Call of Duty: Ghosts – What The Heck Is It?

Chances are you’ve heard the news, the next Call of Duty will be out November 5th and it’s subtitled “Ghosts.” What none of us have heard though, is what exactly the game’s theme, setting, or basically anything is, other than these rumors. Being a longtime fan and follower of COD and it’s development, I feel like I can lend some insight into what the deal with Ghosts is.

Oh, and just a heads up, I’ve pretty much been spot on with every prediction I’ve ever made about COD because of how closely I pay attention to everything that circulates about their development. So yeah, I’m not just guessing here.

Setting: Post-global nuclear war

Activision/Infinity Ward have made it clear that Ghosts is a transition for the COD franchise away from what they’ve already done as far as story and setting are concerned. The one thing COD hasn’t really done is the “after war” story. I think, given the dark/mysterious tone of the marketing for Ghosts and “using non-futuristic weapons” leaks and rumors, we’re going to see a very underground, guerrilla, in the ruins-of-the urban-world-warfare style setting.

The fact that Ghosts will be running on a “totally new” engine also sends up some smoke signals that correlate to this theroy. With new engines come new tools which take time to learn. As we’ve seen in past titles like BF3 and Crysis 2, the first games running on a new engine are typically the trial run for the developers to figure out what they can and can’t do well with the new software. So it would make sense that IW is using weapons they know like the back of their hand. The setting just helps support that. More on how this translates to multiplayer in a bit.

Story: Meh, but lets talk about it anyway.

I’ve heard that some people actually buy COD for the single player campaign too. Honestly, I have never really been all that intrested in COD campaigns outside of COD4/WaW, and WaW only because of Kiefer Sutherland. So the fact that Ghosts will have a campaign doesn’t really interest me all that much.

But for the sake of covering everything, I expect the Ghosts campaign to be more of a Homefront style of storyline. The “other guys” have already taken over and now it’s time to reclaim our freedom. It migh also be “hey, so we just blew everyone up, lets fight amongst ourselves for power.” Either way, expect two (or a few) factions of soldiers/people/countries fighting to reclaim power in a chaotic and destoryed urban setting.

A lot of people have been pondering whether or not the character Ghost will be making a return in Ghosts. I doubt it highly. Like I said, Activision & IW are going for a new chapter in the COD saga and I doubt we’ll see any old characters coming back. Though it wouldn’t shock me, espeically given the annoucment teaser, if there’s a lot of allusioning and symbolism to past COD characters.

Multiplayer: Going oldschool?

As I mentioned in the bit about the setting for Ghosts, the fact that it’s running on a new engine (and on new hardware i.e., next gen consoles) is going to both limit and expand Ghosts’ development. On one hand, it’s (hopeful assumption here) a totally new engine, which means the devs haven’t been using it for a decade like they have with the current engine. This means getting the game to do X, Y, or Z might be more difficult initialy than it would be in the old engine. But on the other hand, maybe the new engine is built to do X, Y, or Z and the old engine wasn’t or the current gen consoles made it impossible.

Either way, Infinity Ward will be using Ghosts as a proving ground for what the new engine can do, which means they’ll be avoiding risks and massive inovation. I think we can expect to see something like COD4’s multiplayer, but with a similar style of killstreaks to Modern Warfare 3, though hopefully without the support strike package. All the weapons in the annoucement teaser were guns you can buy on store shelves right now (which was basically all the weaponry in COD4), so it wouldn’t shock me if franchise staples like the M16, AK-47, MP5 and others will make a comeback.

Personally, I’d really like to see something like Modern Warfare 2, but balanced and improved upon for Ghosts and I think the end product will in fact be something that reminds A LOT of players of MW2, if not in look or feel than in spirit.

Final Thoughts: Don’t screw up

My frustrations with Black Ops 2’s issue made me stop playing it and sell my Xbox. COD really hasn’t been fun for me since Black Ops 1, and even then it was really starting to bug me. Given how much more harshly each new COD title has been recived since MW2, I really don’t think IW has much room for error with Ghosts. Yes, regardless of how good it actually is, it’s going to sell like hot cakes. But the core fanbase that plays COD every day isn’t going to stick around for much longer if the franchise keeps going downhill or, at the very least, continues moving away from what made it great: solid gameplay and rewarding skill over luck.

All things considered, despite my lack of faith in IW as a developer and my growing dislike for what Activision has done with their franchises, I think Ghosts might turn out to be the COD we’ve been waiting for. With new engines come new challeneges and cosidering how big COD has gotten, taking risks, especially with new hardware coming out, is basically outlawed. Hopefully, that forces IW to simplify Ghosts and move away from the “hey, you threw a grenade, here’s a chopper gunner for you,” design mentality.


What do you guys think? Agree? What are your thoughts and predictions for Call of Duty: Ghosts?

  • MW2 only had 3 problems OMA, commando, & QSing. Why IMO its the best.

    • It’s only 3 problems yes, but they are some of the biggest problems in CoD history. For me, MW2 also had a few other problems. 0 recoil guns (ACR and UMP), killstreak overload (Harrier-Chopper-Nuke).

      • WasabeJuice

        I actually have no issues with these. Sure they are annoying but they can be dealt with. MW2 wasn’t really balanced post release because of the ‘problems’ of the original IW. But still, for me, is the best COD comparable to the first modern warfare.

    • SangheiliSpecOp

      Danger close noobtubes…. Don’t forget that *shudders*

    • journey

      Bullshit – OMA, commando, Quickscope, danger close pro meaning insane power on already powerful killstreaks, blast shield was worthless, shotguns as secondaries, UMP, easy spawn traps, chaining killstreaks, stacking killstreaks, emergency drop, machine pistols make pistols redundant, infinite launchers with scavenger, riot shield is made of Swiss cheese.

      MW2 was fun at first but once everybody found the tricks, it became less fun (at least on your, with a full it was still a blast.)

      • 123456789!!!

        spawn traping and hacks

    • MegaMan3k

      Yes, it’s proper to look at the number of issues rather than the extent that they disrupt the game…

    • al client

      Are you forgetting the HBS, Thermal, Last Stand, Throwing knives, Akimbo shottties/machine pistols, and deathstreaks? MW2 was the most fun but easily the most aggravating!

    • Don’t forget hacks and mods.

    • OMA wasn’t the problem tubes just had to much power with danger close.

    • dtoxz

      Dude EVERY COD is the “COD weve Ll been waiting for” how could you even say that? You havent even SEEN gameplay!! Seriously what the fuck?!

  • MrSunshine

    They’re not really taking much of a risk if they’re making another Call of Duty game. It could turn out to be absolute crap but it won’t matter to Activision cause they’ll make millions in pre-orders alone. I expect “Holy shit this is awesome!” then it will quickly degrade to “Holy shit, this sucks ass, I’ll never buy another CoD ever again!”.

    The Cycle will continue.

    • Not for this guy, Black Ops 2 was the last straw.

      Battlefield 4, here I come.

  • KtotheC

    I love Black Ops 2! It’s the most balanced CoD to date.

    • KtotheC

      I agree, I hope they take this time to trim the fat and take things back to CoD4 days.

    • guns wise maybe, connections and lag its by far the worst

    • PuddingAuxRais1ns

      I disagree. Scorestreaks are too powerful and make PTOing a frustration in practice. The hunter killer drone and the lightning strike are simply the most stupid and annoying scorestreaks ever. They should have taken both of them out put something else in. The lodestar is a spawn killers wet dream, and both the escort drone and the stealth chopper kill way too quickly. The an-94 is somewhat OP when used right, and the lmg’s are absolutely insane. Personally i think that black ops 1 was the most balanced cod to date. NErf the famas, the aug, and second chance and you got the best cod.

      • 123456789!!!

        really black ops 1 was ok, but it had horrible balanceing and the lag was (and still sometimes is) worse than black ops 2

        • Horrible balancing? Besides a few cheesy guns, and two perks, it is BY FAR the most balanced COD.

          Not to mention some guns are actually FUN. In BO2 everything is boring as fuck to use, where as in BO1 there is the Brokimbo Skorpions, the Olympia, HS10 akimbo, etc.

          • 123456789!!!

            the famas, ak74u grip rapid fire, ghost pro, hackerpro, slight of hand pro. there you go put all those perks together and chose between the 2 guns and you clearly outrank every other setup by a huge advantage at least in blops 2 i can name 10 equallycopetitive clases of the top of my head

          • Ukonja

            BO1 was the funest cod ever

        • Casavult

          I never experienced lag any worse than what BO2 has. By far the laggiest CoD to date. I have 120mb Virgin Media cable broadband (118 down, 42 up @ 2ms ping) and it’s like I’m using a 54k dial up connection from 2002 with 300ms! O.O

          The balancing in BO1 was far superior to BO2’s, in my opinion.

      • Casavult

        CoD: BO, CoD4 and CoD: WaW were my favourites.

    • Wrong

      What everyone says every year

  • Drift0r obviously had it right, just watch his vid, he got the name right and the date of the trailer 2 months ago

    • That video has enough info that has already come true that the rest is believable.

      • mostly right i guess

        Yea but he did have wrong info too

  • I pretty much agree with you on all fronts. The dudes in the teaser definitely came across as some sort of group of rebels in a post-something setting.

    I’m also excited and worried at the same time regarding what possibilities or issues the new engine will bring. I too am hoping for something super simple in nature when it comes to multiplayer. I mean, if it is a post-apocalyptic theme, why should you have all these gadgets, perks and killstreaks? I really like the idea of picking a single specialization, à la Halo 4 or Battlefield 3 (sorry to compare, I hate doing it myself). Personally, I like only being concerned over my weapon+attachment and one or two specializations. Also totally cool with more classic weapons like the M16, AK-47 and MP5.

    • Jason Robertson

      Exactly my thoughts, I agree on everything that was in the original post! I’d like to see a CoD 4 style multiplayer with maybe a few additions.. I love the pick 10 system in BO2 and would like to see that in the new CoD. Maybe something like a pick 8 on first prestige and as you work your way up through the prestiges you get the option to unlock more slots for your classes. This would be similar to learning how to survive in a hostile environment and rewarding you for prestiging? Just a though.

      • Stomping Power

        That actually is a great idea (more slots within your load-out as you prestige higher). Personally I’d like to see less killstreak spam honestly, all it does it slow down the gameplay ex. people dashboarding, and create more lag. Kill streaks need to be basic like you get option 1 or 2, something like this: 3-4 kills you get a UAV or CUAV, 7-8 kills some sort of airstrike mortar team or lighting strike type of air support, 10-12 kills maybe a reaper drone/chopper

        • RNPGhost

          Higher level players should not get additional slots. COD already allows players who are doing well to do even better via kill streaks. Higher level players should not get additional advantages compared to lower level players. If anything they should get fewer slots in order to maintain the challenge.

          • Jason Robertson

            Only reason I said it would be to increase the amount of people working hard to prestige.. I think reducing the amount of slots as you prestige would completely remove the incentive to prestige and we’d end up having loads of 0-55 players, which quite frankly, gets a bit boring.

    • falldruid37

      :0 your a mod.

  • I think you mean guerilla, not gorilla.

  • Good article man, I agree that this is CoD’s chance to get back its creativity, if they don’t then it could be game over!

  • I have a feeling we might see some stealth gameplay in this one because of the name Ghosts.
    I also hope on some variations on some modes. I once saw this guy suggest a game mode called ”Mobile Domination”. It was a mode where instead of the 3 flags sitting at one point, players have to pick them up and move around the map with them.

    • There’s a game mode very similar to that called “Team Defender”. It was probably my favorite game mode on MW3.

    • thebulky1cometh

      I’m thinking the “ghosts” are a small group of rebel fighters/mercenaries that is protecting people in the US after a devastating apocalyptic war in the U.S. “Some wear masks to protect others.”

      Anyways, this idea lends itself to the idea of a “scaled back” COD in which flashy score streaks are replaced by an emphasis on gritty gun to gun battles with a bit less of the “huge explosions!” element that COD has incorporated more and more. You can only try to top the “wow” factor so many times before you head in a new direction.

      Damn, I should’ve written this article.


    Call of Duty: Ghosts is the game that comes out before Black Ops 3.

  • MrLadyfingers

    I’m sold. ONE MORE YEAR

  • You honestly want the AK-47, MP5, and M16 to “return”? They’ve been in every single COD game since COD4 except for WaW (yes, even BO2 – in both SP and Zombies). Don’t you ever get tired of the same guns over and over again?? If it’s in the future I see no reason why they can’t use futuristic weapons, even in a post-nuclear destruction environment. I’m not talking lazor beams and photon cannons, I’m talking about gas-operated bullet-shooting guns that basically work the same way as our modern guns, but would be designed 10-15 years from now with new features (like advanced reload mechanisms, single bullets that fragment at a programmed distance, bullets with the ability to track a target that’s been hit but not downed, etc).

    Treyarch sorta tried to do stuff like this in BO2 (M1216, HAMR, some single-player weapons) but almost all the guns in the game are guns that already exist. I want IW to be imaginative and design guns from the ground up that do not exist today in any form.

    But anyways your speculation does make sense. The tone/mood of the “teaser” definitely conveys a Homefront-esque story and a post nuclear-warefare setting. I’m not entirely convinced that their new engine will be built from the ground up (I have a feeling it will still be based on the Id Tech engine) but I don’t want multiplayer to be anything like any previous COD game. I want something radically different.

    • Clayton Johnson

      Who needs Imagination when your getting money?
      Says Activision

  • lok

    The support streak should return, it moved other players who otherwise would’ve camped and wary over losing their killstreak.

    Hell, if the support streak were default upstream, there’d be more movement on the maps.

    • lok

      Killstreak not upstream

    • If it returns, you should get a shit of points to get something. If scorestreaks return, the UAV should be something like 800points in support. And only make it support shit, not things like Stealth Bombers.

    • MrLadyfingers

      No skill multikill inbound…

  • anonymous tip

    Next gen console’s confirmed will see more on the premier of the new xbox on may 21 so Microsoft once again has dlc exclusive first to the xbox as well respawn studios has exclusive games just for xbox so once again sony can kiss Microsoft ass

    • Clayton Johnson

      I laughed longer than I should have

  • is simple! this trailer speaks of ancient warriors who have returned! You remember the ghost, who supposedly died on mw2? is not difficult to know what may comes on next COD !

  • Another interesting question to ponder is if they will bring Spec Ops back or something new entirely.

  • hey

    Same shit, different name.

  • Spot on. No arguments here, Zohan.

  • Jarmen

    I read the title of article, and scrolled down to check author, and decided not to bother reading at all cause it’s probably gonna be sh*t like rest of his articles

    • Lol

      Lol. Agreed, what a douche.

      “Oh, and just a heads up, I’ve pretty much been spot on with every prediction I’ve ever made about COD because of how closely I pay attention to everything that circulates about their development. So yeah, I’m not just guessing here.”

      Yeah, since world at war. And it is just guessing.

    • thebulky1cometh

      That makes you ignorant of the article’s points; as a result, the only thing you can write is something totally unrelated and lacking substance. Good job.

  • therapiist

    They really need not to add nuke in the game at all.. People wouldn’t try and play the objective what so ever. They also need to remove Dual weapon.

  • BigDaddy ACTUAL

    ..only played the single player of waw because of Kiefer Sutherland??… bit narrow minded for someone who reviews games for my liking but hey. Horses for courses. Personally I thought the campaign and story for Mw1, 2, 3 and Bo2 were epic.

  • Just saying

    I don’t know what the majority here talk about. CoD for me was just good. Never saw a problem that’s so frustrating that I had to tell the devs. about it. To be honest the guys who talk about CoD problems make me take an impression that they are PRO BUT NOT PRO ENOUGH to satisfy them and when I ask someone talk about the problems and ask him how it affects him he goes like “I was 70:0 and then I died cuz of a problem” whatever this problem is, you have a way too good kdr and for me THIS IS THE PROBLEM.

  • I’m still hung up on this quote “Ghosts delivers an all-new story, all-new characters, an all-new Call of Duty world, all powered by a next generation Call of Duty engine”.

    To me, all it means is a new single player storyline, using the existing engine they’ve had since COD4 adapted to the power of the 2 next-gen systems. It doesn’t say “totally new engine”. And really “a next generation Call of Duty engine” suggests its the same engine they’ve been using all along adapted to use the power of next-gen consoles.

    Back in October Vonderhaar said “At this point that engine doesn’t resemble anything like any engine. We’ve ripped out the UI system; the rendering and the lighting are all new, the core gameplay systems are all new.” so their definition of a new game engine and our definition is probably very different. So is it going to be the same engine with even prettier lighting, smoother animations and even better rendering? I think so at this point. If you honestly believe it’s a “totally new” engine, you might be kidding yourself.

    The part that’s glaringly missing from anything we’ve seen about Ghosts is any talk of the multiplayer gameplay, and what direction they’re going to go with that.

    If you’ve been okay with the direction the last 2 CODs as far as map design (tiny to small CQC maps) and gun play (SMG and Quicksniping dominant) you’re probably thinking “I hope they don’t mess with the ‘formula’ that made COD so successful.” I’m not okay with it at all. I don’t feel like that type of gameplay is what made COD successful. I think the current direction is driving people from COD, and the sales numbers certainly suggest the same thing.

    I personally hope they either go back to the BO1 sort of feel for the game (maybe even COD4) or go a completely new direction. They either need to go back to basics or start from scratch. I won’t buy another COD game on small CQC maps dominated by SMGs and quicksnipers with head-glitch spots at every corner on the map. And judging by the decline in sales with BO2, there are 5,440,000 or so people who agree with me.

  • Asmitty56

    Please… More realistic gun mechanics.

  • maddmann

    they could call it “CoD: Made by God” and i still won’t get it…i suck at anything CoD…i’ll stick with BF and KZ

  • Anthracks

    Sorry, but no first-person shooter game requires luck over skill. Luck is when things are completely out of any player’s control (e.g. what cards you are dealt in Uno!), skill is what happens when a player is in control. It’s annoying to hear people complain that people get “lucky,” when that’s not really an existent factor, and an excuse.

  • thebulky1cometh

    So COD people have had to put up with a recycled engine, now they’re making a “next generation” engine and recycling the black ops “style” story line? Haha greed and laziness have overtaken this franchise I once loved.

  • The sad thing is that all we’ve had is a minute-long teaser of some masks with ninjas dancing in the background… and it’s already #2 in amazon video games. It’s coming out in 6 months. Capitalism at it’s finest, I tell you!

  • If it is set in an post-apocalyptic setting, and there wont be the newest guns, i hope we will see some ww2 and cold war era guns. Some of them are still mote powerful than the guns of today.

  • You forget IW is a make shift dev company. I see the king COD taking a fall this year.

  • 1-3 games are perfect in BO2 for me & I dont even have a good connetion…IW doesnt care to make any GOOD patches on the ps3, I have a PS3 btw, and the lag was really bad for me when I was playing MW3 on the ps3 :/ so I like BO2 more then MW3. I Know for a FACT that IW isnt going to make a good COD game ever.

    • What about COD 4.

  • The biggest part of the Ghosts announcement is the “next-gen engine”. This could possibly mean a completely new engine that isn’t iterated yet again from IW Engine 4.0. I don’t think that’s going to happen though, and I’m betting more that it’s just simply going to look more like the PC versions of that engine (MW2, MW3, Black Ops 2). That being said, PC gamers will likely be screwed out of graphical enhancements that are actually worth a damn on their platform.
    A next-gen engine could also include more than just graphics. Perhaps this year we will get hit registration and/or lag compensation that doesn’t mostly favor those with higher ping (fewer bars) and screw those with lower ping (more bars). But again, I doubt it. All in all, I expect Activision/IW to be all talk in an effort to convince players that there will be meaningful change when there probably won’t be.

  • Teknospine

    I’ll get GTA5 and be done with cod until it goes straight multiplayer with free doc maps for $60. Having played all the maps in the last three installments, there is little room for making something entertaining for the kind of money spent to get all the dlc. Add to it, blops2 is releasing re-skins. Wow, where is the ingenuity?

  • Ukonja

    Every cod is getting worse and worse, so why to bother yourselfs, pre-order BF4