. What about you? Is Black Ops 2 the ultimate Call of Duty? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

This review was based on the Xbox 360 version of the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Hardened Edition, courtesy of Activision.

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  • WarHero

    Going to skip Infinity Ward’s CoD from now on.

    • what about Treyarch’s CoD ?

    • Joe

      Considering they haven’t really existed in 2 years, that’s probably the wise thing to do. I shudder to think of what Activision’s skeleton crew will spew out next year. Actually, I don’t care — I wont be buying it.

      • WarHero

        Next year,the game that’s going to keep me from buying IW’s CoD is BF4,the problem I have with this game is I go into a match and every time it say “Connection Interrupted” while other game plays fine.

        • Joe

          Eh, I loved BC1 & BC2 and really enjoyed 1943, but I absolutely HATED BF3. Hated every second of every match I played of it. EA’s obsession w/ being the “cod killer” instead of just staying true to their own game has ruined the franchise for me. I’m 100% done w/ BF games (well, EA games in general, actually).

          • Hugo Stiglitz

            Staying true to their own game? Like CoD? The game that gets ridiculed for being the same game every year?

            I’m sorry but if you “hated” bF3 then you’re just an idiot. There’s no way you can say modes like conquest or rush are really that different from BC 2 to the point that you would love one and hate the other. That’s ridiculous.

            If BF3 was completely like BC 2, it would get tons of hate for being the same game. instead, BF3 was a completely evolved version of battlefield, that also is the best selling entry in the series because it’s by far the best entry in the series.

            Conquest in BF3 is still the same BF it has been from the start. The only difference is that BF3 is more evolved to be fun for all players, not just campers like you.

            I bet you’re one of the same people that hate the fact BF3 has TDM and close quarters DLC. Tough shit, TDM is one of the most popular modes in BF3 because not everyone wants to have to spend 2 minutes running across a map to cap a flag, just to get killed by some camper.

            You remind me of an old fart that still believe blacks and whites should be segregated, unwilling to accept change and I’m glad that DICE doesn’t agree with you in the slightest.

  • geaw

    Sadly I think it just might be the worst in the series. Even if the netcode wasn’t completely awful (which it is), the game has massively cut the gap between the good and the bad, just like MW3.

    Maps are clusterf***s. Its a hipfiring, spray and pray, instakill fest. Connection and rng are more important than any sense of skill.

    Yet again, the guns are all instakill lazerbeams, so skilled gun control and aiming are are out of the equation too.
    Outside of pick 10, everything in this game is about 50 steps backwards from black ops.

    • It’s CoD. Guns are always lazerbeams of 0.1 sec deaths. If you thought they were somehow going to drastically change how the game’s ballistics work all of a sudden, you were sadly mistaken.

      Connection is always super important and will always be like that unless they finally decide to curb it with actual dedi servers instead of coming up with a new lag comp workaround for every new game.

      From what I’ve seen you’re right about skill being less important. Probably from the fact that there are some crazy devastating killstreaks and now they’re super easy to get with how objective points give you so much. Everyone will be raining hell whether or not they’re mediocre or good.

      • Asmitty56

        You would think gun play and quality connection would be the top 2 priorities for a game. Add some actual recoil and bullet deviation, that will make competitive game play so much better rather than getting smoked by some scrub hip firing at full-auto at you while you have a bead on his head. Connection issues has been the single most frustrating part of any CoD for me personally, and again it takes the skill out of the game.

        Change those two things and you have a great game.

        • The spray and pray wouldn’t be so bad if they opened up the maps a little. Seems like the maps are getting tighter and tighter, which also takes away the need for true accuracy.

      • No guns in Black Ops 1 were laser guns. Which is why blops 1 is still the best cod ever. I’m glad they’re are still about 40,000-60,000 because I’m probably going back to it.

    • HBK

      Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING, is worse than MW3.

      • Except BO2! 🙂

        • DanDustEmOff

          I agree i think Blops 2 Multiplayer sucks cheap player animations poor sound scape and they failed to fix the two main issues with Black ops hit detection and Lag i would rather play MW3 any day but im stuck with another rubbish Treyarch game for 12 months

          • I don’t understand why players think they can only play the new cod. I’ve been playing Blops 1 for two years. And I’ll probably play it again after January. Play what you like bro, don’t torture yourself just because BO2 is new.

            • geaw

              Same. I tossed BO in yesterday. God I love that game.

              BO2 went back to the store.

            • DanDustEmOff

              I know I must have a fetish for pain and suffering I have been playing for a while now and it seems a lot better than it was launch weekend and I have finally unlocked the scorpion evo which is an anti lag beast due to the massive fire rate

      • PREACH

      • ThomasChr

        At least the gap in quality between the Xbox and the PS3 versions of the game weren’t as prominent in MW3 as they are in Black Ops 2. I didn’t experience any exceedingly frustrating freezes or lag issues in MW3. Speaking of lag issues, like some people have already mentioned, connection and rng clearly plays a larger role in Black Ops 2 than it has in any previous CoD games, so I guess my above average reflexes and eye-to-hand coordination don’t matter as much in Black Ops 2, as they have done in previous CoDs.

        You know what? Despite all of my positive first impressions of this game, I’m finding it hard to actually enjoy playing it online. Which is a shame, because Call of Duty is all about the online multiplayer experience. I really wanted to like Black Ops 2, but as a PS3 player, Treyarch haven’t made it easy for me to do so. I felt like I was using some kind of hack, when I played Black Ops 2 on my parents’ 80mbit fiber net, on the day that I picked up my pre-order from the mail office. There were tons of bugs, lag issues, freezes and whatnot, but I still seemed beat everyone easily and ammo efficiently. Now that I’m back in my apartment, and running this game on my 12mbit net, I have to almost empty a full magazine, everytime I kill another player. I don’t know why Treyarch decided to make our connections such a decisive part of this game. The author of this review seems to firmly believe that Treyarch have learnt from past mistakes. I beg to differ…

      • Joe

        Getting circumcised by a drunk Michael J. Fox is…

      • Mike

        yes there is, this game. I played MW3 for a month compared to Black Ops 2 5 minutes. Spraying hip fire is lame.

      • DesertRats1985

        lmao u know shit. mw3 is much better than black ops 2. u must be one of those that kept geting killed so stopped playing lmao.

    • I will agree the maps are downright terrible, as are the spawns in about 50% of those maps.

    • you sound like you’re just bad at the game lol. all you’re complaining about is things that make you die. Truth is, weapons in the MW are a lot stronger than Blops 2. As the reviewer said, the AR’s are weak. Sniping actually takes skill, the auto-aim in MW3 made it wayy to easy. People also wouldn’t hipfire if you weren’t so easy to kill lol.

      • Sniping takes skill??? Lololol get outta here!! It’s a one hit kill any where on the upper body. BF sniping takes skill not any COD.

        • Yeah you’re right I love battlefield sniping as well

      • Mike

        coming from the guy hip firing across the map. hah

    • I agree with this 100%

    • Jason

      Agreed. You don’t even need sound. Unless you run and gun, you’re dead…a lot. No tactics, no skill needed. Just grab a sniper rifle and quick scope while constantly running, cuz that’s how treyarch expects you to play.

  • black ops 2 sucks it needs alote of fixing i will not buy another game tell i see some big improvements be better if everything was like black ops 1 the hit marker system on black ops 2 sucks some of the guns r way to powerful the lag and spawn points, theres been alote of ppl that has been complaining about it and when i say alote i mean 1000s of ppl

    • which is why i can’t wait for BF4.

      • YeaH_87

        Me too Aria, BO2 it’s a good game but still not a 5 stars game. I think that BF4 could be the best shooter ever if it coincides with the launch of PS4 or Xbox 720.

        If not, anyways I’ll buy it for PC, lol.

  • Turk

    Thank you for this well written detailed review.

    I honesly agree with you. I admire Treyarch for listening to their fans.

    I’m for revamping the ghost perk, I have never used it and I hated it.

    However, they did that at without balancing the other end. Meaning the UAV now is more effective than ever before, which is annoying.

    • Which is why four out of my five classes have the FHJ-18 AA and Blind Eye. Not having Blind Eye Pro really makes you appreciate it when you get blasted two seconds after spawning when you’re trying to find a UAV.

    • If you have to have someone on the UAV to kill them you have a problem. Ghost is a rushers perk, Ghost SOH marathon pro is a great set up.

  • ya im on pc, the maps are rly bad for competitive players like my self, give us maps like cod4, blops 1 plz… right now its a spray n prey fest with laser attachment.. hip fireing is retarted, it suprises me that you gave us dedi’s but there matchmaking, i know i knew this before the game released but why only why…. wtf treyarch, i got my hopes up for nothing i thought this game would become competitive but i dont think it will ever go that way.

  • BEASTunderarmour

    I love this game. I personally h8ed mw3 and became estatic upon hearing of the arrival of another treyarch edition for i have never been a fan of iw. I like the pick 10, the balance of perks and attachments, but what i think is best is the damage output. Im not sure if many have noticed, but unlike the usuall 3-shot kill from previous cod, bo2 takes n average 5 to 6 shots, which again balances the good from the bad. So for those that say it is again an instakill cod, i have to argue; your dead wrong

    • lol, it might take 5-6 shots idk but i can play cod4 right now n its nothing compaired to this.. you die instantly in blops2, maby your aim is so bad you wouldnt know

      • It will never be as slow-paced at COD 4 or WAW, MW2 has set the precedent.

        • ya, slow like cod4? cod is faster only for one reason the stupid a$$ shit, like runing around with the noob knife its like commando on mw2

    • Depends on where you hit and how far you are away. I’ve gotten plenty of one three round kills.

  • Sheldon

    the game is really fun but the network issues are so glaring

    • shooter

      Yeah, that half a second behind makes you a sitting duck, you always lose out in chance encounters. They are obviously going to fix this, as the case of MW3, but my problem is, how come the devs of Activision never learn?

      • DanDustEmOff

        I know it’s like they release a beta every year and it’s usually January by the time it’s playable

  • “No, it doesn’t look as pretty as some other shooters out there” … thefore 4.5/5 LOL!

    • Dude. It looks like that AND runs at 60 frames per second. Therefore, 4.5/5. You can’t get BF3 graphics on a console and have it run at 60 FPS. (Frames per second is factored into the “Graphics” score because it makes a huge difference.)

      • first of all, im happy that you care to respond david, and i totally respect your opinion… the reason i wouldn’t choose 4.5/5 is because, whether having a 60 fps or less in the game, “Graphics” category will always determine the visual fidelity of a game, for a reader. As a reviewer when you decide to choose 4.5/5, it will immediately give an idea to your readers, that this game has a superior graphics to almost perfect 5… imagine a person that wants buy the game, by looking at this rating (for the sake of our conversation, by looking at Graphics category) the first thing is going to run through his/her head is that “WOW” 4.5/5 for graphics WOW, then for example, he’ll check and see games like BF or uncharted or crysis had this kinda rating, you see ?! he immediately got a wrong idea, probably the minute he runs the game, he is like “What is this ?!!! i thought it’s 4.5 out 5” … . Usually 0 is worst and 5 is master piece. For a games in the same category, rating should be given generally and base on common sense, not conditionally! not like saying, because it’s on 60 fps and consoles are old so we give it 4.5/5 in a graphics category, it’s simply a misleading and false rating. Thanks again david!

        • Cool man, makes sense! I just noticed though. I gave it a 4, not 4.5, which is a little more reasonable. Haha.

          Anyways, I do, however, like to weigh in FPS heavily, especially for shooters. For example, I have a friend who loves CoD and has pretty much only played CoD (and CS) his entire gaming life. When he tries Battlefield 3 (on the Xbox), he always tells me something’s off – that it doesn’t look as smooth. I know it’s cause he’s noticing the drop in FPS. So to him, CoD graphics actually look better and I completely see his point, actually.

          In my opinion, Black Ops 2 “looks” great. But, by looks, I mean that it’s really smooth to look at and doesn’t stress the eyes yet still includes some nice lighting techniques, shadows, moving foliage, etc. So visually, it’s pleasing, which is why I’m still very happy with my score and think it’s properly representative.

          However, your confusion is warranted. I’ve been thinking of changing that category name to “Visuals” instead of strictly “Graphics” to encompass a wider range of factors.

          • Alpine Maffu

            Although I was/am critical of the amount of time taken to get this review up, I’m mighty impressed with the amount of mod replies to comments. Aftercare on MP1st is better than Treyarch!!!

            • At least PS3 owners can read our review just as well as Xbox 360 and PC owners. No patching needed 🙂 Thanks man!

        • Graphics don’t mean everything. Pokemon or Legend of Zelda can receive a spot on 5/5 and look at them compared to BO2 or BF3.

  • ian
    • PuddingAuxRais1ns

      This is one of the reasons why pc gaming sucks. Sure pc gamers have better graphics, dedicated servers, and higher resolutions buts whats the point of it all when you have hackers like this fucking up the game. Pc gaming as a whole is awesome but stuff like this is one of the reasons why i would always choose consoles for my multiplayer needs.

      • thats why the good pc players dont play shitty pub games lol… they play leuges, and im not talkin about the shit ones thats in the game lol, the fkn killstreaks are enabled.. how in the he11 is it called competitive mode??? i dont get it, do you treyarch?

  • The Skorpion Evo is the new FAMAS. As a matter of fact, the Evo beats out the FAMAS by a longshot.

    • Interesting. I’ll give that one a bit more attention.

    • heikki993

      MSMC is a lot more OP than Scorpion

      • I didn’t mention the MSMC. I was just saying that the Evo beats out the FAMAS because of the statement in the article. But let’s face it, all the SMGs are OP in their own sense in this game.

  • ProfessionalRussian

    I don’t believe it runs smooth 60 fps on PS3. I always have the feeling that it drops at many moments at the campaign and the multiplayer.

    Anyways, they have to fix the blockages and lag input.

    • It may vary and dip at times, for sure. Some campaign levels were terrible for some reason – dropping it down to like 2 frames per second!

    • I noticed dips for the 360 version too. Very rarely though. Never experienced that in a COD

  • HBK

    Am I the only one not having lag issues on the PS3? I mean, occasionally I’ll lose a gunfight I should’ve won, or the frames will drop and I’ll die, but this is rare. After dealing with Black Ops 1 hit detection and lag for 2 years, this is nothing. I like most of the maps, save for a bout 3 or 4. Really digging the game. I don’t see any problem in the map design other than perhaps a few too many headglitches right now…the fluidity will be better with a spawn patch, however.

  • This game is a joke compared to MOH WF played both and i am so fed up off revieuws like this praising cod for things they break down MOH WF, the gameplay for me is stil what makes or brakes a game and they failed in cod yet again in terms off spawns, balancing, innovation. Who cares about there customization menu, cod isnt the only game who has that jees….
    You guys fanboys or getting payed to right this?
    Cmon at least be objective ……
    I left cod bo2 after maybe 10houres playing testing out several game modes, there’s only 1 gamemode i can live whit and that is kill confirmed the reason is people tend to play more conservative and tactical in that game mode. Resulting in better gameplay, less insta spawn skills and better gun balancing due to a more tactical approach off tmd.
    Besides that i think its one off the worser cods ever.
    Cod always have been fast paced somewhat but they messed up whit this one…. WaW was better.
    And yes i am frustrated like many pc gamers for there “we dont give a shit attitude about game community’s”. All pc wants are dedicated servers,…. but oh well they just keep ignoring pc users. I mean why not just give pc dedicated servers and consoles the current matchsystem (everyone happy).
    Bah i am playing Moh WF more, it might have bugs, voip issues but in terms off balance, spawn locations, tactics and gameplay its way smooter then cod, while moh wf can be as equally fast paced as cod if the players choose to.

    • ? We were one of the only sites to give MoH:W a good review

    • We were one of the only sites to actually give MoH:W a good review. Plus, we only gave BO2 an 8/10, compared to the 9.5-9.8/10 most other sites have been giving it.

      Being primarily a console game, however, that’s how we reviewed it. If I could, I would perhaps lower the score for the PC, comparing it to some of the other shooters out there that work much better for PC.

  • However well written of a review, Black Ops 2 is a total fail in it’s massively overpowered kill streaks terrible graphics, boasting Direct X 11 when the engine was only Dx9… Horrible spawns and sub trash physics. I laughed when I heard one review refer to Black Ops 2 as “revolutionary”…seriously it’s the same old tired shit that is being returned to gamestop at an alarming rate. I will stick with BF3 and buy BF4 when it come out. I pray for the day when Activision gets it’s head out of it’s ass. Sorry to say Activision’s days are numbered unless they can break the cookie cutter game style fast.

  • yo David Veselka why do you call the league modes competitive?? when they got killstreaks n all of the laim noob crap enabled, it makes no sence to me, many would agree

  • Nemesis_96

    I’d give graphics four and a half! It doesn’t use tons of graphic filters to make it look good like certain other games.. Ehehe >:D

  • I can’t understand how you did not even mention the awful sentry gun’s sound effects, or how ridiculous sound those choppers firing… I’m sorry, but you completely left this out of your review, unless… you really liked those sound effects???

    • The Stealth Chopper? I thought it sounded bad ass, and more realistic, believe it or not. Don’t recall the Sentry Turret sounds. (You’re talking about that deep, bassy fart sound right? If I’m not mistaken, I think it’s actually more realistic.)

      • Thanks for replying, besides our different opinion… 🙂

  • Review read. Good job David!

  • Nothing on the campaign? I think it’s incredible. Excellently written.

  • The major gripes i have, in terms of multiplayer, is the amount of lag and weaker weapons (especially the shotguns). Also, quickscoping is retarded.

    I had more fun with Halo 4.

  • SMGs are noobies

    Anyone else think the hipfire SMG spray and pray laser annoying and should be patched? At least on pc that’s all I see. I use an AR and ads but get best by a Fkn SMG hip fire.

    If they fix this I will love everything else of the game

    • they already said that Bo2 will be patched alot till its pretty much perfect

  • ” robust-as-ever Zombies mode” im sorry but zombies in Bo2 suck ass. the campaign and MP are great but zombies fell flat on its face.

    • I tried a bit more last night and am inclined to agree with you. There’s a lot of content to be had, yes, but it’s not as “magical” as in WaW or BO1.

      • true and they could of added more guns from the SP man i would have loved to have that explosive flechette gun from the first 2025 mission 🙁

      • Alpine Maffu

        Could you stretch to a separate review? I’d love that

  • Great review Dave, basically my words as well.

  • The PC version of this review would be so much different just based on network and matchmaking alone.

  • Cycovision

    Flak Jacket protects you from Hunter Killers? lol is that an Xbox exclusive? I heard Vahn say that so I started using it. still dying to every hunter killer even at full health.

    • It’s only saved me about 50% of the time. Not sure what does it. I think I was moving while it happened?

  • I totally agree with this review. I also completely agreed with your dissatisfaction of MW3 maps. For me a great mp games comes down to its maps. That is why i hated MW3, the controls, guns and overall balance were top notch. I just rated Black Ops 2 because there’s not one maps that really makes cringe. All great, big variety, beautiful and balanced.

    I prefer how the longer sights are down the middle of the maps rather than the outside like MW3.

  • maps are terrible, only like maby 2 are decent, well meltdown is a fail for dom, the flag right in the middle is retarted, you try n capture it from the other side but when you go up to cap it the flag icon is so fkn huge you cant see the guy thats camping in the building like a bitch, if you know what im talkin about

  • slayer6

    It seems improved. Maps feel bigger, but familiar. 13 yo nephew loves it. Feels like COD to me. Same game I stopped playing 2 years ago.

  • Travis

    BO2 is absolute trash. The spawns flip so much that it now gives an advantage to the losing team and players with no talent. On every CoD series, my friends and I had a 1.87 – 2.3 K/D and we never camped. We would slowly advance forward and overwhelm the opposing team.

    Now, the opposing team benefits from our team advancing to the “50 yard line”, because the opposing players will spawn behind and to the sides. There is absolutely nothing wrong from overwhelming a inferior team. No one should benefit from having a weak strategy.

    BO2 appeals to CoD players that had .87-1.25 K/D ratios in previous CoD titles.

    In addition I have a 4.5 mgb upload speed, but lag compensation takes away from the upgrade in my internet speed. I shouldn’t be penalized because Timmy’s parents won’t upgrade their Internet bandwidth and speed.

    As far as weapons go. The shotguns are overpowered and need to be nerfed by reducing the distance by 5-6 feet. The quick scoping is ridiculous as ever. If I’m getting hit markers on a sniper the A.I. Should eliminate a snipers ability to quick scope. Like it was in Halo 2.

    BO2 was herald as the best game of the franchise, but the BO2 forums have spoken and the multi-player did not live up to expectations. It now appears the only value that BO2 has is in its Zombies mode.

    • I’m the same way. I’m a 2 kd in every COD no ads camping either. In this one I’m struggling to maintain a 1 because I’m being spawn killed. Someone is always spawning behind you and right beside you. Garbage!!!!

      • Chester Reynolds

        be better at the game clearly your just a try hard that has no real talent and is not able to turn around and kill someone rather than just complaining about their vagina

        • Hey douchey bag I just said I’m a straight rusher. Talent?? Lol its a game. If you weren’t a camper then you’d understand how rushers need good spawns, because we go into the spawn instead of like you, sit in a window and watch them. I’ve had guys spawn right next to me. To many times to count. Tell me tough guy, how do you kill someone that spawns in and is looking right at you. Oh that’s right you’re in that window never mind.

  • Marco Spacca

    “Famas” of Black Ops 2?

  • Now I understand.

  • When you finish the campaign, watch ALL the credits, i mean it takes about 10 mins, but its so funny at the end, the WHOLE credits

  • ktorkel

    “A soldier with a Type-95 assault rifle backed by a powerful sentry turret.”

    Its the Type-25, not 95.

  • ThomasChr

    Going to skip Treyarch’s CoDs, from now on. That is, unless I ever decide to ditch my PS3 and purchase and Xbox.

  • disqus_hvP7YKTumT

    Is anyone having troble joining a freind in black ops 2 it never lets me in says game can’t be joined , when I sent a request to a friend

    • disqus_hvP7YKTumT

      They cant join me ethier

  • :)

    Awesome game, different to the others COD’s but the knife distance is a tad too short

  • christian

    holy sh8t dont waste your time its like halo maps are very plain campin azzholes everywhere maps suck MMMAAAAPPPPSSSSS SSSUUUUCCCCKKKK nothing compares to black ops 1

  • ShrapnelSandwich

    The game is awesome and everything i hoped it would be. That being said, It will be the last call of duty game i ever buy for the PC unless they fix the lag compensation. Some maps I kill people when i see them like on the original black ops. Other games the second i see them i am dead because on their screen they had me in their sights for a few seconds already. I have actually opened up 15 windows of internet just to lag my connection enough and I went 23-0. They need to take this away. Also picking the connection setting does not help if everyone is doing it. This just means that the people with the crappy connections are adjusting their settings as well. Either fix it or add the private servers like all the other COD’s. I like crouch servers more anyways.

  • Black Ops 1 is clearly the best COD ever. No quick scoping no 1 hit kill leg shots. Great maps.

    Black ops 2 maps are garbage. Every map has atleast 20 head glitching spots!! Spawns are a mess right now. Which if they don’t fix will ruin the game. Guns with no recoil.

  • Mike

    yeah I bought it on release day, liked the 1st Black Ops so I got on multiplayer for hmmm maybe minutes and I think I actually got dumber the longer I played. Its terrible. Bunch of people running all directions spraying bullets. Not even fun. The campaign is ok and zombies is just a rehash.. Overall its worse than Medal of Honor and Im ashamed I bought it.


    I think TreyArch needs to bump the soldier models up a bit, I mean at 30-50 feet the enemy models just get too small, I feel sorry for anyone playing on anything smaller than a 60″ Plasma!!

    I mean TreyArch gave the poor kids Lag Compensation because they couldn’t afford to pay for a good internet pipe, Soo I think we deserve the ability to see the enemy good enough to play 8-10 hours a day, eye strain is killing me in this game!!

    In my opinion, small enemy size is the only thing keeping this from being the BEST First Person Shooter I’ve ever played.

  • Jim

    This is the worst cod yet. I hate treyarc and whatever engine they use. The overall multiplayer gameplay is so inferior to infinity ward its hilarious. The MW gameplay is so crisp and black ops is sloppy and feels like you are shooting a bb gun. Will never buy another treyarc cod again.

  • xtazz3

    I just still hate how the new update has not fixed the waiting time for online multiplayer i cant even play zombies takes forevvver to get a match ive been having this problem for the 360

  • Rob

    BO2 has the possibility to be so good. However, yet again, just like MW3, the lag is horrible. I have a great service but the kill cam looks nothing like how I saw it. Today, 30 seconds after the match started, they were already spawning behind me (was in the middle of the map and had UAV). The lag, the rotating spawning, the pro camping levels and the insta kill guns make this very frustrating. Thank God for zombies, which they F’d up this time around as well. World at War was the best cod. I do not remember a lag and I could live with the occasional host quitting, the multiplayer was fun and skill level was awesome. I’d give up all the stupid graphic improvements to have a decent and fair match like WAW. If it wasn’t hacked liked crazy, I’d still be playing it. This new BO2 is a huge step back just from BO, which was good. So I won’t be buying the next until this is taken into consideration. Dump the crappy features that no one really pays attention to and make gamers on a fair playing field. If this crap continues, the COD franchise is done. We can all get better at golf, no lag or elements out of your control there! It’s frustrating, but at least you’re in control!

  • Il Lupo

    Spawn points are terrible. Dont get me wrong I can still get my kd up to 2-3, but half my deaths are from some punk spawning right behind or next to me (and I will admit a good few kills come from me spawning behind the people who just killed me!)
    The last COD games at least had your team in one location working and pushing forward, and the lone wolves could flank around, but you all ended at the other teams spawn and then it would flip them. Now its a free for all spawn system; a bastardization of the BF3 squad team spawn. If you work as a team, you will just have an enemy spawn behind you and kill several of your guys quickly. I have been killed by spawning on a bouncing Betty, in enemy cross hairs, and even missiles/dogs killing me instantly (so I guess a few seconds invincibility would be a nice fix). Some might say this new spawn system prevents camping, but Id rather flank and kill a camping sniper than have an enemies spawn right on top of me. Its a shame in Team Death. that no one can use score streaks because they keep dying. I have not played one game where people did not have a minimum of 7 deaths. In MW3 i called in AC-130s and helis all the time because I played smart, now the highest kill streak Ive seen used is the turret. You are not rewarded for moving tactically. There is no ebb or flow to the battlefield, there are no good positions
    to hold or attack, no choke points to work around, just enemies coming
    at every side. It is one big chaotic free for all mess.

    Another issue are the hit markers! I will register 4-6 with a gun, and he will turn around and kill me instantly (with no flashing red screen for me to register damage) and in the killcam he is at full health! One minute I can direct hit a foe with a SMAW and he walks away the next far splash damage from it kills him. Another time I will shoot a guy with a sniper 3 times, only for him to kill me (and received no damage in the kill cam) The only reliable way to kill people is aim for the head now. Unless you are hip firing, then you will magically hit them almost as consistently as aiming. I shouldnt be able to kill an enemy by spraying FAL fire at them and they lose with their sub-machine gun. I could say the same issues apply to knifing in the game, but COD knives always have been iffy. This is a smaller issue than the spawns, but it still bugs me that there is no consistency to the game.

    I guess the two big things are spawn locations and damage/hit markers. It sounds like I am complaining just to complain, but I just hate to see this awesome game diminished by huge flaws. I love the new 10 slot system to keep classes interesting!

  • dillage

    Is this article serious? I feel the total opposite of every opinion-THIS game is terrible. Worst COD yet. 100% disappointed. Trading it in next week.

  • Ben

    This game is a complete waste of money. The online servers are slow and laggy. The game is not balanced and the quality of players is very low compared to MW.

  • Disappointed beyond belief!

    I don”t know who wrote the crap story about this being the best COD game thus far, but they couldn’t have been farther from the truth! My clan and I own and have played all of the COD series and Black Ops 2 is by far the worst for Multiplayer.
    In all of the COD series the most well rounded was Modern Warfare 2.
    Everything about Black Ops 2 and their new format of Multiplayer loadouts takes the fun right out of playing online. From the fact that every weapon in the game has been nerfed to the weapons needing high levels to attain any decent attachments.
    The saddest part is the knifing. The standard knife shouldn’t roll off of a victim and then give them the chance of an easy kill. I consider myself to be a COD Pro and I deeply regret buying multiple copies of this game.
    There has been nothing done about the camping problem at all. So what if Ghost is set up to only work if your moving. The spawn killing is ridiculous and the Perks are a joke. The way Treyarch lead us all into believing this would be the best of the bunch and then delivered one of the worst multiplayèrs I’ve ever played makes me want to go back to Halo.
    The weapons in all are pathetic for a so called futuristic war game. And the mechanics of the load outs were not thought out by actual gamers. If Treyarch wanted to appease the camping fanatics of the series then they did a bang up job.
    I am SO glad I did not purchase the season pass for this atrocity.
    Then maps alone are a campers paradise.
    God in heaven let Modern Warfare 4 be better and coming soon!!!

  • Gary352

    This game sucks. I love the graphics and everything visual about the game, but the gameplay for online is the biggest disappointmnent ever. I get fed up after countless deaths that occur to me under these circumstances : 1) I run past the corner thinking I have evaded the shots, but I end up dieing instead, some extreme lag issues there every time. And when its me doing the shooting, they seem to get away every time, its as though everyone but me has instant kill. But the biggest WTF moment for me is whenever I am the first one to get bullet damage on an opponent, the opponent somehow overpowers my shots and kills me before I kill him even though I got the head start. I drives me bonkers.

  • sauce11

    Infinity ward is so superior to treyarch its silly! Gameplay, graphics, everything are better with infinity ward. Treyarch is just the company to keep COD players busy until the next infinity ward drop.

  • Jonny_space

    LOL u people don’t understand. if you want kills to take half a clip than buy halo 4. BO2 is a “realistic” game and you die quick in real life.

  • ThePeaceMaker

    there’s so much industry power and money behind this game that makes all reviews sound ‘paid and played’…in this particular case, the given score is even worse, simply because it’s all about the ruined part of this game, it’s multiplayer… this is just another misleading review, which will give the impression this game is worth as a multiplayer, when for many already given reasons, it’s not the case…be advise to look for COD ‘old school’ community before buying…

  • This is my opinion but i think this game is really bad. Theres way to much over-powered guns let alone other people walk around cornors shooting, before you would either die from a camper or something that makes since, i can even pull the left trigger to aim down my sights before i die and im shooting the kid before he even see’s me. gameplay is way to dumb. you have to no life every match to stay positive, i like games that are smooth, not like this. Treyarch did horrible job on this. (Hate this all you want)

  • erNOZ_Destroyer

    Black ops 2 multiplayer pc game play sucks it is nothing like Black ops 1 and not having a server list is shit, keep that random game search shit on xbox and playstaition, pc is to good for it. They should have called the game COD MW3.5 not Black ops 2!!!!

  • Dilly415

    Hi all
    Pc gamer here, I really hate blk ops 2
    Assault rifles are under powered, sub machine guns and pistols over powered,
    I car’t get into the maps on blk ops2
    I used to like playing with a sniper on mw3, but forget about using a sniper on blk ops
    I played it for a week and then uninstalled it.

    I give blk ops this, it’s not as bad as NSF most wanted, now that game is so bad.
    I can see why peeps pirate games now, I wish I did it on these 2 games, would of saved my self £70 pound

  • Who cares

    Fix it shit the lag on this game is unbearable I call it Obama gaming trying to give equal gaming to the noobies with 2 down. I pay over a 100 a month for 55 down and I lag worst than a Kmart connection. Fu treyarch I will never buy one your games.

  • DesertRats1985

    black ops shit so back to playing mw3

  • i dont like black ops 2 for many reasons. First of all im a black ops 1 fanatic cause the game for me had more sense. In black ops 2 the mpas are kinda frustrating, you dont know where to look at, many windows, many corners for campers. then its the gun thing, all weapons are kinda equal, ive died from a shotgun from an amazin big distance, snipers are like toys, you can kill with one shoot without even looking through the scope, To me the game its a mayhem, run die and then spawn run and die, i dont get the chance to perform any strategy, i try to understand every time who shot me and from where (and im not a new player in such games)..The graphics are ok but many times i cant see the enemies clear inside the environment. Its kinda boring for me to die all the time cause the connection sucks or cause the spawns have no sense..I dine many times from behind when i respawn..Anyway thats my opinion

  • Jason

    There’s no reason to have a $200 headset with surround sound cuz treyarch didn’t see fit to add a sitrep pro style perk. Awareness is a joke, ghost is a joke. This game forces you to run and gun and don’t even bother snipping unless you’re a p.o.s. quick scoper, cuz treyarch made it easier than ever. Any game that forces a certain play style goes against what gaming is all about.

  • Carlos Zuleta

    This game sucks. Thank god I still have the original cod black ops

  • bo2 is bs. weapons suck. u fire a burst at some 1 you hit them. they turn around a drop you with one shot. set up is bs. game play is bs. campiers. almost all these maps sucks. you cannot play nuketown on reg team death match. this is the worst game in call of duty yet. MW2 sucked. MW3 really sucked. you followed the same bs as those 2 and made crap. give me my money back. oh ya this future stuff in the game is lame. do not buy it

  • quickdraw716

    Just fix the dam spawning It Pisses me off every time wth everything else I can deal with but when I kill 4 people and there right behind me have a sec later wtf I wony by another cod till then

  • disqus_ktu0BLyiO7

    This game is SHIT Treyarch Sucks

  • whatv

    are you kidding me, this fucking multiplayer sucks, worst of any COD game. MW3 is leaps ahead and Infinity Ward always will be. You fucking suck Treyarch, League Play blows as well, you’re going to tell me that my “wins” are going to base my ladder status and NOT my stats? Are you kidding me? I’m a solo player, so what if I’m playing with a bunch of shit heads against an actual TEAM who communicates!? Fucking bullshit, gay ass fucking game, MW3 all day.

  • black night

    How come i dont have turbine the multiplayer map i even preordered my friend got it for christmas and he has it

  • Dad

    BF3 64 player mode owns this shit.

  • Dad

    10 year olds: Keep on enjoying this. This is as close to real warfare you’ll ever get. Probably go on a psycho killing spree like that American tard.

  • Hugo Stiglitz

    Black Ops 2 is by far my favorite CoD. Not only was its campaign the best (loved BO1, but this was a bit better, all the MW campaigns sucked), but for me, the multiplayer is the best I’ve ever played, when it’s not lagging.

    I think overall, the MP is catered a bit more to rushers like me. The weapons are all very good for run n gunning, the player movement is much faster than any other CoD by far, and the pick 10 system allows you to fully concentrate on being fast as possible, and using the best weapon possible.

    It’s not entirely made for rushers at all though. There are some ridiculous tools for campers in bo2 like deployable riot shields, shock charges, gaymores, bouncing betties, and not to mention the most overpowered LMGs ever to hit a video game. Plus target finders, trophy systems, etc.

    The thing is though, for the first time in any CoD, overall campers can be overcome pretty easily, and there are no killstreaks. Even if you play TDM, it still doesn’t pay to camp, it’s rare that some noob can camp up with a LMG and actually get a good score/win the match.

    Usually the person with the best score is the one who rushes the fastest, and I really like that because that’s how I play.

    Honestly, I don’t understand why anyone would want to do anything but run n gun in CoD anyways. There’s no game that is better to run and gun in than CoD, it was made for it. It’s the fastest paced shooter, so why would you want to hide in a corner? If you want to use cheap methods like that to get kills because you can’t win a gunfight to save your life, then there are just so many better alternatives.

    CoD is a twitch shooter, through and through, and if you’re that kind of player, that enjoys to be able to just twitch and murk people left and right, then die, respawn and murk a bunch more, than Black Ops 2 really is the best game for you.

    The only people that hate on Black Ops 2 either suck at CoD in general, have been playing CoD for too long, or their campers that expected OP perks like ghost pro to still exist.