Inside The Battlefield Community, Pt. 1 – The Walken Berduu Man

As one of the most entertaining gaming communities out there, the talented and shenanigans-filled Battlefield community is one of our favorites.

From custom dogtags and cinematic tools, to storytelling screenshots and mouth-watering videos, Battlefield’s community has grown its own unique identity through creativity and passion, so we thought we’d interview and highlight a few of the intriguing individuals who contribute to the virtual world of creation.

Known to many as Berduu, he’s a Finnish Lad who is the voice inside your head that talks when you read stuff, and iconically takes gorgeous screenshots in Battlefield 4. In part one of our new series, Inside The Battlefield Community, we sat down with Petri in order to get to know him a little better.

MP1st: So, Petri, who are you? What drives you in life?

Petri: Just a guy from Finland. I do freelance stuff in various fields like writing, AdWords and SEO, graphic design. Recent work that I’m sort of proud of is the layout for the new Lagwagon album.

MP1st: You have been around for quite sometime, especially on YouTube, having your videos gain traction with Battlefield 3 but posting just gameplay (and NHL 99 highlights) years before. What kept you uploading videos? and why have you stopped?

Petri: I haven’t stopped. I don’t upload much, but I don’t upload a lot of crap either. I started doing gaming videos more seriously in late 2011, recording stuff from theatre mode in CoD Black Ops on PS3. My first montage was from GTA Vice City back in 2004. I think that video still looks quite good, considering.

MP1st: You’re iconic for your screenshots. They’ve been featured on official channels for Battlefield, in big YouTuber’s thumbnails, and even here on MP1st. How did you come about making screenshots of a game your signature in the Battlefield community?

Petri: I spent a lot of time playing and recording Battlefield, so it was only natural I started screenshotting it too. DICE did an amazing job with it – great visuals and textures, and every map is basically its own world – shooting it doesn’t get repetitive for me. Folks like jim2point0 over at were a huge help when I was starting to get more serious with this hobby.

MP1st: Your use of HattiWatti’s cinematic tools have been, to say the least, fantastic. Do you think your photos and cinematic videos would be possible if he had never released the tools?

Petri: No. Everybody who says otherwise is a god damn liar. I mean, we could still do this, but with far less stellar results. His tools in BF3/4 and Dragon Age Inquisition are gamechangers for people like me – helps us to make the games look truly amazing. EA marketing guys should hire Hattiwatti to just stand in the middle of their office with his hand in the air so everyone could high five him when they come to work.

MP1st: Has your work put your foot in the door to any places like DICE?

Petri: Yes.

MP1st: What about Hardline? Are you planning to dive into the cops and criminals theme with your skills?

Petri: Yes. It’s a whole new dynamic, good guys versus bad guys. We recognise the familiar California setting from movies and TV. Should be a versatile platform for videos and screenshots. Location wise, it’s not as diverse as BF4 in its current state, but we’ll see where the Hardline DLC’s take us.

MP1st: Something out of the blue here, but your screenshots are often mistaken for official Battlefield screens. Why don’t you watermark them?

Petri: I feel watermarks ruin the pictures. I just have to deal with the consequences – whether it’s someone posting them as their own, or people thinking they’re not mine. In any case the truth is easy to find out as long as you’re capable of reading and comprehending dates from my original posts in social media. Despite proof, some people still call me liar. This mostly happens in Facebook, the place where the brain goes to die.

MP1st: Do you have any upcoming projects in the works?

Petri: I’m finishing the BF3 campaign screenshot tour, then maybe a cinematic style video from the same game. I have few BF4 videos completed in my head, I just need to record and edit them. Apart from Battlefield games, I want to screenshot Batman Arkham City and Max Payne 3 a bit more.

MP1st: Do you have a fascination with Walken? Or do you just love his face?

Petri: He’s eccentric and unique, truly one of a kind. He’s not wired like the rest of us. I can do a decent Walken as Santa Claus -impression. It’s perfect for annoying my girlfriend, she hates it.

MP1st: Lastly, before we go, what’s your favorite Battlefield game?

Petri: They’re all my children and I love them all equally. But when the others are out of the room, I can place my hand on BF4’s shoulder and tell him I love him the most, especially now that they’ve fixed him. BF4 for me is much more than just a game I play – it’s a platform where I can be creative and do the things I love.

We’d like to give a massive thanks to Petri, AKA Berduu, for sitting down with us through the interwebs. Be sure to check out his eccentric-self and his work with the provided links below!




For more Inside The Battlefield Community, stay tuned for our interview with the Cinematic Tool creator HattiWatti, coming soon to an MP1st near you.

Denny Kovacs
Writer - News
Den Kovacs joined MP1st in 2013 as a writer and continues to publish news and reviews for the site, even after a brief hiatus from MP1st in 2016. He is known for his cram-it-down-your-throat tweets, his stellar writing ability when it comes to video games, and his die-hard conviction for ethics in the games industry.
  • ActioNxTeaM .



    If i grow up i want to be a berduu.

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  • Asylum Saint

    Anyone can screen shot video games. Its all about exposure, who sees them, and having a alternative sounding, one word name.

    • Yes, anyone can screenshot the game. But they don’t do it like Berdu does –

    • scannerbarkly

      Here is a little breakdown of how screenshotters work. First you find the game you want to shoot, then you hope it has cinematic tools, debug options or configs that can be abused to allow for screenshots with no hud and a free camera. If it doesn’t you make them or support someone else in their creation by testing there work. The you use things like Sweetfx or Reshade to build a solid collection of SMAA, sharpening, bloom, vibrancy, colour curves, levels, DOF, colour grading etc that suits the game and what you see in it. Not what is already there…which is designed for the game…but what best brings out the detail in the particular shot you are going for and what makes everything look it’s best. After that you get the running at resolutions of 4k and above (anywhere up to 8K or higher at times) and at odd aspect ratios. To do this you use a combination of things like GeDoSaTo, Nvidia DSR or just plain driver abuse and after that you use a program like SRWE to get them running in whatever res you need and whatever AR you need on whatever monitor you have. Finally you pic the right program for actually taken the screenshot because lots of stuff out there wont work with some comibations of games and other programs you need or won’t pull the info straight from the GPU itself…meaning all those changes you have been making don’t show up in the shot.

      And we haven’t even touched on things like theme, composition, setting, dressing the scene and all the other facets that need to be taken into account to stop a screenshot being “just another screenshot” and to start it being something that very few people could manage.

      So yeah, anyone can hit that “Print Screen” button…few people have the patience, skill, dedication and vision to do what Berdu does.

      • oofy

        American Camper. Nuff said.

        • scannerbarkly

          Thanks man. 🙂

      • Asylum Saint

        Fair enough. Its all about preference I suppose. I guess I was just hoping for scenes that encompassed a little more action, a little more from the hip. The pictures Denny linked are gorgeous, but look like tech demos for the software tools you just mentioned. I want to see the detail of a hand grenade as it explodes into someones face. You can doctor up stills of buildings and parked cars all you want, I want to see the shots you actually need to dig deep

        • scannerbarkly

          Berdu has plenty of variety in his work. If you want stuff exploding in faces then you may appreciate this a little more than the things Denny highlighted.

          • Asylum Saint

            Very nice.

  • Bandwidth Bandito

    As I have said before Berduu has an eye for the beauty and the absurdity of the BF4 engine, in equal measure. Berduu’s vids are some of the most original and, yes moving, videos on youtube. Contrasts of crazy events and jaw dropping vistas show the sandbox of BF4 as a great place to build a castle and then have it swept away by the incoming tide. Other Youtubers try and cram vids out like sausages, week after week; Berduu prefers to deliver gourmet, (real art takes time) and the final meal is a feast for the eyes and a salve for the soul… oh FFS he’s just bloody good ok? I enjoy his work immensely. Love your work Berduu cheers mate.

  • joezafein

    A true pimp in the game