MP1st Reader Blog: How To Complete The Phantom Initiate Assignment in Battlefield 4

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To complete the Phantom Initiate assignment, you must be a Premium member for Battlefield 4. To unlock it, you need to go into the Leaderboards section on Battlelog and click the skull on the bottom left of the page. Once all the text populates, type in the passwords:




Once you enter the passwords, the screen will be look like the photo below. If your screens look the same, you successfully unlocked the Phantom Initiate assignment.


However, in order to unlock Phantom Initiate, you must first unlock (you do not need to complete) the first two Phantom assignment. The password for Phantom Prospect is: bumpinthenight” (without the quotes). The password for Phantom Trainee is: “epic dream worlds” (without the quotes).

To complete this assignment, you must complete the following objectives:

  • Get 200 kills with LMG
  • Get 50 kills with explosives
  • Get 25 roadkills


For the LMG kills, you need to be in a ranked server. I personally recommended that you join Domination/TDM game mode servers with high tickets. The Type 88 is good choice for low rank players in addition to the AWS, MG4, PKP Pecheneg, and M240B for high rank players. Battlefield YouTube personality Xfactor made a great tutorial on how to dominate with an LMG.

For explosives kills, you’ll need to be in a ranked server. You can use C4, XM25 Airburst, M32 MGL, Claymore, M2 Slam, AT Mine, RGO Impact, V40 mini, Frag grenade, Mortar, UCAV, M320, M320 LVG, or M320 3G. All AT/AA launchers count as an explosive kill as well. I’m not sure if the battle pickups count as explosives kills. I personally recommend that you go on Operation hurt Locker or Operation Metro to spam a few grenades. Please do not put C4 on flags.

For roadkills, you need to be in a ranked server. You need to be the driver of any vehicles, including the SUAV, Jets, and Helicopters. I personally recommended that you join full conquest 64 player server, unless you’re playing BF4 on last-gen console. I also personally recommended that you go on big and empty maps like Golmud Railway, Lancang Dam, Lost Islands, Rogue Transmission, and Caspian Border.

If you watch any videos from YouTube personality ChaBoyy and Azzy, they show you the right and the wrong ways to get roadkills.

Note: You want do this in order because, if you don’t follow these instructions in order, you may need to start over. Make sure you take care in following these steps, since Battlelog is known to have a few issues.

I hope my guide helps you complete the Phantom Initiate assignment. Here are the Phantom Initiate camos on the Assault soldier.


Author: Mechcell

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  • Stigr Kullberg

    Your second password looks different than the one I used. And I had to input one and then the other, not one OR the other… The passwords I’ve used are:
    Password1: 24344241893
    Password 2: E82A2F2

    • mechcell

      The input for the second password is just a bug. You can use neither nor passwords; 24344241893 or 5ab07a6e5

      • Leon

        Thank you! I didn’t know that DICE said it was a bug.

    • Cloud Flash

      The first password is either of the initial two. The next password is bugged – you can put in anything, and it unlocks nothing.

  • skyfire

    Ucav and mortar kills never counted as explosive kills for me.

    • mechcell

      That is odd…
      You got your 200 LMG kills first?

      • skyfire

        no, I did the explosive kills first and ended up just using slams, rpg’s and C4.

  • RustyFrags

    Finished this on the first day. The reward is extremely underwhelming, not to mention that camos don’t save to begin with.

    For an assignment that required so much work, I expected more.

    • Sams0n


      • RustyFrags

        Nearly every comment you make doesn’t contribute, it’s either flame bait or extremely biased, irrational tripe. Guess that’s what happens when stupidity and elitism amalgamate.

        • marpla78

          Best reply ever…”Guess that’s what happens when stupidity and elitism amalgamate.”

    • I agree .. I expected a new carbine weapon or something

  • KiLLaMaNiLLa

    neither passwords are working for me anyone else have this problem?

    • mechcell

      You enter first two Phantom assignment password first?

      • KiLLaMaNiLLa

        i see thank you

  • MeisseN

    How to dominate with LMG: get nooby guns like AWS and MG4 and then spray and pray

    “Operation hurt Locker” hah well done

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  • Leon

    Good and informative article! Regarding the order, it seems that it does not matter in that case, meaning that the assignment is not broken this time. I have first completed roadkills. LMG and explosive kills were finished at the same time (the same game).

  • Sean Slomka

    It’s disappointing that this is a completely infantry based assignment. Honestly I thought that rocket pods, guided missiles, and explosive warheads would count as explosive kills too, but guess not. Looks like it’s back to the good ‘ol C4.