Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Preview – Best CoD Yet?

So I got to play Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 for several hours, and it was awesome. It was so awesome, in fact, that I dare say it was the most fun I’ve had with a Call of Duty title since the original Modern Warfare… if not more.

Let me elaborate.

Operation Play Tons of Black Ops 2
Pvt. D. Veselka
Treyarch Headquarters, Santa Monica, LA
1000h Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Upon arriving at our destination on a sunny Tuesday morning, our platoon made up of fellow website owners, CoD forum moderators, live streamers, members of Optic gaming and YouTubers, the likes of Hutch, SeaNanners, TmarTn and PrestigeIsKey, were escorted to the Black Ops 2 media room deep within the Treyarch headquarters. The festivities began with an introduction by studio head Mark Lamia who then gave the floor to a digitalized David Vonderhaar, senior game design director. Via a subscription/like/favorite-worthy video presentation, he filled us in on all the good stuff there is to know about Black Ops 2 multiplayer. No worries. You can read up on everything we learned in this detailed recap!

Afterwards, the gaming began. Set up on two rows of Xbox 360’s, we were treated to hours of Black Ops 2 multiplayer. Lucky for us, absolutely every weapon, perk and piece of equipment was unlocked, giving us complete free reign over the Pick 10 create-a-class system. Speaking of the create-a-class system, I personally found the simplicity and freedom that Pick 10 has to offer very enjoyable. The lack of Pro Perks is a welcome addition (or take-away) in my books and brought back those fond memories of Modern Warfare and World at War. Same goes for Scorestreaks. I, for one, didn’t even notice the lack of “Strike Packages,” introduced by Modern Warfare 3, nor did I feel restricted in anyway. Others may feel different, but as the saying goes, sometimes less is more.

Since you can read about the plethora of features being added to Black Ops 2 multiplayer in my earlier report, I’d like to strictly speak of the gameplay we experienced in my impressions below. I’ll also lay out right away that since we were playing over a LAN connection, lag or network complications were non-existent, and therefore, will not be judged in these impressions.

I’ll start off by saying the gameplay in Black Ops 2 is fast – much faster than the original. I could compare it to Modern Warfare 3, but I’d be hesitant to considering the insufficient amount hours I’ve put into it. The last Call of Duty I sunk some good hours into was the original Black Ops, and this blows it out of the water. Improvements in every aspect greet you with a shiny smile as bright as a police officer’s tac-light. Improvements to the presentation, the visuals, the sound (oh my god, the sound) are all apparent. The menu and in-game HUD both feature that slick 2025-design, textures have been upped while the new lighting is just gorgeous and the sound design will blow you out of the water. Weapons, grenades and explosions now have that “kick” and “boom” they’ve been missing in almost all previous Call of Duty titles while some of the realistic Scorestreak sounds are just plain frightening. The Stealth Chopper in particular had me jump in my seat a few times.

Though the gameplay itself is very fast-paced, you’ll find that most of it tends to be gun-on-gun. Previous Call of Duty titles will have touted this as a focus in their game design, but I think Treyarch has really found the sweet-spot here. Scorestreaks are much harder to obtain since their transition to scorestreaks, rather than killstreaks. If you’re set on playing that “Slayer” role,  you’ll find yourself climbing the Scorestreak ladder rather slowly, as kills don’t earn you a whole lot. However, start killin’ fools occupying the “Hardpoint” or capturing and defending Domination points and now we’re talkin’. Of course, though being more objective-minded will build your score rather quickly, it’s also a much more risky style of play, meaning you could very well die before reaching that K9 Unit or Drone Swarm. I can safely say that you can say goodbye to the days of old when wave after wave of attack dogs ruled the battlefield.

The guns in Black Ops 2 felt great. As mentioned earlier, they grew some balls and now have that satisfying kick. They also look great thanks to the many engine improvements. In my time with the game, it seemed that many of us found the most comfort using the SMG class of weapons. They were simply bad-ass. I especially favored the MP7 with the silencer, fast mag, and laser sight attachments. This made hip firing a breeze. (I should also quickly mention that adding a suppressor to your weapon no longer makes it sound like a beebee gun.) And, yes, this also meant that I needed to employ the use of the “Primary Warfighter” Wildcard which would allow me up to three attachments on my primary. In fact, most of my loadouts were focused on the use of attachments as they provided some real nifty benefits like aiming down sight faster, reloading faster and better hip-fire accuracy, all attributes that used to be Perks in previous titles. This, of course, didn’t allow me much room to experiment with normal Perks or equipment as a trade-off. Like the SMG’s, Shotguns, once again, have a mean bite. The R-870 MCS in particular was rather beastly, especially with the laser sight attachment.

My favorite class set-up by far, however, was this:


DSR 50 – Bolt-action sniper rifle [Carbon camoflauge]

Variable Zoom | Ballistics CPU | Fast Mag


B23R – Burst-fire pistol

Dual Weild


Primary Gunfighter – Use up to three attachments on your primary weapon | None | None


Hardline – Earn Score Faster
Fast Hands – Swap Weapons Faster
Dexterity – ADS After Sprinting Faster




UAV | Hunter Killer | Care Package

That’s 10 points right there, plus your Scorestreaks.

Now, when it comes to Call of Duty, I can safely say that I haven’t touched a sniper rifle since World at War. It just wasn’t my style since then as I never found the same sense of enjoyment post-WaW. However, in Black Ops 2, once I went DSR 50, I couldn’t go back. This gun (as do all sniper rifles) just feels and sounds bloody amazing. I don’t care that I wasn’t the best with it. It was just so much fun and so satisfying to use.

Turn up your speakers and have a listen to its ferocity below.

You’ll notice that this map in particular, Hijacked, is very action packed. It’s design is very familiar and really rocks that old-school Call of Duty feel. Modern Warfare 3 this is not. Not to mention, the new game mode Hardpoint (aka King-of-the-Hill, displayed here) really focuses all the action in one particular spot and is sure to become a favorite for both myself and many others. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Turbine, a rather large map, was also one of my personal favorites. Its layout lent perfectly to the Capture-the-Flag game mode which we primarily played when on this map. The many paths one could take to and from the objective created tense situations at all times – not knowing where the enemy could come from, while trying to find the perfect route to your objective. Turbine also happened to be the most visually stunning of the locations we sampled. However, I was generally impressed anywhere we played. There were no maps whatsoever (of the six that we tried anyway) that I would have put on my “ignore” list.

Now, I’ll admit that within the several hours of time I spent with Black Ops 2, I was unable to get any indication as to what sort of connection or network issues might pop up once millions of gamers get their hands on it this fall. I also cannot tell you if any particular class set-up is unbalanced or unfair, as all that will be discovered in due time. But in all, Black Ops 2 filled me with enjoyment and satisfaction on many fronts – more so than any of the more recent Call of Duty titles. Will it surpass WaW, MW2, BO1 and MW3? I think yes. Will it surpass the original, highly-acclaimed Modern Warfare? Tough to say, but if there is one title to beat it, it would be Black Ops 2.

I know I’ll be cheering for this guy as best CoD yet when Black Ops 2 hits this November 13, 2012.

  • NecrologyFellow
  • WOW! quick noob scoping I wish they get rid of that.

    • Manoli

      I heard that Quick scoping takes much more skill now. Plus it wouldn’t be fair to take a play style/tool out because people find it irritating (I dont QS btw).

    • QS_is_not_BS

      1 does not simply QS. Without aiming you’ll die as u only get i shot before being hosed down by automatic weapons. its not noob and requires alot of skill and aim. if u think its easy and unfair than try it you’ll see how hard it is and you will get games with less than 10 kills and more than 20 deaths.

  • are there more shotguns?

    • There are 4, I believe.

      • are there any OHK snipers?

        • It seemed like the only OHKs were to the upper body and head. You saw my nail that one dude in the back but it didn’t take him out. There was one other bolt-action rifle, however, but I didn’t play around with it too much.

          • 30 foot shots using a sniper rifle. I was hoping that treyarch would continue expanding the map size as they were doing in DLC from bo1. but apprently not.

        • masada157

          The DSR-50 is a OHK from waist-up. The FNH Ballista PSR and the Experimental Precision Rifle .50 BMG are OHK to the chest up. The OTs-03 SVU-AS is a OHK to the head.

      • AndroidMango

        How Many Sniper Rifles are there?

  • Totaly buying it!

  • Laser0pz

    Improvements in every aspect greet you with a shiny smile as bright as a police officer’s tac-light.
    “a police officer’s tac-light” can also be used interchangeably with “the tac-light from BF3.”

    • I was GOING to make that reference… but thought I should leave BF3 outta this. Haha.

  • Medibee

    Is the m1911 there?

    • No and it produced salty tears in my eyes.

      • 🙁 that is why we need another WW2 COD to have the tommy gun,MP40 and 1911

        • Black Ops 1 wasn’t a WW2 game and it had all those guns in it…Well, in zombies.


            They were also in the single player campaign. They had a few WWII guns in there…

  • Arnire

    Just want to say that the x-ray scene in the bo2 sp trailer, is an homage to Total Recall starring Arnold schwarzenegger. I’ve seen no comments on the trailer refering to that, just pointing it out.

    • And also, like Eraser, it’s total BS from a physics standpoint. X-ray imagery work by having a source, a sensitive film, and a semi-solid object between them. You can’t have the detector and the x-ray source in the same place and expect to see an image. X-rays don’t work like radar.

      Somewhere, a physicist watched that Call of Duty: Black Ops II trailer and shed a tear.

  • John

    Oh no, not Qscoping again…FFS man !!!

    • ffgdfg

      I don’t think thats qs. I snipe like that on both MW3 and BO and I can’t quickscope.

      • inFamous2-VIC

        ^^ And that is why you hate quick scopers; Because you can’t do it. Lololol And David Vonderhaar doesn’t even care about people quick scoping anyways. He vouches for them. Youtube: vicbode

    • That’s definitely not quickscoping.. but there is QSing in the game.. I’ve heard it’s been toned down to be more like it was in COD4

      • wefwr

        QS is million times worse in COD4 than any of the sequels.
        Go play a match and everyone is either qsing or acog sniping with much stronger aim assist.


          It’s like that because the game is dead. The only people playing CoD4 are snipers…

  • Arnire

    The scorestreak sounds like one step forwards, two steps back.
    The people who are best at killing usually are the ones that stay alive the longest meaning they can still dominate the game. The only reason this didn’t really happen in BO1 was the killstreaks were easily taken down.
    A better system would to have a scorestreak system with support streak stlye of death not affecting your streak. That way you pick how to spend the points on which scorestreak you want.

    • That would be disastrous. If you make it like the support style everyone have a reason to pick the strongest killstreak due to the fact death is not penalized in the game.

  • Driskal

    Awesome write up David!! MP1st is doing it big time!!!

  • sgt_mofo

    Am I the only one watching the video who thought @Mister_V:disqus ‘s second shot at about 0:50 in the video was lined up for a perfect headshot?

    As to the sound effects, I’m not sure what gear they had you set up with, but on my end, it sounds as if that awesome gun sound effect is being played about 100 yds. away me from me. Yea it sounds great, but I can’t feel the oomph unless its moved about 100 yds. closer. (I had headphones on btw). Anyone else hear it that way as well?

    • Dude! I know right? Either I hit the thumb stick at the last millisecond or there was some sort of hitbox error. I was definitely upset!

  • Michael

    That Was One Hell Of A Vid Ad Noticed Once He Was In The Hardpoint He Got All His Killstreaks

    • That’s what I love about BO2. As soon as I was in there getting kills, I got the care package in no time. They definitely reward you for PTFO-ing in this game.

      • Michael

        Im Lovin It To Best Cod Ever

  • That Guy

    Ive seen that the TAR-21 is in BO2 via a screen shot. The cod wiki says that theres another called the MTAR in it aswell. Are they separate guns you can use or is the MTAR the changed name of the TAR-21? Might sound confusing what Im trying to ask.

  • jagar

    the gameplay was pretty good i hope there will a lot more guns in multiplayer when it comes ouy on nov 13

  • haha u lost ur carepackage, anyways bro that sniper sounds so smooth and the variable zoom looks badass, the akimbo B23R r awesome. good vid and nice scopin, rock on man.

    • Soooo close! Had to make sure that clip was in there 🙂

  • I’ve already pre-ordered BLOPS 2 on PC… I’m really hoping that Treyarch supports the PC community a lot more than IW did.. MW3 was a hackers paradise… But, I’ve heard there will be dedicated servers for PC.. can anyone confirm that?

    • thinhtam

      yeah there are 😀

  • Conor

    are all the maps you played better then the below average maps in mw3?, also whats the hit detection like? i know it will be different online but was it like mw2? which in my oponion had the best hit detection.

    • Yes. This just my opinion, but ALL the maps I played were better than my experience in MW3. This one in particular, Hijacked, has already shot up to one of my all-time favorites 🙂

      • lolwut

        Did it play a bit like Hotel?

        It looks similar in layout; long, narrow, two channels from end to end, with open middle section except this looks to have some tight sections inside the boat – three levels I think I noticed?!

    • Hit detection… yeah, really hard to say. It felt good. But can’t say if it was better or worse than MW2.

      • stephen

        i heard that event was strictly LAN, so i don’t think anyone can really say how the hit detection is just yet

  • thinhtam

    Is black ops 2 cod elite gonna be on PC?

  • inFamous2-VIC

    Quick Scoping will never die. Just sayin’. Long live quick scoping, why? Because it shows with that with hard work, you can be one really good mamajama. I also didn’t say trick shotting either. Lol so don’t get confused.

  • Garrett2U

    I’m glad they made a great COD game.
    Unfortunately I’m just too burnt out on COD now.
    Perhaps blame MW3, perhaps blame the annualization, I’m not sure.
    All I know is I’ve had enough, for now.

    • Alpine Maffu

      Utterly agree with you – cod burnout. I loved the series but mw3 just put the fire out for me. Not for being poor, just, too much of a good thing.

      Also I’ve lost count of the number of times a cod developed has said their game will “focus on gunplay” yet air supremacy streaks still win games.

    • True, Call of Duty is usually best played in waves. At least, I think so. The people on Call of Duty ELITE with 1000+ hours of play time might not agree.

      Actually, I’m about ready to start MW3 again for a few weeks before Call of Duty: Black Ops II comes out.

      Of course, Cortex Command just finally went to version 1.0 (I bought the beta in 2008 or so) so I might spend a week or two looking at guys kill each other from the side. 😉

  • TrippKings

    I trust Mp1st. Based on the fact that you said BO2 can be a direct competitor to CoD4, my all time favorite game, makes it a must buy for me. I was very skeptical and stuck between Warfighter and BO2, I can can only afford somany games, but now Im convinced. Thanks for the great post David.

    • My pleasure man! Provided the connection and lag issues are minimal, I really think Black Ops 2 will be the best $60 you’ll spend in a while.

  • HBK

    Less is more. Infintity Ward, Sledgehammer, and Raven should take this to heart. It’s basically been two years of Black Ops 1, and based on what someone like you has said, this game will not disappoint!

  • The lost art of development.

    I initially thought it was a reasonable argument to focus on test groups and market research to make homogenized games that appeal to a large mass of gamers but this lack of innovation is becoming a bad joke. At the beginning people gets excited [not personal Veselka] for the “new” game expecting nothing but the best, new things, new experiences but eventually people realizes that they are getting the same thing, the same old formula in a brand new box… they forget about the game after a while and move on to next year iteration.

    Where’s the freedom to experiment?, take risks?, design without compromising the vision?, this kind of creative luxury major established studios [Treyarch] simply can’t afford because they’re full of executive “oversight”… game development in the corporate world isn’t going downhill, is just taking shortcuts [wrong decision shortcuts]. But hey! money still flows, isn’t Activision?


  • CatMeowTak

    BlackOps 2 looking too good,

  • Were you able to put iron sights on the snipers other than the Ballista?

    • Sorry but no. Only the Ballista supports the iron sights attachment. I was a sad panda too 🙁

  • Awesome, I’ve always had the same feelings with CoD4. This has caught my eye, all the other CoD’s besides CoD4 and MW2 haven’t impressed me much. Oh, although I did enjoy WaW’s presentation.

  • zombies

    This games looks shit!!! Just the same as black ops shit hit detection and bad graphic, good thing im only buying for zombies

    • HBK

      How can they’re be shit hit detection when it’s on an LAN?

  • it will be good but not on PC !!

  • Outlawz

    I pre-ordered Black ops 2, hardened editon! First time actually getting the hardened edition for any COD. I hope I didn’t make a mistake. I also hope Elite won’t suck as bad as it did for MW3. I’m not buying it twice until I know its worth it.

    • Treyarch said that Elite isn’t going to be built into the game. Elite may show stats for Black Ops 2, but that’s going to be about it.

  • Jobs, Steve Jobs

    Eh, the first day you play a game you always think it’s better than it is.

  • Phil

    “I’ll start off by saying the gameplay in Black Ops 2 is fast – much faster than the original. I could compare it to Modern Warfare 3.” That line right there just made Black Ops II a rental for me.

  • Sparks

    What were the 6 maps you got to play?
    I know we’ve seen Yemen, Cargo, Turbine and Aftermath and not Hijacked but that’s only 5. What was the last one like?
    Can’t wait for BO2!!!

    • Sparks


    • My bad, I should have mentioned that. The last one was Express (a train station) on which we played Demolition. It sort of had that feel of Terminal, being a station and all.

      • Sparks

        Wow! Sounds good. Thanks 🙂

  • codplayer

    mw2 is the best cod ever made! everyone knows that…

    • Oger


      • grammernazi

        ^1* LOL

    • Balance

      My name is Balance and I disagree.

  • goodhuy

    Sorry but i no longer can truat mp1st for reviews since you was invited tocrhis exclusive time of game i dont think you would say anything bad about the game fearing u may lose your privlages

    • Hey man, these guys don’t care WHAT we think about the game. They’re just giving us the opportunity to at least provide an opinion.

      Like I said, most of the “bad” stuff in this game will surface after release, once we know what matchmaking, hit detection and lag is like. I also can’t say much in terms of balance until millions of people have played the game for a couple months.

      But in my sincere opinion, the gameplay in BO2 rocked and it still is the most fun I’ve had with CoD since back in the days.

      • I think they should care what you and everyone else thinks about the game. They should take the bad with the good, because it’s all about contrast. I like this site because you understand the games and don’t let fandom get in the way of your opinions. I have a love hate relationship with COD, it has a lot of problems but also has it’s good points. If you focus on only one side though, you get labeled either a “fanboy” or a “hater”…and this site is niether.

  • newagewolf

    for all the bad things this site says about call of duty games and its community most of its news is about COD

  • vims1990

    Damn I hope the connectivity & matchmaking is great on launch. One of many disappointments I had with Modern Warfare 3.

    The game looks superb but I’m hoping that I we have to go through months of connectivity & matchmaking improvements until the game is playable.

  • What’s Fast Mag like? Is it just dual mags, or actually sped up reload time?

    • I believe it is just like Dual Mags. So only every other reload is super fast. I’ll have to look into it to double check.

  • That actually looks so amazing. This is the most excited I’ve ever been for a COD game, and I’ve been playing since COD4. This isn’t just the yearly-COD-fanboy excitement that takes over most this time of year, I sincerely think that this game will be amazing.

  • RobAug

    Hey David,

    I wasn’t a big fan on the pacing/movement speed of MW3 purely because of how erratically enemy players looked when moving (where as in previous CoDs the movement speed and actions of character models allowed you to judge what an enemy player is doing e.g. reloading, about to enter aim down sight). I noticed that BO2 looks like it has that same pacing of really deadly weapons and erratic movement – is that how you found it?

    • I felt it was definitely deadlier than Black Ops, but not as deadly as MW3. Movement, I can’t really say :S Didn’t pay that much attention to it.

  • teo2cry

    Yes,finally a good COD game 😀

  • Saud

    The Akimbo weapons in the video were insanely overpowerd

    • It may look like that cause I just chose the best clips. I’ll tell you though man, I lost plenty of gunfights with those. I might have only had the advantage cause sometime’s you’re just quicker when you don’t need to ADS. (Something was definitely up with that double though. One of those dudes must have been at like 1% health. Lol)

      • 1:10 still seems a bit op, if you ask me. But I’ll take your word for it.

    • Cod continues the overpowered kills/ ignore kdr mindset

  • mushino

    aand hundreds of stupid quick scopers incoming

  • is specialist gonna return anybody know?

  • Joe

    Every cod looks & feels good to people who play it on LAN w/o the vast majority of the cod community playing with them. You can play BO2 10 hours a day, every day till it launches & it’ll play NOTHING like how it’ll play when lag & 12 year olds are introduced to the mix….

  • Phil

    Dave, how was spawning? Also, is the game still the same speed as the original? I may have misinterpreted your line about that. Lastly, can you still sprint infinitely?

    • I ran into some spawn troubles, yes. (Notice the guy who spawned RIGHT beside me and jacked my care package as I was taking it at the end.) It was a small map after-all, so we’ll see what happend come launch. It’s definitely faster than the original Black Ops and I’m pretty sure you cannot sprint infinitely.

  • betosobreira

    There is hope for CoD franchise…

  • wolf onatshirt

    Whoopty doo. Looks like and plays like COD and MW. Cookie cutter crap run n gun arcade crap

  • I seen no mention of HardCore Modes. Has this been completely removed or just not in the build you guys had? There were many rumors surrounding HC mode.

    • TheMasterChuck

      david von had been tweeting about hardcore. it is returning don’t you worry

      • Thank God! lol I need to follow him… I follow Elite and the Ex-IW Rob B.

  • MrLadyfingers

    To the people who feel hesitation towards indulging in the excitement of a new ‘promising’ Call of Duty game because of the bad taste that MW3 put in their mouths, you need to understand something. We all know that you’re hurt.. we all are. IW told us that “MW3 will be just like COD4!”. Why did we believe them? We knew that there would be deathstreaks in the game, and noob-friendly advents such as the support streaks, but we all bought the game anyway. MW3 lacked substance to support IW’s claims from the very beginning and we chose to ignore it and buy the game on a wing and a prayer. Anybody else still get that cold feeling down their spine when you think about “FUCK YOU LAST STAND”? I do.

    So what makes this game different? Simple: this game has substance. David Vonderhaar has keenly searched for and ironed out the kinks that hindered us from having the perfect experience in Black Ops (which was a pretty good game). Treyarch never made any claims, never made any promises. But they have provided substance, and that is what we base our excitement off of. And that is the difference between MW3 and BO2.

    Now indulge like the little fanboy you know you want to be.

    • Alpine Maffu

      “David Vonderhaar has keenly searched for and ironed out the kinks that hindered us from having the perfect experience in Black Ops ”

      Why do so many fans indulge in this form of idolisation or hero worship? I’m sure DV is a good executive for his studio but come on, he has whole teams of developers and not to mention business analysts working for him to analyse the market, the focus groups, the expectations, etc. it’s not just the studio head sat on a sofa drinking latte listening to people bitch about last stand then he takes it out. Sheesh

      Oh and I’m a project manager for a software house, so this isn’t blind guesswork.

      • lolwut

        Maybe we’re just unlucky, but at work our Project Manager is hated and hasn’t a clue.

        I’ve often found them to not be liked by the devs, especially if they’re not a technical one, and more inclined to be making decisions from other perspectives.

        But yeah – he did mention this in his speech at Eurogamer; that he doesn’t know everything, he doesn’t go around telling people what to do because he can’t. There’s too many people. He said all he does it make sure that they get the vision and where the game is headed so that they make their own decisions that end up being what he has in mind, based on what they want the game to feel and play like.

  • I’ve heard about game modes like TDM, Kill Confirmed, Flashpoint, HQ, and other modes of the such, but something worries me. While I’ve heard of almost every old game mode, is there still Ground War, Domination, and Mercenary? If there isn’t, they took out 90% of my multiplayer with just that. Ground War is especially my favourite (ever since they took out war from WaW), I hope it isn”t gone. D: These are the only modes I haven’t been hearing about too.

    • Yes, Domination still exists, and neither Mercenary nor Ground War count, because those are playlists, not game modes. Ground War consists of Domination, Kill Confirmed, and TDM, and Mercenary can consist of any game modes.

      • It used to be a game mode in all the other CODs, but I guess I’m fine with it being a playlist. As long as it’s in BO2 and you get XP towards the base multiplayer, I’m fine.

  • Naieazy

    When you played it were there any flaws or they fixed everything and it runs smooth? Did you see any other maps or no?

  • Patrick Bateman

    Oh great, now the weapons in BO2 can be camouflaged, Because THAT’s not an idea stolen from BF3, now is it?

    • HighBob

      uhm… Did you even play ANY CoD counting from first MW ? There always was a camo for weapon… Blue tiger, red tiger, do you know what was that ? Or you are just a bf fanboy who gets to CoD post just to cry how he will not get this game ? srsly, try to catch some info before you say something.

    • Jonny Bravo

      Kill Yourself.

    • Balance

      Not sure if troll or just stupid.

  • Nuubie

    amazing graphics… NOT!!! how could anyone play this outdated game when there are better options out there???

    • Balance

      You’re implying that graphics are important. Get out.

      • Graphics are important, to an extent, but both Infinity Ward and Treyarch have always emphasized fast, smooth, responsive gameplay and graphics rather than sheer photorealism, but they’ve always managed to find a decent balance between graphical fidelity and keeping the game locked at 60 frames per second. However, Black Ops II is looking to have really nailed it, this time, especially because of the art direction.


      Speaking of outdated… you’re underage. Now fuck off.

  • Nuubie

    This game looks old and tired! so many better options out there!

    • Jonny Bravo

      Bro you sound mad.Tell me, are you mad?

  • WarHeroes

    I might pick this up.If Treyarch satisfy me w/ BO2 then I’ll remain a Treyarch supporter instead of IW.

    • Maybe you should actually play the game instead of just picking it up. 🙂

      • WarHeroes

        My best choice is to rent it to make my final decision.

  • TheMasterChuck

    david! does fast mags work exactly like SoH or like dual mags? I need to clarify.

    • Dual mags. So, every other reload 🙂

      • TheMasterChuck


  • When it comes to MP, I put a premium on this site’s impressions that I just don’t afford to other journalists. I’m really excited about this game.

  • best cod yet. lol

    Best cod yet really is not saying much

  • gea

    Ive always loved the treyarch games, but BO2 isn’t looking very good to me.

    Close quarters, mindless sprayfest bullshit again. What happened to map variety and decent game pacing? Not this ADD, hipfire while running around like a dickhead gamestyle that mw3 and bo2 are embracing.

  • ETFoneHome

    awwww hell naww them pistols are op!

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  • Gunrunn3r

    Why didnt you ask anything about Elite 2.0 and how itll be integrated and if itll be included with hardened/prestige editions?

  • damian

    Even though this new cod looks amazing ill wait a bit to get it for cheaper also I want to finish borderlands 2

  • easy prediction. bo2 will continue the COD franchise sales decline. mw3 showed that activision studios are running out fo the Gas bought with cod4, sales have increased untill developers started nickle and diming and makes development choices directly opposed to Gamers. COD for PC might as well be unpublished. its going to tank hard. and I hope with Halo4 on shelves that xbox sales tank as well.

  • Drewski

    This new setup is gay

  • GrAtEsCoTt69

    The game looks really fun and awesome,but i hope for sure the MP7 and the ACR wont be added to the game.

  • fdf


  • fdf

    This game looks good. cant wait to show this to my sons, when does this release????