MP Games You Might Have Missed – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

I doubt anyone that’s into Counter-Strike has missed CS:GO, and considering it’s the first multi-platform title in the franchise, I’d say a lot more people have probably heard about CS:GO that previous CS games.  However, the CS franchise has a reputation as being the “FPS Nerd/Pro Player” title that noobs dare not touch, which is kind of a shame.

Thankfully, Valve and Hidden Path have recognized this stigma and put in place some things that make CS:GO easily the most broadly appealing title in the franchise.  Namely, new gamemodes Deathmatch (added in a recent update) and Arms Race, both of which are respawn gamemodes that will appeal to those of you that have come to enjoy games like COD and Blacklight: Retribution.

All in all, I think CS:GO is probably the best CS game yet as far as variety of gameplay and end-user experience (lack of bugs/glitches/design flaws) is concerned.  While I’m sure a lot of the more hardcore CS fans are probably a little annoyed at the influx of noob players, I think Valve and Hidden Path have ushered those noobs into the CS franchise in way that doesn’t hurt the core “old school” experience.

You can pick up CS:GO on Steam here.  I recommend avoiding the console port as CS is really a PC game and just about any PC can probably run it.  The console version isn’t nearly as popular or well-supported either.

Thank you for reading.

  • i swear sniping is IMPOSSIBLE on the console version…

  • CS was good on the first xbox 10 years ago , but on the 360…. waste of $ , will they ever remake Day of Defeat , this game is amazing

    • Love me some DoD

    • Sgt. Mofo

      DoD was fantastic. If they ported it over to the CS:GO engine, I’d buy it immediately. I don’t see why they don’t try to make it a launch title on next-gen consoles and beat the rush of FPS titles.

    • born2expire

      DoD was terrific until Valve killed that game dead. and DoD: Source is garbage.

    • I remember having that at one point. I never had internet though so I just owned bots all day. Was a pretty good port in my eyes.

  • Game was decent. I had a hard time getting used to the controls not being a regular CS player. Damn COD messing up my CS experience 🙂

  • Phoenix

    I love console gaming alongside of PC gaming. I don’t prefer either one, I use them all. Some games I play on PC, and some I prefer on consoles. But in my mind, CS will always be a PC game. I tried it out on console and it was just…Ugh…

  • uhopeisarcastic

    not that many people play console and valve never updates go with pc

    • masada157

      “Valve never updates GO with PC”? They just sent an update on Thursday, and another in December, another in October, another in September,and another in August.

      • Hol_Up

        He said they don’t update the console version, so choose PC.

        • masada157

          Woops, I though by “go” he mean Global Offensive lol

  • :)

    How can any fps lover miss cs:go? Also if you play on console DON’T get this game because you will also play with pc gamers the mouse/keyboard is always better than game pads for fps.

    • Dontplayarmsrace

      You will NOT play with pc gamers on either console. Console users with mouse n keyboard yes. But no one on a pc.

  • I have it on Steam but my poopy laptop can’t run it and PSN f**ked up in Europe so I haven’t had any play time on GO, but I’m still playing 1.6 and Source regularly. Hopefully when I get a new PC, or the SteamBox (which I am going mad with anticipation for) then I can enjoy it.

  • we was all noobs once

    You know People really say noobs a lot. It’s like one day they came out of there moms vagina a pro fps gamer. You know its kinda sad really. Even the best fps pros was noobs sometime in there gaming life. I play bf3 mostly conquest and if I see a low level gamers playing the objectives hardcore I consider them Awesome players in my book.

    • Vanilla

      Too bad bf3 isnt and never was a competitive game beyond a few teams

      • not entirely true

        Any game can be competitive if you try