How to Balance Black Ops II’s Perk System, Solutions for Ghost

The Call of Duty community is so large that there will never be a solution that will please everyone when it comes to perk balancing. It’s likely that even those of you reading this piece will disagree with me on some of these ideas. That’s okay. That’s what makes this community great. We all have ideas on how to make the game perfect for us. Fortunately for us, we don’t have millions upon millions of players holding us accountable when we throw out our thoughts and ideas, so we can express our opinion more freely and without much criticism compared to what the studios behind Call of Duty endure.

With Black Ops II set to release on 11/13/12, it is my best guess that the multiplayer stages of the game are still in Alpha, meaning if any tweaks were to be made, it would have to be done relatively soon. I meant to suggest these ideas sooner but felt that my first article here on MP1st would be best served covering the idea of the perk system in Black Ops II and my ideas on how to keep it balanced. None of these suggestions are an over the top remodel of the system, but just taking a simplistic approach from what has been done right in the past.

Below are my ideas for a good perk setup for Black Ops II. Please read through the explanation before you scream out blasphemy!

Perk 1
Ghost: Invisible to UAV | Pro: Air support does not see you
Lightweight: Run faster | Pro: Mantle objects quicker
Scavenger: Pick up ammo packs | Pro: Replenish grenades
Hardline: Pointstreaks take 1 less | Pro: 2 assists equal 1 kill for streak
Stopping Power: Increased bullet damage | Pro: Increased grenade damage

Perk 2
Sleight of Hand: Reload Faster | Pro: ADS faster
Steady Aim: Better accuracy from hip | Pro: Less recoil
Warlord: 2 Attachments | Pro: Extra grenade and stun
Hardened: No flinch when hit | Pro: Increases your weapons bullet penetration
Scout: Less sway on scoped guns | Pro: Hold breath longer

Perk 3
Ninja: Decreased volume on foot steps | Pro: No noise on reload
Tactical Mask: Decreased damage from stuns & flashes | Pro: Immune to stuns & flashes
Flack Jacket: Decreased damage from grenades | Pro: No fall damage, immune to fire
Marathon: Longer sprint time | Pro: Unlimited sprint
Sit Rep: Can see equipment through walls | Pro: Can turn enemy equipment to theirs.

The first thing many of you may notice is the fact that I have Ghost and the ability to be invisible to UAV listed… “why would you do that, you n00b!?!” is what some of you are saying to yourself. As long as there is a killstreak like a SR-71 that counteracts Ghost, I’m ok with it. If your read down a few perks, you’ll see Stopping Power listed. I know David Vonderhaar has said Stopping Power is not a viable solution to balance the perks, but I just don’t see anything else taking away from Ghost in the Perk 1 slot.

The other solution, to me, if Stopping Power is a definite no go, would be to move something like Slight of Hand or Ninja to the same tier as Ghost and force people to give up another popular perk in order to use Ghost.

I do feel a lot of the discussion about perk balance is greatly weighted on what to do with Ghost. If you find a way to counter Ghost with an effective perk such as Stopping Power or another fan favorite, you limit the amount of people running around with it. I do like the idea of putting Ghost and Ninja in the same slot to prevent players from loading up on stealth perks.

Let me know your thoughts regarding perk balance. Is the return of Stopping Power in Black Ops II the way to balance the perks or do you have a better idea? Put your detailed perk setup in the comments.

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  • dude

    the more dmg bullets and grenades + and replenish grenade thing i disagree with. the others are o.k.

    • true. No Stopping Power ever again plz! In MW2, you had too use it or you always had a disadvantage in a 1v1. It also made guns kill too easy at very long ranges.

  • For me, this are some options too balance ghost:
    1. Ghost: Invisible to UAV. Pro: Invisible too all player controlled pointstreak rewards, can still be killed by them.
    2. Nerf the UAV to a 4 pointstreak for less spam of the UAV.
    3. Put it in the same tier as Blind Eye and/or Quickdraw and/or Sleight of Hand and/or Flak Jackhet

    • Not bad either. Few less people throwing out UAV’s when it’s 4.

      • Yup. That’s the one and only reason I use Assassin in MW3. The enemy calls in one every 20 seconds.

        • UnknownUser28

          so, dont be a bitch.

          • Oh, get over yourself. Purposefully putting yourself in danger because you feel like you owe it to the Tryhard Gods to let the other team spam Support UAVs against you the entire game doesn’t make you a better player.

            • UnknownUser28

              blah blah blah, at the end of the day. You’re just another ghost bitch scared to appear on the radar. The only way you can get kills

            • Says the guy laying down in the corner with his ACR Silencer watching the radar to see if red dots are coming to you.

            • THIS. How is the guy entirely on his radar as a substitute for his own situational awareness any more or less skilled than the guy who relies on his invisibility to the radar as a means to either camp or flank with a lesser chance of being detected?

  • The best solution to countering Ghost is to split up its stealth abilities into two perks – the “Blind Eye” and “Assassin” of MW3, if you will, and placing them within the same perk tier. That way, you can be anti-lethal killstreak, or anti-UAV, but not both. And they should retain the way it was in MW2/Black Ops where the immunity to Heartbeat Sensor, Motion Sensor, and other equipment should be given to another perk like Ninja Pro or Hacker Pro instead of Assassin/Dead Silence. This would mean that there would be no 100% Stealth class, because you would always be vulnerable to some form of detection, be it through lethal killstreaks (red diamonds for user-controlled killstreaks, or Sentry Guns), UAVs, footsteps, motion sensors, etc.

    However, if the rumors are true, then a player will be able to select more than three Stealth perks with the new point allocation system, however they will still be at a disadvantage because they will have to give up their weapons or equipment to select those extra perks.

    • Bradley Griffiths

      I agree with blind eye and assassin or whatever they will be called. I also liked the idea of choosing trouble be protected from stuns and flashes or explosives but thinkimmume for tac mask pro is a bad idea. 50% duration would be enough.

      And resupply grenades with scavenger pro isn’t a problem if they are as weak as mw3 just no noobtube or launcher resupply. Scavenger is not very useful in mw3 because they took it away and starting with full ammo removed the need for the base version most times and encouraged camping since you never had to move to get ammo.

  • As long as Ninja is the only perk that you can hear footsteps clearly… Im good.

  • I don’t think Scout should be a perk by it’s self. It’s just purely a Sniper Perk only so i would remove that. In other terms, I think Ninja should be in the same tier as Ghost, just for the pure fact that being Invisible to UAV but able to be heard would be a better advantage than using sleight o

  • I do like a Homefront style approach to perks where you have a set amount of points for your perks. Some perks cost more than others. So if you want a perk that is powerful like Ghost, it will cost more points leaving you less perk options for the rest.

    • imaguy

      yeah i thought homefront was very balanced

  • Personally, I would wipe the perk slate clean, put all the concepts for perks on a large whiteboard, group some of them together into regular and pro effects, and then start voting stuff off of the board until the desired amount of perks are on the board.
    OR eliminate perks and killstreaks altogether, but that’s the PC player in me.

  • HomerJay420

    The only one that makes me cringe is Stopping Power/Pro. I like the power of weapons to be determined by the rounds/bullets it uses, or the rate of fire at which said rounds come out. I think if they just straight up re-did their weapons system to have some type of customization to guns and such, like the new Ghost Recon: Future Soldier “Gunsmith” feature, or something similar to it, it would make things better/cooler. Quit focusing on titles, emblems, face paint etc. and give us the ability to tweak more….necessary stuff.

  • Ok, how is bringing back Stopping Power balanced? It makes the player more powerful than the others, especially with the lack of Juggernaut. As for balancing Ghost or whatever it’s going to be called, I’d say have the full advantages of it be separated to all 3 tiers (i.e. One perk for avoiding aircraft, another to avoid infantry, and another for immunity to certain affects of killstreaks and to be silent. I heard that they might rework the perk system to something similar to Homefront, so if a player wants to be completely stealthy, they would have to sacrifice the more beneficial perks for other situations. The only limits would be the amount of perks they could have. The player would have to decide what to be: completely stealthy, somewhat stealthy, or not stealthy at all, with every class layout that they make having a positive and negative aspect.

  • Ok this is my thought on ghost. mw3 i think almost had ghost right. they split it into assassin and blind eye. but they kept uav in assassin. just move that to blind eye. so blind eye so you cant be spotted by killstreaks and assassin for not showing your name and you cant be shown on attachments like heart beat sensors or equipment like portable radar. so there is no need for stopping power. the scavenger pro idea is bad. scavenger is fine as it is in mw3.

  • JD

    Should come up with a whole new system perks are getting old IMO…..

  • DarthDiggler

    I have a solution: Stop making shitty unbalanced games using code from 20 years ago.

    🙂 There I said it 🙂 LOL

  • I cant see stopping power as a good thing. Its one thing to fix the problem with Ghost by putting something strong in, its another thing to create a problem wher you cant win gunfights without using that perk. Stopping power would have to be very slight in its power to make things fair, and that would delete the purpose of it being there. I think Slight of hand or ninja is a good idea to balance Ghost out. I think this would be a pretty balanced setup here(Using old perks as a basis of course, for all we know knew perks that we haven’t thought about could be added)

    1. Marathon- Increased Sprint. | Pro- Unlimited Sprint.
    2. Scavenger- Pick up ammo. | Pro- Pick up extra tactical grenades.
    3. Slight of Hand- Reload Faster. | Pro- ADS Faster.
    4. Blind Eye- Immune to lethal Air Support. | Pro Increased Bullet damage on enemy kill streaks.
    5. Ghost- Invisible to UAV. | Pro- Invisible to enemy thermal optics. No red name shows up on ADS.

    1. Bandolier- Increased starting ammo. | Pro- Faster equipment use.
    2. Hardline- 1 less kill for killstreaks. | Pro- 2 assists count as kill.
    3. Bling- Extra Attachment. | Pro- Extra Secondary Attachment.
    4. Overkill- Two Primary weapons. | Pro- Second Primary weapon gets an attachment.
    5. Flack Jacket- Increased explosive resistance. | Pro- Immune to Fire.

    Green(or Yellow depending on what they go with)
    1. Ninja- Immune to equipment radar(Heartbeat sensor, portable rader etc) | Pro- Silent Footsteps.
    2. Sitrep- Can see enemy equipment | Pro- Enemy equipment detonates after a delay.
    3. Lightweight- Faster run speed | Pro- Faster movement over objects.
    4. Tactical Mask- Immune to tactical grenades | Pro- Reveals position of a flashed or stunned enemy.
    5. Marksman- Identify enemy targets at long range. Can be cancelled out with Ghost Pro. | Pro- Longer hold breath.

    This is in my opinion balanced. Strong perks cancel out strong perks and there isnt any perk that dominates a perk tree its in. It would be interesting to see what all of you think. 🙂

  • Brandon

    People don’t get it. The ENTIRE problem with ghost (IN BLACK OPS and some extent MW3) is that it is totally immune to UAV; that’s the only reason people use it and why people hate it. Because it is so annoying getting constantly flanked and shot from the back. The majority of kills a ghost user gets are particularly easy since they are always killing people from behind, or catching them sprinting and off guard. It’s not a matter of “ghost users sit in a corner” because that isn’t the case. It’s how easily they can flank people. And ghost users say “well, you should be good enough to play without the radar.” (Not to mention everyone’s second tier perk in BO1 was SOH). Even the best players with 3+ KD’s cannot react to most any decent player shooting them from behind, when they are least expecting it. 8 kills is too much to be the first solution to seeing ghost. My solution is an advanced spy plane that is a 5 killstreak that is basically a normal spy plane that also shows ghost; cannot be spammed easily, even with hardline, so you can’t argue that. But at the same time, it’s relatively easy to get compared to an SR71, which will be a higher killstreak if it remains constant and not waved. Another solution going around is for ghost to be immune to 2/3 UAV waves, but problems could arise with multiple UAVs up at once (although I’d be all for that, as I take a strong moral stance against ghost in Black Ops). Putting ghost in the same tier as Blind Eye (splitting and put in the same tier) isn’t going to do much; lethal killstreaks aren’t up often, unlike UAVs, so it’s an obvious choice. As for Ninja being in the same tier, that could work EXCEPT, majority of players do not have a gaming headset, and me, being one of those people, find sound perks relatively useless in most core gamemodes with the exception of SnD and slow paced Objective game modes. It will all depend on map design, which is the most crucial aspect of Call of Duty (excluding Lag Compensation); if the maps are anything like MW3, people will be forced into using Ghost. I do hope that they keep the gun damage the same as it was in BLOPS; die a little too quickly in MW3, which also contributes to Assassin use. On a side note, support killstreaks made Assassin immune to EMP and Counter UAV and Advanced UAV, but it shouldn’t be immune to portable radar But that’s my two cents.
    Your Perk list offers nothing totally different, but I like your Steady Aim Pro, as it can actually challenge your SOH pro well. Hardened really needs a buff; reduced flinch is wonderful, but doesn’t matter if someone’s already shooting at you (ignoring BLOPS hit detection). I like the challenge between choosing Tac Mask Pro and Flak Jacket. Marathon, Sitrep, and Ninja are nice, although there are no “increased sound of enemy footsteps” perk, which is interesting. No stopping power, but I understant it’s placement. Scout should be replaced with Marksmen, and the pro version could make you immune to Counter UAV. Also, I hope Stalker will return in Black Ops 2, which I presume it will in some way. Same with Recon. Could definitely add those in. But that’s how I feel about ghost, ghost solutions, and Perks and Perk System.

    • Blake

      I only read the first paragraph. I don’t think anyone will read anything more.

      • Brandon

        LOL, I ramble.

    • Dude, trust me, I can ramble even more than this, but it would help if you divided this colossal wall of text into some coherent paragraphs. Here’s the thing, though. If I have a UAV (or to a greater extent, an Advanced UAV, or especially a Blackbird) up and your team doesn’t, and you aren’t using Ghost/Cold Blooded/Assassin, that pretty much sways the gunfight in my favor because I know where you’re going to be and you don’t know where I’m going to be. How is it any fairer to you that I know where you’re going to be and you don’t know where I’m going to be, as opposed to me having a UAV up and you having Ghost or w/e and my not being able to find you on the radar?

      • Brandon

        Well, an advanced uav/blackbird will be a 9-10 KS, so I’ve earned the right to see you. as for a regular 3 KS UAV: A ghost user will actually get a tremendous advantage when the other team gets a UAV, because, as I said, you, as the ghost user, will be catching players off guard who are searching for the red dots and planning their strategy accordingly. They are never expecting you when you have ghost, granting you extremely easy kills if you’re half decent.
        Now, you argue that when the other team has a spy plane up, you’re screwed. Well, all I can really say is get one of your own before they do. A person with ghost on when the enemy player has a UAV up will get more kills than that player, just due to the new found easiness in flanking players that would’ve otherwise have killed you, but are totally caught off guard because of the random placement of the ghost user (that’s how it feels). That’s another annoying thing about ghost; most of the time, if the player didn’t have it equipped, the person with the UAV up would’ve at least lived.
        I saw a comment below that suggested certain perks be allowed/disallowed with certain types of primary weapons. I think it would be better to have that, but with killstreaks. A person using, let’s say ghost, cannot use spy planes for example (plus a few more maybe). Although I don’t think any Call of Duty game will ever have a “Pro-Con” perk system.

    • bankruptcy

      i hate stalker… i pray that perk doesnt return

  • mrup2nogud

    Please please please.. No unlimited sprint its a terrible idea keep it like ext cond in mw3 and don’t bring back stopping it kills variety in load outs badly.

    • Bradley Griffiths

      I hate unlimited sprint too but without it the perk isn’t nearly as usefully. I think keep the double sprint time and pro doubles stamina regeneration rate would be much more balanced.

  • Blake

    You could have Ghost/Stopping Power – Steady Aim Pro – Flak Jacket. Don’t tell me that isn’t overpowered

    • Brandon

      yeah, big mistake there. flak jacket and ghost MUST be in the same tier

  • ilovedangerclose

    i dont care about ghost but immune to fire and no flinch when hit?

  • WasabeJuice

    Black Ops actually gave birth to the ghostly suppressor loadout. A lot of players use ghost and use a suppressed weapon. There were games where almost everyone use ghost and a suppressor, everybody wants to be invisible.
    Why? As what you said, no good counter against ghost. Before BOP all COD games have the stopping power perk that for me is the best counter to ghost. See, ghost has the suprise advantage, but with stopping power you can even it out on chance encounters especially if there’s a shoot out or it’s a mix of visible but with extra firepower versus the invisible. And there is just no other better or equivalent counter perk. Another possible perk that can counter ghost is the juggernaut perk that was the counter for stopping power.

    Using ghost + suppressor makes you totally undetectable and can rampage at will, the SR71 doesn’t come too often, so for me that can be ignored.

  • AScaryGhost

    I disagree. IMO, it should be:
    Perk 1:
    Sleight of Hand – Fast reload, Pro – Fast ADS
    Ghost – Hidden from UAV, Pro – Hidden from air support, no red crosshair or name
    Assassin – Hidden from CUAV, EMP, Portable radar, Pro – Hidden from all enemy detection equipment, delay on explosives
    Scavenger – Pick up more ammo, Pro – 2 grenades(no tomahawks, no throwing knives), 2 tactical grenade
    Marathon – Sprint longer, Pro – Unlimited sprint, climb faster
    Perk 2:
    Lightweight – Run faster, Pro – Throw equipment faster
    Steady Aim – Better hipfire, Pro – Weapon ready faster after sprint
    Hardened – Better bullet penetration, Pro – Bullets carry higher damage at range
    Stopping Power – Extra damage, Pro – Extra grenade damage
    Hardline – 1 less kill required for killstreak, Pro – 2 assists = 1 kill
    Perk 3:
    Sitrep – See enemy equipment, Pro – Hear enemies louder, hack equipment
    Ninja – Be Quiet, Pro – Completely quiet
    Bladesman – Faster Melee, Pro – 2 tomahawks or throwing knife
    Tac Mask – Reduced effects of stun, flash and spot enemies faster through smoke, Pro – Immune to stun and flash
    Marksman – Spot enemies at distances, Pro – Hold breath longer
    Some needs some work and it may have to change tiers. Thoughts?

  • Stephen

    What is the big problem with ghost anyways? It’s not like you are invisible? If a dude can equip a smg with extreme conditioning and spam the map at a full sprint with steady aim pro just hip firing and getting kills with unlimited ammo in the form of scavenger throwing uavs every 20 seconds why not give the other players a way to stay hidden?

  • Chriski333

    No fucking stopping power!

  • PeeShay o -XBL

    The way YOU listed the perks in the slots only work for campers which obviously noone likes people hiding all the time. MW2 had the nicest perk system in the right slots because they catered to all game players styles like people to just camp, people who like tubing or quick scoping, but even better, the run and gun gamer which call of duty needs because it’s a fast paced multiplayer game. Marathon, Lightweiggt, and Dead Silence All on the same class is a run and gunners dream. Why would any ignorant person take away a rushers marathon and make them either run far and loud or run short distances and quiet? So many people use surround sound head sets now you can’t hardly play without quieting your movements.

    • Bradley Griffiths

      I would be all for limiting rushing perks by putting them in the same tier but only if stealth perks are the same way for balance.

  • dpg70

    Squad explosives

  • Korflock

    Here’s how you balance ghost: you take it out.

    But in all seriousness, putting stopping power in there is just letting the majority find another way to have an advantage.

    How you really balance it: Make the game about the guns, not the perks.
    Perks shouldn’t give you an upper hand in a game, it should give you a helping hand.

    Ghost is way to overpowered.
    If we left the perks exactly the same in Black Ops, these are the changes I would make:
    Ghost: Invisible to UAV (when not under cover or not in a building) Pro: Invisible to Motion detectors and Air support.
    Sleight of Hand: (and this is in every game that SoH is in) Just make the 3rd person reload animation appear faster so it doesn’t look like they’re reloading and shooting at the same time, it always messes me up.

  • thebulky1cometh

    Anybody ever thought about making certain perks only available based on what kind of weapons you’re using? For instance,it would look something like this for slot 1:

    Sniper Rifles
    Available perks: Ghost, scavenger, hardline
    Disallowed perks: Stopping power, lightweight

    Assault Rifles
    Available perks: Scavenger, hardline, stopping power
    Disallowed perks: lightweight, ghost

    Available perks: scavenger, hardline, lightweight
    Disallowed perks: ghost, stopping power

    If you think about it, this makes the most sense – if you’re running a SMG, you shouldn’t be able to give yourself the added benefit of stopping power (SMGs should provide strengths in other areas – mobility, reload time, etc.) Anyways, then Slots 2 and 3 would have similar allowed/disallowed perks. Thoughts?

    • asspicklev2

      Its a pretty good idea.

  • I’m sorry, but that’s a terrible perk list. Not only is it all perks we’ve seen before and not a single new perk (you basically just re-arranged BO1’s perks), but Stopping Power throws off the balance more than any other perk and that’s the reason it was scrapped in the last 2 games. There are much better ideas about re-balancing the stealth perk than simply throwing stopping power in there to compete with it. The other 3 in that tier will certainly never get used. I’m also just sick of the 3 tier/5 perk setup, I want to see some major changes to the perk system so it actually feels like a new game for once.

    As you acknowledged, Treyarch has stated there is no chance Stopping Power is coming back, at least in the traditional form.

  • Jesus

    How about:

    UAV: 4 killstreak

    Ghost: Outline of circle/show up a second or two later.

    What do YOU guys think?

  • Kole Olsen

    The reason people have problems with ghost and other forms of silent perks is because all the maps from black ops 1 and MW3 are TINY! I’m all for getting into the action but there is always that guy who spawns right behind you or is camping spawn points. And when he is always invisible and you cant hear him he beats you every time. Fix that and keep the perks from MW2 aside from one man army and danger close and stopping power and the game will be more balanced. Oh and get rid of stalker, when someone moves faster side to side than forward something is seriously wrong

  • Ghost has no place being in the game, period. As for balancing UAVs, remove the Blackbird, make UAV and CUAV 5 kill streaks and be done with it. Having the blackbird at such a high streak requirement completely breaks its functionality as a counter to Ghost. How are you supposed to get a streak that high against a bunch of campers? And there is literally no other counter to Ghost in the game? Bullshit. There should be exactly two counters to the UAV, CUAV and shooting the thing down.

    As for hiding you from deadly killstreaks, thats perfectly fine. Being able to hide from the most deadly, unmanned streaks in the game is a perfect way of balancing them out. Don’t want to have your high streaks wasted? Use a manned streak, or better yet don’t rely on your KSRs to win the game for you. The problem with Ghost is that there is no remotely readily available counter. It counters the UAV and all of the best KSRs in the game, and there isnt anything you can do about it unless you can rambo yourself up a 7 or 8 kill streak against a bunch of turd campers.

    tldr: just don’t put Ghost in the game. UAVs already have enough counters.

  • Kaori

    Just make the perk that hides you from UAV not have the advantage of no red name that way you can’t be 100% hidden

  • UnknownUser28

    Here’s the solution for ghost, remove that bullshit

  • jagar

    all of that seems pretty good and balence. I like it : )

  • wow that is an awful idea. i usually try to be open minded but you want to mix stopping power with danger close… WTF is wrong with you?

    how about this: ghost is still in the game but instead of making you 100% immune to uavs how quick you are moving determines how much you show up. so if you are laying in a corner it wont help you but if you are in a dead sprint you are invisible. if you are just walking around your dot will get dimmer or brighter the quicker you move.

  • MP1st #1 fan

    Not a COD fan but this was a great article good job Mat. MP1st is my go to site for up to the second gaming info which I enjoy. I also enjoy reading the articles that MP1st gets from other sites with MP1st writers own perspective giving the reader the background of the situation and making them more intrigued to follow future articles written on a game from this site . My only complaint was MP1st writers barely ever threw out their own objective opinions that would make the community them disagree with the writer. So Mat I congratulate you on your ballsy effort and am looking forward to reading more articles written by you.IMO MP1st now is the complete package


    To all you mini-devs out there- TREYARCH IS GONNA MAKE EVERYONE HAPPY,WATCH AND SEE!

  • Brandon

    Tier 1:

    Ghost: Immune to UAV

    Pro: No red crosshairs or name when targeted.

    Flak Jacket: Explosive damage resistance (70%)

    Pro: Flash and Stun Resistance (70%)

    Hardline: Killstreaks require one less kill

    Pro: 2 assists count as one kill

    Recon: Paint enemies on mini-map with explosive damage

    Pro: See players with Ghost on UAV.

    Blind Eye: Undetected by enemy lethal air support

    Pro: Immune to Counter UAV

    Tier 2:

    Steady Aim: Reduced hip fire spread

    Pro: Aim down sights faster

    Focus: Reduced flinch when shot

    Pro: Allow lethal killstreaks to see players with Blind Eye equipped.

    Scavenger: Replenish ammo from fallen soldiers

    Pro: Replenish lethal and tactical grenades.

    Marathon: Sprint twice as long

    Pro: Recover stamina twice as fast, no fall damage, and mantle objects faster.

    Sleight of Hand: Faster Reloads

    Pro: Quicker use of grenades and equipment

    Tier 3:

    Dead Silence: Quiet Footsteps

    Pro: Don’t hear friendly footsteps

    Audiophile: Hear enemy footsteps louder

    Pro: Hear Dead Silence at a reduced rate

    Marksmen: Identify targets at longer range

    Pro: Detect enemy equipment and turrets

    Lightweight: Move faster in all base ways (crouching, proning, diving, etc.)

    Pro: Move faster while aiming down sights

    Warlord: Two attachments on primary weapon
    Pro: Aim faster after sprinting

  • Alarox

    Attachments are based on the points, so Warlord doesn’t work there.

    Stopping power shouldn’t be in the game since all it does is restrict you and becomes that “must have” perk in every way. No other perk has as much influence as stopping power.

    Finally, Stalker is a great perk so it should be included.

  • Nuge

    I think stopping power should be left out all together. Especially if it’s going to give extra grenade damage; that would be really over powered. I personally like being able to “load up on stealth perks” (to be able to run around more care-free in game types like s&d; not camp my butt off in a corner) because that would be something I would call a would realistic (covert) playing style. That is one of the main reasons I like cod. One of the main things that I would like to see removed is quick-scoping. I’ll admit, that does take some skill, but nothing about it is realistic.

  • acashe42

    I like the list but ghost HAS to be visible during an advance uav only, at least…..


    What will most likely happen if that point create-a-class system is in fact true is that some perks maybe “cost” more points than others.
    For example: Ghost =3
    And: Scout = 1

    In my opnion it would be the most balanced system ever.

  • What if people using Ghost/Assassin always show up on the 3rd UAV sweep?

  • Dan

    I’d get rid of UAVs, that way there’s no need to use ghost unless you don’t want to “seen” by portable radars or heartbeat sensors either. To me the UAVs are a joke anyway, like a hack that shows you where anybody is. Get rid of that noob shit. I mean I’m ALWAYS using ghost (and no, I’m not a camper) because I hate to appear on the enemy radar, especially when there’s an enemy UAV up there for basically the entire game. I like to rush – kinda like a stealth rusher – and right now ghost is a must if you wanna play that way.

  • Eberton Konieczny Sobreira

    I’m going to miss Marksman so much.

  • BOSS jediZOHAN

    MW3 got the stealth perks almost right. The issue is that the support strike package basically ensures constant UAVs and all the other perks are worthless compared to the stealth perks. Obviously SOH, and some other perks are exceptions to that, but perks like Blast Shield and Extreme Conditioning are so weak they’re basically useless.

    Balance is possible, but first you HAVE to remove the support strike package’s ability to spam UAVs.

    Two tier structures would make the current perks more balanced:
    1.) Put all the perks in 1 tier (like what it sounds to have been done with BOs2) and give players a limited number of possible selections based on how they play. If you reload a lot, you get less of a penalty for picking SOH and Scavenger. If you survive nades a lot, you get less of a penalty for picking Blast Shield, etc.

    2.) Remove manual perk selection all together and make the player’s playstyle dictate the player’s attributes. If you move around a lot, you get stealth perks + speed perks. If you camp, you get ammo and anti-nade perks but not stealth perks. And make the system dynamic so someone can’t just get the attributes they want the change their playstyle to take advantage of the system.

    The issue with the perk system as it is now is that it’s giving players the ability to play one way, but use perks designed for a different style of play. Campers shouldn’t be invisible to radar. Non-moving targets are much easier to track than moving players.

    Stopping power is stupid because most of the engagements in COD are gun-based, giving a player an automatic advantage is inherently imbalanced.

  • bossjedizohan

    MW3 got the stealth perks almost right. The issue is that the support strike package basically ensures constant UAVs and all the other perks are worthless compared to the stealth perks. Obviously SOH, and some other perks are exceptions to that, but perks like Blast Shield and Extreme Conditioning are so weak they’re basically useless.

    Balance is possible, but first you HAVE to remove the support strike package’s ability to spam UAVs.

    Two tier structures would make the current perks more balanced:
    1.) Put all the perks in 1 tier (like what it sounds to have been done with BOs2) and give players a limited number of possible selections based on how they play. If you reload a lot, you get less of a penalty for picking SOH and Scavenger. If you survive nades a lot, you get less of a penalty for picking Blast Shield, etc.

    2.) Remove manual perk selection all together and make the player’s playstyle dictate the player’s attributes. If you move around a lot, you get stealth perks + speed perks. If you camp, you get ammo and anti-nade perks but not stealth perks. And make the system dynamic so someone can’t just get the attributes they want the change their playstyle to take advantage of the system.

    The issue with the perk system as it is now is that it’s giving players the ability to play one way, but use perks designed for a different style of play. Campers shouldn’t be invisible to radar. Non-moving targets are much easier to track than moving players.

    Stopping power is stupid because most of the engagements in COD are gun-based, giving a player an automatic advantage is inherently imbalanced.

  • bossjedizohan

    Just a heads up to the Mp1st mods, the comments misbehave (comments not posting/appearing as the most recent comments) unless you’re logged in via a “connection” option.

    • bossjedizohan


  • Looks not bad, I’ve left COD since BO but I’m really thinking about buy this one, treyarch maybe is not fantastic but it’s better than the “new” IW and Sledgehammer.

  • My problem with Ghost is that it goes against the game mechanic. If you are playing core playlists, there is a mini map and you’ve got to deal with that. IMO, the only way players should be able to keep themselves off the mini map is with attachments and equipment (silencer and scrambler). Ghost is the only perk that goes against the mode being played. If players don’t like being on the mini map, they should play HC, or shoot down more UAVs. Maybe moving UAV to a higher killstreak requirement is a good idea, esp. if they keep support pointstreaks. Ghost would make a good deathstreak, or like someone else said put Blind Eye and Assassin in the same tier, but other than that it doesn’t belong in the game.

  • Ze rat

    wow, i thought they were innovating, but those are basically the perks from BO1. And they bring back stopping power, that’s really stupid. just get rid of ghost and stopping power or put scavenger, SoH, ghost, stopping power and flack in the same tier!

    • Swerve.

      You’re not the smartest cookie, are you? This is just one guy’s opinion on how the perk system should look. It’s not anywhere near (based on the point allocation thing that was supposedly leaked) what the real perk system will look like in the game.

  • michael johnson

    Warlord wouldn’t be there remember create a class 3.0 point allocation system u can put anything on your gun but have less slots for perks and ect.

  • bgriffy

    There NEEDS to be stopping power. You saw how f*cked up MW2 ended with only Stopping Power and no counter.

  • HowPaulRolls

    The problem is UAV! 3 killstreak or 2 killstreak with hardline. If I use an UAV my whole team would get an UAV. My team will hunt down enemies on the radar like crazy. That is why players use perk Ghost or other perks that keep you off the radar. One UAV should not give whole team an UAV. Maybe Advanced UAV should give whole team a UAV and have Power of Black Bird from Black Ops but enemies show as circle.

  • Make UAV 5 killstreak. Less spam of UAV, less Ghost users.

  • Bring back Mw2 perk balance. Something like this.
    Tier 1
    Black Ops Marathon
    Black Ops Sleight of Hand
    Mw2 Bling(2 attachment) or Black Ops Warlord
    Black Ops Scavanger
    Mw3 Blind Eye
    Tier 2
    Black Ops Light Weight
    Black Ops Flak Jacket
    Mw3 Assiasin
    Black Ops Hardened
    Black Ops Scout
    Tier 3
    Black Ops Steady Aim
    Mw2 Ninja without heart beat sensor benefit
    Black Ops Hacker without motion sensor benefit
    Black Ops Tac Mask with easier to get Pro
    Mw3 Marksman with some tweak
    Black Ops had lots of good perks.

  • McChicken

    I don’t give 2 sharts what perks are in the game, EXCEPT stopping power and ghost. I’d rather have danger close back them have those 2. And how about take out sleight of hand and make it so every one reloads quickly… Maybe just a tad slower than sleight of hand would do. And no jugg obviously

  • Bankruptcy

    Here is the perfect list of perks… for some of COD veterans you will see a return of “classic” perks

    Perk 1
    Ghost/Assassin/Cold-Blooded/ UAV Jammer – Whatever you want to call it, immune from UAV and Pro prevents Killstreaks from targeting you, no red name
    Juggernaut – Improved Health
    Stopping Power – Improved Bullet Damage
    Lightweight – Improved Speed
    Scavenger – Replenish Ammo – Pro grants grenades

    Perk 2
    Sleight of Hand – Pro is ADS faster
    Steady Aim – Improved Hip Fire – Pro less recoil
    Warlord/Bling – 2 attachments – 1 extra flash/stun/grenade
    Marksmen/Scout – hold breath longer – see red name –
    Recon or some other enticing perk

    Perk 3
    Ninja/Dead Silence – pro is no fall damage
    Sit Rep – Pro is louder footsteps (can hear dead silence)
    Marathon – pro is unlimited sprint
    Flak Jacket – Grenade damage health
    Tac Mask – Stun/Flash health boost

    You can either be stealthy, be a tank, be fast, or be powerful…. obviously it isnt perfect and could use some tweaks… but at least you can see the basic idea… obviously the other perks in slot 2 would have to be buffed to ensure that not everyone runs sleight of hand…recon in slot 2 might be too overpowered with scavenger so maybe take recon out and replace it with … the whole point it to make enough good perks to counteract players always running a complete stealth set up… players needed to be encouraged to use other perks and see a strong benefit to them. I have no problem with cold-blooded/ghost returning as one… if you take the time to shoot stuff down i dont mind you not being targeting… i just hate seeing players with blind eye assassin and stalker with no launcher and the blind eye isnt even pro…. in all the other games, you had to earn the right not be shot at by killstreaks

    Feel free to comment to good or bad

  • REpley me

    You have a huge flaw in your perk setup even with the rearrangement, namely Ghost Pro should be a seperate perk.
    Getting killed by air support with no blind eye and a launcher with 1 shot is no fun.

  • B0XR

    How to counter Ghost: Include another perk that directly nullifies ghost. Call it “Spy” When using Spy, your UAV’s/Air support will see everyone, including people using Ghost.

  • B0XR

    Why do you include Stopping Power but not Juggernaut?

  • ilove124

    Wait hold on… didn’t the podcast leak basically confirm the Point Allocation System. So if its basically confirmed,then there’s really no point for this type of perk layout. Also in the podcast you hear him say that at one point someone ran just perks.

    What could be a way of counter-act Ghost would be to not only split it like in MW3 but to not allow a player to equip “Blind Eye” with “Assassin” or you can’t
    equip “Assassin” with “Blind Eye”. That’s my suggestion

  • johnny jon john

    i dont know how i feel about the return of stopping power or the split of the flak jacket and tactical mask, before the flak used to do it all.

  • i13thSTAR

    I strongly agree with having stropping power in the same slot as ghost, if you look at cod 4, no one uses the ghost type perk cus stopping power is so useful