Modern Warfare 3 – World’s First Knife Only M.O.A.B.

Getting a M.O.A.B. in Modern Warfare 3 is not an easy task with one’s gun. Let alone achieving a 24 point streak with your knives only (regular knife and the throwing one). YouTuber, NinjaKnifes, has achieved this feat. He claims that this is the only legit knife M.O.A.B to date. The gameplay starts to get a bit “campy” towards the end, but this doesn’t discount the player’s achievement. During the commentated video below, NinjaKnifes, refers to the unedited version, which you can click here to watch. Now, I’m anxiety awaiting knifing YouTube legend “ONLYUSEmeBLADE” to also get a M.O.A.B.

  • Ryan

    He seems like a pretty cool guy, his commentary was honest and entertaining without overwhelming the video. It’s also cool to see him get all these knife kills without the lunge attack from MW2.

  • Is the other team afraid to use flashbangs? You pretty much know where he is!

  • so camping is required for this to work, he never left the building

    • csreynolds

      You’re confusing camping with patrolling. He may not have left the building towards the END of the video (if you watch the video properly he covers quite a bit of ground over the 24 kills), but he kept moving after each kill to avoid detection. Camping is sitting in one spot with your sights trained on one spot, waiting for enemies to run past. He on the other hand stalked his targets, and ambushed them when the opportunity struck.

      Everyone hates on camping – and they should, because it’s cheap – but patrolling is a legitimate strategy, and the only people that bitch about it are those that cannot outsmart those who do it.

      • Kyle

        Quit trying to justify it. He was most certainly camping. He wasn’t patrolling anywhere past 10 kills and he certainly wasn’t stalking anyone — he was simply waiting in one room around corners for someone to walk by. That’s camping in its purest form.

        What you call camping is actually just a clueless player’s lame attempt at getting a kill. No “skilled” camper does that. They do what this guy did.

        Granted, these players he was up against were absolute garbage. No flashbangs, no stuns, no leaping around the corner to surprise him, no looping around to enter from another direction, no prefiring, no grenades to flush him out. Nothing. They deserved to get MOAB’d.

  • Derder

    He did such  a great job cap’n the flags.  i want him on my team!