H-Hour: World’s Elite Interview With Creative Director David Sears

david-searsDavid Sears, former creative director of the beloved SOCOM series and also former creative director at Ubistoft studios, is back and ready to give the hardcore, FPS gaming community what they’ve been waiting for: a true ‘tactical’ and ‘team-based’ shooter that honors the source material as well as the men and women of the world’s militaries.

H-Hour World’s Elite is set to deliver a lethal military shooter experience on the PC and PlayStation 4, but not without the support of the community for which it is being built. That’s why Sears, along with SOF Studios head, Tom, have initiated a kickstarter campaign to help gather funds in order to get the project off the ground. We would love for you to check it out, and consider donating if it’s something you think you’d be interested in.

If you’re itching to learn more about H-Hour: World’s Elite, you’re in the right place. We recently got the chance to talk to creative director, David Sears, about the game and to get his thoughts on what it means to be a real military shooter.

Listen in below and refer to the timestamps for specific topics.

0:45 – What type of people are involved in the making of H-Hour: World’s Elite in terms of game development and real-world know-how?

6:40 – For those inexperienced with the early SOCOM games and are more familiar with the popular, fast-paced, action-packed, AAA shooter of today, what do you think is going to immediately strike them as different or, perhaps, challenging?

13:05 – It sounds like H-Hour is going to be as lethal as ever and extremely unforgiving, but you have ways to help improve players and keep them in the game. Could you provide an example as to how some of the in-game tools you are providing will help players better themselves?

19:20 – MP1st exclusive: what happens to cheaters in H-Hour: World’s Elite.

20:30 – A lot of shooters throw these words around in their promotional material, as you mentioned yourself in your Kickstarter video, but how exactly are you going to make H-Hour a “tactical” and “team-based” experience?

23:50 – Mention of “our nation’s finest… quidditch players.

24:20 – Clan support has always been a strong point for the SOCOM series. What are some of the biggest improvements you are making with H-Hour over previous SOCOM titles?

27:50 – Could you go into a little more detail regarding the first-person and third-person views? Will players have a choice between the two, or will the gameplay incorporate both views as the player shifts between taking cover and aiming?

29:00 – Since you guys aren’t being backed by a major publisher, what sort of things are you doing with H-Hour that you think bigger publishers might find risky?

32:45 – Mention of Tom’s Community Update:

33:15 – Could you spare a few wise words regarding the future of military-inspired shooters? What sort of hopes and dreams do you have for the genre?

If you liked what you heard from Mr. Sears, please pay his kickstarter page a visit!

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  • Derek

    Never played the Socom games, they always looked fairly cool. Whats the history behind the Playstation only? Was that an exclusivity thing? I see this kickstarter for the PC and PS4 kinda curios why the Xboner is left out.

    • dpg70

      SOCOM was/is a PS exclusive. They still own “SOCOM”, but they’ve shut down the developer Zipper Interactive. Rightfully so, because aside from being a 3rd person shooter, SOCOM 4 had nothing in common with it’s predecessors.

      • Derek

        Cool thats kinda what I figured, At least its coming to PC though if it ever makes it to the real world.

        • Lloyd Christmas

          It’s coming, and you can bet it will be one of the best games you ever have a chance to play.

  • Im sorry, but I have confidence that Mr. Sears is not in touch with his core group any longer. What made Socom so great was a completely level playing field, and one life to live. That was it. Nothing else was spectacular about it besides the teamwork involved. If he is counting on creating a similar experience, then he must not forget one very important issue: Socom was simple in its complexity. Meaning it had no perks, not the usual stats you normally see, no unlocks, and no game modes that were full of frills and bells.. but what it may have seemed to lack in details it made for with its gameplay. Socom was straightforward and simple. But the way people played it became very complex.

    That is what he needs to aim for. A simple game, that can be mastered never. A game that absolutely requires teamwork is not as fun. Socom did not. One man could win it on his own, but stood little chance of doing so. Leave the roads open and allow the players to create their experiences. Dont paint any corners, or force players to choose paths. Make it MP only, and make it so much like Socom 2 that people wet their pants waiting for it.. there is a large group of hardcore Socom fans just waiting for that day.

    • Derek

      Thats kinda how CS was back in the day. Super simplistic. Though it could still be like that now with Global Offensive, I just haven’t touched it in 4-5 years.

    • I’m not gonna lie, you SOCOM fans really scare me. Haha 😉

      Man, David’s got some serious pressure on his shoulders!

    • Duane Williams

      He’s listening to the community and wants to bring back the S2 experience just as you’ve described. Go to the Kickstarter page and read through the community updates to get a clearer view of what he want to accomplish with H-Hour.

    • Lloyd Christmas

      How did you come to that conclusion after listening to this or to anything else he has said in prior interviews / videos? I don’t get it. He has conveyed nothing to me that would suggest that he has lost touch with his community. Look at the long list of features that he has already confirmed to be in the game…

  • Sgt. Mofo

    Never bothered with SOCOM since you had to buy the overly priced network adapter. That being said, I do remember the popularity of it and I’ll be interested to see how it turns out when its released.

    Good move adding PS4 as a platform.

    • Lloyd Christmas

      Overpriced? lol I saved more money not buying crappy games, by sticking to Socom, that the Network adapter was essentially free in my book. I don’t consider it to be an exaggeration to say, “It’s almost like they paid me to play.” H-HOUR, if you give it a chance will completely change the way you look at ANY other game you play. Especially if you like teamwork and playing competitively.


        and give the no skill noob tubers ther own gay room!

  • paulinacio

    Socom was my 1st and is my all time favorite multiplayer game and I really hope they can bring back all the great things that made Socom 2 so great

    • Toxzik

      It was my favorite too. I do feel like today’s shooters are more of the same. Everyone running around trying to aimlessly shoot each other! No tactics and very dispersed teamwork. We need more games like this!!