Learn to Fly Helicopters in Arma 3

Arma 3 community member Dslyecxi is at it again with yet another very informative tutorial, one that covers the basic flight principles of piloting a helicopter.

He goes through the how-to of taking off, landing, combat, and everything in between.

Arma 3 is still currently in Beta testing, but is on course to release officially later this year.

  • Bengalsfan9595

    Still no EverQuest Next news? or even SOE Live? geez….

    • Bengalsfan9595

      P.S. not trying to be rude lol

    • Mr. Thuggins

      Go to VG 24/7. They have news on EQN.

      • Bengalsfan9595

        yeah ive checked it out now- looks like an awesome game. just not sure why this site isnt covering it. they cover several other MMO’s why leave the grandfather of all MMO’s out?

  • H’m

    amazing flying but im more amazed how good arma 3 looks on his system…. iv just upgraded my system two two gtx 770s… n i dont even ger close to this… why?? sob sob

    • Oblivion_Lost667

      ArmA 3 currently doesn’t support SLI, and is mainly CPU intensive. Go look up some optimization guides, it can really help.

      • ^ this.. i have a budget system with a 1gb gfx card and get 30-60 fps at high/ultra settings.. and came NO WHERE NEAR that until I optimized things properly for Arma 3

    • jahladagaming

      Those graphics are incredible aren’t they! Could almost believe that was real.

  • dieger

    man i wish BF3 had this at launch….or even now….the new players can’t fly for sh*t

    • James K

      Get ready to ready to crash and burn once BF4 hits.

      • MrSunshine

        DICE added a tutorial for helicopters in BF4. Not sure why they didn’t put one in BF3 when there was one in BF2…

        • Especially considering that the fight mechanics changed from.Battlefield Bad Company 2 to Battlefield 3…an good thing

          • Magilla187

            good news is the alpha files state the helicopters have Autopilot and then not to mention the playground mode in BF4 which is speculated to help people learn the lay of the air vehicles and the tanks as well so everyone wont be complete noobs

            • WarBroh

              Noobs will be noobs. Even with sandbox mode they’ll just ignore it and whine on the forums about anything with a learning curve being OP.

          • jaskdavis

            I know, I was so use to BC2 then I went to BF3 and was like WTF!? But yes better, I just keep it on “Lefty/Legacy” as thats as close to BC2 as your gonna get!

        • James K

          Really? I’m glad that they did that.

        • Shelby Stanga

          People will just ignore it. That is good for my Stinger missiles.

  • My problem is, in the alpha I had my settings one way.. I cant remember how they were but I was flying like a Pro. I mean really well.. now the beta drops, my settings all get put back to default and I cannot figure how to fly well for the life of me. I mean I can do it, but I used to be able to fly among the trees tactical land/take off, etc.. now I just crash when I try to get tricky in any way and landing takes me about 60 seconds rather than 10.. 🙁

    • WarBroh

      Maybe your real problem is prerelease software isn’t for you. Resets are something you have to expect.

  • George

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