Opinion – The Destiny of Timed Exclusive Content, What Does the Future Hold?

Timed exclusive content is nothing new. Microsoft got the ball rolling last generation when it started locking down Call of Duty expansions on the Xbox 360 for 30-day periods before jumping over to the PlayStation 3. To many, it was an annoyance. To others, it was bragging rights. But for the most part, it was more or less harmless. 30 days isn’t all that long to wait. But more importantly, when you get your hands on that content, it’s still relevant. Can we say the same thing for content over a year old?

In a move that has baffled many and been a point of contention among console flag wavers the past few weeks, Destiny developer Bungie has struck a deal with publisher Activision to lock down content to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 for at least one year or more before making its way to Xbox One and Xbox 360. Looking at this without console prejudice, is there really any argument that can make a move like this sensible? I know, I know. It’s just business.


Looking back at the last generation of consoles, let’s grab our best example of additional game content that took too long to hit another machine and didn’t quite help out relations between developer and gamer. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was released to the masses with great fanfare, glowing reviews, and massive sales. Everyone was playing Skyrim. Bethesda released a string of amazing DLC that, for one reason or another, just couldn’t bring itself to launch on the PS3 console. It wasn’t exactly a preconceived timed exclusive agreement but a development hiccup within the studio, and by the time they’d ironed out the kinks, it was an over 7-month delay. Many PS3 gamers had given up by this time and sold their copy of the game or had simply moved on to the next flavour of the month.

In order to combat the fact that the shine on this DLC had long since worn off, Bethesda decided to release one piece of content a week at a 50% discount from its regular price. A noble thing to do, no doubt, but even at that cost savings, for many gamers, it was just too late. A simple search on VGChartz shows that not only did it piss PS3 gamers off, it also killed off Skyrim’s sales on that console (8.03 million global on Xbox 360 and 5.57 million on the PS3). Let’s not forget the fact that this is all single player content that you can pick up and play at any time. How irrelevant do you think that content would have been if it was multiplayer DLC?

Fast forward a couple years and here we are now with Destiny. If you’re a PS4 owner, you’re likely doing a happy dance without a care in the world while you joyously play your Destiny beta and await the release of the game in September. If you’re an Xbox One owner, you’re likely bemoaning the fact that you had to wait a few days to do even that. You try to block out the thoughts of getting screwed out of content, but it’s probably bothering you just the same. Of course, I am embellishing here, but the fact remains that Xbox One owners are getting the shaft. It also begs the question; will overall sales of Destiny suffer on Xbox One due to this disparity?


I, like many others out there, am lucky enough to own both of these competing consoles so my views on this are purely objective. This doesn’t mean I’m going to purchase Destiny for my Xbox One, of course. Why on earth would I spend the same amount of money on a product but get less for my return? I’m no mathematician, but I know simple economics when I see them. A lot of Xbox One owners are likely asking themselves the same question as they realize they will be without a co-op mission, multiplayer map, and oodles of gear and cosmetic fluff. Not only that, if they purchase the season pass for Destiny’s expansions, they’ll be shortchanged there too for an entire year! How would gamers have felt if they had paid for the same expansion DLC in, say, Battlefield 3, but one console only received 3 out of the 4 new maps, getting access to the 4th map one year later? By then, Battlefield 4 is already out. Putting it into that sort of perspective makes it clear that it’s just an odd practice. The game is already sold and in the hands of gamers. Why continue to lobby for a console maker after the fact? Oh, I know… money.

But wait… it’s not like they won’t get it right? The simple fact is that when this year-old content is eventually released, there’s a good chance that it just won’t matter. One almost wonders why Bungie and Activision don’t come out and call it what it really is; console exclusive DLC. In a year from now, how many Xbox One owners will be actively playing Destiny? If I were to venture a guess, I’d simply say not nearly as many as during launch. Even with the enticement of finally getting this formerly exclusive content, the odds are that Xbox gamers just won’t care, so why not just call it console exclusive content and maybe even knock a few dollars off the Xbox season pass, if the content is significant enough? Otherwise, telling a large portion of your audience that they’ll get the content one year later just comes across as insulting, no matter how you word it. While details of the pricing or availability of this content is non-existent at this point in time, it’s a fair assumption to say that the point is moot anyways. Half price? Who cares!? We finally have Half-Life 3!


It’s tough to fault the devs and publishers for the trend of timed exclusive content as we all know Microsoft and Sony aren’t afraid to whip out the cheque books to secure their audience. The issue at hand is the question of whether or not it’s a fair practice to the consumer to expect them to pay the same price for less and for such a lengthy period. Not only that, this extensive time lapse between the availability of the extra content leads us to wonder what the next inevitable step is; fully console exclusive DLC on multiplatform titles? That’s a debate for another time, but even a multi-console owner can see that it is dangerous waters to be wading in. Choosing a copy of a game based on which extra content you want more or if you’re a completionist facing the reality of possibly purchasing more than one copy is an issue that comes to mind. But what’s the worst part? When Destiny launches this September 9, it’s going to be your own hard-earned dollars spent on their product that tell these companies that these sort of practices are okay. Let’s face it; whether you’re an Xbox or PlayStation gamer, you’re not not going to buy Destiny, right?

What are your thoughts on this trend? Is Bungie just conducting business, or are they alienating an entire console base? It will be interesting to see how this all plays out in the future, but it seems like we’re on the cusp of some big changes in the industry and we have to ask whether or not they’re good ones.

  • jordanxbrookes

    Nice play-on words in the title ;P

  • Jack S.

    I think Bungie’s crossed the line from pure business to screwing people over. Waiting a year gives enough time for so many more games other than Destiny to be released. I think people will have lost interest.

    • MrMultiPlatform

      How many Halo games did PS get? NONE because of Microsofts exclusive deal with Bungie. Why isn’t nobody saying a thing about Insomniac Games with Sunset Overdrive? That was once a PS Dev team that is making a complete game exclusive to the XBOX family. It’s just DLC that is in no way need to play the game. The XBOX gamers are now feeling whats it like to be left out. It’s not very fun is it.

      • amplif1er

        100% agree with your last 2 sentences, it was no big deal with Xbox times exclusive dlc. Now that the tables have turned Xbox owners now think timed dlc is the devil. Welcome to the shaft, us PlayStation folk know the feeling. It sucks, you should probably take your complaints to the publisher they made the deal not the devs.

        • Sams0n

          Bingo. Its apparently fine when its Xbox exclusive content, but ERMAGERD #INJUSTICE when the shoe’s on the other foot and its PS4 exclusive content.

          • SupremeVishnu

            I personally would be fine waiting a month, but is it practical for a “MMO’ish” type game to release DLCs over a year after another platform.

          • Enochrewt

            LOL yes, Injustice is a PS4 exclusive, I’m not sad about that either.


          • RustyFrags

            A year of exclusive content on a new IP compared to a month of exclusive content on an IP that’s been around for years (CoD).

            Not comparable.

      • Shawn Petraschuk

        Keep in mind that MS actually owned Bungie whereas Insomniac has always been an independent developer. Of course PS didn’t get the Halo titles! It’d be like Xbox getting God of War! They were a 100% exclusive studio at that time.

        After speaking with Marcus Smith and Drew Murray from Insomniac at E3 they assured me that they will continue to develop for Sony. The only reason they chose to go to MS with Sunset is because Microsoft was going to allow them to retain ownership of their property. Sony wanted Insomniac to give up all rights and they weren’t willing to do so… which is the right move for an independent developer.

        People seem to be forgetting that this isn’t an Xbox vs PS argument. Sure it’s swinging towards PS with Destiny but it’s only a matter of time before it swings the opposite way too with another game. The real issue is to ALL gamers that this is a practice which could potentially leave consumers on all sides out in the cold.

      • Danny Martin

        Your statement is asinine. Of course there were never an PS Halo games, Microsoft owns Halo. Just like Sony owns Uncharted, you’re just talking out of your ass about unrelated things.

        An exclusive game is NOT the same as a publisher charging you for a game and then withholding content. You ARE correct that it’s happened the other way, and it was shitty then too. It’s a practice that needs to stop completely, because it only hurts people who are paying the SAME PRICE for a season pass but then getting less for an entire year. Really if anyone wants to point a finger they should point it at Activision. They first extorted money from Microsoft to get the DLC for CoD early, then once they saw that was effective they did the same thing to Sony but with Destiny, both times getting the companies to pay up out of fear that the other may agree to the offer if they don’t.

        • Fernando

          So using your logic, if Sony had made Destiny totally exclusive Xbox owners would be happy about it, because waiting for a whole year for a DLC is worse than not having the game in your system at all?

          • No, I remember telling you this on the other article. If Destiny were a full exclusive to either platfirn, no one would(or shoul) be upset, as it was announced qs such from the get go(it might have been the case if Bungie was still owned by MS but MS let them keep the rights to their then unannounced IP)
            Same thing with Sunset Overdrive, same thing with Titanfall, same thing with The Order: 1886(Ready at Dawn is an independent Dev who stated they choose to make the game exclusive to PS4) same thing for plenty of games.

            Destiny will a PlayStation exclusive in Japan however. But its Japan who cares?

            Oh and Bayonetta 2, WiiU exclusive that’s bullshit right? And Injustice at the moment is still PS4 exclusive on next gen. I’m not even though waiting on that game anymore Mort Kombat is coming out.

            • Fernando

              If i were Bungie`s CEO I would seriously think about releasing Destiny 2 only for PS4.

              Apparently people is ok about exclusive games, but not about exclusive content… wtf?

      • kishi hater

        That doesn’t matter. Bungie is hurting their fans that pay to play their games because they like them. If you want to get back at microsoft for being exclusive this is not the way to go about it.

    • Deciver95

      What about Mircosoft with Gta 4 dlc? Was that a problem? PS users waiting over a year for what I assume was larger dlc? Or Fallout? that was kinda unfair? Or every Cod map pack? Is that not crossing the line? No? Probs not because it didn’t affect you! It amazes me how quickly some people forget!

      • Danny Martin

        Yes, it was a problem. A company fucking you then still doesn’t make it ok for a company to fuck someone else now. How about we agree that companies fucking customers is wrong in principle and quit with the console war and fanboy talk.

        • Deciver95

          I’m fine with all that. Timed dlc is really just business. It just boils my blood when people want to act like this never goes the other way and that they (Xbox users who are looking to buy destiny) are the only people to ever fall victim to timed dlc.

        • Enochrewt

          You’re talking like you don’t have a choice in the matter, that you have to spend the money on their product like it was your mortgage or something.

          Suck it up, make a choice and deal with your choice. Or choose to not choose if you’re mad enough, but swearing about it does no good.

          • Danny Martin

            I’m not saying you don’t have a choice, but let’s look at that idea. Say Xbox owners get angry enough to actually boycott the game en mass. What happens then? Does the next Destiny game come out with no exclusive DLC? No. Due to abysmal sales they don’t port the sequel to XB1 or worse use the sales difference to justify doing it again. It’s not that there is exclusive DLC, it’s that they’re selling both systems the same DLC for the SAME PRICE but withholding some of it for a year for a certain console.

  • Michael D. Harrison

    I would like to hear from people that choose one console of another based on timed exclusives. It would be like AMC theaters added an alternative ending or deleted scene if you saw the movie at their theaters. The director never intended it to be in the final cut or only filmed it for the DVD. That’s how I feel about added missions or timed exclusives. There are an afterthought and most of the time has no bearing on the main story.

    • ckpinkham

      Not entirely true. Lots of stuff cut from movies were intended to be part of them. The problem is runtime. And most people don’t want to sit in a theater for more than 2 hours… especially if you happen to go when there’s a crying baby, or some asshole throwing popcorn at you or something… if you paid $15 for your ticket, and brought your date, son/daughter, and their date or friend, that’s $60 without buying snacks! To sit at a theater with a crying baby for 3 1/2 hours? I don’t think so! But a 3 1/2 hour extended cut DVD/Blu-Ray in the quiet and comfort of your own home, with any snack you want, and the ability to pause the movie for bathroom breaks? All for $20 or less? HELL YES that’s worth it!

      Anyway, point is, I’m pretty sure the majority of the time, cuts are more about runtime. Or because a scene didn’t fit as well as the director thought it would. Not because it wasn’t really wanted in the movie in the first place, or was only intended as a DVD extra from the start…

  • Enochrewt

    I don’t really care. But I might already have come to grips with it, as there’s been a few fighting games that have already done platform exclusive characters (Soul Caliber, MK9). There was no chance of ever playing Link in Soul Caliber on PS2, or Kratos in MK9 on Xbox. Yes, they are first party mascots, but the principle is the same. At least with Destiny Xbone users will get that content eventually, and I feel for the most part that missing content is no where near equal to a complete character.

    • In the case for Soul Calibur, every platform got something of equal value. Link was just more popular but they all got something.

  • Warlon

    I just hate how the PC ends up as collateral damage in these timed multiplat exclusives. The Microsoft ones really irks me because I play on PC which is at heart a Miscrosoft gaming platform.

    • jj16802

      In actuality, the real profits go to Steam since Microsoft gave up on Games for Windows Live.

    • Sams0n

      I think the day will come that Microsoft regrets having put all their gaming eggs in one xbox basket and not having put more effort into PC gaming.

      Like the mobile market they completely blundered, the PC gaming market will be yet another that through complacency and arrogance will slip right out from under them while they were focused on other things.

      • Quigs

        I feel the PC market is pretty much owned by steam now the only reason origin is still around is bc EA forces u to have it to play certain games. I nvrr hear anything good about origin

        • jj16802

          In actuality, it’s not bad but nothing special either. And it’s the only way to play new EA titles now. You can see they’re trying to get other publishers’ titles to try to compete with Steam, but I highly doubt that’s going anywhere.

      • Danny Martin

        Microsoft shouldn’t worry about where you buy your games, because Valve is doing that better than anyone else has and possibly could. All Microsoft should worry about is making sure their OS is the best for playing games, which is something they need reminded of it seems.

  • Eric Gulve

    Great article Shawn! I believe that the exclusive DLC will not matter that much after the first month because people will probably be enjoying other endgame stuff at that point. Same as in Borderlands 1, some DLCs like Moxxi’s Underdome was not crucial

    • Shawn Petraschuk

      Thanks Eric! I agree with you completely because as I said in the article, this is a heck of a lot more than a 30 day exclusive. Expecting gamers to still be playing this in a year is CRAZY TALK. CRAZY!!

  • Ryan Schulze

    If I was on the fence about buying Destiny on XB1, then this would dissuade me. How many people really know about it, I’m not sure since the number of people who buy games far outweigh the number of people who read about games.
    What more concerns me is the ridiculous pre-order bonuses we’re seeing. They’re locking really good content behind the pre-order wall.
    Of course, when I do pre-order, I keep the game sealed until reviews come out.

    • I thought you had a PlayStation?

      • Ryan Schulze

        Yes, but that’s why I stated it as a hypothetical. If I was someone that was contemplating buying Destiny on XB1, then this would certainly make me hesitate, but I’m actually someone who is contemplating the purchase on PS4. I’ve found the game to be fun during the Alpha and Beta, but if I’m not paying with friends, it’s kind of leaving me a bit bored. I’ll be waiting on reviews of the campaign before I buy. I definitely like the big open world and playing with friends online, but for me, that’s a lot more rare than playing solo. I can enjoy Watchdogs, BF4, or TLOU solo, but also have fun with friends. I’m not getting the “fun” solo on Destiny so far. Though it is rewarding when you get by a “boss.”

  • Sgt. Mofo

    I could imagine this scenario playing out if WWII era shooters made a comeback:

    “Storm the beaches of Normandy like you never have before…ONLY ON *XBOX!”


  • TheTru Cypher

    Fuck Microsoft that’s all this is about! Fuckem

    • Enochrewt

      Wow, do you need a MENSA application?

  • Just saying

    I mostly agree with you on the fact that 1 year is long but you started out your article so wrong. Any timed exclusivity deal whatsoever is not acceptable, even if it was for 1 day. I’m against the saying that Xbox users are trending now that 30 days is nothing like a year!!! It’s the same concept so why accept it for CoD and not for Destiny?! All I’m saying is that we either with exclusivity or against it, justifying the length of exclusivity deals is unacceptable. I’m also against the huge attack on Sony like they are the only ones who do this!! How about The Division exclusive DLC for Xbox One? Will you say the same when the time come? I just feel that we are talking as PS/Xbox gamers not just “gamers”.

    • Shawn Petraschuk

      To be honest I’m not a fan of timed exclusive DLC at all. I understand it from the business perspective but I certainly don’t like it. The fact though is that it isn’t going anywhere, you can bank on that so if it has to be anything at all I can at least stomach 30 days. If I were a one console guy rocking an Xbox I’d be choked at a year. If The Division DLC were to be a year long Xbox lock I’d be a pissed off PS4 owner! I am an equal opportunity complainer.

      In a perfect world we’d all realize how crucial it is to have more than one company/console in the game and quit making comparisons in that manner. The bottom line is, and always be, the fact that competition breeds excellence! They need each other to feed off of and improve. I can say unequivocally that I wrote this article as a gamer… not a Sony Pony or an Xbot! Haha

      • Just saying

        I don’t know why I feel that you took what I said personally but I was talking generally after the first couple of sentences. For the comparison part, I’m not trying to compare but I’m just waiting to see if the opinions will be the same when Xbox exclusivity deals start to shine. Again I’m talking generally not about you at all. I really hope that we all be gamers and be totally against exclusivity as a whole concept.

        • Shawn Petraschuk

          Haha… no worries mate! I didn’t take any sort of offense at all. I actually like when an article can encourage great discussion like this. I could do without the fanboys who post without reading but a well thought out response like yours… KEEP ‘EM COMING!

      • Jay

        This article should probably also mention how Microsoft clearly bought exclusive rights to Titanfall after they saw the PS4 get off to such a strong start. I think that’s worse than what Sony is doing with Destiny by a mile. Knowing EA though, I doubt they’ll make that same mistake twice.

        • Shawn Petraschuk

          Not so sure about that honestly. Titanfall was announced during E3 2013 at the same time the consoles were and well before they went on sale. There were no sales metrics to go off yet!

          • Jay

            Well when Titanfall was announced Respawn gave the impression it was a timed exclusive and that they weren’t against bringing it to the PS4. After the consoles launched, they later issued a statement saying Microsoft will have Titanfall exclusively for the first part in the series.
            Obviously none of these companies are going to outright come out and say they paid for exclusivity, but I think we all can do the math based on Respawn’s indications.
            Point is, Microsoft is a pioneer in these practices and Sony is just competing at this point.

            • LJ Mac Gearailt

              I’d say you wouldn’t be able to differentiate who is worse as they are both just as bad as each other. I’d consider exclusivity in an MMO a much bigger crime than in a regular game. Also, paying for something now (game content + season pass content) and getting the full thing in a years time is worse than just not having the option for a few months. considering the time value of money.

  • Sams0n

    “it also killed off Skyrim’s sales on that console”

    No offense Shawn, but exaggerate much? PS3 having had 30% less Skyrim copies sold is hardly “killed off”. It was still millions of copies sold.

    The entire article is just grasping, no offense. Skyrim is still massive, people still play it like crazy. There were other issues than just the timing of the DLC’s that account for the sales differential.

    • Guest

      30% is huuugeeeeeeeeeee still.

    • It’s still a chunk of sales “killed” off. There’s nothing wrong with that wording.

    • Beerwood

      I know the Skyrim dlc’s on 360 were first, but still, IIRC did Bethesda had some ugly problems with the game because of PS3 architecture or programming issues? If I’m not mistaken I read something about it…

      • Shawn Petraschuk

        Yup… it makes mention of that in the article! It seems a lot of people are ranting without actually reading what they’re ranting about!

        Guy, it’s a good read, TRUST ME. Hahaha

        • Beerwood

          Yes, I did read it, I mean I’ve been reading it (the Skyrim issue in other places for months), maybe I expressed myself in the wrong way (English not my 1st language), and again, yes, great article. And in some way is good that this is mentioned AGAIN in the comments section, so people that just jump to posts rants without reading this or another column/ article get to know that their rant is explained up there.

          • Shawn Petraschuk

            Haha… all good! Hopefully you could tell I was just poking fun anyways!

  • SubXero

    PS3 received it’s first bit of GTA IV DLC fourteen months after it appeared on the Xbox 360 due to their timed exclusivity contract. I guess folks just like to forget about that huh?

    • If we were around back then, I’m sure we would have loved to write an article about it. To Shawn’s points, lengthy timed exclusivity deals like that seriously blow.

      • SubXero

        I agree that they do blow but this seems like this particular instance is getting blown way out of proportion because Xbox fans (I said fans not fanboys :P) are on the short end of the stick for once. I’m not really saying you guys are blowing it out of proportion but I mean, remember the people asking Bungie “why do you hate your Xbox fans?” People are actually taking this personally when it’s nothing more than a (lame) business deal.

        I just don’t get why this is the catalyst for people finally saying something. Pre-order bonuses and timed exclusive content are ridiculous and are something I wish would’ve stopped a long time ago.

        • I agree. The “why do you hate your Xbox fans” question is a stupid question. I don’t think Bungie owes anything to Xbox Gamers just because they made an entire IP exclusive to them last generation and the generation before.

          I’ll cut and paste what I wrote above cause I have the same answer to the first part of your comment 🙂

          “I think it just took something like a one-year exclusive deal with a mega-hyped new IP from one of gaming’s most renown development studios to really kick the hornet’s nest.

          Why are people upset now and not when it happened to GTA IV or Skyrim? I think it’s because we now see that devs and publishers haven’t learned anything the first time and still think this sort of stuff is okay. Seeing that millions of gamers are going to be throwing their money at Destiny when it launches, it’s just a little scary to know that we’re only going to encourage this type of behaviour even more.”

          • SubXero

            Well… I think you and I both know it’s probably not going to stop unless people speak with their wallets.

            I don’t know about you but I’m certrainly not going to pass up games I want just because of this sort of stuff and I highly doubt enough people will ever pass up a game to make these publishers stop these timed exclusivity deals. In the end, while I acknowledge that it totally blows and I do not agree with the practice one bit, I always buy both consoles so never really affects me.

            • Yep. Didn’t mean to imply we shouldn’t buy Destiny. Speaking with your wallet is the only way to get points like this across, but that just ain’t going to happen this time.

            • SubXero

              I have a bunch of Destiny Beta codes for PS3, PS4 and Xbox One if you’d like to give them away 😀

            • If you want to tweet @MPFirst I can always retweet?

            • SubXero

              Wouldn’t fit in one tweet aaaaaand I don’t have a Twitter account.

            • Beerwood

              Hopefully I’m not late, I need two for me and my daughter (X1). This game got us sooo hype, btw, my apologies if I sound so..direct, lol.

            • SubXero

              I would’ve given them to you but the beta is now open to everyone 😀

  • Guest

    Although I agree timed exclusivity is bad, where were all these people when PS3 got screwed by a lot of games that did this last gen? Why couldnt gamers have tried to end this matter last gen?

    • I think it just took something like a one-year exclusive deal with a mega-hyped new IP from one of gaming’s most renown development studios to really kick the hornet’s nest.

      Why are people upset now and not when it happened to GTA IV or Skyrim? I think it’s because we now see that devs and publishers haven’t learned anything the first time and still think this sort of stuff is okay. Seeing that millions of gamers are going to be throwing their money at Destiny when it launches, it’s just a little scary to know that we’re only going to encourage this type of behaviour even more.

      • Guest

        Thats the problem, Nobody cares till shit hits the fan really bad,That needs stop,its what gets gamers in these situations is being naive .

      • Deciver95

        My point exactly. Whats actually kinda annoying me, is Xbox users online seem to have forgotten all that. I’m not saying this is necessarily right, but some are acting like the Gta dlc, even some of the fallout and all the Cod dlc means nothing

      • Danny Martin

        Skyrim’s DLC wasn’t exclusive. The PS3 version of the game had major issues with slowdown and the DLC was unplayable until after the game was patched. A console manufacturer using a shit way of dividing RAM is not the same as one throwing money at a publisher.

        A better example would be CoD getting DLC 30 days prior on Xbox. And while that should be unacceptable, it’s really the fact that Destiny is going with a whole year. In the gaming world a year is pretty much the death of an online game. Personally I would feel less ripped off if Sony had outright exclusive DLC (like armor or emblems based on Sony franchises) than for Activision to say ‘We finished the DLC, but before we let you have it we need to cut a slice of it out, but you can pay us now and have it in a year.’

        • Shawn Petraschuk

          Pssst…. we know the DLC wasn’t exclusive! It says so ^^^^^ UP THERE. Read the article! You’ll see! ;-P

          • Danny Martin

            Psst, I was talking to the idiot who said “Why are people upset now and not when it happened to GTA IV or Skyrim?”. I read the article, the reply wasn’t to you.

            • Shawn Petraschuk

              Well don’t I feel foolish….

            • Danny Martin

              You shouldn’t, the way discuss shows replies is weird. Also, it was a very well written article and I know myself and most of the MP1st community can’t wait for more.

            • Shawn Petraschuk

              Now THAT my friend is a comment worth upvoting! Appreciate the kudos!

            • Hey Danny, “Idiot” here. I suppose you didn’t catch that I was referring to other people who are upset about it, regardless of whether or not it was a technical hurdle or a publishing agreement. People are still upset. I’m well aware that, to public knowledge, it was not a publishing deal.

              Pro tip: Don’t call the owner of this site an idiot if you still want to comment 🙂

            • DanDustEmOff

              Lol, that was a very polite way to tell him to F*ck Off wasn’t it.

            • In all fairness, no, I wouldn’t ban him for calling me an idiot. But I will delete any comments that are personal attacks towards anyone else. If it continues, then, of course, appropriate ban is appropriate.

            • Danny Martin

              I guess I could add this site to the list of places sites I no longer post on. Oh the humanity!

    • You know plenty of PS3 games got full exclusive DLC like Batman Arkham, Far cry 3, RDR, Saint’s Row The Third and Mass Effect 2 to name a few. That’s even worse than timed DLC IMO

      • Guest

        Mass effect didnt release for Xbox and 2 didnt release on playstation till a year later. RDR, what? a gang outift and a new hideout? ooooohhh. Saints row…What exclusive content? Do you mean the mode that featured the dildo bat that never came? The high tides DLC yes, But that also came to PC. And for batman, The joker……….

        Its bad for everybody but mainly PS3 has been shafted and gamers have naive to the situation until it gets really bad.

        Can we both agree that this bad and exclusive content should never be allowed.You cant make exceptions

        • Mass Effec 2 did release for PS3.
          If peiple here oing to make cases against its acknowledge ALL parties heavily involved, not just one. Everyone here is so bent on making it a faboy console war case case of “who did what first?” That does not matter because they are both doing it.

          Also, Injustice is a PS4 exclusive a full game. Had the game on Xbox 360, why is it not on Xbox One 7 months after release? Been waiting forever for them to even announce a release date for Xbox One but clearly that ain’t happening since Mortal Kombat X is just up ahead.

          • Guest

            Agree, sorry if I sounded like flaming a console war, not my intention, very poor wording on my part

            • No need, its a hot topic, consoles are involved so its kind hard not to come across as such.

  • NinoBr0wn

    No one batted an eye with the GTA IV “exclusive” content, which was also about a year if I remember correctly. No one batted an eye with all the other games Microsoft gave the treatment to last generation. Nobody said anything about E3 this year, where pretty much every third party game on Microsoft’s stage had some form of content FIRST. But PlayStation tries to do the same thing, and the internet wets itself, all in unison. This has become a bigger issue than individual stores securing their own content, which does absolutely nothing for us, the gamers. This Destiny content could even end up being crap, but let’s flip this two sided coin first. Man you all could miss me with that.

    • Deciver95

      The truth ^ has been spoken. It amazes me how quickly some can forget

    • DanDustEmOff

      No one batted an eye lid? I seem to remember the opposite to be true. Every Sony gamer took to the interwebs at every available opportunity to make their feelings clear, is how I remember it. Now the shoe is on the other foot, its PS guys turn to be smug and Xbox players turn to vent.

      • Enochrewt

        I am an Xbox player, and I just don’t care. I also pride myself on being a reasonable person. I definitely played the Xbox a ton more last generation, and since most of my friends are sticking to XBL, will most likely play the XB1 the majority of the time this generation.

        You can’t expect parity between the two systems. You just can’t. I didn’t expect to play Sonic the Hedgehog on my NES, and I don’t expect to play Killzone on the Xbox. Not having one MP map and a cosmetic ship in Destiny barely even registers on my caring scale. If that’s the big exclusive for PS4, I think Xbox owners are getting off light, as I’ll take the Halo collection and Titanfall over Killzone and some Destiny DLC any day.

        • DanDustEmOff

          I play PC, so I won’t even get this game on my favourite system but I have an Xbox 360 and I still play with a few friends from time to time. Most of them are picking up X1’s now the shit storm has died down, so I will probably get one at some point too. I completely agree with your views, especially when you’re reference to Sonic on the NES.

          There are still issues I have with certain aspects of the gaming industry but exclusive content or timed content isn’t one of them. I don’t hear anyone raging about Mario Kart not coming to the PS4, so why such a heated discussion on such a minor issue that has always been around in some form, or another, is really needed is beyond me also.

          • ckpinkham

            People would love Mario Kart on PS4 or Xbone, but would rage if it went to one & not the other. And the difference is, it’s one thing when a whole game is designed to be exclusive from the start… it’s really kinda bs when it’s designed to be multiplatform, then has a year MINIMUM of exclusive content. We probably wouldn’t be seeing this if Destiny was designed as a PS4 exclusive.

            • DanDustEmOff

              If it was entire DLC’s that were exclusive then I may agree, but this is just the odd map and some cosmetic stuff. Even with that said though, if I was gonna be a Destiny guy and I planned on spending a lot of time on it, I would simply get a PS4 to play it on.
              When you look at the bigger picture at Sony, then it’s clear that they have a lot riding on the success of the PS4 and need to strike deals of this nature to ensure their survival. The rest of their business is not doing very well and hasn’t done for years.
              If this is what they need to do to become profitable then so be it, I would rather have this, than Sony folding leaving only Microsoft and Nintendo making consoles.

            • ckpinkham

              I agree it’s not a really big issue… I’m not mad about it. I have a PS4. And it does make sense from a business perspective and all… but I still think it’s a bit dumb to have a YEAR minimum for something that’s specifically designed to be multiplatform.

              I also agree it’d suck to leave Microsoft with a monopoly on good gaming consoles. I think Nintendo has been out of the running since Gamecube personally. It’s never been up-to-date since, really. Wii U is not “next-gen” and was not the “first next-gen console” when it’s only on par with the 360 or PS3 for HD lol.

              So ultimately, I get it. But I disagree with the length of exclusivity, since it’s been multiplatform since the initial announcement. Just my opinion on it though.

  • sodapop01

    Don’t think this time exclusive isn’t going to hurt bungie on xbox one season passes cause it will. I won’t pay the same price for content that will be coming out a year later on the xbox one. DLC and seasons passes should he the same on all consoles and pc. If they were in it for the business the best business is to make all your consumers happy.

    • Shawn Petraschuk

      The expansions come out at the same time (I’m pretty sure) but each expansion has PS4 exclusive content within it.

      • SupremeVishnu

        They exclusively said that xbox users will recieve the DLC a year after it’s release on PlayStation.

        • Shawn Petraschuk

          Do a little more digging! The DLC packs so far announced, ‘The Dark Below’ and ‘House of Wolves’, will release to both consoles at the same time BUT the PS4 releases will see exclusive content inside of those expansions that Xbox won’t see for a year.

  • SupremeVishnu

    I understand that the Bungie staff “think” this game will last a long time, but I guarantee I will hit max level before one month is over. Then to expect a whole platform to wait a year before another for DLC. This game is an open world RPG, not some year to year franchise like Cod. Then they say they don’t hate Xbox players, somehow that it’s fair. I could walk up to them and laugh in their face. It just doesn’t make sense.

    • SubXero

      This game is essentially a year to year franchise. There are going to expansions released in-between each game with at least four full releases tentatively scheduled to release every two years.

      • SupremeVishnu

        So if they release a DLC in one years time on Playstation, after one more year the second iteration will be out.There will then be no incentive to buy that DLC on Xbox.

        • Samson


  • latch360

    This games is so big I could care less and will barely notice.

    • Samson

      Ignorance is bliss

      • latch360

        Never heard that one.. Let me guess, you’re 17 years old?

  • meds

    To people saying “Bungie turned it’s back on Xbox fans” or they “hate Xbox” first of all I doubt Bungie had much if anything to do with the deal with Sony. Activision as the publisher would have beenmaking the deals. Also who is to say that Activision didn’t take the exact same deal that Sony paid for to Microsoft but they didn’t want it or were simply outbid by Sony. We have no idea what went on behind the scenes.

    • ckpinkham

      Maybe they should tell us who made the call and exactly why/how it ended up this way then? Transparency in business after the fact, has very little chance to hurt the business. Lots of the time, transparency won’t hurt a business anyway. Except when you’re so transparent that you’re entire business model and 5 year plan can be seen by your competitors on your website or something… but transparency to the consumer is almost always beneficial. Even tobacco and alcohol and drugs still sell… and everyone knows they’re bad for you or at least potentially harmful. Like when a potential side effect of a laxative is death… I think I’d rather just spend an hour in the bathroom >.>

  • Spectre01N7

    Less for the same amount? Not good, and before I get thrashed, i’m a PS4 owner and going to buy Destiny #GamersUnite

  • Malevolent Web

    Shawn, thanks for making an article that appeals to gamers and not to console owners. It’s so easy to get caught up in the Us vs Them mentality that “we win when our console choice is rewarded!”. It’s easy to forget that the only winners here are the publishers. Gamers on one side or the other are going to suffer. Until we can – to borrow a phrase – reach across the aisle, we as consumers will continue to get taken advantage of. I understand that microtransactions, timed exclusives etc. are already a part of gaming culture, but I’d like to see us as the consumers drive the way business is done instead of the other way around. Good article!

    • Shawn Petraschuk

      Cheers for that! I’m glad there are others out there that can manage to see past the console war pissing match to the deeper issue at hand.

      There’s hope for us yet!

  • Cloud Flash

    Gamers are gamers and shouldn’t be discriminated against regardless of platform. Exclusives are one thing, but this takes it way too far, IMO.

  • Jeff Kazimer

    I have been excited for this game for 3 years, almost 4. 30 days DLC exclusivity compared to a year is nothing, I’d much rather wait 30 days! Xbox needs to get COD out of its bunghole, and M$ should of reached some sort of agreement with Bungie, or maybe its just a conspiracy.

  • ckpinkham

    I’m actually a PS4 gamer who isn’t getting Destiny until it drops to at least $30. I honestly feel like it’s going to be too like Borderlands, especially in the higher rank missions, and simply won’t be fun without friends. And I probably spend 70% of my time gaming, alone, even though co-op is my favorite thing! It’s just schedules and stuff… but point is, not impressed by Destiny. And I have 2 max rank beta characters and some sweet gear, cleared the strike a few times, killed a Noble Devil’s Walker once or twice, and did a round in the Crucible (not an mmo pvp fan) and it still hasn’t convinced me it’s gonna be worth $30. But then again, I wasn’t a fan of Borderlands 1 or 2 without playing co-op, and even was so unimpressed by it, it’s the only game I’ve resorted to using mods to make more fun on consoles.

  • Fernando

    If i were Bungie`s CEO I would seriously think about asking Sony for more money and release Destiny 2 only for PS4.

    Apparently people is ok about exclusive games, but not about exclusive content… wtf???

  • Austin Byers

    I think It’s completely stupid of Bungie to hold DLC from Xbox one gamers. I have a PS4, But I also have a Xbox 360 for the sole fact; I loved Halo and everything bungie accomplished with the series. I agree with everything this article has to say, and as an avid Halo fan, I think all of the other Xbox gamers who devoted so much support into bungie and their team are frankly heart broken. From the perspective of a Halo gamer, I feel betrayed by what they’re doing. After all, despite the Halo incident between Microsoft and bungie, Xbox gamers have been there for Bungie since the beginning. It appears Bungie couldn’t Swallow their pride enough for all of their gamers.

  • Jovian

    I still haven’t forgiven Microsoft for the Xbox One, but even I can see it’s pointless to deliberately withhold content for that long. The way it is now, I don’t understand why they’re releasing for Xbox at all.

  • ChaosInferno21

    The Sony and Microsoft fans really need to lay off of each other. It is obvious that gamers from both sides are feeling hurt by Publishers. The anger and frustration should not be directed at other gamers who had no hand in the matter. What is the point of continually rubbing it (timed exclusives) in the face of other gamers? It is content that every gamer that supported the Dev deserves, and one group gets screwed out of it. As a community this needs to stop.

    Me personally? The cosmetic timed exclusives don’t bother me. Each console getting equal amounts of exclusive (or timed exclusive) content (completely unrelated to the main story, or purely cosmetic) doesn’t bother me. An example of this is the different exclusives that competing retailers commonly get (Best Buy vs. Gamestop vs. Amazon.com, etc.). These examples of exclusive content don’t bother me because everyone is getting something extra (outside of the core of the game) to make them feel special; and no one is being left out. The Dev’s vision of the game remains intact in these scenarios and the true, core content of the game is available to everyone.

    Even the truly exclusive content (in multiplatform games from third party devs; including DLC) doesn’t bother me as long as it is not content that was core to the game. Think of it like a short story completely unrelated to the core story of a game. Sure the content is fun but it is strictly bonus material that doesn’t have any impact on the core experience of the game. The maker of that platform paid for the dev to create content that they had not intended to make (and would not have otherwise created).

    Same goes for the single platform games from third party devs as long as the exclusivity was required to foster the content. The maker of a specific platform is paying that dev to create content that would never have been brought into existence otherwise. This helps smaller devs grow to produce better, more innovative, and/or larger scope content that neither their publisher nor themselves had the resources to fund.

    For me, the real issue arises when one party is short changed core content on what is supposed to be a multiplatform game. Think of game design as an art (because it is). It is an art of creating experiences. The dev has an artistic vision of struggle, emotion, accomplishment, or whatever it may be, that drives them to create content with the sole purpose to provoke, inspire, and/or challenge the player, fostering the envisioned experiences. When content is offered to a group of parties they then become the community of that content. By investing in the content, these community members are supporting that dev in their vision. Once a community is established, the negative ethics of then denying part of that community core content is clear cut. It is unethical!

    I am a huge fan of Bungie and am going to take a large leap on their behalf. I’m willing to wager that none of the Playstation timed exclusives are core content. It is strictly bonus material that Sony paid Bungie to create. Content that Bungie never intended to create and would never have been brought into existence without Sony’s (I’m assuming huge) contribution. The full scope of Bungie’s vision for Destiny is fully intact in the Xbox versions (360 and One) of the game. To help support this assumption, lets compare the timed exclusive content to the other content in the game. First off, the exclusive content does not include a Story Mission. Now for the strike mission, “Dust Palace.” Excluding Dust Palace, there are 5 Strikes in Destiny, all of which have a corresponding Nightfall version. For those of you who don’t already know, the Nightfall versions are part of the aspirational (endgame) content, meaning level 20 difficulty and above. Dust Palace is only a level 18 Strike mission, having no Nightfall version. The exclusive strike isn’t even part of the endgame content. After playing the Beta and experiencing a Strike mission, chances are that this Strike is only around 20 minutes of content. I really don’t feel the need to discuss the exclusive items (weapons, armor, ship, etc.) in any depth as that content is fairly cosmetic. The Xbox version will have exotics of the same weapon types so the core mechanics, builds, and playstyles will still be available to both consoles. To me this all looks like bonus content that Bungie never intended to create. I do agree that this content will more than likely be obsolete by the time the year of exclusivity ends, so it might as well have been fully exclusive (Note that even though Sony paid for this content, Bungie may have pushed for the timed portion as a nod to their Xbox community; not anticipating that the year of exclusivity would be interpreted as part of the community missing out on core content).

    Another point to make is that Destiny cost 500 million dollars to produce. You heard me correctly, that is half a billion dollars! You can be sure that for whatever Sony had to contribute, it was way more than the cost to produce the timed exclusive content. Sony spent that huge sum of money (whatever it was) in order to create a marketing gimmick to sell more consoles. This was very good marketing on Sony’s part. It is almost as if Sony paid Activision for the marketing rights; the amount of content that Bungie produced is far from equal to the money that Sony spent on it. The timed exclusive content is in all likelihood a very tiny portion of the game, completely separate from the core content. The fact that Bungie has not made a statement to the Xbox side of the community helps to support that this was all about marketing. Bungie is most likely contractually restricted from commenting on the size or relevance of the timed exclusives to the core experience. Even after paying for the development of this content, the fact that it will eventually open up to the Xbox community lends itself to support Sony’s real motive for a marketing advantage. As for the argument that everyone is paying the same cost for the game and getting different amounts of content this isn’t really true. Everyone is paying the same amount for the core content of the game and Sony has invested a great deal of money in bonus content for their community, at no cost to them. This is great news for those on the Sony side, but the Microsoft community should try not to feel shortchanged as this is only bonus content.

    I fully expect this to be the case but this is just an insight, not a validated fact. If the timed exclusives were part of the core content you could be sure that Sony would be shouting it from the rooftops; as it would make the Xbox version an incomplete game. I don’t believe that Bungie would ever release an incomplete game.

    Lastly I would like to comment on the consoles of this generation (no, I do not believe either console is better than the other). In the last generation I owned both a Playstation 3 and an Xbox 360. As a gamer, I care about the games and the impact that the different consoles have on the intended experience. In choosing a console for this generation, I had to judge Sony and Microsoft using their track record of the previous generation while also considering their promises for the next generation. In the last generation, Microsoft offered a better multiplayer/community experience (in it’s network architecture, exclusives, friend system, etc.) with a more comfortable controller, and good customer support, but with widespread quality issues (of which the good customer support helped to make up for). More of my friends owned Xboxes, improving my multiplayer experience on that console.While Sony (in my opinion) may have offered a better single player experience (exclusives including LBP, The Last of Us, etc.), a bluray drive, and smoother feeling control sticks, but with overheating issues of it’s own, poor security, and a network that was down for months (it is hard to support multiplayer games with PSN being down all the time). Reviewing the games for this next gen, Microsoft had more of the multiplayer exclusives that I was interested in (I have a PC so I don’t count games as exclusive if they are also coming out on PC) while Sony offered an improved controller along with a lower price point and better single player exclusives (at the time I could have cared less about the playstation camera or the kinect).

    I will eventually post an update revealing my console of choice, but first I would love to see everyone take a guess at which console I chose.